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    Shadow Wars Chapter 4
    Behind Enemy lines

    “Run, Luke, run!!!”

    I awoke breathing heavily. I had a nightmare, but for some reason I could only remember the words ‘run’. What was going on with me? I didn’t understand. I looked over and saw that Asa was still asleep. I got up out of bed and decided to get some fresh water. The sun was just starting to come up. The morning dew on the trees were sparkling from the glimmer of sun light that shined on them. It was so beautiful.

    I enjoy little things like this. It takes my mind off the world. For some reason when I’m alone like this, all the pain goes away. It’s like I have left the world behind and traveled to a new one. Before I knew it, I was standing in front of the river. I bent down and filled our water containers. It’s amazing how fast time went by. The sun was already getting high in the sky. I went back to camp where Asa was awake and packing our things. She looked at me and smiled. Her green hair softy blew in the wind, and her purple eyes shined in the light of the sun. Asa tied a ribbon in her green locks. She had on a white shirt and blue pants. Boy, it was as if she got more beautiful ever time I saw her.

    “Good morning, Luke,” She said

    “Good morning to you, Asa,” I replied

    “I woke up and you were not here, so I just waited.”

    “Yeah, I went down to the river to get us some fresh water.”

    “Great. We need to get a move on it, though. The sun is already up. No need to waste day light,” Asa said with a big smile on her face.

    So I grabbed my gear and we set off once again. We pushed our way through thick brush and trees until we came to a road. The road went right to Varrvazarrv. Both my brothers were there, so that’s where I was going. We were about a hour from the city and this rocky road was hurting our feet. Other then that, we had a warm breeze and a sunny day. It was nice. The city was now coming in sight. I kicked the ground twice, and Drilbur popped his head up out the ground.

    “What’s going on?”

    “Varrvazarrv is right up the road. I need you to run ahead and find my brothers, Exar and Revan. Got it?”

    “Yeah, no problem. You guys find a spot out side the city, and when I find them, I’ll bring them to you.”

    “Sounds like a plan to me. Good luck, Drilbur,” I was a bit worried about him, but I knew he would be fine.

    We continued on down the road, until we came to the city gates. There, we waited for my brothers. Even though nothing was wrong, I couldn’t help but feel that something bad was about to happen. Me and Asa sat side by side waiting, until we felt something. I got up and grabbed Asa’s hand before running into nearby bushes.

    “What the hell, Luke?” Asa yelled in a angry voice .

    “Just stay here with me and don’t make a sound, okay?”

    I was could feel something coming. Asa looked scared. I didn’t mean to frighten her, but this was for the best. A moment later the gates opened up, and out came Justice and about one hundred soldiers, if I had to guess. Justice was the one I’d felt. Justice looked ready for battle. He had white armor with gold in it that covered him from head to toe, and he had a large hammer with him. The soldiers with him had chain mail and large pikes. Their helmets covered their faces and had a lot of tiny holes at the eyes for them to see through.

    The soldiers passed us. But we were lucky that Justice didn’t know I was there. I looked over to make sure Asa was fine.

    “Asa, are you okay?” I asked

    “Yeah, I’m fine, Luke. Thanks,” She replied with a smile. “But I have one question for you.”

    “What is it?”

    “How did you know Justice was coming?”

    “I didn’t. I just felt something coming and I knew we had to hide. I wish I knew sooner. I’m sorry.”

    “It’s fine. I just had to ask.”

    We got out the bushes and I saw Exar, standing at the front of the gates. I took, Asa by the hand and we made our ways to the gate.

    “It’s good to see you, Exar,” I said.

    “Yeah, it’s good to see you, too. Look, we got to go. Follow me,” Exar said, with worry in his voice.

    We made our way through the city, it was nice looking, however, we didn’t have time to look at everything. The streets were filled with tons of people and kids, and there were stands with food and rare stones. The place was amazing. We got to his house pretty fast. Exar’s house, that him and Raven were staying in, was huge. It was two levels. The outside was brick red and had three windows. Two on the bottom, and one on the top. The house had two pillars that matched the color of the house in front of it.

    We walked in the house, and it was rather dark inside. I saw Revan sitting in the main room and he had someone with him I had never seen before. The guy was about six feet tall, he had short blond hair, blue eyes, and was wearing black chain mail and plate armor.

    “Who is this?” I asked

    “This is Galbatorix, the guy you were suppose to get, remember?” Exar said with anger in his voice.

    “Well, sorry. Like it’s my fault I was almost killed. But hell, let’s over look that. Next time I’m unconscious, I’ll magically get up and do it. Sound good?” I replied sarcastically.

    “What the hell do you mean almost killed? By who?” Exar asked.

    “An Angel named Justice. He almost killed me. But fate would have it that a nice old man found me, and took care of me.”

    “Father needs to know about this right away. He thought something happened to you. And now that we know something did, he must be told.”

    “That’s fine, Exar, but I’ll tell him. I have a way to contact him with my Pokemon. Please, take Asa to my room. Then come back,” I said.

