"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" a beautiful young Bulbasaur yelled.

Yes, this Bulbasaur speaks English. Deal with it.

"Keep going. You're almost there," the soft words of Nurse Joy trickled down like therapeutic warm water, almost alleviating Bulbasaur's pain. But in truth, nothing could sooth this Bulbasaur's pain. This Bulbasaur was giving birth, yet she had never known a male Pokemon. Before your demented mind starts to warp this into an X-Rated story, I'm going to point out she had never known a human male either. (Did you notice how I said nothing about aliens. Yeah? ... Serious, did you? If so, get help. Now.) The child of Bulbasaur was immaculately conceived, and it had been given the destiny to save the world through the art of waging noble war.


At this moment in time a void in space opened. An entangled set of twins appeared, one on each side of Nurse Joy. Each twin had one hand on Nurse Joy -- one the right hand, one the left hand. Each twin had no form aside from a faint glow resembling a hand. The twin on the right had a white glow, but the twin on the left had a black glow. Suddenly the glows began to undergo nuclear fusion, like the sun. The energy of the glow was immense, and the entire room became an entanglement of black and white energy. Nurse Joy immediately went blind from the powerful sunlight and began to yell. However, she did not melt as an invisible layer had appeared around her which did not allow heat to penetrate.

The twins swirled round and round, symbolizing the full circle which they had made to appear in this room that began their journey. These twins came from a future time, after the world had been destroyed by the final war. They came to this room today to alter the course of history by preventing the war.

This display lasted only an instant. It was gone as soon as it began, and the twins were nowhere to be seen. The twins no longer had a precise position in space, and instead they spread out like a quantum wavefunction which has not collapsed. Of course, the now blind Nurse Joy couldn't see them either way so she continued to yell.

Bulbasaur had being incinerated during childbirth. There was no trace of any child left behind.


This story is dedicated to Harry Kim.