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    Default Royal Purple [WWC]

    This story is based upon what happens to a character in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs. If you have not played that game, this may spoil parts of it.
    Pokemon: Bronzor, Murkrow, Magikarp and Zubat.
    Suggested Length: 28-55K
    Exact length: ~37,061
    A quick note to graders: The Murkrow, Magikarp and Zubat are all the base forms of Cyrus's Pokemon (bar Sneasel). I then went and mentioned them in particular to avoid technicalities.

    From the Ranger Union Area Report Archives:

    Ranger Report: Oblivia
    From: Area Ranger Rand
    Topic: Purple Eyes & Zapdos
    Summary: Purple Eyes has been discovered and apprehended at Mt Layuda. He was about in the process of awakening Zapdos when Ben and Summer showed up to prevent this from happening as it was discovered by my wife Leanne that, because the other two Legendary Birds had been awakened, there would be a catastrophic event Zapdos were to be awakened. Ben and Summer managed to defeat Purple Eyes' Metagross in battle, preventing him from awakening the Legendary Pokemon. He then proclaimed that his master plot to take over the world had failed. A mysterious figure then appeared on a Z.Z. Flyer and finished the job and Zapdos flew off, awakened. The unidentified person, who had apparently heard Purple Eyes' statement told him that he was not needed for the rest of the project. The figure then flew off, leaving Purple Eyes to fend for himself. He and his group of Pinchers flew away on their own Z.Z. Flyers. More info will come when we find it.

    Ranger Report: Oblivia
    From: Ranger Murph
    Topic: Showdown aboard the Ancient Sky Fortress!
    Summary: After the Fortress's shield was taken down by Ben, Summer and the power of Ho-Oh, we all went into the place to take it and the Societea down and prevent them from destroying any more islands. The Societea had distributed the pieces of the Golden Armor among each other and set up traps along the way. Ben and Summer went to each of the three members under Ed "The Thinker" and beat their Pokemon (A Ditto, Regigigas and Crobat were used by Kasa, Arley and Hocus respectively). Edward then faced the two young Rangers with a startling creation, Mewtwo. After beating Mewtwo, Purple Eyes showed up and used his Gardevoir to steal all of the pieces of Golden Armor and put them on. He then took control of Mewtwo and caused Edward and Rand to vanish into a void. The stronger Mewtwo then took on Summer and Ben. The Rangers won and Rand and Ed "The Thinker" were returned to this world. Mewtwo ran away, leaving the criminals to be arrested. They both went peacefully. We are sending them to you aboard The Union.

    Ranger Report: Oblivia
    From: Area Ranger Rand
    Topic: A Pledge to Arceus
    Summary: When an anomaly was detected using my Daughter's newly invented "Nema-Style Distorted-Space-Finding Radar" that is programmed to find disturbances in space, everyone travels to the Sky Fortress which is floating in the sea at the center of the region. It is found that we cannot communicate via styler aboard the ship because of the spacial disturbances, so Ben, Summer and I went out to find what was causing them. The two younger Rangers encounter Dialga and Palkia (and calm them) while I encounter Giritina (and my styler is broken by it). I walked back to the main room as Summer and Ben managed to calm the Pokemon of antimatter, lifting the interference caused by the disturbances. Ben and Summer are called back to the main room as Arceus had appeared. Arceus was planning to destroy the world, but we managed to convince it otherwise. Just then, Purple Eyes showed up and tried to get Arceus to join him so that he could take over the world. This made the Pokemon of myth extremely angry and it formed a shield that could not be penetrated. Out of nowhere, Dialga, Palkia and Giritina (who had been calmed by Ben and Summer) appeared and made the wall of light disappear, allowing the two prodigy Rangers to calm Arceus. We all then pledged to the Pokemon that we would risk our lives to prevent the Fortress from being used again. Arceus prepared to teleport itself away and, as it did so, also began to teleport Purple Eyes along with it. Purple Eyes tried to plead with Arceus, but to no avail; they both disappeared in a flash of light leaving only Purple Eyes' resounding screams.

    "Huh? Where am I?" I asked out loud. I took in the world which had just been placed before me. It looked like an ancient hall with clouds around it. The clouds were below the platform which I was standing. I looked at myself and found that I was wearing only a single color: purple. This confused me. It then came upon my mind that I knew all of these things, but could not even make any sense of who I was.

    "Who am I?" I asked, voicing the thought.