    ”Asa. I was wondering who you were.” Exar said

    “Hello, nice to meet you, Exar,” Replied Asa.

    Exar took Asa up to my room. As he did, Revan began to ask questions.

    “So, what now, little brother?”

    Revan and Exar didn’t look the same. Revan was stronger, bigger than before. At least six three in height. His hair blacker than night, and eyes dark brown. Exar was about the same in size, but he had no hair anymore. We looked like a bear hair all over his face and his was so much stronger then anyone else in the room, his eyes were also black as night.

    “I’m going to talk with Father, I’ll let you know from there.” I said to Revan

    “And just how do you think you are going to talk with him?”

    “I have a Ghost Pokemon. I’ll use his powers to contact our father.”

    “I’ll introduce myself, too, Galbatorix, when I’m done, alright?”

    “Fine by me. Do what you have to?” He said with a serious look.

    Are you ready, I thought to myself. Yes I am.

    {Let’s do it!} I could here Gastly say. I shut my eyes and focused my thoughts on my father, then called out to him.

    “Hello, Father? can you hear me?”

    “Yes, son, I can.”

    I opened my eyes, and it was like I was looking through a window. I could hear and see my father.

    “Luke, are you okay?” He asked.

    “Yes, I’m sorry, Father. I was not able to make it to Duxen.”

    “Why, what happen?”

    “I ran into a Angel named Justice. We battled and he defeated me,. I almost lost my life, but I was saved my a old man and his niece.”

    “I see, and what of Justice?”

    “He thinks I’m dead.”

    “Does, anyone know were you are now?”

    “Only one, a girl named Asa. She travels with me.”

    “You can have no one with you son. It’s not safe, you must kill her, do you understand?”

    “No! I won’t kill her, have you lost your mind? This girl helped me. I would have never made it here without her. And that’s how you want me to repay her?”

    “Luke, you must trust me, you need to kill her. If you don’t, I’ll have one of your brothers do it!”

    I took two steps forwards, and walked through the window I had made. It was like moving through time. I was now in the same room as my father, there were a lot of people there. I had never seen any of them.

    “Luke, how did you do that?” My father asked.

    {I did it, Luke. With my ghost powers, you were able to walk through the portal}

    “I have a Pokemon, its name is Gastly. I used his powers to make a portal and walk through. Now, as for Asa, you will do nothing, do you understand me!?!”

    “What did you say!?”

    “I didn’t stutter. Now, you told me I was going to fight a war. I can’t do it without soldiers. And Asa is my commander. She is smart and powerful and I trust her. As should you.”

    “Will you not listen to reason?”

    “No, I will not have it. I’m asking you to trust me, as your son. Can you at least do that?”

    “Luke, I hope you know what you’re doing.”

    “I do, and now that we are here. I must ask you something.”

    “What is it?”

    “I need a Pokemon. its name is Zoroark.”

    “And why do you need this Pokemon?”

    “Because, I found my next General. But to get to her, I need that Pokemon?”

    “That does not, tell me why, Luke.”

    “Okay, but your not going to like what you hear. When I was in the Fade, I found my next General. However the general is far away and no one can get to her from here. There is only one way to get to this girl. And it’s through a portal.”

    “And just where is this portal?”

    “That’s the part you’re not going to like. It’s in the castle of Varrvazarrv, the throne room in fact.”

    {Laughter fills the room}

    “Shut up, all of you!” My father shouted.

    “You all think it’s impossible? I asked.

    {What do you think?}{Yeah, that place is filled with the kings men, just how are you going to get in?} People talked over each other, trying to get their two cents in.

    “Easy. I’m going to walked in the front door.” Said Luke.

    “What!?” Said my father, with a look of horror on his face.

    “The plan is simple, I take the Pokemon, Zoroark, and use its power Illusion. I will then take, Exar, Revan, Asa, Galbatorix, and myself into the castle. I will look like Justice, so no one will know it’s me. When we get to the throne room Exar, Revan, and Galbatorix will use their powers to open the portal. Me and Asa will hold off anyone that tries to stop us. Any questions?”

    “How are you going to get everyone in there. Sure you will look like Justice, but what about the rest of them?” Asked my mother.

    “Good question. I will have all of them in chains. If anyone askes, they are Shadow Walkers I captured.”

    “You’re mad, son,” mother said with a soft voice.

    “It will work,” said Luke.


    “Because The king will never expect it. Take a look around you, these people have no back bone! They think it’s impossible, and the king knows this. Which is why I will catch him off guard.”

    “Do you know how much danger there will be?” Said father.


    “And, you still think you can do it?”

    “No, I don’t think I can. I know I can.”

    My father look at me. then let out a breath before he said.

    “Okay, then. Hold out your hand.”

    I put out my hand, Father grabbed it and we both began to glow. I felt a wave of heat pass through me. And I felt the Pokemon with in me grow.

    “There, Zoroark is yours. Take care of it.”

    “I will. Thanks, Dad. Mother, farewell.”

    I shut my eyes, and focused in on Exar. When I opened my eyes again, there was a portal. I walked through and I was back in the house.

    “Where did you go, Luke?” Revan asked.

