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    Default Kitsu + Co. on their Berry Cute Adventures

    Grading Stuffs:

    Ch 1-4
    Intended Captures:
    Skitty (Simple)
    Shinx (Simple)
    Eevee (Hard)

    Characters Needed: 30-50k
    Character Count with Spaces: 13056+14697+12367+11716 = 51,836
    Character Count without Spaces: 10750+12028+10163+9641 = 42,582

    Ish my first story =X
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    Default Re: Kitsu + Co. on their Berry Cute Adventures

    Chapter 1 - Kill It With Fire

    “Mrrf,” I grumbled through a mouthful of pink fur, to the utter delight of the spastic young Skitty whom it belonged to.

    Knowing she had succeeded in waking me up, Skitty leapt off my pillow and bounded off to the kitchen to await her morning poffin. I, on the other hand, was much less elated to be awake at…the glowing numbers 4:36 on my clock came into focus as I slid my black-rimmed glasses on. Yawning myself awake, I combed my tousled purple hair into a ponytail with my fingers and reached for a pair of comfortable and a t-shirt depicting the three original eeveelutions locked in fierce cuddles.

    The little yellow spheres on the tip of Skitty’s tail quivered with impatience as I made my way into the kitchen. My other pokemon, Vulpix, came trotting in sleepily too.

    “Aww, did you become a casualty of our little early bird’s stomach too?”

    “Vulpix vul,” she agreed, as she began to groom the bed-head out of her curly orange tails.

    I set about making the sweet pink poffins that my pokemon were so fond of, selecting a couple of Pecha and readying the stove. By now Vulpix had moved on to giving Skitty her morning tongue bath. Although my fox pokemon was no bigger than, well, a fox, she had no problem pinning down the fidgety little kitten pokemon long enough to make sure that her creamy underbelly was free of dirt and all manners of floor dustings that her stubby legs failed to raise her above.

    Skitty wasn’t really my pokemon in the sense that I had weakened her with a battle and then thrown a pokeball; rather, Vulpix had taken a liking to the kitten pokemon and demanded that we keep her.


    The day that we met Skitty, Vulpix and I were out for a picnic near the edge of the Viridian Forest. I’d brought a basket of spicy-sweet Occa berries for Vulpix and a Mago smoothie for myself, as well as a pokeball. You see, I had just watched a documentary on a group of Pikachu the night before, and my mind was still swimming with images of their cute cherry red cheeks and twitchy bolt-shaped tails. I was busy laying out the picnic table while Vulpix playfully batted at the pokeball a few feet away.

    Unnoticed by either of us, a curious weedle inched out of the brush to investigate the noise. Being so close to the ground, it raised its body by balancing on its nubby pink back legs in order to get a better view, and thus had the misfortune of encountering the red and white ball’s trajectory. The pokeball burst open and engulfed the unsuspecting bug pokemon in a flash of red light. Vulpix froze in horror as the ball shook once, twice, and then laid perfectly still.

    I had just finished slicing the reddish pod-shaped berries when Vulpix slunk over with her tails drooping slightly and deposited the pokeball at my feet.

    “What is it, Vulpix? Are you hungry? Your berries are all cut up and ready for you,” I said. I stretched out my legs on the checkered picnic blanket and leaned against a nearby tree, sipping my smoothie and enjoying the feeling of the rough bark on my shoulders and the fresh scent of budding leaves in the air. Vulpix took her usual position lying down to my right with her front paws tucked under her chest fur as she slowly, and somewhat guiltily, ate her snack.

    We relaxed there for the majority of the afternoon, Vulpix napping, and I lazily scratching her head, right behind the tufts of orange fur, when suddenly a rice ball fell upon my head. I instinctively let out an “ow” before realizing that a falling glob of squishy rice couldn’t possibly cause pain.

    However, the angry Pikachu who thought we were about to eat its fallen prize could. As the chubby yellow pokemon rushed at me with its cheeks sparking, Vulpix reacted with a quick attack that knocked it off target.

    “Alright, Vulpix, it should be easy taking down a pokemon that’s only had weak bug pokemon to battle against! Start off with a flamethrower!”

    Vulpix opened her mouth and let loose a torrent of flames, catching the tip of Pikachu’s tail as it tried to dodge the attack. Pikachu wasted no time in launching his counter attack though; in the blink of an eye several clones spun out to encircle Vulpix.

    “That’s alright; if we don’t know which Pikachu is real, we’ll just have to hit all of them with a fire spin!”

    A glowing ball of heat started to grow inside Vulpix’s mouth, and with a flick of her head, Vulpix started to spin a thread of fire around her body, growing in size and intensity as the spiraling inferno consumed all the copies. The true Pikachu was revealed as the force of the fire spin sent it flying. Despite scorch marks on its ears and tail, Pikachu struggled to keep battling.

    “We’ve got this now, Vulpix,” I said, readying the pokeball. “Hit it with a confuse ray!”

    Vulpix hesitated nervously, which proved to be just enough time for Pikachu to fight back with a thundershock.

    “Vulpix, what’s wrong? I know you can win this battle, you just need to confuse Pikachu so I can capture it.”