    As if an answer, a creature appeared before me on a shining dais that I had not noticed. It was a quadrupedal white creature that looked similar to a horse. It had a strange golden ring with many different shapes intertwined with the general design. It looked and felt regal in a way even stranger than the ring; it had an aura that even an expert in disguise like Kasa could not copy.

    "Gyuii!" It called, seemingly both pleased that it had successfully wiped my mind and appalled by something about me. Probably something that it had forced me to forget. I could only guess as to what that was.

    The creature let loose another cry and a portal opened up next to it.

    "Oh, great creature," I said to it. "What do you intend to do to me for a crime I cannot remember?"

    It gave me a sharp look as if it didn't know whether to think of me as a low minded simpleton who had no idea what he'd done or as a criminal mastermind. I suspected the later.

    "Gyunion!" It cried out again and I felt the ground vanish from under my feet. I looked down, but it was me who had changed position not the hallway floor. I was floating steadily towards the portal with a bright glow around me. The psychic force that the creature was employing flipped me onto my back as I neared the portal. I floated right past the thing that was sentencing me to an unknown punishment. It had a smug grin on its animal-like face as if it had once been suffering because of my actions or me (probably both) and that it was pleased that I was finally being put to justice.

    My feet made contact with the portal and I was startled; they vanished into the unearthly aperture and left my legs with only a tingling sense of cold that felt as if my feet were plunged into a bucket of ice water. My calves soon followed.

    "Please oh great being, stop this!" I called, unsure of what was happening or if this was entirely a nightmare. "What is to become of me?"

    The portal only began swallowing me up faster. The feeling replaced my knees, then my thighs until my entire lower body was engulfed by it. It kept going without the white creature saying anything until my stomach had already passed into the other dimension.

    "Guyunii!" It called out repeatedly as the process sped up even faster.

    "Pity I can't speak God," I thought bitterly for the only thing that the creature could be was a God. There was no other logical conclusion that fit. My head plunged into the abyss last and the final thing I heard was the cry of the God-creature ringing in my ears.


    "Jack!" I woke up to the sound of a woman's voice. "You'll be late for school!"

    "What?" I thought. "This is confusing. Where am I? I was done with school, right? I got a degree of world domination and one in archeology..."

    I took a moment to examine my surroundings. I was in a room. One that I didn't recognize but seemed like I should. I was in a bed in the room. This led me to the conclusion that it was my room because there was no evidence of any girl being there at any time for me to have sex with, also implying that I might be younger than when I met the strange, white creature.

    The woman who had previously called out my name appeared in my doorway out of no where. I presumed that this must be my "mom" because no other person is able to appear out of no where like that. Her face expressed concern, so I must have had something that made me look slightly off.

    "You look sick," she told me. "You might have to stay home from school. I'll go get a thermometer."

    She left the room as quickly as she had entered. I took this as a chance to examine myself. I pulled off the covers to the bed to see what I was wearing and maybe who I was. My body as smaller than I remembered and I was wearing a shirt labeled "Pokemon" that had images of a few unlabeled creatures, presumably "Pokemon". My pants matched my shirt.

    I looked up to see if my "mom" was back yet. She wasn't, so I took to seeing what was in my room. The room was around 30 by 40 feet. Not big, but big enough. My bed was up against the opposite wall from the door and there was a closet to the left. Further inspection revealed that there were a few toys in the closet, some labeled with "Pokemon" sort of like nightwear. There was a desk on the wall with the door and two windows on the right wall, opposite the closet. There was a dresser and a night table near the bed. A variety of toys were scattered across the floor, providing a difficult terrain to traverse. The room was painted a light blue color.

    I heard footsteps outside my room, so I hopped back into the bed and pulled the covers back up. The woman, who really did seem like my mother at this point, came back into the room with a thermometer. She shoved it into my mouth as I struggled. After a minute, she pulled it out and looked at a small number reading on its side.

    "98.9," she read aloud. "Looks like you're going to be going to school anyway."

    I grumbled a little as she walked out of the room.

    "Look, Jack. All ten year old boys go to school. You should, too," she said over her shoulder. "Now get dressed."

    "That's it, then," I thought. "I'm ten."

    I fumbled around in the dresser in search of clothing to wear. I found some shirts, socks, underwear and pants. I put on some blue genes and a purple shirt. The shirt didn't look heavily used, but somehow I was drawn to the color; I liked it more than the others. I put on a pair of socks and stepped outside my room.

