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    Default Peter’s Rocking Tales (Chapter 2 and 3 Ready to be Graded)


    I wanted to make a new series to deal with all the Unova Pokémon. I didn’t want my other character to have to travel all the way over to Unova just to catch a few Pokémon. I'm going to write this series-style, but let a grader grade after each chapter, unlike my Babel Boy story.

    My one request to the grader is to put the claim and grade post in spoiler tags, so that a reader won't be biased towards the story as a whole, if I decide to continue the story.
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    Default Chapter 1 – The Big Climb

    Chapter 1 – The Big Climb

    I loved the feeling of the cool breeze against my tanned skin when I’m hanging off the side of a cliff. My father and I were climbing up the side of Twist Mountain, which looms over Icirrus City. Dad worked there as a manager of an excavation team, but he loved to be near the dirt and rocks, probably more than his workers.

    My dad was strong. He had muscles that rippled against his brown long-sleeved shirt, a long brown beard that seemed to stay in shape even when climbing during the high wind seasons, and a bald head. He was awesome.

    I wish that I was half the man he was. I’m still just a teenager, but I had a decent body. I wouldn’t be turning any heads, but I was fit with little body fat. I had short unkempt brown hair, but no facial hair yet. My eyes were green like my mom’s. She would always worry about me, climbing at a young age. But I was fine. I had my climbing gear strapped around my waist and extra harnesses and karabiners in my brown vest that I wore over my green sweater.

    My father and I didn’t just use the standard climbing equipment. We had Pokémon to help up. Father had two: a Tranquill and a Gurdurr. Tranquill was a bird-like Pokémon with gray to black colored feathers, a yellow beak and a pink cere creating an eyebrow like marking over her yellow eyes. Gurdurr was a bipedal human-like gray Pokémon with a clown nose and what looked like curly hair, but was really just bulbous formations on the top of his head. He was also covered in pink veins that weren’t as impressive as my fathers. He usually carried a girder from the first construction site that my father worked at, but he doesn’t bring it with him all the time.

    Tranquill would plant bolt anchors on the side of the mountain, which helped us secure our position up the mountainside. She could fly against the harshes of winds. She’s been training with my dad for six years. Gurdurr was a natural climber, but helped us belay most of the time. While dad never fell, I sometimes lost my grip, but I was light, so Gurdurr would be able support me. Gurdurr has been with dad for four years.

    Today was special, because one of dad’s employees said that he saw a few Boldore and Roggenrola climbing to the top of the mountain. Dad announced that he was going to take me up to find a nest and capture a Roggenrola as my Starter Pokémon.

    I’ve always wanted a strong Roggenrola as my starter, but it was said that they were usually protected by Boldore and didn’t wander far from their nests. So I waited until I heard of any sighting, but nothing came up. I didn’t mind waiting. Like the Roggenrola, I was strong and unmoving. I wouldn’t let something like time get in the way. Even after three years of waiting, I still wanted a Roggenrola.

    My friends always wondered, “Why don’t you just order a Roggenrola bred for beginner trainers.

    My response to them was always, “It’s just not the same.”

    I clipped my harness to the next anchor point and placed a foot on the next safe rock, pushing myself upwards to grasp the next ledge. It wasn’t the toughest climb of my life, but it was starting to become the longest. About a half hour up, though, we found a nice little cave. Dad and I sat against the cavern wall, while Tranquill and Gurdurr started setting up the equipment so we could belay down safely.

    My father pulled out some fruit sandwiches from our pack. It was midday, so we stropped for lunch. I pulled out the Pokémon food and got it ready for Tranquill and Gurdurr. In addition to being a great trainer, my mother was a great cook. She was a Gym Trainer that worked for Brycen at Icirrus. She helped weed out unworthy trainers from wasting the leader’s time.

    While I ate the Nomel-Belue berry sandwich, I checked my pack once more. I had three Dusk Balls, forest green Pokéballs with lighter green spots around it like a volley ball and red highlighted band. They were excellent for use during the night and in caves like this. I also had some Potions. It was a long vertical drop to the nearest Pokémon Center.

    Tranquill and Gurdurr came up and started scarfing down their food.

    “So, are you sure you want to catch it on your own?” Dad asked, mouth half full with his sandwich.

    “Yes, dad, for the fifth time I don’t want your help,” I annoyingly said.

    “Except you want…”

    “Except I want to use Gertrude.” I cut him off. I was a teenager. I was allowed to do that, right?

    He leaned forward to reach the back of his belt and pulled out Gertrude’s Pokéball. The front and back of the ball was mostly white, while a red band colored between the two sides. On the top there was a grey circle with numbers around the perimeter and a large rectangular knob. It was a Timer Ball, which was better to use if the Pokémon was taking too long to capture.