    “I saw Father, and talked with him.” I replied.

    “Is that so?. Well, maybe you would like to fill us in,” said Exar.

    I lifted up my arm and I had a new mark, for Zoroark, on it. I took a deep breath and called him out. The Wolf Pokemon, appeared in front of me.

    “This is Zoroark. Father gave it to me to use.”

    The Wolf Pokemon, was standing on it two back legs. It’s hair was red and black. Its body was gray, and it had claws on its hands and feet. Its eyes and black as night, and fangs were sharp. It look at me, its eyes pierced through me, as if the Pokemon was looking into my very soul.

    {So, you are my new master.}

    “That’s right, I assume you know the plan?”

    {Yes, Master. I will do my best to make sure it works.}

    “Good, that’s all I needed to know. You may return.”

    Just like that, Zoroark was back inside me. I could tell by the look on my brothers faces they wanted to know what was going on. So I filled them in.

    ......One hour later.

    “I’m right here. You want us to go into the castle were all the kings men are. To open a portal?”

    “Yes, Exar, I do. And it will work, I just need you all to trust me,” I said.

    “Okay, so me, Exar, and Revan all open this portal. Then you and Asa hold off whoever comes to stop us. Am I right so far?” Asked Galbatorix.

    “Yes, go on,” I replied.

    “So, that’s good and all, but what happens when one of their dreams calls out to the real Justice? If he is a Angel, he will be there in less than a second right? I mean, he can do that?”

    “I don’t know, but if he does, I’ll be ready this time. Plus with Asa, the both of us can throw him back. When we have all of us go through the Portal.”

    “And what’s stopping Justice from coming through with us?” Exar asked.

    “Easy, once you three go into the portal, we will have seconds to jump in, before it closes. And that’s more then enough time for me to get in with Asa.”

    “Alright, well the way I see it is Father would have never let you do this if he thought you would not succeed. So whenever you are ready, let us know,” said Exar, with worry in his voice.

    Exar, Revan, and Galbatorix all left the room. I walked up to my room. Asa was waiting for me, I sat down next to her and told her what we were going to do. She was unsure about it but, never the less, she said she would follow me...

    ..............Later that day.

    “I feel something.” unknown voice.

    “What do you feel?” Asked another voice.

    “I feel your son, Luke.” unknown voice.

    “Are, you sure?” Asked the other voice.

    “Yes, I’m sure. The last time I spoke with him I was in the Fade. And I could feel him. As I can now.”

    “If what you say is true. I don’t need to find him, he will come to me.”

    Shadow Wars Chapter 5
    Attack of the Shadow Walkers!

    It had been three days since I came to Varrvazarrv. I have been learning Zoroak’s power, so when the time comes, I know how to use it. It’s been a lot easier, too. I have been learning how to use my Wind and Fire power. On top of all that, my Ghost power have gotten stronger too, I’m almost ready for the next step. Everyone is getting ready, and they all are counting on me to get them through this. I know I’m up to it. I still had some fear but, as their leader I knew that no matter what, none of them could know that I was afraid of the battle to come.

    For if they knew the fear in which I had, they would lose the little confidence they had. Being in the city was not as fun I thought it would, we had to watch for the Guard. So training was hard, we had to go outside the city to do it. But I knew by this time tomorrow, we would be ready. Everone was inside. I was out here all alone, and I had not been getting a lot of sleep. So I shut my eyes and drifted off into the world of dreams.

    “Hahaha! You are so lazy sleeping at a time like this.” Unknown female voice.

    “Who is there?” I replied.

    “Do you not remember me? Have you forgotten about me that fast, Luke?” said the voice.

    “That voice? I know it. You! you are the one I first heared in the fade, the one that warned me of that Pokemon!”

    “Yes! Indeed, I am. Now tell me why are you here? You should be getting ready for tomorrow.”

    {Hm. how does she know about tomorrow?} I thought to myself.

    “How do you know about tomorrow?” I asked.

    “I’m afraid you can’t hide things from me. Like you can the rest of your friends.”

    “I don’t get it? can you read my mind?” I asked

    {Laughter} “No I can’t read your mind. I can’t say anything right now, But I will say this tomorrow you must not fail. No matter what the cost.”

    “Sounds like you’re not telling me something?”

    “ Luke, You are smart, brave, courageous. You have strong feelings for the one you travel with. All these thing are good, all these things make a great leader. But you must believe in yourself that you can do it. And always remember, true courage is not about knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one. Not every thing needs to end with death.” She replied.

    I could tell by the tone of her voice she meant every word of which she spoke. She truly believe in me that I could do it. I knew then I would not fail.

    “Alright, I will do my best out there, you have my word.” I said

    “Very well, I shall hold you to it. Now I believe it is time for you to get back with the rest and get ready. Good luck Luke.”

    I awoke and the sun was down. All that was out was the full moon, i used what little light it gave me to find my way back to the city. As I walked through the woods, I took a good look around, for some reason I knew it would be a while before I saw the forest again. The big Oak trees, and berry bushs. I would miss them all so much. I knew what I had to be done. And get done it would.