    I found the staircase that led downstairs and, presumably to the kitchen. My "mother" was there making scrambled eggs for me. I found the fridge and fumbled around in it in search of something to drink. I found some orange juice and poured it into a glass that my "mom" had left on the counter. I picked up the glass and sat down in a chair that was at a table. My "mother" then laid a plate of freshly scrambled eggs and a fork in front of me and I then proceeded to devour them while taking in my surroundings.

    The table was a hard, light wood. The same wood was present on the chair and counters. A black oven sat in the corner and a stove by its side. A small chandelier hung over the table, casting light on me and the scenery. There were a few windows to the side and a door behind me near the stove and oven. I looked outside to see a yard. A backyard, but that was not what was important. What was made a sense. I was in the middle of a residential area and early morning sunlight was streaming into the kitchen. The room was painted a soft yellow color making it feel very warm.

    After I finished my eggs, I was urged back upstairs by my new mother and to brush my teeth. The bathroom was down the hall from my bedroom. It was a light green and had two sinks and standard bathroom things like a toilet, a shower and some cleaning supplies in a cabinet. My toothpaste tasted vaguely like spearmint and my toothbrush had a Pokemon theme. What was this Pokemon thing, anyway?

    I was snapped out of my spell of thinking by my mother yelling at me.

    "Jack Peyes, get down here this instant! The bus is about to come!" Her voice was shrill, so I new she was not to be ignored.

    "Coming!" I called.

    I dashed downstairs and, as if by instinct, grabbed an electric device that was about the size of two of my hands. My mom handed me my backpack and I shoved the device into it. There was a crinkling sound as I did so, meaning that I had homework that was in the pack. I dashed out the door dodging shouts of "Have a good day at school!" and "Love you!". As soon as I was out the door I felt lost, so I went with my instinct and logic.

    I walked up to a small cluster of kids that were about my age. The bus came no sooner than I said "Hi!" to my neighbors. I hopped onto the long yellow car like thing after the other kids and waled along the aisle and sat down in a seat. I fumbled around for a seat belt for a while, but couldn't find one so I gave up. The bus was an off gray color on the inside with mottled greenish brown seats. I pulled out the electronic device as if I always had done it flipped a switch and opened it. A logo appeared on the screen.
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    Default Re: Royal Purple [WWC]

    "Nintendo DS," it said, making a pinging sound. There were several options for what to do, so I pressed the bigger one labeled "Pokemon Diamond". I pressed a few buttons to try and get it to speed up and get to the game. I was very curious as to what this Pokemon thing was. I looked up and saw a few other kids playing their own DSes around me. One even looked to be playing a game similar to mine. My attention came back to my own game system. The screen was on a sort of title page. There was an image of a creature, possibly a Pokemon, on it. There were blue waves foing all up and down it, but for some reason it looked familiar: as if I had seen it previously. I pressed start like it told me too and I was placed with several options. The one that looked most promising was New Game. Options and Wi-Fi connection didn't look interesting enough.

    The game then faded into an image of a professor. It gave me a very helpful introduction to Pokemon. The introduction was about how some people use Pokemon to do good and train them and thing like that. It then presented me with a rather odd question.

    "Are you a boy or a girl?" It asked.

    I selected boy as that was my own gender. It then asked my for my name. I selected "Jack" from the menu. It looked as if Jack was the name that you could add to it as the others were things like Ash and Barry. I kept going with the game activities, meeting my character's friend and his mom, seeing a newscast and rushing out to a lake. I battled a two Starly with a Pokemon I chose, I Piplup. The Piplup was a blue penguin and the Starly looked like birds. My character's friend chose a green turtle called Turtwig. We beat the birds and got to keep the Pokemon. I then received Running Shoes from my in-game Mother and traveled to the next town to get a Pokedex.

    I felt an inexplicable attraction to the game. It felt as if I really did do the activities in the game. My Piplup beat a Gym as we visited more towns and I caught two new Pokemon, a Shinx and a Budew. I trained them against other Pokemon and was exploring north of one of the bigger cities when I discovered an evil team. They were holding a girl's father hostage at a place called the Valley Windworks. This made me feel kind of funny inside, as if I had done something similar. I walked into the Windworks, beating a few people wearing odd outfits which had a "G" on them in Pokemon battles. I then ran into someone named Mars who apparently had been controlling this operation. I beat her with my Piplup and rescued the workers. This event made me feel guilty for some reason, but I kept going with the game anyway.