    As dad handed it to me, he asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to use… another Pokémon?”

    “No, I told you from the beginning that I wanted to use her for this.” I snatched the ball from his hand, placing it in my pack.

    “Come on. You could use Gurdurr. He’s a Fighting-type, which would do much better against a Rock-type like Roggenrola. Or maybe Panpour...”

    “No, no, no! Not that stupid monkey!” I interrupted. Even though Panpour had a type advantage, he was always… difficult for anyone but dad to control. “No, Gertrude is the one for me. Plus, Gurdurr has to stay and watch the equipment. You remember the last time we left them unguarded.”

    “Fine.” Dad gave up. He knew how stubborn I was getting.

    Gurdurr and Tranquill waved us off as we entered the cavern. They are more than capable of fighting on their own. We pulled out our flashlights and lit up the pathway. There wasn’t a Pokémon in sight. The cave leaked a bit, probably because the winter had just passed, and the snow had melted.

    “Hold on,” my dad said, placing his hand on my shoulder. He shifted his flashlight from bright to dim, and I did the same. “I thought I heard some rumbling this way.” He led me down a path that started to get much narrower as we continued.

    I could feel the jagged rocks snag on my climbing clothes. I clung my pack close to my side, as the path became smaller and smaller.

    “I can’t fit through the rest of the way. You’ll have to go ahead without me.” He shuffled back around me, letting me go by him.

    It was tight maneuver, but I was able to get around him. I could see the small hole about three feet tall, tall enough for a Boldore to burrow through. Clenching the flashlight in my mouth, I scrunched down on all fours and crawled through the small tunnel. It was rough, but I used the surrounding clumps of rock and soil to pull myself through the last few feet.

    The flashlight fell out of my mouth, rolled through the rest of tunnel and revealed a small cavern. I threw my pack in front of me first so I could squeeze through the final few inches. I stood up, trying to clean the grime off my face and clothes.

    That’s when I heard it, the gruff cry of a Roggenrola.

    I quickly picked my flashlight up and searched for the origin of the sound. And that is when I saw it. The one foot tall geode was “staring” right at me. It had a dark-blue body, with a hexagonal, yellow cut that looked like the iris of an eye. However, a true Rock-type master would know that it was actually Roggenrola’s ear. It also had two feet like brown rocks for feet, with a similar, but different functioning rock on the top of its head. I didn’t see any Boldore around, which was odd, but this meant this little one was ripe for the picking.

    I was so excited that I didn’t notice it charging towards me. The small rock used Headbutt at my stomach. I just barely dodge out of the way, avoiding the horn-like rock, but still feeling the bruise created by the rock hard body. It turned towards me again and dragged its foot against the ground, like a Bouffalant ready to charge.

    I ran towards my pack, but Roggenrola already jumped towards me. I ducked down, slid towards and grabbed my pack. Roggenrola smashed into the cave wall behind me, raining debris over me. I quickly reached into the pack and pulled out…

    “This isn’t Gertrude’s ball!” I exclaimed. In my hand was a Lure Ball. The top half of the ball was a cyan color with a red double diamond pattern with three streaks in the middle of the front diamond. Dad must have switched them when he let me passed him. It couldn’t be helped. “Let’s go Panpour!”

    The blue monkey materialized in front of me. Even though I say “blue,” most of his body was a creamy-yellow fur. He had a cyan clover tip on his tail, a wave-like frill around his neck and shoulders, big cyan ears and a puffy cook’s hat-like puff on his head. His eyes creeped me out, closed all the time.

    While it would be much easier to use a Water-type like Panpour, it wasn’t going to be a challenge, like using Gertrude.

    Roggenrola jumped head first towards its new opponent. The Mantle Pokémon hit straight into Panpour’s gut, but dad’s Panpour was tough. He was pushed back a few inches, feet dragging through the ground.

    “Panpour, Lick it!” I commanded, not trying to use Panpour’s Water-type moves.

    Panpour grabbed onto Roggenrola’s sides, lowered his head and licked Roggenrola’s head. Roggenrola tried struggling, but was paralyzed by the attack. It wasn’t fair. Dad’s Panpour had trained with him for three years. He was just too strong. Maybe if I use…

    “Panpour use Scratch!”

    Panpour scrunched his eyes at me. I don’t think he understand why I was calling upon his weakest attacks. Panpour nodded his head, though. He lifted up his mitten-like hand and swiped at the Roggenrola’s ear.

    The wild Pokémon cried out in pain, but it seemed to be able to move now.

    “That’s enough, Panpour. It’s had enough.”

    But Panpour just grinned and attacked him again.

    “Hey, I said stop!”

