Hello, everyone! My name is Danrai Joaquin and I am a trainer who will someday journey across the world to find my destiny. However, my journey cannot begin without Pokemon by my side. And so today I shall tell you of my unique tale of how I got my very first Pokemon.

The new day has begun and I start by getting ready for work. You see, before I was a trainer I lived my life as a worker on some rich person's farm. Like all the other workers I grind my fingers to the bone to make an honest day's living. On some days I am lucky enough to see some trainers outside our farm battling their Pokemon; those days were the best. I longed to live the adventurous life that trainers like Red, Gold, Ruby and Diamond led. Little did I know that my wishes would soon come to fruition.

Today, my duties consisted of gathering mulch for the soil and some food for my mother and me. As I was walking toward the merchant district of town I saw a gang of trainers in black surrounding a mysterious person who was dressed in a tattered brown coat. The lone person's situation looked grim since the gang surrounding him did not look too friendly. Every single one of the trainers in black took out their Pokemon and attempted to attack the mysterious person, only to get knocked several feet back by a mysterious force. Not too long after that does the mysterious person walk away from the scene unharmed. I did not want to think too much of it at first, but I could not help but wonder what those trainers in black wanted with the mysterious man.

I have arrived to the mercenary district and I have just purchased some mulch. In my search for tonight's food I stop by Mr.Sanders Butcher Shop. Mr.Sanders is a tall, round person with white hair, rectangular glasses and a jolly personality. As I greet Mr.Sanders I see an oddly colored chicken in his left hand. As I walked closed I then found out it was a Pokemon! A real live Torchic!!! I then saw a cleaver in right hand; it did not take a genious to put two and two together with regards to what Mr.Sanders was going to do with that Pokemon. I yell for Mr.Sanders to not to disembody that Torchic. Mr.Sanders asks me why not, I explain to him that I want to be a trainer someday and that the opportunity to have a Torchic was too good to pass up. I did not know what Mr.Sanders was thinking, but he gave me the Torchic without so much as asking for anything in return. After that was over with, I bought some meat from Mr.Sanders and left the shop.

As I walked back to the farm, my path was blocked by two thugs. They said that they wanted my Torchic. I was quick to display my defiance toward them when I said, "Like hell you'll get him!!!" I was then challenged to a Pokemon battle. I was living the dream! My very first Pokemon battle. "Go, Croagunk!" One of the thugs called out their Pokemon by their name. As I was going to call Torchic out to battle, I began thinking that simply calling it a Torchic wouldn't be fun. Once I made up my mind I called out, "Go, Col.Sandrz!!!"

The battle had now begun and the thug's Croagunk opened with a Mud Slap. Because I was new to battling Pokemon I responded by having Col.Sandrz dodge the attack. Croagunk ran up to Col.Sandrz and gave it a direct hit with Mud Slap. I did not know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to battle. Just as I was about to call it quits, the same mysterious man from before came to my side. What did he want?