A Nonsensical Story: Annabelle's Wedding
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    Default A Nonsensical Story: Annabelle's Wedding

    A Nonsensical Story:

    Annabelle's Wedding

    “Oh frabjous day!” yelled a middle aged lady in a pink floral dress. Another woman, being fitted upon a stool for a dress, swiveled her head around at the pink lady with a questioned look.

    “What did you say?”

    “I said, oh fabulous day, Annabelle! Your wedding is going to be splendid.” The pink lady twirled her champagne around in her fingers like a snobbish wasp. She continued to speak while looking down her nose, “I can't believe Jack would marry you so early in the relationship, and even more surprised that you said yes! I know how frightened of commitment you are, my dear aha-haha.” Annabelle tried to smile, but troubled with her disgust.

    The woman fitting Annabelle tightened a corset excessively hard while Annabelle gruffed in startled suffocation. “It's... a bit... tight.” She squeaked out.

    “It's suppose to be, dear.” Replied the fitter, without care.

    “Well, I'm thirsty.” Said Annabelle as she started to take a step off the stool. She accidentally stepped on the dress and with a loud tear, shredded the bottom part of the dress almost completely off. She face-palmed herself in public humiliation. The fitter, wide-eyed, took a moment to say, “Uh- uh, just take it off... and I can fix it in.. in an hour.” The pink lady looked at Annabelle as if expecting that this would happen.

    As they helped Annabelle take off the dress, leaving on her undergarments, corset, and socks, they lady in pink said, “You were always this clumsy. One time as a child you were playing in the yard, no place for a lady anyways, and you tumbled over and just about landed in a badger hole, or rabbit hole. Just a klutz you are.”

    “WELL. I'm going into the other room to sit for a moment, I feel a faint.” Announced Annabelle. She strutted off into the next room and sat down on a cushioned bench. Her breathing started to become more difficult for her and she elongated her body over the bench.

    The room started to turn weird colors of haze. Her eyelids became heavier, but she kept them open to watch the room. The ceiling turned a coral pink while the walls evaporated to a dancing yellow. A pearl chair waddled over to the wall and somersaulted up to the now sea-foam green ceiling. Annabelle was blinking vigorously trying to keep her eyes open; every time she blinked the room's colors changed drastically. The floor had disappeared completely at this point and the walls melted and contorted accompanied by the boiling chair. The heated chair expanded until it popped, blinding Annabelle with a flash of light.

    Annabelle opened her eyes into a mysterious world. It was dark, and she was in some kind of forest, surrounded by multicolored trees with bulbish leaves. She saw a Toquilcan squakible about, as a Bellsprout scurried by. She looked up to find that there was no sky, nothing. She stood up and brushed off herself and started walking nowhere. She tripped over a pursuing rock and bruseled with a tingle-tangled wigtree. She continued walking until she heard some noise in the distance. She parted some feather-fan leaves of a prostobush and watched a most unusual scene befold.

    A Slowpoke with a top hat and monocle sat on a leg lamp holding an alarm clock full of tea. Next to him was a Bidoof with an upside-down face with a flashlight of tea. They were singing with no melody in tongues, but with a morally happy overtone. Annabelle approached them cautiously. The Bidoof stopped his shout-singing and yelled, “A girl! A simple, under-dressed feminine homosapien!” He whistled every time he said an 's'.

    The Slowpoke chostled as he said, “Deary me and mary my! What I spot with mine own eye? A simpleton without the ton, a worrisome with circum. Rhythm bound are you about, do you sing with a shout?”

    “Uh.. no?” Annabelle responded uncertainly. The Slowpoke gentlemen sciggled abruptly. The Bidoof poked at her feet and inquirelled, “Are you such with travel to know no things of sing-shouting?”

    “It is.. uhm... one of many troubles I suppose.” Replied Annabelle. The two quirky Pokemon moangreed. The Bidoof nodded as he said, “We know of troubles. As you obviousee my face is deformed upside-down,” he took a sip of his tea from the flashlight and continued, “I wish I was different but no one cares, so why should I?” He chortled.

    “Why don't you walk on your hands then?” Questioned Annabelle. The Bidoof's face lit up in realizitment and he dropped the flashlight of tea. Away he went turned up on his hands, his feet in the air. With his face right-side-up he smiled glaphfily.

    “I'm cured!” he announced thanking Annabelle, “May I help you with your troubles now?” Annabelle, about to ask them a favor then realized how unrealistic it all was and asked,

    “May you tell me where I am?”


    Gruffed – to let out a forceful, large amount of air unwillingly in a low pitch.
    Bulbish – bulb-like
    Toquilcan – a toucan-like bird with quills for feathers
    Squakible - Squawking + penible (french for extremely annoying)
    Bruseled – to brush up against something and get tangled in it
    Tingle-tangled wigtree – a tree with hair for leaves that is so wild it gets anything tangled in its mess that gets too close
    Prostobush – a loose, explicit type of bush with feather-fan's as leaves
    Befold – behold + unfold
    Chostled – Cheer + jostled
    Sciggled – Scoff + giggled
    Inquirelled – inquiry + yelled
    Moangreed – to moan and agree simultaneously
    Obvuiousee – Obviously see something obvious
    Glaphfily – glory + happy + gleefully
    - Realized excitement
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