    The fight was one-sided. Panpour was far to experienced, and Roggenrola was still young and weak. I just had to something about this.

    I ran up to Panpour, planning on knocking Roggenrola out of his hands, but he quickly turned towards me and fired off a Water Gun. The blast of water hit me in the side of the face; Panpour was really strong for it knocked me onto my back.

    Panpour laughed and started to punch the injured Pokémon. I just had to stop him somehow; Roggenrolla didn’t know what to do. Wait!

    “Roggenrolla, use Rock Blast!”

    For some reason, something in me knew that Roggenrolla would listen to me. It jumped out of Panpour’s hands and its ear started to glow red. The rocks around it started to shake and glow with a white brilliance. They started to rotate around Roggenrolla as three rings.

    Panpour jumped back and scowled at me. He took things into his own hands. He inhaled, expanding his chest.

    Roggenrolla focused one ring into a big clump of glowing white rock and blasted it towards Panpour.

    Panpour released a Water Gun, which pushed back the first blast. However, it gave Roggenrola enough time to dodge out of the way. The blast would have been fatal to Roggenrola.

    Roggenrola was able to release a second ring towards Panpour. Panpour just used Water Gun and didn’t have enough time to dodge. Panpour was pushed back a bit. But it wasn’t until the third blast made contact that Panpour was knocked down.

    “Good job!” I exclaimed, turning to Roggenrolla. I didn’t know why, but I felt a connection to this Pokémon.

    It faced me and squeaked. It was odd, but I think that it was trying to smile.

    In our distraction, a stream of hot water struck Roggenrolla in the side, pushing it into the wall. Panpour wasn’t just going to take this sitting down. He kept the Scald up, releasing it stream by stream. Roggenrolla cried out in pain. The water was just too much for it.

    I ran behind Panpour and stuck my arms underneath his. I pulled my weight back and arched pulling Panpour with me. His head smashed against the floor as I finished the Full Nelson Bulldog technique. Panpour fell back gasping for breath.

    Roggenrola wasn’t moving. I rushed to its side, cradling it in my arms.

    “Are you ok? Answer me!”

    I couldn’t tell if it was breathing or not, being a giant rock and all. It didn’t matter. I had to help it. I pulled the Dusk Ball from my pack and brought it to Roggenrola’s side. I knew that Pokémon rested better in a Pokéball, and Roggenrola was injured, so I couldn’t resist. But somehow it didn’t seem right.

    I sharp pain cut through my back. I yelped in pain. Turning around, I saw Panpour with his claws extended, huffing and puffing.

    “What are you doing? You’re supposed to obey me!”

    Even with his constantly shut eyes, his wicked grin and dominant posture was enough to tell my body to start shaking. I hate monkey Pokémon. They were so creepy.

    I looked around for his Pokéball, but I couldn’t find it.

    “Pour, pour,” he said in a mocking tone, clenching his own Pokéball in his hand. In his other hand, there was a Dusk Ball.

    It couldn’t be.

    Panpour gathered up his energy, and I knew that I had to run. I picked up Roggenrola and ran to the tunnel. Panpour released a large jet stream of glowing water with white rings around it. I stopped, seeing the Hydro Pump strike in front of me. Before I could turn around, though, Panpour turned his head and stuck me in the head. I lost my grip on Roggenrola and bashed into the cavern wall.

    After the stream stopped, I had trouble getting up. The constant pulses of water left me in a daze. I could barely stand when I saw it.

    Panpour flung the Dusk Ball towards Roggenrola. The Dusk Ball opened up and drew the Rock-type Pokémon into itself. I was shocked. I didn’t know that Pokéballs could be activated by Pokémon. If Roggenrola could escape, that would mean that it would obey Panpour. How is that even possible?

    The ball shook once. I crawled towards it. The ball shook twice. I reached out my hand for the ball. The ball shook thrice. I picked up the ball and tried to manually open it. The ball rang out.

    I was too late.

    Panpour stomped his foot on my back, causing the ball to roll out of my hand. Panpour picked up the Pokéball and then reached into my pack. He pulled out a Super Potion and released Roggenrola in front of him. He sprayed the liquid gas on it, and the bruises and scratches flashed with a green light. The bruises returned to its natural dark blue color, and the scratches closed in on itself.

    “Pour, pour, pan, panpour!” he commanded Roggenrola.

    “No…” I coughed blood on the dirt in front of me. Somehow this day started with my simply wanting to catch a Pokémon and was going to end with some renegade Pokémon trying to put me in my place.

    Roggenrola cried out, white rings forming around itself, though they molded together to create sharp gray rocks. It was going to skewer me with a Stealth Rock attack. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the pain.

