The Pokemon Minefield [Ready to be Graded]
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    Default The Pokemon Minefield [Ready to be Graded]

    When Alice Hope had started on her Pokemon adventure after so long of waiting and not being ready, she had been rearing to go. She had expected hardships, unwanted camping (she was spoiled) and battles that – due to her Pokemon Academy experiences – she would trump without a doubt. Instead...

    “Slowpoke, I like walking just as much as the next person. Walking is fun. But not dawdling. Sort your life out. I cannot be arsed to drag you.”
    “... ... ...”
    The girl grimaced, dark blue eyes bearing down on her partner with immense frustration.
    “... Poke...”
    “... ... Slow...”
    “Yeah, I figured.”

    Her accent was sarcastic and northern, barely comprehensible to most outsiders and even those with a voice similar to hers. She was well spoken most of the time, but it was hard to tell. Her dry sense of humour had been due to her upbringing, but Alice wasn’t exactly a bully, and her Slowpoke knew it. They had bonded together because they were both outsiders, what with Slowpoke generally underestimated and thought to be dumb, and with her just considered not pretty or smart enough for the popular gang. In her own opinion, she was stunning.

    Stunning and spoiled, to be exact. She did not want to be camping out. In fact, once Alice had captured a Pokemon that could carry her, her feet wouldn’t touch the ground for as long as she lived. The reason for her white leather satchel, which was worn across the body, was so that nothing had to be carried by hand or strain her back. Most supplies were stored in her PC, to be withdrawn and used at rest stops rather than hauled about unceremoniously.

    “Slow, slowpoke.” The young male at her feet piped up, and the teenager frowned, watching as he prodded at her ankle and continued to cry out at her.
    “What is it, Pokey?” Alice asked affectionately, and a little anxiously. If it was bothering him, knowing his psychic prowess, there was reason to worry.
    He nodded his head, starting towards the top of the hill, and then stopped. Because of the heavy rainfall, not only was the trail muddy, it was slippery, too. Alice, being in black wire sandals, was not impressed.

    “Fuck my life.” She muttered, and sidestepped onto the grass, grimacing at the squelching underfoot. What the rookie trainer saw was not reassuring.
    There was a long, steep slope down to the bottom. If it had been a nice introduction to fall like one would hope, the forest landscape before her would have been pleasant. As it was, the musky smell of damp foliage was overpowering, and hanging from each and every tree branch were dozey and damp looking Pinecos. In the distance, one exploded. It set off a chain reaction and she gasped, feeling the earth beneath her shake. Pillars of smoke rose to the clouds overhead, and more beauty was scuppered in the Pokemon minefields.

    “Oh, shit...” She murmured, looking down at her partner, who had now joined her. “What are we going to do about this?”
    A silence for thought.
    “I really want one, though.”
    Slowpoke peered up at her blankly. Really, she was getting selfish temptation now?
    “I have a plan.”
    The nineteen year old carefully crouched down, relaying her ideas into his curly pink ear.

    A little while later, Alice bit her lip with anxiety as a blue aura surrounded her, and Slowpoke lifted his human over the slidey bank down to the bottom, a short distance from the abundance of mine-trees. If he lost concentration and dropped her, it would hurt and her nice, summery designer gear would be caked in grimness. If he didn’t put her down, well... That’d be awkward. As it was, he did.

    “Slowpoke, go!” Right on queue, he opened his mouth and fired off an impressive Water Pulse. It shot through the air, cutting loose streams of String Shot and dropped Pineco after Pineco onto the grass. Many Exploded, and in chain reaction – just as hoped – so did others. The girl crouched onto the ground again, trying to minimise the effect of it all on her balance. Finally, after coughing through a lot of smoke, her gaze fell on the collection of charred bugs, some groaning, others unconscious.

    One, a short distance away, glared at the duo for disturbing its rest. It unleashed a mighty Payback, and Alice screamed, throwing herself in front of the two-type, feeling an immense shock as the bug surged into her back and sent her hurtling into the bank. Slowpoke’s jaw dropped. He didn’t turn his head, only staring ahead, shocked, whilst the Pineco turned on it.

    “Quick... Use Zen Headbutt!” Alice gasped, shaking where she lay. The Pineco lunged for a Take Down, but was rebuffed by the execution, getting a taste of its own medicine as it was shot towards a tree and embedded in the trunk. It was stuck. The Pineco began to panic. “I need a little help here, mister...!”
    The Pineco began using Rapid Spin, sending bits of bark all over the place. Slowpoke, however, was more concerned for his human friend, using Heal Pulse to fix the damage the angry wild Pokemon had done to her. It honestly felt odd, but when she gained the courage, she was able to sit up and stand. “Ugh. So gross.” The trainer remarked icily at the state of herself, “Thanks, Slowpoke.”
    “Let’s finish this! Psychic!”

    Pineco tried for a Double Edge, but it was not enough. It hit itself in recoil, and the barrage from that and the waves of telekenetic assault were too much to bear. The lone bug rolled along the ground, drained of energy, a reluctant loser of the fight.

    “Yeah, I should think so. You stay down.” Alice snapped bluntly, opening her bag to withdraw a red and white sphere, the two halves connected by a black band around the centre. Slowpoke wagged his tail excitedly as she stepped up close – her aim left something to be desired – and threw the Poke Ball at their opponent, watching as its fainted form was swallowed whole in a red beam.

    “You know, there must be about a hundred unconscious Pineco around here. I should have saved myself the trouble and caught one of them.” She complained as the ball rocked back and forth. “Fled the battle, saved myself the cost of an extreme dry clean...”

    Priorities aside, the battle had been won. And there was nowhere left to go but up... Right?


    Trying to catch: Pineco
    Word count:998
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    Default Re: The Pokemon Minefield [Ready to be Graded]

    Claimed. Should be done tomorrow sometime :D
    I speak four languages, help me practice please
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