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    Words: 1,493
    Characters (with spaces): 8,524
    Characters (without spaces): 7, 049
    Required: 5,000-10,000
    Catching: Mareep

    The field was most unlike her to visit, leaves on trees hanging over and blocking most of the sun’s rays. Despite her name, Darktress was a fan of light. She hated darkness, but oddly enough had an eye on Dark-type Pokémon. The “field” was more like a rainforest, full of typical rainforest noises. A mother Swellow swooped over Darktress’s head, followed by a few Tailow who were remarkably slower. A mother and her babies, Darktress noted with curiosity.

    She pulled her watch and chain out and glanced at the watch, lent to her by her Grandfather. A few minutes until three o’ clock - this was the time of the exchange. Not a trade, or an item trade, but an exchange of information. Perhaps today was Darktress’s day to obtain the information required to find the Pokémon of her dreams, Sneasel.
    Leaves crunched underneath Darktress’s heavy boots and she reached a fallen log. A Politoed plushie lay on the log, a sign that Darktress’s contact was definitely here. She sat on the log and threw the plushie to the right. A young boy came trudging out from the left, hidden by the cover of the autumn trees. The air had been getting colder since Darktress entered the forest, and it was surprising she’d only noticed it now. Did forests normally do that?

    The boy sat next to Darktress and sneaked an arm over her shoulders, like they were friends. In no way were they related, and Darktress found his touch disturbing but this was her chance to get information and she would not in any circumstances ruin it. The boy looked at Darktress. He had bright, sky blue eyes that didn’t focus on anything for a certain amount of time.

    “Although we are here, it doesn’t necessarily mean I will give you information. The Pokémon who can perform the most gracefully in one move is the winner, right? And we will touch each other twenty times after the moves are performed, then the person who is touched the last does not win.....”

    The boy reached for one of his multiple Pokéballs and Darktress reached for her only one. She tossed the ball and a small gust of wind pushed the button in. The Pokéball clicked and a ray of zigzagged blue light emerged, forming a silhouette which faded and revealed a beautiful Buizel. The boy lobbed the ball into the air with more force behind the throw, wind shoving the button violently inwards. The blue light came out, but unlike Darktress’s, the silhouette slammed into the ground and stood up before revealing a Machop.

    “Okay, Wave! We can do this! Use Water Sport and let’s start this party!” Darktress commanded, and Buizel –named Wave - nodded. She drained water from her floatation sac, as she got a lot in there, and transferred it to her hands. She did not toss this water around as she usually did, but she danced round in a circle, flattening her hands and tilting them so the water flowed naturally down onto the ground. It was a beautiful sight, nearly like a waterfall.

    “Bravo. Your Buizel did very well,” he commented, then looked at his Machop. “We can easily beat her. Use Thunderpunch and make it sparky!”

    The Machop, Macho, closed his eyes and began to gather electricity from the closest source – his trainer’s Pokédex. The Pokédex glowed with a soft light before completely turning itself off. Macho fed off the energy, sending it into his arm. Soon electricity was too much to hold inside, so sparks began dancing around outside, on Macho’s arm. They soon became more violent, like the electricity inside his arm. Finally, his arm was buzzing with electricity.

    Macho punched the air with such force he nearly detached his arm from his body. The electricity was thrown out, shooting through the air until it met a tree. The electricity fed off a chunk of the tree then vanished. Darktress clapped, that Thunderpunch was truly impressive.

    “Now, touch...” The boy and Darktress circled each other and the boy shot forwards, prodding Darktress hard in the belly. Darktress ducked under another quick poke and jabbed the boy’s leg. She accepted the next poke and slid under the boy, pulling him down by his foot. This chain of extremely stupid events kept going until Darktress and the mysterious boy both had one poke left.

    The boy foolishly lost count at 13, so he prodded Darktress. She prodded him back and jumped into the air. Wave joined in the celebration by squirting Darktress with water.
    “There are Sneasel somewhere in Johto, in a cold, dark and icy cave. I have heard it is mixed between two Gym Leaders, one of ice. That is all I know,” the boy explained. He was drenched by Wave, then Darktress thanked him and they parted ways.
    The boy pulled out his Pokédex and pointed it at Wave. The Pokédex was turned off. He pressed the “ON” switch, but the Pokédex failed to turn on. The boy looked up at Macho.

    “WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR ELECTRICITY FROM?!” he yelled. Macho turned on his heels and ran, followed closely by the boy.

    Meanwhile, Darktress had gotten lost. How stupid, getting lost in a forest. She heard the “baa” of Mareep and Flaaffy which meant there was a farm nearby, which was fortunate. Darktress wandered in the direction of the sounds, with a healthy Buizel tagging on behind her.

    The duo finally reached the farm, and Darktress sat on the fence, examining the hundreds or thousands of Mareep and Flaaffy that wandered the fields. Some Mareep were giving birth, some Mareep were halfway through evolution to Flaaffy, and it was all very busy.
    Five Absol patrolled the farm, and one was racing towards the fence. Darktress moved to open the fence for it, but the Absol soared over the fence and landed back on the path, racing into the forest. Wave set off at high speed, in pursuit of the Absol. Darktress ran after them, but she was slow so she went down on all fours and ran that way. She was moving a lot faster now, and she could see Wave in the distance. She gained speed and ran alongside Wave, not always keeping that way and sometimes dragging behind. The Absol finally stopped, cornering a terrified Mareep.

    The Absol saw Darktress and Wave and growled at them. Wave screamed at the Absol and it turned and fled into the forest, probably heading back to the farm. Electricity crackled over the Mareep’s fur, as it thought the two were hostiles. Wave backed away a little, terrified of electricity and the world of hurt it gave her.
    “No, Wave! You have to be brave. Use Sonic Boom!” Darktress commanded, keeping her calm. Wave followed Darktress’s example and calmed herself, building up air in her lungs. When Wave opened her mouth, it sounded like an explosion had just ripped through the forest. At the farm, every Mareep, Absol and Flaaffy stopped dead. When the sound finally stopped,the Mareep fainted and the Flaaffy staggered around. The Absol were alright, but shaken by the sheer force of the sound.

    Darktress’s mind was running out of words to describe Wave’s Sonic Boom with. The Mareep had taken more damage than thought possible by Darktress, but then again, Pokémon’s hearing was sharper than human hearing. The Mareep had been doing things only to make Darktress and Wave think it was suffering from the pain. But it wasn’t. It was calming itself.

    Once the Mareep was fully calmed, all the electricity its rage had gathered pulsed off its body in violent waves that ripped Darktress and Wave off their feet. Wave was so full of fury she let out another Sonic Boom, the explosion sound not as loud as before. The Mareep seemed a bit more resistant to the noise now, but it still hurt.

    Wave was back on her feet pretty quickly, jumping forwards. Two shining stars materialized in Wave’s hands and she tossed them with deadly accuracy. The stars, although one had been tossed at a dreadful angle, hit. The badly thrown one directed itself into the Mareep’s lovely wool and pierced her skin, moving the wool aside.

    The Mareep looked badly hurt now. One more attack would do it. That Mareep was determined, though. It let out a sad “baa” at the air and thunder came rumbling down, striking Wave exactly on the head. She stumbled backwards and fainted, to Darktress’s utter dismay. The silhouette of a Buizel lying on the ground was the second last thing Mareep saw.

    A Pokéball flew through the air and struck Mareep on the head, opening up and absorbing the Pokémon’s silhouette and shrinking the Pokémon to probably about the size of the Pokémon icons in the Pokédex. The Mareep slipped into the ball and the ball closed. It wobbled, wobbled and...
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