    But then I heard Panpour screaming out instead. I opened my eyes and saw that Roggenrola turned around and shot the dagger-sharp rocks at Panpour, piercing through his yellow skin and sticking him to the cave wall arms out.

    Roggenrola nodded towards me, shuffling its Dusk Ball towards my hand.

    “Rola, rogg, roggen, rola,” it said.

    I picked up the ball and pushed myself off the ground. I walked over to Panpour’s Pokéball and activated the return function. Panpour was converted into energy and absorbed into the Lure Ball.

    “What happened?” I asked myself.

    “Gen, gen, rola!”

    Roggenrola said something like, “You are my master” or “You own the ball.” Either way, Roggenrola was on my side.

    “Come on, my new friend. Let’s get out of here.” I stored Roggenrola back in his Dusk Ball and started crawling back through the small tunnel.

    Story Notes - Please do not read until after story.

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    Default Re: Peter’s Rocking Tales (Chapter 1 Ready to be Graded)

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    Default Chapter 2 – Tales of the Past

    Chapter 2 – Tales of the Past

    “It was three years ago when dad had encountered Panpour beating up some random Pokémon in the alleyway next to his office, his old office in Castelia City that is. Dad noticed that Panpour looked malnourished, had blood on his fur and was wearing a tight, spiked collar around his neck. The little Patrat was bruised and bleeding, but it seemed like it wasn’t fighting back.

    “When my dad approached him, Panpour immediately jumped off the injured Pokémon and rushed towards him. Panpour slashed dad’s chest with a few Fury Swipes. Dad had great reflexes and managed to back away with only a torn shirt. The second time Panpour charged at him, though, dad was able to sidestep out of the way, reach under the monkey’s arms and subdue him in a Sleeper Hold.”

    Roggenrola listened intently with his eye-like ear. When we arrived back home, I took my dinner up to my room so I could pack supplies for my journey and talk to Roggenrola, getting to know him better. As I was telling him about the whole Trainer-Pokémon journey spiel, I emptied it out my climbing bag, and Panpour’s Lure Ball rolled onto my bed. I got the feeling that Roggenrola wanted to know why Panpour was so crazy, so I started to tell him this story.

    “So then, dad brought Panpour to Officer Jenny, and it just so happened that they were looking for the injured Spray Pokémon. Apparently, he belonged to a man that was charged for the abuse and murder of countless Pokémon. This man was sick. He’d force his Pokémon to battle each other…”

    Roggenrola turned his head to the side in confusion, clearly seeing the irony.

    I tried to explain. “Well, he’d lock them in a cage and force them to kill each other for his pleasure. If they didn’t comply, he’d either starve them or sick his most loyal Pokémon on them, a Bisharp, a Pokémon who resembled villains from animes and mangas covered in blades. Yeah, scary. The police said that when they raided the place, they found many Pokémon, including Panpour, locked in cages. When they went to let Panpour out, he bit one of the officers in the leg before running out of the man’s house.

    “The police told my dad that in cases such as this, they’d have to send Panpour away to some facility to rehabilitate him. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to be, I’ve heard, but it was what they needed in order to get over all the abuse. You don’t even want to know what they did to the Bisharp.

    “However, after three months, dad got a call from Officer Jenny. They said that Panpour was being too much of a liability, constantly picking fights with the other Pokémon they were trying to help. So, Panpour was going to be put down. Dad didn’t like the sound of that and said that he’d offered to train Panpour personally. Dad was always a sucker for injured Pokémon. I think that he actually wanted to become a Pokémon doctor, not one that worked at a Pokémon Center, though, but at a real hospital. When Officer Jenny refused, dad actually pleaded his case to the mayor of Castelia City.

    “Needless to say, he got his wish. But, Panpour was just as chaotic as he had been when they first met. The monkey fired scalding hot water at dad’s face, slashed at him, punched and strangled him. But dad just did the same thing to Panpour. He fought back every time, and when Panpour was pinned down or seemed like he was giving up, dad would just stop. Panpour was confused at first, especially when dad started to take care of Panpour’s wounds right after a scuffle.

    “My dad’s idea was that Panpour just needed to get the extra fight out of his system, but needed to do it to someone who could keep up with him. Eventually, Panpour started to calm down, ending his tendency to attack my dad whenever he was taken out of his Pokéball.

    “But I don’t think Panpour would ever recover from what happened to him, as you could tell when he went off on you and me. Dad says that he’s getting better, but he doesn’t understand that Panpour will only obey him. I guess that he wanted Panpour to be able to start trusting other people. That’s why he switched Panpour’s ball with Gertrude.”

    At the sound of Gertrude, Roggenrola made a noise. “Who’s Gertrude?” I imagined him asking.