    I arrived back in the city, and at my brothers house. I walked in the door and Exar was waiting for me.

    “Luke! What the hell man were have you been?”

    “I was out training, Exar, no need to get worked up.” I replied.

    “No need! for all we knew you had been taken by the King. Then what! Well!?!”

    “Shut up! You are making to much noise, stupid. And if I had, I would have called out to you. Use your head next time.”

    I walked up stairs and into my room, Asa was on the bed, reading a book. I sat down and took off my sword. Asa got up and wrapped her arms around me and gently whispered into my ear.

    “What’s wrong, Luke.”

    “Nothing, I’m alright. How are you” I replied.

    “I’m fine, but you don’t look good. Please tell me what’s on your mind?” Asa asked, with a soft voice.

    “Alright. I went into the fade again.”

    “What happened in there?” Asa asked very curiously.

    “I talked with a woman. I don’t who she is but she did save my life once, before all this. I don’t know why, but I trust her. Whever we talk I know what she is saying is true. And that scares me.”

    Asa look at me for a second, then she kissed my cheek and said to me; “I know this is hard and all, but I know if anyone pull this off it’s you, Luke. I have faith in you. So let’s get some rest. We have a big day ahead of us.”
    We both laid down next to each other. I held her close in my arms. Off to sleep we went.

    The Next Day.... 30 minutes until attack

    Both me and Asa were up and ready for battle Exar, Revan, and Galbatorix were all at the door ready as could be.

    “Are you ready, Luke?” Asked Exar.

    “No, before we go there is one thing.”

    “And what might that be?” Asked Revan.

    “Stop calling me Luke. I do not wish to have that name anymore. On this day, I’m a new man. For now on I shall be called Tiberius Cross.”

    “Alright General Cross, lead on,” Said Galbatorix in a sarcastic voice.

    “Let’s clear this up now, Galbatorix. If you fuck up, just once, I will kill you before they get a chance. Understand?” Asked him in a serious voice


    We all walked out the house. and when for the palace, we got close to the front gate. We hid and I chained everyone up, I then used my powers and put up a illusion of Justice. I was scared out my mind, but we came too far to turn back now. I walked up to the front gate and yelled out.

    “Open the gate!”

    I had been working on my voice so I could sound like Justice. And I did a good job because none of the guards could tell I was not Justice. We walked in and no one said a thing. Most of the people just looked away. I didn’t understand. But hell, my job was getting easy until we walked inside the palace. I had no clue where to go, but Asa did as she was my guide through this place. Everthing was perfect until I ran into someone. I stop in front of her as she called my name.

    “Justice, what are you do here?” said Sarah

    I could not believe what I was seeing. Sarah, the girl from the fade. She was not a Shadow Walker, but a Dreamer. That’s how Justice knew were to find me that day. That’s when I remembered what that woman said in the fade, she knew I was going to face this, but she could not speak the words. I was more angry then I have ever been before. So I made sure to get rid of her.

    “It’s none of your business what I’m doing back so soon. Now get out of my sight!”

    From the shocked look on her face, I could tell she didn’t know what to say, so she said said nothing. Sarah turned and walked away.

    “Who was that, Tiberius?” Asked Asa.

    “Someone I’m going to kill, that’s all you need to know right now.”

    We continued on through and the palace was not what I thought it would be. There were a lot of old relics all over the place. Old armor weapons paintings. The floors were marble, and there were stone pillars all on each side of the place all in a perfect line. We came to the courtyard and there was a big cherry blossom tree in the middle of it. There were flowers and a small pond in it as well, and I saw a woman sitting under the tree with a baby. I didn’t know who it was until I saw the crown on her head. The Queen, and her baby. Lucky for her she was no where near the throne room.

    We had made it into the throne room, and to my surprise it looked like all the other rooms. Only there were two big chairs in the back middle part of the room. And in the middle of the floor was a ring with symbols in it. This was the portal.

    “All right, this is it. Exar, Revan, Galbatorix, get started on opening it. You remember how, right?” I ask.

    “Yeah, we know, just your job,” Replied Exar.

    Eaxr, Revan, and Galbatorix all focused their power I heared them whisper to themselves then Red, Blue, and Green light shot from their hands and the portal began to charge. It would take six minutes for it to open, and a lot could happen in six minutes.

    A two minutes before the throne room...

    “Oh, Sarah, how are you today,” Asked the King.

    “Your Majesty, I’m fine, thank you,” Replied Sarah with a frown on her face.

    “Something is wrong. Now tell me, child. What is on your mind?”

    “Well, I saw Justice a few minutes ago. I asked him what he was doing back, and he was mean. He told me it was none of my business why he was back. Then he told me to get out his sight.”

    “Well, I would love to know why he had come back.”

    “Hello, Your Majesty.” said John.

    “John, have you seen Justice back?” Asked the King.

    “Umm... Yeah I did in fact I saw his with a few other people go into the throne room. Don’t know why.”

    “Well, let us go to the throne room and see what is going on, shall we?”

    Tiberius in the throne room.....