    At this point, the bus arrived at school and I had to save the game. I did so (as instructed by the game) and put the DS back into my backpack. My time at school seemed to flash by very fast; I went to classes like Gym, Language arts and Science, but it seemed to go faster than it was supposed to. I turned in homework and chatted with people I had never seen before but thought they were my friends. I ate lunch, played outside at recess and did all those normal things I had no time for before the great creature had sent me here. School was truly dull as I already knew everything they were teaching me, but I persevered.

    The blur of a day resumed normal speed as I entered the bus for the return trip. I turned my game on again and resumed my progress. I went to a new town, walked through a creepy forest, caught a few new Pokemon and entered another new city, Eterna City.

    There was another hostage situation here where the guy who sold bikes had his Cefairy kidnapped and put inside a tower. I knew that it was the fault of the team, revealed to be Team Galactic, but had to beat the local Gym first in order to get an HM. I entered the tower and beat a few more Galactic Grunts who were trying to stop me. This time, a woman named Jupiter stood in my way. I beat her, but just barely. My Piplup and Shinx evolved after the battle was over. She said that she'd be back and the Galactic people left the tower. I returned the Clefariy to the bike store owner and experienced some more gratitude from an NPC. It may have been simulated, but I felt great hearing the praise. The guy gave me a bike in his gratitude.

    The game went on like that for a while, me beating bad-guy schemes that seemed oddly real and Gyms alike. I became stronger with an Empoleon, Roselia and Luxray as my main team as I walked back into my real-life house, or what was supposed to be it for now. I caught many Pokemon from the lowly Magikarp to the elusive Chansy, from the version exclusive Murkrow to the infamous Zubat. All were in my collection. Eventually, though, I ran into Team Galactic more frequently. They blew up a lake for no apparent reason, took some Pokemon that seemed more important than the lake, and I finally tracked them down to their lair in Veilstone City. It wasn't hard to spot as it was the tallest building there, but when I finally got inside I met Team Galactic's boss Cyrus. He seemed a little stalker-ish, knowing that I was there to free the aforementioned Pokemon from the research lab.

    We battled and it was long fought. I beat him, but just barely. After the battle, he expressed his desire to take over the world and a part of me related to him wanting the world to be more uniform in relations with Pokemon and people, but he was going way overboard. The conversation we had after the battle went something like this:

    "I see," Cyrus said. "You are indeed strong."

    I wanted to say something along the lines of: "Duh! I just beat you", but I could not because the that wasn't the way that the Pokemon games were built.

    "And the basis of your power is your compassion toward Pokemon," he continued. "How wasteful..."

    Huh? Feelings towards my Pokemon did seem to allow me more Critical Hits, but did that really help?

    "Such emotions are but mere illusions," he went on, making absolutely no sense. "And, like all illusions, they fade over time until death banishes them forever."

    I probably would have said something starting with: "Yeah, but...". This guy was confusing me and his motives had no, well, motives.

    "That is why I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality," he said, further thickening the sense of 'are you insane?'. "But that doesn't matter. I doubt you will ever understand my position."

    "You got that, right," I thought. "Your position makes the motives look believable." I had a strange feeling that this was familiar in the way that you were once the guy trying to take over the world. I would have ben sure otherwise, but I was beginning to doubt my (once again) ten-year-old self.

    "That said," he said. "I recognize that you are strong and courageous to come alone. This is your reward."

    I then received a Master Ball. I had no idea what it was for, but when would I ever accept a gift from an insane anarchist? The character I was playing as obviously didn't think like I did, because the pinging noise that signified finding an item played.

    "The Master Ball is the ultimate Pokeball," he started talking once more. "It will unfailingly catch any Pokemon in the wild."

    Well that explained the purple thing that I was just handed, but why?

    "But it is not anything that I require," he continued. "Unlike you Trainers, I do not make Pokemon my friends or partners. Unlike other Team Galactic members, I don't use Pokemon as tools."

    Who would ever ditch something like a Pokeball which would work without fail? This, if not something from earlier proved that he was insane. This other stuff worried me, though. If they aren't parters or even tools, what are they?

    "Instead," he said, answering my question. "I make the power of Pokemon my own."

    Okay, mister insane person. You think that you can become a Pokemon or something?

    "If you wish to save the Pokemon from the lakes," he said, ignoring me this time. "Take the warp panel ahead. I am off to Mt. Coronet."

    Wait. Did he just tell me where he was going to go do his dastardly deeds next? So he's stupid and a psycho. Great combination.

    "That's correct," he confirmed. "Mt. Coronet. I will ascend the mountain to its peak and put an end to everything... No. I will bring about a new beginning for everything..."