    “That’s right. I wanted to use Gertrude to battle you. Gertrude is a family Pokémon, but she likes me in particular since I was the first thing she saw when she was hatched. You know what? I should just introduce you two.”

    After we returned to our house, dad returned Gertrude’s ball to me. I pulled out the Timer Ball and released the small purple and black Pokémon onto the bed next to Roggenrola. She looked like a small baby girl with big blue eyes, two red lips, white ribbon-like feelers on the side of her head and a small tuft of hair sticking up. Her black body had a white diamond pattern that ran horizontally around her chest and a big white ribbon on her neck.

    “Gertrude, this is our new friend, Roggenrola. Roggenrola, this is Gertrude.”

    Roggenrola extended the horn-like rock on his head like a hand. Gertrude, like most Gothita, just stared over Roggenrola, as if looking at some invisible object connected to Roggenrola.

    “Don’t worry; she does this all the time.”

    Roggenrola waddled closer to Gertrude and poked her with his “hand.” Bad move. Gertude started to scream, causing Roggenrola to flinch back. Gertrude flailed her right hand towards the Mantle Pokémon and released a beam of violent, jagged, rainbow-colored light, hitting Roggenrola directly in the middle of his ear.

    “Hey, Gertrude, come on!” I yelled, picking her up like a doll.

    Roggenrola shook off the Psybeam and stomped angrily on the bed.

    “Sorry about that. I forgot to mention that she doesn’t like it when strangers touch her.” I cradled her in my arms, trying to calm her down.

    She eventually stopped, but not without snuggling up against my climbing vest for comfort. She was still just like a baby, which I guess is why my dad didn’t want her battling yet.

    “Gertrude, you know that you need to start behaving better if you want me to take you with me.”

    She immediately perked up widening her eyes. “Thita?” she asked as her lips formed a big smile.

    “Yes, of course you can come. But you need to start acting more like a grownup Pokémon, like Roggenrola here.”

    Gertrude pouted when I said Roggenrola.

    “Hey, don’t be upset. I tell you what: since dad didn’t let me battle Roggenrola with you like I wanted, how about the two of you battle first thing tomorrow morning?”

    Gertrude perked up when she heard this and hugged me. You see, when I told Gertrude that we were going to go up to Twist Mountain to catch a Roggenrola, she really wanted to come. She didn’t have any battle experience, but she was really persistent.

    “Alright, first thing in the morning, we’ll go in the backyard. It was a long day, so I’m going to get some sleep.”

    I put Gertrude back down on the bed and got my pajamas. I went to the bathroom and washed the grime and filth out of my hair and skin. Even though I loved climbing, I didn’t really like having all the dirt on me. I brushed my teeth and got dressed. When I got back to my room, Gertrude was staring at Roggenrola, who found rest atop my pillow.

    “Gertrude, it’s ok. You both can sleep in my bed tonight.”

    My Gothita puffed her cheeks in anger. She would always be the one to sleep on the pillow next to me. But Roggenrola needed to feel at home too if we were going to go out into the world together.

    I lay down on my cushiony tan bed and moved the pillow Roggenrola was lying on next to me. I patted a spot right next to Roggenrola for Gertrude to rest. She crawled up to it and snuggled into a comfortable position. She then did her usual bed time routine of using Confusion to flick off the light switch, turn on the fan (I couldn’t ever sleep without some noise in the background) and close the door quietly.

    As my mind started to shut down for the day, I realized something.

    “Hey, Roggenrola, I think I need to give you a nickname, like Gertrude. How about Duncan?” I had always been a fan on Bill Shakespeare’s works.

    I heard him squeak in approval before I lulled to sleep.

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    Default Chapter 3 – Gertrude and Duncan

    Chapter 3 – Gertrude and Duncan

    “Dad! Have you seen Gertrude or Duncan?” I yelled as I ran through the house.

    I woke up this morning clenching my side pillow, and I had noticed that my two Pokémon weren’t on it. I had looked all around the room and out the window to see if they might have started battling already. I couldn’t even find Duncan’s Pokéball.

    “Who’s Duncan, Peter?” my dad groggily asked as he shuffled out of his and mom’s bedroom. It was Saturday so they both liked to sleep in. Mom was just a heavier sleeper.

    “Roggenrola. That’s what I named him.”

    “I don’t know, son. We would have heard the security alarm if someone broke in. Maybe they’re just playing.”

    “What if someone hacked it or something?”

    I ran downstairs to the security pad by the door. It didn’t look like it was tampered with, but then again, burglars were crafty. I looked to the side of the pad, below and above it too. I started tinkering with the casing and all of a sudden the alarm went off.

    “Peter!” my mom yelled.

    Crap. I started pressing random buttons, but it just increased the intensity of the siren. I tried smacking it a few times, but nothing.