    {It would not be much longer now} I thought to myself. Until the main door in the throne room opened up and in came the king and Sarah with someone I had never seen.

    “Justice! What is the meaning of this!?” Yelled the King.

    “Mwahahaha! Well, I knew someone would come but the King himself is here. What a treat.” I replied.

    “Sir, that’s not Justice! Show yourself, imposture!” Called John.

    “I don’t think so.” I replied.

    I slammed both hands together. I formed a dark purple ball of energy in my hands. You could see the yellow energy pulsing through it. I pushed out and sent in soaring through the air, right for John. He put up his right hand and the middle of his palm opened up and water came out. Both moves collided, His weak Water Gun attack was no match for my Shadow Ball. My attack went right through his attack and slammed into him. My Shadow ball attack exploded on contact and sent John into the air, he hit the wall and fell to the floor.


    I got in the side. I fell to the ground and looked over to see that Sarah had used a Thundershock attack on me. Asa turned to her and leaves as sharp as blades came from her arms. They cut through the air, and slashed Sarah in the back and face. Asa’s Razer Leaf attacks could cut through stone, they were so powerful. I got back up on my feet and discovered the illusion had broke.

    “Luke!” Sarah called in surprise

    I didn’t answer her back, instead I lifted up both hands, then slapped them together. I then called forth Zoroark. My werewolf like Pokemon appeared right in front of me.

    {Orders master?}

    “Kill Sarah!” I commanded

    Zoroark jumped into the air. His claws tunred white and shined bright. Right before impact, he was hit with a blast of water. Zoroark hit the wall and fell to the floor. John then turned to Asa and he put his hands together. Then pushed out a beam of light all kinds of colors in it shot forth and hit Asa is the side.


    “Asa!” I screamed. I watch her fall to the ground, and I felt deep anger emerge from with in me, I turned to John and used Gastly’s Ghost powers to teleport myself to him.

    I took out my sword and slashed him in the chest.

    “Ahhhh!” He cried in pain as he fell to his knees. I lifted up my sword, then I swung it and cut his head clean off. His body fell to the floor and head next to it. “It’s ready!” I heared Exar call. Zoroark had Sarah pinned to a wall and about to kill her, but there was no time. I called him back.

    “Zoroark! Get, Asa, and get through the portal!”

    Zoroark dropped Sarah and dashed over to pick up Asa. He, Exar, Revan, and Galbatorix all jumped throught the portal. I turned to the King as he glared at me from across the room. I then turned and teleported back over to the portal, and jumped through it. And it shut behind us.

    One hour later...

    “Hey, you wake up now, can you hear me? Wake up!”

    {I know that voice, Drilbur. But how?} I throught to myself.

    “Drilbur, is that you?” I asked.

    “It’s about time you woke up, Luke,” He replied.

    “It’s not, Luke, anymore. It’s Tiberius.”

    “Oh, well, who cares? We need you, let’s go.”

    I opened up my eyes and Drilbur was indeed there. Exar, Revan and Galbatorix were all sitting around a fire. I got up and walked over to Exar and said.

    “Where is, Asa!?!”

    “She is over there, and is hurt bad. I don’t know if she will make it. We patched her up the best we could, but she needs medical attention, and needs it now.” He replied.

    “What hell are you all sitting here for then? Let’s go!”

    “Why? because we tried that already. We are trapped in a cave.” said Revan

    “Are you dumb? Galbatorix can use his Rock Pokemon to get us out!”

    “That’s not the problem. We can get out. The problem is there is a blizzard outside, we can’t see or move through it. And if we went she would die for sure.” Replied Revan

    I walked over to Asa and sat down next to her, I wrapped my arms around her, and whispered into her ear. “Everything will be okay, I’m going to get you help.” The cave was about 30 feet wide, and 50 feet long. with stone spikes sticking out the ground. At side of that the ground was nice and soft and the cave warm from the fire. As I lade next to Asa, all I could do is think about how I could get her help. But there was no way of getting through the blizzard.

    That’s when it hit me. Why go through it when I can go under it!

    “Galbatorix!” I called.

    “What is it?”

    “What Pokemon do you hold?”

    “Well, I hold Rhydon, Aron, and Onix.”

    “That’s it! Onix is our way out!”

    “What are talking about? What part of we can’t get through the storm did you not understand?” Asked Exar.

    “Haha, who said anything about going through it.” I replied.

    “Alright, Tiberius. And just what is your master plan this time?” Asked Revan.

    “Easy. Galbatorix will have his Onix come out and have it dig a tunnel underground. We send another Pokemon, and have them find a city or something.”

    “That not a bad idea, then we can just use then tunnels to get to where we need to go. Good thinking.” Replied Exar.

    We wasted no time at all. Galbatorix called forth his Rock Snake Pokemon, Onix. It began to dig a tunnel. Behind it was Exar’s Sandshrew. Both Pokemon made their way through the underground. I used my Fire powers to keep Asa nice and warm, along with everyone else in the cave. We waited and waited for three days and four nights. Then, on the fifth morning, Onix and Sandshrew returned with good news.