    He then disappeared, most likely to go do whatever on the top of Mt. Coronet. I stepped onto the warp panel and appeared in a flash in another room.

    There wasn't much in the room, save for several glowing tubes of goo. There were three at the back that were occupied. I gasped as I saw that the three things in it were the Legendary Pokemon that were inside. I pressed a button (one that was big, red and looked promising) and the contained Pokemon were freed. I ran outside the Veilstone building after teleporting with a well-placed warp tile and proceeded to hike up the mountain after the villains.

    I hiked through dark tunnels and surfed across subterranean lakes to chase them, wondering all the while how they could have done it as it took me forever to get past the "natural" puzzles.

    Eventually, I was came to a stop and was greeted. Not by a welcome committee to say "good job, well done", but by a few Galactic Grunts that wanted to weaken and/or stop me from getting to the boss Cyrus.
    I was pleased because this meant that I was getting closer, so I dispatched the grunts quickly with a few well-placed Super Effective moves. Most were one hit KOs, but the few that didn't get KOd were soon fainted by Empoleon's Aqua Jet.

    I bashed my way past the low level grunts and came to an exit to the cavern. I stepped through and was greeted by a friendly little blurb at the top of the screen which said: Spear Pillar. Obviously a pillar that looked like a spear, but why were all the pillars cracked?

    I didn't have much time to think because I was promptly attacked my both Mars and Jupiter at once. After a quick battle, I sent them packing. Now, all that faced me was Cyrus, or so I thought. I went straight into another in-depth lack of conversation with the boss while I listened to his monologue.

    "Now all will end. And everything will begin," Cyrus proclaimed, sounding even more like someone with a severe God-complex every minute. "With this Red Chain I will pry open the portal to another dimension. I command that you unleash all your power for me..."

    Great. So this guy is using a chain to open a door into another realm of existence. This ought to be fun.

    "Dialga the mythical Pokemon and the master of time!" he continued. "This will bring about the destruction of all things. With everything gone, there will be no fighting and no strife."

    The only thing that came to mind was: "Idealistic utopia, much?". The Pokemon that appeared on the dais was blue and slightly metallic looking. It was quadrupedal and let loose a pained roar because it apparently didn't like the fact that it was under some maniac's control. I agreed with it.

    "Can you feel time distorting?" he asked. "Only I can choose to stop it."

    Oddly enough, I did feel as if someone were watching over me, but that made no sense. After looking up and confirming that there was nobody there, I turned back to my game.

    "This is the mythical Pokemon that created Sinnoh!" he said, seeming overjoyed. "Dialga the ancient deity of time! This world cannot be molded into the ultimate world I seek! It's far easier to create an entirely new world than to change this one! A new world in which I am the ruler of all things! I shall become a deity!"

    I may have thought that I felt a strange form of agreement when he first expressed to me that he wanted to take over the world, but I thought he was simply taking it over, not destroying it then. I the linked the two ideas in my brain, realizing that some people might find that taking over the world would result, in a way, its destruction.

    "Oh! Dialga..." He said, happy that the ball of energy stuff was growing. "This is... Fantastic! Beautiful! It's the creating of a new galaxy! My new world!" He stopped short. "Wh-what?!"

    This was getting a little too crazy, so I was glad when it happened. His blabbering about his idea of a perfect world was just beginning to verge on impossible to understand when the three Pokemon I freed earlier teleported into existence next to me, smashing the chain that was holding Dialga in place. This made him very, very angry. So, naturally and because one of the three Pokemon appeared next to me for a split second, he turned it on me as if I had everything to do with it.

    "The Red Chain!" he growled. "It crumbled away to nothing?! But why? Why would Mesprit, the Pokemon of Lake Verity, appear by your side? But never mind that! It's all destroyed! My galaxy is gone! I won't allow this... I will capture those three again and craft another Red Chain! But before I even think about that, I'm going to completely crush you!"

    I was then plunged into a battle with a madman who was having a temper-tantrum. The way he handled the destruction of his new galaxy was almost as smooth as sandpaper isn't. He reminded me of a toddler who just had his tower of blocks knocked down.