    “Hey, let me!” a voice yelled from behind me.

    I turned to see my best friend, Ian, close the front door behind him and pull out some tools from his duck-tape backpack that I didn’t recognize. They weren’t like a saw or a screwdriver, but then again, I couldn’t comprehend half of the things that Ian invented.

    He wrapped a wire around the casing, which connected to a small handheld device in his hand. It seemed like there weren’t any buttons on it, but the device lit up revealing a sort of touch screen. Ian hit a few buttons that popped up and the alarm magically stopped.

    “Thanks, man,” I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder.

    “Yes, thank you Ian.” The coldness in my mom’s voice was as frigid as the Ice-type Pokémon she used at the Gym. She was definitely not a morning person.

    “No problem, Mrs. H,” Ian said as he pushed his large onyx glasses up his nose.

    “What you doing here?” I asked Ian. “I thought you were at your internship at your father’s company.”

    “Well, I got a call from your dad saying that you FINALLY captured a Roggenrola. So you know what that means, right?”

    “Yeah, we can start our journey together… though, right now, I can’t seem to find either of my Pokémon. I think that someone might have snuck into the house and stolen them.”

    “Wait, are you saying that Gertrude is missing too?”

    “Yeah, do you have a gizmo in your bag of yours that can help me?”

    “Actually I do. Do you have something of one of them?”

    “I have Gertrude’s Timer Ball back in my room.”

    “Perfect, lead the way.”

    Ian and I have been best friends for the past couple years, though, when people see us next to each other, they can’t believe it. See, Ian is a scrawny kid with a brown bowl cut and black rimmed glasses. He dresses himself in an assortment of long-sleeved shirts and work pants. In other words, he looked like a dork. But he was my friend, so I didn’t care. He even postponed starting his journey to wait for me. What a pal. Plus, he always found a way to fix my messes.

    We went to my room, and I handed him the Timer Ball.

    “So what kinda gadget do you have for missing Pokémon?”

    He reached into his big-bag-o-machines and pulled out a simple Pokéball. He released the Pokémon inside onto my clothes-ridden floor. After the red light dissipated, a small tan-colored dog appeared. Its face looked like a big cream dust-bunny was smothering it. It was cute, though, with its big black eyes, red nose, and large ears.

    I reached down and brushed the small black spiky fur on its back.

    “So how is this little guy going to help us?” I asked. I didn’t know much about Lillipup, or many other Pokémon that weren’t Rock-types for that manner.

    “Well, first off, he’s a she, and her name is Lily, my parent named her when they gave her to me. Secondly, she can help sense subtle changes around the room and pick up on trails.”

    Lily sniffed the ball and then sniffed while walking around the room. She ducked underneath my bed for a little bit.

    “What happened to your Klink?” I asked wondering about Ian’s Starter Pokémon. The Steel-type Pokémon that looked like to gears winding together always seemed like a great fit for him.

    “Oh, you mean Dalek? I still have him. My parents were getting worried since I’ve been postponing the start of my journey, so they have been giving me Pokémon to train with.”

    “Hey, I’m sorry. You could have just – “

    “A promise is a promise.”

    The problem with starting your journey late is that usually all your friends leave you behind. When I turned ten, I already knew that I wanted a Roggenrola as my first Pokémon. When all my friends left, I met Ian. I was just hanging out at the Pokémon Center when I heard some kids picking on him, holding his bag away from him and stealing his glasses. It just made me so mad, so I ran right for the kids and started wailing on them.

    However, there were more of them than me, so they were able to pin me down. That’s when Ian came in and started to whack the back of their knees with a nearby chair. It really surprised me, since I didn’t think a kid like him had it in him. The kids ran off, and he and I became good friends.

    We hung out for an entire year, just him and me; but then I remembered that he was turning ten and would be starting his journey. I tried to lessen the sting by keeping away from him, but he reassured me by saying that he’ll wait until I found a Roggenrola. I couldn’t believe it, but he was truly my best friend.

    “Hey, I think Lily found something.”

    Ian’s Lillipup popped from under my bed with a small blue object. He picked it up, and I noticed that it was a Lure Ball and that it was open.

    “Hey, isn’t this your dad’s crazy Panpour’s ball?” Ian asked as he knew Panpour well. “Where’s the PokéLock covering?”

    We usually kept Panpour’s ball in a PokéLock, which is a clear casing that prevented Pokémon from leaving their Pokéballs. Wait. I remembered now that Ian opened the door earlier, which means that it wasn’t locked. Of course…

    “He must have escaped and kidnapped Duncan and Gertrude for revenge. Can Lily pick up his scent?”