    We all went over to the Pokemon, I then questioned them.

    “It’s about time you got back, Asa can’t make it much longer,” I said

    {You need not worry, General. For we found a village and if we move fast enough, we can make it there. It happens to be on the other side of the mountains. But when we got there we found no storms at all. Most of them are all up here with us, and don’t make it to the villages.} Onix’s thoughts projected in our heads.

    “Very well, we move out now!” I called out.

    “And just what a minute? what are you doing, Tiberius?” Exar asked.

    “Onix said there is a village on the other side of the mountains. We need to get Asa there, and fast. I don’t know how much longer she can hold out for.” I replied.

    I didn’t give Exar a chance to do anything. I called forth Zoroark, had him pick up Asa. and with his speed dash off into the cave as I followed behind. Onix made sure he made only one tunnel so we would not get lost. I was running as fast as I could, but Zoroark was so fast, he soon left my sight.

    30 mimutes later we arrived at the end of Onix’s tunnel. It was still snowing but it was much lighter. I could see the village from this hill top. It would take maybe ten minutes to get there. So bith me and Zaroark moveed on, Exar and the others were still in the tunnles taking there time to get through.

    {Drilbur, can you hear me?} I thought to myself.

    Up popped Drilbur’s head from the ground. {What’s up?}

    “I need you to go ahead, and find someone to help for when we get there.”

    {That’s all good, but how do I do that? I don’t speak Human.}

    “Think of something.”

    Drilbur went back underground. Both me and Zaroark moved for the Village. We were able to see people now. We ran through three feet of snow until we got into the village. I didn’t see Drilbur when we got there, but there was a someone waiting for us. A young man about 18 years of age, He glared at me, then I got a funny feeling about this guy. Then he put up his right hand and a blue ball of energy formed in the palm of his hand. The ball of energy turned in into a stream of light that shot right at me. I put both hands together and focused my power. I pushed forward and a stream of fire emerged from the palms of my hands. It roared through air and clashed together at full force, causing a sonic boom. I felt it. Both moves were equal in power, however my Flamethrower attack over powered his attack. He jumped out the way of my Flamethrower attack at the last second. With a swipe of his hand in mid air, dozens of little ice spears shot forth at me.

    I used Gastly’s Powers to Ghost myself and make the attacks go right through me. He landed back on the ground with a look of confusion on his face.

    {Gastly, can you hear me} I thought to myself.

    {Yes, master, what’s on your mind?}

    {I have a plan.}

    {Is that so? Well, I’m all ears.}

    {You don’t have ears. Anyway, I’m going to get his full attention. I want you to stay out of sight and charge your Shadow Ball attack. When I give the signal, fire it at him.}

    {It shall be done, my master.}

    This guy didn’t know what was going to hit him. Gastly used his invisibility to get by him. The element of suprise was on my side now. Time for an all out attack. I lifted up both arms and summoned my Wind power. He dashed at me at full speed, but it would not help. I made a swinging motion at him and sent forth powerful winds. They picked him up and threw him back. He landed in the snow, got back up, and tried another ice attack. He slammed both hands together, and formed a blue ball of energy. and launched another stream of ice at me. However, I had a counter. I shut my eyes and focused my power on my Wind. Everything around us was getting picked up, and thrown. I formed a twister from my Wind, and used it to block his on coming attacks which turned part of the twister into ice, and it began to throw spears of ice all around us. Having snow all around me and him made the ice twister more powerful, but this was my attack. I would not let him use it against me. I slammed my hands together and called upon my Vulpix’s Fire power to ignite with in me. I felt the power of my Pokemon flow through my body. A small flame ignited in between my hands. I pushed forwards and a Inferno of fire blazed forth from me. It engulfing the twister in a great flame, The twister burned with a rage the roar of the flames echoed through the sky like thunder in the night. I used my power to send it right for him.

    {Now!} I called out telepathically to Gastly.

    Gastly appeared behind the young man, and launched his ShadowBall. He didn’t see it coming and it hit before he could move out the way of the flaming twister.


    It hit right in the center of his back. I watch as he fell to the ground and now he was unable to escape the twister that was about to hit. This was his end.

    Just then, it was as if time had slowed. I felt a great power. Then time snapped and a great wind blew away my twister like it was nothing. I looked to were the young man was and I saw a bright light and from it appeared a woman. He hair was blond her eyes as blue as the outer skies, her skin white as the snow at my feet. She wore a white dress but it was covered with bear and wolf pelts. This woman look at me and spoke.

    “You will cease this fighting at once!”

    Gastly had returned to me, but with a warning.

    {Master, beware!}

    {What is it?}

    {Do not allow you eyes to deceive you! look past her flesh I say. For she is a Angel of the lord!}

    Gastly merged his spirit with me to allow me to see through his eyes and mind set. I saw her a light burning with in her, and knew what she was.

    “I did not start this fight, for it was your people that did,” I said.

    “My people? What ever do you mean, for I don’t see people out here fighting? Do you?” She replied.

    “Do not take me for a fool! This boy did not just up and decide to attack me. Now did he?”

