Ryan's Adventure Chapter 1: A legend in the making!
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Thread: Ryan's Adventure Chapter 1: A legend in the making!

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    Default Ryan's Adventure Chapter 1: A legend in the making!

    It was a quiet morning as the sun arose, the Pidgeys and Taillows were flying in the sky, Bidoof's and Zigzagoon's racing out of bushes onto paths with joy, Wooper's and Mudkips Splashing about in a pond. It was also a dawn of a new era!

    A young boy at the age of fourteen came strolling down the path with a smirk on his face, he had a black cap with a yellow stripe going down the middle, a red jacket, and black 3/4 lengths, all the Pokémon turned to see him, his name... was Ryan, he was from Twinleaf town in Sinnoh but moved to Johto where his parents originate from on a quest to become the greatest trainer who ever lived! But he was not alone, with him was his trusty friend and partner Chinchou. Chinchou was an Water and Electric type Pokémon and was full of joy. Ryan had only obtained it recently when his parcel had came through including Chinchou, 3,000 Poképounds (£3,000), a Pokédex, some potions, lots of Pokéballs, a few Greatballs, a Pokémon guide (Includes maps, Gym's, Pokémon centres, ect. Like he needs it)and some food/Pokémon food.

    Ryan had decided to get up early to start his journey and especially to start before his rival, Rocky. Ryan and Rocky were very good friends but also very strong Pokémon lovers and had knew each other since small children. Rocky like Ryan had planned to take on gyms like Ryan and wanted to become the greatest trainer.

    Ryan had been walking for hours with Chinchou along side him, neither seemed tired but had more energy than they started. Ryan was eager to battle a Pokémon so they searched for a little bit and found a wild Pidgey. "Ok Chinchou this is your time to shine!, Get straight in there with a Spark!", Chinchou's body glowed with electricity at shot itself at the Pidgey, Pidgey couldn't move because it got paralysed, "Ok Chinchou finish it off with another Spark!, Once more it glowed and shot itself at Pidgey. This time Pidgey fainted, Ryan walked over to the injured Pidgey and gave it a potion and said "Hey thanks for the battle Pidgey.", so they left the Pidgey to heal.

    Ryan carried on searching for Pokémon to battle when he saw a familiar face. As he walked over he stood on a stick and made a loud crack, "Who's there?" asked the person "It's me! Ryan!" Ryan called over. "Oh, hi Ryan, so, you started your journey too?" Rocky replied "Come on, we've been friends since 1999" answered Ryan "Yeah" said Rocky, "and rivals" "That's because you try and beat me at everything" explained Ryan "No" replied Rocky, "It's the other way round, I'm not competitive at all." "Anyway" said Ryan, avoiding the subject, "What Pokémon did you start with?" "You can't see?" said Rocky, "this is my Cyndaquil" "Quil" said the Cyndaquil "Oh, well this is my Chinchou" replied Ryan "Chin chou chin chin" shouted out Chinchou. "So, what are you listening to?" asked Ryan. "Um...Sinnoh Sound" replied Rocky, "It reminds me of back home." "Yeah, I know the feeling" responded Ryan, "Hey! I know! We should have a battle now!" "Now? But you'll win!" replied Rocky incredulously, "I'm not stupid, I know about type advantages" . Suddenly a green orb flew through the air, Ryan got out his pokédex, "Natu, the Tiny Bird Pokémon. The Natu moves around by hopping and always seems to be staring at something.". "Well this look's like it's gonna be fun, i'm gonna try and catch it! said Ryan in excitement, he turned to Rocky and said "I promise we'll have a battle later and ran off with excitement "PROMISE!" shouted Rocky when Ryan was far a head.