    “Yeah, here, girl. Find Panpour’s scent.” He reached down and let Lillipup get a good whiff of Panpour’s monkey stench.

    Before long, Lily bolted out of the room, and we followed in tow. The little puppy ran down the stairs and out the front door before pausing in the sidewalk. We caught up to her, but then she started her hunt again, heading for the windmills outside the city. You see, Ian and I lived in the suburbs of Icirrus City. The city was atop of elevated ground with valley between which sometimes flooded when it rained.

    As we followed, I told Ian what had happened up in Twist Mountain and how Panpour was able to capture Roggenrola in a Pokéball.

    “Wait,” I said, “do you think Panpour was able to control Duncan and then led him wherever we’re going?”

    “No. You see, anything can activate a Pokéball. The little button in front just needs to be pushed and then the Pokéball would start the capturing process. There have been cases of Pokémon capturing themselves in balls too.”

    “But then, why wasn’t Panpour sucked into the ball?”

    “Well, the company I was working for, Silph Co., has been developing a coding so that a Pokémon can only be captured in one Pokémon at a time. But still, the activation process has a slight lag, which is why it usually bounces off a Pokémon before capturing it.”

    “Huh, I guess that’s good enough of an explanation for me. Hey look!”

    We reached the edge of one of the high ground and saw that the valley slightly flooded from the winter snow. But, Lily turned and ran towards one of the bridges that had been built so that people could get over the unpredictable terrain. As we passed, we saw the array of windmills that littered the outskirts of the city, though I never really knew what they were for. They were large, wooden and froze in the winter, so you could see water dripping from the tops of them.

    Lily led us passed one, two and then three mills before heading to the door of fourth. She barked and jumped, pointed at something high up. I could see the silhouette of Panpour running passed it.

    “There!” I said as I pointed up towards the monkey. I tried the door. “It’s locked.” I backed up and tried to ram it, but it held strong. I tried once more before my arm started to hurt.

    “Allow me,” Ian said moving me aside. He reached into his backpack once again and pulled out what looked like to be a large hand-sized key.

    “What’s that, a skeleton key?” I asked.

    “Kinda.” He pushed a small button on the side of it, and the teeth marks started to glow a fiery orange. Then it started to vibrate, and Ian lifted it up to the side of the door. As it connected, the “key” started to cut against the door like a blow torch or a saw, causing chunks of wood, metal and sparks to fly out. About a minute later, the lock broke and the door was opened.

    “It does open doors.” Ian laughed.

    I ran inside. Everything was dusty and seemed like no one visited in a long time. I saw a punch of small foot prints imprinted in the dust leading to the stairs. I climbed them and heard the sounds of battling upstairs.

    I poked my head up and saw Panpour fly passed me, a trail of purple light pushing him through the air. I saw the Gertrude was the origin of the attack. She walked up and picked up something green off the floor. It was Duncan’s Dusk Ball.

    “Gertrude!” I announced as I walked up. “You’re ok!”

    But Panpour rushed passed me and crunched down his teeth on one of Gertude’s white bows. She yelled out in pain as the forest green ball flung out of her hands. Panpour took this chance to flip backwards and land right where the ball was rolling to.

    “I see now. Come on, Gertrude; let’s do this.”

    I could see Gertrude’s eyes light up as we were about to be in our first battle together. Panpour had to be stopped. He had kidnapped my Roggenrola, and stuffed him back into his Pokéball. And then Gertrude must have come to rescue him. It all made perfect sense.

    Panpour grinned and placed the ball between the three blue clovers at then end of his tail. He held his paws in front of him and extended his claws, which began to glow with a dark purple energy.

    “He’s using Hone Claws, quick get in a Psybeam attack.”

    Gertrude twirled on her foot as she extended her right arm. She gathered up some of her psychic energy and released it as a purple band of force towards Panpour.

    Panpour ran towards it, ducking to the side and avoiding the attack. Panpour then raised his body and used Slash at Gertrude. She was so preoccupied with her attack that she couldn’t dodge, and red gashes appeared on her bowtie and the white diamond pattern on her body. She started to cry. I guess that she wasn’t ready for battling yet.

    Panpour gave a confused looked and actually looked sorry for a moment. That is until it was knocked back by another Psywave.

    “I get it now. You were using Fake Tears!”

    Gertrude turned to me and gave me a thumbs-up. It looked like she was better than I thought.

    Panpour was blasted into an old wooden bookshelf that broke on impact. Panpour climbed out of the wreckage covered in splinters. He huffed air into his chest, and I could tell he was about to use Water Gun.

    “Gertrude, block his attack with a Light Screen.”

    Panpour released his column of water at Gertrude, but she created a glowing, yellow, glass screen between them. The water sprayed off of the screen, but Panpour was really strong and so was his Water Gun. The Light Screen was started to get pushed back closer and closer to Gertrude.