    “Are you implying that we order him to attack you?”

    “Are you stupid or just acting?” I asked.

    “You are a very rude young man,” She replied.

    “Rude! I come her in peace and he tries to kill me, yet I’m rude? just how does that work?”

    “Peace, you say? Then what brings you here if not aggression or destruction?” she replied.

    “Forget it, I’m out of here. You people make me sick! Attack someone for no reason! You’re no better than a Shadow Walker.”

    “Bite your tongue. You do not know of which you speak!”

    “Oh, really? You’re more stupid than I thought. Good bye. Zoroark, let us go!”

    Zoroark jumped down from a roof top with Asa in his arms.

    “We will find help some where else. Let’s go.”

    “Stop! That girl is wounded. She needs help.” Called the Angel.

    “Forget it, we don’t need help from your kind.” I replied.

    I turned around and begain to walk with Zoroark.

    “Fine, but there are no other villages around here. Not for hundreds of miles, do you think she can make it?”

    I didn’t want to turn around but if she was right and I walked away, Asa would die and that would be on me.

    “Very well, we shall stay but only until she is better,” I said.

    We walked back over and the people of the village came out. They picked up the young man that was still out cold and took Asa inside and put her in a warm bed, then tended to her wounds. I waited for a hour before the village doctor came out to me.

    “She is going to be all right, a few days and she will be back up and running,” He said.

    After hearing the news I summoned Zoroark and asked him to stand guard by Asa while I took a walk. The sky was dark and I knew Exar and the others would not be here until tomorrow, I had all night to think to myself. I found a rock uncovered in the snow, and sat down. I looked to the sky and just watch them for a bit, until I heared a sound. It came from over a hill of snow. I got up and walked over to find a little Sneasel playing in there. Sneasel was blue and his left ear was red, as were his three tails, and his claws were white. I watched him for a bit until he saw me. I thought the little Pokemon would run away, but he didn’t. We looked at each other for a few minutes, then the little Pokemon called out.

    {You got a problem buddy?}

    {Master, may I?} Gastly’s thoughts entered my head.

    {What is it, Gastly?}

    {This Pokemon, you should try and get it. Right now it not’s to strong. It’s only a baby. A Fire attack from you should do the job.}

    {If it is as weak as you say, why would I want it?} I asked

    {Very good question. When it gets older and evolves, it will be very powerful.}

    I thought about it and truth was, I would not mind having a new Pokemon. With that in mind, I called forth Vulpix. My little orange fire fox appeared at my feet, ready for a fight.

    “Vulpix, use Flamethrower!”

    Vulpix opened up its mouth. A great flame emerged from within, and shot forth at Sneasel. The little Ice and Dark Pokemon jumped out the way of the attack and dashed off, I took off after it with Vulpix.

    “Vulpix, use your Confuse Ray attack!” I called

    Vulpix was moving at full speed, but still has not chance of close to Sneasel. Which is why I used Gastly’s power to teleport myself in front of Sneasel. The little Pokemon stoped in front of me and tried to take off the other way, but it was to late. Vulpix focused on Sneasel. A ball of dark energy appeared in front of Sneasel and moved around its head. Sneasel slowy started to get dizzy. I slammed together both hands and focused my power. I called out to the Wind to lend me its strength. I opened my eyes and my body was plusing with light. I pushed my hand forwardsand sent a powerful Wind attack at Sneasel. The attack hit Sneasel, and the Pokemon went flying into the air like a leaf.


    I watched the little Pokemon fall from the skies and hit the ground. I walked over to Sneasel and the Pokemon had fainte., I put my hand over him and started the bond. We both glowed for a few seconds. Sneasel had no fight left in it, so it was more then easy to capture. The bond was made, and I had a new Pokemon.

    {Very good, master, very good.} Gastly’s voice echoed in my head.

    {I feel funny, Gastley, what’s wrong with me?}

    I felt my body burn. Pain shot through me. I fell to my knees and my body begain to shine bright and burn.

    “AHHHH!” The muscles in my arms and legs started to grow. My chest and waist, everything was changing. My hair grew over my face,white as the snow at my feet, and then it all stopped. I took a deep breath in and out until I heard Gastly speak to me.

    {Master, can you hear me?}

    {I..I... can, what happen to me?}

    {I evolved master, and when I did, my power increased. Which made your power increase as well, but not just your power. You are now stronger, faster!}

    {Will this pain fade away?}

    {Pain? Oh, yes, master, give it a minute, then it will.}


    {I am lo longer Gastly, master. I am Haunter now!}

    {Do you feel that, Haunter? something is coming, and it’s not good.}

    {Yes, I feel it, but I... Master..’s a Reaper!}

    I could feel the fear with in Haunter. I knew we were in a bad spot. Before I had time to ask him just what a Reaper was, It had already arrived.