    After having a few more battles Ryan turned to Chinchou and said "Chinchou, I sense it's presence it's near I know it!", Chinchou replied with a "Chin!", "Let's see it flew in this direction so it means it should be just ahead!", In the distance he saw the green orb. "Hey I wonder if thats it?! Chinchou Thundershock it!, requested Ryan. Chinchou shot out a spark of energy and it hit the orb, the orb started falling and as it did it became alot clearer it also had deep black eyes, a short yellow beak, red wings and antenna sticking out of it's head. [/I], Ryan chuckled and said "Well you look like a strong little Pokémon, and you look strong so I guess you will be an addition to my team! Ok Chinchou your up don't fail me now! Start off with a thunderwave!, A small current of electricity hit the Natu. Nice shot!, Huh?! Chinchou was paralysed just like the Natu, That must be it's ability! Well it could come in handy! said Ryan in shock. Natu's mouth created a Dark ball and launched it at Chinchou, That must of been a shadow ball! Nothing we can't handle! Try a spark! said Ryan Chinchou glowed and launched itself at the Natu and the hit looked critical! Natu went for another shadow ball but couldn't because of the paralysis. "Ok it's time for the capture! Go Pokéball!" Ryan hurled the ball at the Natu it wobbled once, twice, thrice! The Pokémon was caught! "Nice" Said Ryan with joy.

    Ryan did some healing and carried on down the route when a trainer jumped out of a bush and said Hey you! I saw you capture that Natu and thaught it was some skill so how about you battle me and I will show you my skill!, Yeah I do have skill don't I, I guess I could have a quick battle with you and show you my skill! Replied Ryan. They found a perfect spot for a battle on a wide open field. "Ok rules:
    -a two vs two battle
    -Substitutions aloud
    -Winner gains £500

    Said the trainer. Sounds good to me! said Ryan in exitment. This was his first trainer battle.
    I'll start first! Go Rattata! Yelled the yound trainer. Like we've never fought one of them before. Go Natu!chuckled Ryan. Rattata use Thunder fang! said the boy. What?! Ryan shrieked Bet you didn't see this coming, it's called an egg move, an egg move in an attack what was know by it's parents when it was bread! The move hit and did alot of damage to Natu. Ok Natu go for a confusion! The move hit and slammed Rattata into a tree, Rattata fainted straight away! "Ahh!, thats not possible! Ok then it all comes down to this! Go Poliwag use hypnosis!" Poliwag was released and used hypnosis, Natu fell asleep. Ryan laughed Whats so funny? asked the trainer Take a look at your Poliwag! replied Ryan, the boy looked and saw it was asleep "It's called Synchronize, it's my Natu's ability when it falls asleep or any other attack that effects the status the foe will get it aswell. Natu wake up!" Natu's eyes opened straight away "Impossible!" said the trainer Shadow ball! said Ryan, the dark ball hit and woke up Poliwag. "Yes were awake! Water gun!" the water squirted out of it's mouth and hit the Natu but didn't do much damage. "Let's finish this Natu, Confusion!" Natu's eyes glowed and Poliwag flew back and was knocked out. Good game but obviously your not good enough! said Ryan. Well I need some training! and the trainer ran off leaving the money behind him.

    After a while of searching for the next town they had stumbled across route 46. Ryan checked his Pokédex for the Pokémon in the route. "Hmm only thing new is Geodudes and Spearows. I guess we could have some training against each other." Ryan sent out Natu. Ok, Chinchou Spark on Natu and Natu Reflect on Chinchou! Chinchou glowed and shot itself at Natu and broke through it's shield and knocked Natu into a tree. "That was grea- huh?!" out of the tree dropped an Ekans, Natu quickly fled from it. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Um... um... Natu Shadow ball, Chinchou thunder shock!, the two attacks combined and hit the Ekans flying. "Phew that was close" Ryan said in relief. "I don't want to meet that Pokémon again it was scary!"

    Ryan checked his map and saw he was close to the next town and carried on his journey. Thinking about what was lying ahead of his journey and what challenges he will face on becoming the greatest Pokémon master!

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    Default Re: Ryan's Adventure Chapter 1: A legend in the making!

    I'm sorry, but this story is far too short for a Natu. As stated in this thread, a Natu is a Medium ranking Pokemon. This means your story should be somewhere around 10,000 to 20,000 characters in length. Right now, your story is only about 2,000 characters. (You can check character count in Microsoft Word).

    I suggest reading the How to Write Stories thread for some help. You should also take a glance at pe2k's Story Board for a general idea on how stories should look. :)


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