    His first Pokemon, a Honchkrow, was a piece of cake for my large penguin Pokemon who I had as my first Pokemon. It went down to a quick Ice Beam and Aqua Jet combo. The next Pokemon he sent out made me get my hopes up. His Gyarados was up and I foolishly thought that I could take it with my starter Pokemon. It would have been fine, his water worm just knew Earthquake: a strong and Super Effective attack. Empoleon was easily finished by it. Even though I just went down to an Earthquake, I decided to send out my Luxray. The 4X effectiveness of Luxray's at tacks helped greatly as I KOd it with one Thunder Fang. The next Pokemon the boss sent was a Crobat. I had no idea how fast that thing was and it left me with around 20 hit points. Thankfully, Thunder Fang KOd that, too. He sent out his final Pokemon, Weavile, but right afterwards, he began to speak.

    "I admit that you have pushed me to this extreme," he said. That was all.

    The Weavile was no good as it was faster than me, but what caught my attention was that he still thought that he'd win. As predicted, it dispatched my Luxray with a well-placed X-Scissor. This was his last Pokemon and I was now down to my last as well, for I knew that the HM slaves that filled the rest of my party would be of no use because they were too far under-leveled. I was left with only my Roserade. Trusty Roserade was frail and weak to a Weavile's Ice moves, but I kept my hopes up. The first turn was amazing and beneficial to me. His Weavile used Brick Break and became poisoned because of my rose Pokemon's ability! To top it off, my Pokemon's move, Leech Seed, hit. It began to sap the health of my foe with poison taking its tole as well.

    This couldn't get any better, but it could easily get worse if I didn't do it right. The foe's attack left me with only a small piece taken out of my health and the Leech Seed healed most of it. I had to be very careful with my next move, too. If I were to do something stupid, my foe would surely take advantage of it. I looked at the scene carefully and did a few failed calculations in my head. I selected Giga Drain and hoped for the best.

    "Foe Weavile used Ice Punch! It's Super Effective!" my game declared, wiping out over half of my Roserade's remaining health and a little of my ego as well. I didn't think that it could do that much damage.

    "Roserade used Giga Drain!" it said, damaging my opponent and healing me a substantial amount. I was about to start acting extremely happy when the foe began to wiggle around with a few yellow rings, which signified that it was using its item. The item turned out to be a Sitrus Berry and I cursed, forgetting that I was supposed to be ten. The foe healed back to half health (it was taken down to a fourth by my attack). This was discouraging, but I became slightly happier when the computer was through computing the damage and healing from the Leech Seed/Poison combo. I was only down maybe 40 Hit Points from where I was before and my foe had lost a chunk of health.

    More scenarios went through my mind, most involving the Weavile getting a Critical Hit. A few involved me winning, but my train of thought was interrupted by Cyrus.

    "This... this cannot be!" he exclaimed. "It's not possible that I lose!"

    "Uh huh," I said out loud. "Try telling that to Roserade!"

    I then selected Giga Drain again without any more thought.

    "Foe Weavile used Ice Punch!" the game stated. "It's Super Effective!" This attack put my Roserade back in the critical red area.

    "Roserade used Giga Drain!" it said. This time, it followed up with Weavile losing all of its health, me gaining some and the opposing Pokemon sliding off the screen.

    "Foe Weavile fainted!" the game added.

    "I won't admit this!" Cyrus screamed into the distorted sky. "The power spoken of in mythology... I didn't just make it obey me, I made it my own!"

    I was confused at how making the power your own was even possible, but this was the guy who seemed to think that he could become a Pokemon, so I guess that this was no different.

    He then plunged me into yet another monologue, this one much shorter than the last few.

    "What is truly ultimate to you? What do you consider perfection?" He asked, as if I knew the real answer to the questions. "The most important thing... What shines the brightest... Telling you is meaningless. But I will not give up. I will become a deity one day... And I will make the ultimate mine..."
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    Ultimate to me? What? Was this guy trying to ask me for his opinion on Utopia? "Things like Utopia just don't happen," I thought. The way he said that he'd become a deity was ominous in an inexplicable way, as if it was sure to happen, but impossible to tell when.

    It was then when I noticed the Professor standing behind my character. I was still energized about having battled Cyrus, when he said something about Dialga wanting to battle.

    "What?" I said as the battle initiated with the Legendary Pokemon of time.

    My Roserade, thankfully, was a few levels higher than the wild Dialga, but I was still worried because she was the only Pokemon I had that could do any real damage. After trying to use Toxic, I discovered that the Mythical Pokemon was, in fact, part Steel type. We traded blows, Roserade draining what health it needed, when my GrassWhistle finally hit. It fell asleep and I tried my chances with a Pokeball. A Timer Ball, to be exact. It wiggled once, twice and then three times. I had captured the legendary Pokemon! It took the final, unused space of my party.