    I turned around only to see a monster right out of a nightmare. This beast had seven eyes and five tongues, spikes were sticking out all over its body and on its arms. It had what looked like blade coming out. Its claw were two feet long each, and it had tentacles all over its face. It body was almost like a skeleton only with a little flesh. It’s face and parts of the arms were as red as blood and the rest of it’s body was black as the night skies. It had to be a least eight feet tall. In its hand was a long bone on each end of it were metal tips that looked very sharp. Then I got a big whiff of this creature, and it was like a thousand rotting corpses mix with burned flesh.

    I locked eyes with this creature and I knew I must destroy it. I focused my power to my hands and my body turned into a blazing inferno, I was on fire, but was not being burned. This was not like making a fireball in my hand. I felt more powerful than ever.

    {Master, your powers have evolved with us. As such, you are now stronger. Use your new power to destroy this beast. Sent it back to hell!}

    {Just what I was thinking!}

    I slammed both hands together, and the beast jumped into the air with its spear aimed right at me. It was sure to go right through me. But I had other plans. I let out the most vicious Fire Blast I could. Being in mid air, the Reaper could not move out the way. My Fire Blast hit its head and the sound of the explosion carried for miles. The Reaper hit the ground hard, causing a small quake under my feet. I called forth Sneasel. I didn’t want to use him since I just got him no more then a few minutes ago, but since I bonded with it he would be at full health and ready for battle. I lifed my arm and Sneasel appeared at my feet.

    {What the!? Master, you are on fire!}

    “I know Sneasel. Now I need you to be my decoy, got it?”

    {Um.. oh boy, yes, master.}

    {I knew you were trouble the second I saw you.} Sneasel whispered to himself.

    Sneasel ran and jumped on top of the Reaper and started to slash at its face. I turned invisible and got behind the beast, getting ready for my next attack. When the Reaper threw Sneasel off it and was about to stab him with its spear, I swung my arm like I was punching something, and from the shadows came a giant fist. It punched the Reaper and set it flying into a hill of snow.

    {That what I call a shadow punch Haha!} Yelled Haunter. A shadow punch. I like it. I swung again at the Reaper, once again hitting the beast. It was like hitting a mole with a hammer, it was so much fun. The Reaper rolled out the way and slammed its spear into the ground. Stone spikes came up out the ground, headed right for me. I let out a fire blast that turned into a stream of lava. The Reaper saw it and, once again, slammed its spear into the ground, only this time, the ground itself opened up and swallowed the lava. Just like that, the Reaper dashed at full speed. I was unable to counter his attack. I could only brace myself for it. It slammed its spear into me, drawing blood. I was sent flying into a hill of snow. The Reaper then jumped into the air and shot back down at full speed. Inches from my face, I grabbed the spear before he killed me. Sneasel had got back up and jumped right back on top of it and started slashing at it. A small part of the Reapers back came off and attacked Sneasel. It was sick. The little thing was like a bone with legs and arms. I held on to the spear, making sure the beast would not kill me, as I watched Sneasel battle the little bone creature. Sneasel used its Ice power to make spears, and threw them at the bone creature and shattered it.

    I could not hold on anymore. This was my end...

    (Trumpets sounding)

    It was like time itself had stopped, and I heard a sounds of trumpets come from the sky, followed by a bright light. I looked to the sky, but the light was to bright, for I could see not a thing. Then it come down like a meteorite hitting the ground so hard, a massive shock wave passed over me. The Reaper was knocked off me. The mist faded away. I looked at to what had landed here, what I saw was a man. His hair was gold and he wore a white robe with brown sandals. However, I could not see his face. I didn’t know why but it was hidden from my sight.


    I turned and the Reaper was back up and ready for another round. Just like that, he appeared in front of the Reaper. He put one hand on top of its head, and it’s eyes bursted into flames, and its body shined like a star. The beast shrieked in pain, and before my very eyes, I watched the creature turn to ash.

    The man then turned to me and spoke.

    “Tiberius ,rise.” he said

    I got up my feet. I could not move a step.

    “There is someone that would like to meet you,” said the man

    He walked over and put a hand on my shoulder. Everything turned white when he did. I was on a road with grass all around me and in front of me was a great gate. I walked over to it when I heared a man call me.

    “Tiberius, stop!”

    I turned and that man was there, next to him was Sneasel and the rest of my Pokemon.

    “Who are you?” i asked

    “I am, Gabriel, the Archangel.” he said

    “Okay.. what were am I?” I asked

    “Outer heaven. Now go, for he is waiting for you,” he said

    Just like that he was gone. I turned around there was only one way to go. so I walked forward and all around me I saw Pokemon running through field of grass playing and having a good time. But there was no breeze. It was warm, there was light but no sun, then I saw another man in the grass sitting down. He didn’t see me but he did call me.

    “Tiberius, come here.” He called

    I walked over to him and, just like Gabriel, he had a white robe on and gold hair, and his face my hidden from my sight.

    “So you must be wondering who I am, yes?”asked the man

    “Yes.” I said

    “Very well, I am Michael the Archangel. It’s good to finally meet you.”


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    I'll go ahead and claim this. Grade should be up by next Friday at the latest.

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    A grade was posted here, but a wild Felly got hungry and ate it.

    {PMing to the author right now. Right. Now.}

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