    “You can’t keep it up, run out of the way.”

    Gertrude jumped to the side as she released the screen, but the column of water struck her in the side, causing her to spin around. Panpour took this opportunity to draw closer to Gertrude and stared flipping around. He jumped off of the ceiling, walls and various objects in the room. He was attempting an Acrobatics move. It was hard to keep up with him as he kept jumping from one place to another. Gertrude finally stopped spinning and stumbled to the ground. Panpour then jumped feet first and landed on my Gothita.

    “No!” I screamed as Panpour opened his mouth wide for another Crunch attack.

    Then I heard a crackling sound as a Thundershock struck Panpour in the face, causing Panpour fall back. I turned to see Ian standing on the stairs and his Klink floating above him.

    “What took you so long?” I asked.

    “Hey, we were running a long time; I needed to take a break.”

    If I was carrying around a bag of gadgets around I’d be tired too.

    Panpour got up slowly. Since he was a Water-type and weak against Electric moves like Thunderschock, he was really feeling the pain now. I guess Ian had really been training his Klink. I mean he got it two years ago.

    “Dalek, use Thunderbolt.”

    Ian’s Klink started winding up, creating static electricity where the two gears met. An orb of electricity bunched up towards Klink’s faces. The bolt of electricity fired out towards Panpour. He jumped up and down with rage and flung the Pokéball in the way of the large bolt. The Dusk Ball was knocked away easily, though, and Panpour struck by lightning the coursed through his entire furry body. After it subsided he fell to the floor defeated.

    I rushed to Gertrude’s side and cradled her in my arms. “Hey, are you ok?”

    Gertrude smiled at me and started to cry.

    “Panpour is down; you don’t have to worry about him.”

    As I held her closer, she started resisting and then jumped out of my arms. She ran over to Duncan’s Pokéball and brought it back over to me. There was a warm, sticky, melted coat of something clear around it.

    “What happened? Ian did the Thunderbolt do this?” I handed it to him, and he adjusted his glasses, a mannerism he had whenever he contemplated something.

    “Well, Pokéballs are made for wear and tear, but it appears to me that your Roggenrola’s ball was covered in the PokéLock, and that is what had melted.”

    “That stupid monkey was keeping Duncan trapped inside his Pokéball. How cruel.”

    Gertrude shook her head and continued to cry.

    “Hey, Peter. How could have Panpour gotten out of his Pokéball to put his OWN PokéLock onto Roggenrola’s ball?”

    “Wait, so Gertrude… you did this?”

    Gertrude hugged my leg and soaked it with her tears. It was true.

    “Why did you do it, Gertrude?” I just didn’t get why she would do this.

    Ian placed his hand on my shoulder. “I think I know. Gertrude was jealous that you finally captured a Roggenrola. I know how much you like to talk about Rock-type Pokémon and Roggenrola, and so I can imagine that Gertrude hears a lot more of it at home. You’ve had her for as long as I’ve known you, but you didn’t want to start your journey with her. So I can see how she would take it out on Duncan.”

    Gertrude nodded at every point of Ian’s explanation. How could I be so blind?

    I reached down and picked Gertrude up under her arms. “I’m sorry. I was caught up with my obsession with Rock Pokémon that I didn’t see what a great Pokémon I had with me this whole time. I’ll tell you what. When Ian and I register for the Unova Pokémon League, I’ll list you as my Starter Pokémon.”

    Gertrude hugged me tightly at this. I knew that would make her happy, and to be honest, I really wanted her to come along on my journey to begin with.

    I placed her on the floor and walked over to Panpour. “I guess I need to apologize. I’m sorry. You were just trying to get Roggenrola back safely.”

    I helped Panpour sit up, and he turned to me and nodded.

    “I think I’ve misjudged you too. You are getting better.” I pulled out his Pokéball and continued, “Let’s get home.”

    We all headed back to my house, and I told my parent what had happened. Rather than freaking out like had about what happened at Twist Mountain, my dad congratulated me on connecting with Panpour.

    “Hey, maybe you can bring him along in your journey too!”

    Panpour released himself from his Pokéball and slapped my dad in the face. Dad just looked really surprised, because it wasn’t a forceful punch, but a “don’t you dare” kind of slap.

    I started to laugh, and soon Dad, Mom and Ian joined in too. We all went silent, though, as Panpour started to chuckle. He lifted his head and smiled as he laughed. I think that was the first time any of us heard Panpour laugh or seen him smile since dad brought him home.

    “Do you want to come along with me?” I asked him sincerely.

    He slapped me in face, and we all started to laugh as a family.

    Story Notes - Please do not read until after story.

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