    I was too excited to notice both the dialogue running between the characters surrounding my player character and the odd feeling that I was experiencing. It was reminiscent of being constantly watched by someone or something, but when you turn around, there is nothing there. It took a while, but I finally got past the excessive amount of talking Professor Rowan was doing. He was saying something about something that I was sure I had already thought about, but he kept talking about it. When I was released from the clutches of the doctor tree, I proceeded to walk back into the depths of Mt. Coronet.

    Long, endless walking a path that I had already gone down once was all that I drudged through, fighting or fleeing the occasional wild Pokemon encounter. Holding a direction on the D-pad was so monotonous, my mind wandered to the various things that I could remember. They included the strange white horse-like creature, that, now that I thought about it, looked slightly like my newly caught Dialga. They were both quadrupedal and the faces looked rather similar in a strange sort of way. I also thought of the message the creature must have been sending me. I had apparently done something atrocious, so did this teach me a lesson or something? Cyrus was trying to take over the world with a maniac-style scheme, so did I do something similar that I couldn't remember at all? That seemed very likely.

    I was so absorbed in my thought, I almost fell over when I saw what I was facing in the wild encounter. It was a Bronzor. It wasn't just any Bronzor, however. It was an oddly colored one. This Bronzor before me was green while the ones I faced previously were a blueish hue. I had only heard of these strange phenomenon on various websites that I had been looking on to find hints of what was to come in the game. Even the Pokemon-pedia had a section on them, but I had thought they were tricks of the common hacker. This was real, or more likely in my case, as real as it could get. There was no way I would let it go to waste as it was a perfectly cool looking Pokemon. I turned to my bag and flipped into the Pokeball section. Glancing through the types I was carrying, I stopped on the title which said: Master Ball.

    Should I or shouldn't I? I was leaning on saving the epic Pokeball for something more rare, but then again when would this case come up once more? I read somewhere that the chances of finding a differenty colored Pokemon were over 8,000 to one against. I also remembered the chilling fact that there was a remote possibility that a Master Ball could fail. I held my breath and pressed A.

    It flew at the shiny Pokemon and engulfed it with a flash of purple light. It wobbled once, twice... Then the unthinkable happened.

    In a flash of light, I was gone. Not the Pokemon, not the Pokeball, everything. I was suddenly in front of the great creature that apprehended me before. Even weirder, I was laying in the same position that I had left, lying down, and I was actually my true age and wearing my old, purple cloths. I was also at the creature's feet, so I sat up to face it.

    "Gyuini?" It asked with a cry out loud.

    "I would better understand what the hell just happened if I could have my memory back, oh great one," I said.

    In response, the creature just gave me a cold stare as if it said no very, very loudly.

    "Would you just answer a few simple questions, then?" I implored.

    It bowed its head briefly as if to signify that it would, but only to clear things up.

    "Did I do something in the past that was similar to what Cyrus did?"

    It made another bowing motion, as if to say that it was true.

    "Then Pokemon exist?"

    It bowed its head.

    All of the knowledge about Pokemon flooded back to me. Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, Giritina and all of the legendary birds and beasts, Rangers, Trainers and everything about them. You won't know the feeling of thousands of gallons of knowledge being dumped on you until it's actually happened, which I doubt it will.

    "So you're the great Arceus, then?"

    A larger than normal nod.

    "What of the boy, Jack Peyes?"

    Its only answer was a prod in the chest with one of its gold, cloven feet.

    "Is that the me of another universe?"

    Another head nod.

    "Will I return to my own time?"

    This time, a portal opened up in the back of the hall. It was followed by a nod.

    I walked over to the portal and looked back at the One Pokemon. I was truly thankful for what it had done in an attempt at redeeming me from... Whatever tragedy I had caused. I still did not know, but that would probably come soon from the Pokemon Rangers.

    "Thank you, Arceus. For all that you have done. I shall speak your words of wisdom."

    I almost caught a hint of a smile on its face as it let loose a final parting roar which sounded suspiciously like someone singing the phrase: "Let it be".

    And with that, I stepped into the portal.


    "That was it?" the interrogator asked.

    "That was it." I confirmed.

    "So you think you're a changed person?" he asked.

    "Yes, I do," I assured him.

    "We'll be keeping tabs on you, but don't worry. You'll be made at home, Purple Eyes."

    "Thank you. I hope that my stay at the Ranger Union will be most pleasant."

    "I assure you that it will."


