Pain (Working Title, Work In Progress, Mature Content Warning)
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Thread: Pain (Working Title, Work In Progress, Mature Content Warning)

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    Default Pain (Working Title, Work In Progress, Mature Content Warning)

    Pain. How do you get away from it? How do you ever take that aching, cancerous feeling out of you? Maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s always there, waiting. You think you have it conquered, but you never really do. It likes to trick you, likes to hide deep down, likes to wait until you’re most vulnerable, and then-

    “Agh!” Someone from down the hall screamed. It was testing time again. The screaming went on and on, never seeming to stop. Today’s batch was sure to be a good one. Just then, I saw the nurse walk in, and I smiled. She was one of my favorites. The nurse Joy looked like any other, curly red hair, pink and white uniform, deep brown eyes that stubbornly refused to meet mine. But THIS nurse Joy was a little bit different. I was getting to her.

    “Hello, Nurse,” I said, saccharine sweet. She winced visibly and I noticed she was shaking. All of the nurse Joys were instructed not to speak to me. Not that she would have anyways. I snickered and the shaking grew worse. Poor girl could barely keep the IV needle in her hands, let alone hold it still enough to get a vein. Wouldn’t it be funny if she stuck herself instead of me? The idea made me laugh harder, but I wouldn’t do it today. I wanted to see what new horror they’d dreamed up for me. I quieted myself and let stare grow vacant. The nurse relaxed and gently hooked the needle in the crook of my arm. Luckily for her, I was chained to my bed. Otherwise, that needle might be going through her eye….I smiled at her again. She almost ran out the door of my stark, white room.

    I sighed. Finally, some peace and quiet. I felt the stirrings deep in my chest and knew that soon, the nightmare would begin. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain.

    (To be continued)
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    Default Re: Pain (Working Title, Work In Progress, Mature Content Warning)

    "Saccharine sweet"?
    sweetly sweet?
    otherwise im excited for another morbid tale from you.


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