    From the Ranger Union Area Report Archives:

    Ranger Report: Almia
    From: Top Ranger Sven
    Topic: A Changed Purple Eyes in Almia?!
    Summary: After investigating reports on a suspicious person in purple wandering around the Vien Forest who also matched the description of the escaped Purple Eyes, I have discovered and interrogated him. He did not claim to not know who he was, but seems that he does know that he once did something horrid. He also claims to have had an encounter with Arceus (this much was officially documented by Rand) and that it was a very personal one. He claims that it has changed him and that he has a duty to tell others of his experience. He is coming with me quietly and willingly to the Ranger Union.
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    Default Re: Royal Purple [WWC]

    Intro: You started out with what looks like Pokemon Ranger mission logs. Very interesting. This captures the two main purposes of an introduction: 1) Attract the reader's interest and attention and 2) Set the mood for the rest of the story. You definitely accomplished both of those. So. Introduction well done.

    Plot: Your plot was definitely interesting, but I noticed something....slightly disturbing. While the beginning and end where it's revealed your main character exists in the ranger universe is interesting, the majority of the story is pretty much the summarized version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. That's.....I don't even know what that is. xD However, the parts that were actually original (like that crazy twist about the different Pokemon universes) was very well done. Also, during the summarized part, your commentary was pretty amusing. For example:

    I then received a Master Ball. I had no idea what it was for, but when would I ever accept a gift from an insane anarchist? The character I was playing as obviously didn't think like I did
    It seems like you're more suited towards humor than actual action/adventure, so maybe try to go towards that?

    Dialogue: There's not too much to say about your dialogue. It wasn't terribly good or bad and it flowed fine, so....


    He was about in the process of awakening Zapdos when Ben and Summer showed up to prevent this from happening as it was discovered by my wife Leanne that, because the other two Legendary Birds had been awakened, there would be a catastrophic event Zapdos were to be awakened.
    Two things: One, you don't need the word 'about' in there and second, you should break that up into two sentences, because it gets run-onish and awkward.

    When an anomaly was detected using my Daughter's newly invented "Nema-Style Distorted-Space-Finding Radar" that is programmed to find disturbances in space,
    'Daughter' doesn't need to be capitalized.

    *headdesks* at misspelling of a widely known Pokemon on a Pokemon RPG.

    As if an answer, a creature appeared before me on a shining dais that I had not noticed.
    'An' should be 'in'.

    I looked down, but it was me who had changed position not the hallway floor.
    Comma after 'position'.

    "Pity I can't speak God," I thought bitterly for the only thing that the creature could be was a God.
    There's nothing really wrong with this, but you should try to not put thoughts in quotation marks, as that can be confusing. Try italics or something.

    no where
    Nowhere. One word.

    I put on some blue genes and a purple shirt.
    You mean jeans?

    Her voice was shrill, so I new she was not to be ignored.
    'New' should be 'knew'.

    I pressed start like it told me too
    'Too' should be 'to'.

    Eventually, I was came to a stop and was greeted.
    That....sentence structure is so freakin' weird.

    Basically, you've just got some....wacky sentence structure. I'm not sure what to tell you about it other than...try reading a lot of popular books and some fan fic by the older authors, like Magikchicken or Kaimei. Other than that, there wasn't anything too bad.

    Detail: You go into a lot of detail about how the Pokemon look, but you pay less attention to the human characters. Also, more description of the landscape and different Sinnoh places would be ideal. How did it feel to be on the SPEAR PILLAR, one of the most ancient, holy places in the entire Pokemon world? And what about the Distortion World? I know your character was only playing through these places, but that doesn't excuse you from describing them. X_X

    Length: You needed 28k and you had 37k, so you're fine.

    Reality: Nothing too unrealistic. Just seems like for doing anything Cyrus-caliber evil (eg try to destroy the entire world and make yourself God of a new universe) ARCEUS WOULD BE A BIT MORE EXTREME. I mean....mathematically, that's like....Hitler+Pol Pot+Kate GosselinX10. So you know....yeah.

    Personal Feelings: The fact that most of your story was a summary of the Pokemon games was off putting to say the least, though you did throw quite a few original concepts in there, so....

    Outcome: Magikarp, Zubat, Bronzor....captured.
    Murkrow.....not captured.

    If you want your Murkrow, go back, fix your grammar, and add some detail. Then, PM or VM or IM me for a regrade.

    In the meantime, enjoy these guys:

    I speak four languages, help me practice please
    Hablas conmigo en español, por favor
    Vous parlez avec moi en français, s'il vous plaît


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