    Vulpix shot a worried glance at the pokeball in my hand before releasing a flickering orb of purple light that encircled Pikachu, causing it to become tipsy, shifting from one foot to the other as it struggled to maintain balance.

    “Alright,” I shouted in delight, “pokeball, go!” I threw the pokeball at the teetering Pikachu, only to see the two halves separate to release a disgusting hairy bug.

    Had I not been preoccupied, I would have noticed that the pokeball had snapped Pikachu out of confusion upon impact, and that it was now taking advantage of my momentary distractedness to escape into a deeper part of the forest.

    “Eek, kill it Vulpix,” I squealed, clamoring to the safety of the picnic blanket. Normally, I’m pretty level-headed, but when it comes to creepy crawly things, I have a squish first, question later policy.

    Vulpix responded by releasing a five pointed fire blast toward the Weedle, now quivering in terror. Just as the Weedle was about to become a crispy, dead bug pokemon, a three foot tall kid with shorts and a wide brimmed straw hat swung down from a tree to whisk Weedle to safety in a butterfly net.

    “What just happened?” I turned to Vulpix in confusion.

    “I am Bug Catcher Beebee, protector of all bug pokemon,” a childish voice rang out.

    “Um, that’s great,” I replied, “but what are you doing with that Weedle?”

    “Saving it from your mangy fox’s fire blast, of course,” she retorted. “I can’t just stand by and let this cute little Weedle get hurt.”

    I watched, stupefied, as this bug catcher girl nuzzled that slimy brown thing to her face.

    “I know, I’ll trade you for this pokemon!” Beebee tossed a pokeball, releasing a tubby pink pokemon that began to prance in lopsided circles the minute it was freed. Vulpix approached the energetic pokemon to sniff it cautiously.

    “This is my Skitty,” Beebee said. “She’s kind of a….special pokemon. I don’t think she knows any real attacks, but she’s full of life and super cuddly. Plus, Skitty are native to Hoenn, so you won’t be finding one in the wild around here anytime soon!”

    At that moment, Skitty’s nubbly legs tripped over the large pink poof at the end of her tail and went tumbling straight into Vulpix. Her brown eyes widened in surprise and then she swished her tails in approval as the kitten pokemon purred loudly. I walked over to where they stood, and Vulpix turned toward me with a winning smile and a slight head tilt.

    “Vulpix vulpix? Pix?” I didn’t need to speak pokemon to understand what she meant.

    “Hey, I think she’s cute too, Vulpix, but let’s all sit down and talk some more before we make any decisions,” I said, my levelheadedness finally kicking into gear.

    “Anything you want, as long as I get to keep this sweet little Weedle,” Beebee chimed in.

    We all sat down on the picnic blanket, Beebee and Weedle on one corner, and I on its diagonal, maintaining the greatest distance possible without forfeiting the comfort of the blanket’s soft, pre-shrunk cottoniness.

    “I guess I should introduce myself,” I said. “I’m Kitsu, and this is my pokemon, Vulpix. My older sister, Ari, owns a poffin shop in Viridian City, and we help by finding different kinds of berries from all over to send home.”

    “That sounds fun. I’m a bug pokemon trainer from a little village outside Lavaridge Town in Hoenn. The heat from all the volcanoes around there wasn’t so good for my other pokemon, Wurmple, so I decided to travel here. Viridian Forest is famous for its cute bug pokemon!”

    “That’s great,” I replied, nervously eyeing the remaining pokeball in her fanny pack. “So anyway, how did you come across this Skitty then?”

    “It used to be my big brother’s. When I turned 10 a few months ago I asked for my own pokemon so I could start a journey. I have three older siblings, so you know how it is. My parents decided that it would be easier to give me a hand-me-down than take the steep uphill path to the Lavaridge Pokemon Center.”

    “Man, I totally get you. This Vulpix here was a castaway from my sister. She’s 19, and pretty popular with the local guys. Anyway, one day her boyfriend gave her a pokemon egg, and a few days later they broke up, so she gave the egg to me.”

    Vulpix, who had been playing a lively game of tag with Skitty, paused to trot over and nuzzle my hand.

    “And you can see we’ve been best friends ever since!” I smiled.

    “Aww, that’s really cute, Kitsu. Skitty’s my first pokemon, and I love her and all, but I have dreams of becoming a pokemon master, and she’s just not that great in battle. The last time I tried to use her, she got distracted by a shiny bracelet the opponent was wearing and totally ignored my commands. She’s super sweet, and I know she doesn’t mean to, but sometimes she gets herself into trouble with things like that.”

    As if to prove Beebee’s point, Skitty began squealing and running in circles, vigorously shaking her disproportionately large head back and forth.

    “Oh no, what’s wrong, Skitty?” Beebee asked as we both rushed toward the distressed pokemon.

    Weedle inched closer out of curiosity, and suddenly found itself facing another burst of flames, though this time from Skitty’s mouth.

    “Quick Weedle, you have to fight back! Give it your best string shot!” Beebee ordered.

    Weedle had barely managed to muster up a silky thread and begin to propel it toward its attacker when the fire completely overpowered it, leaving an undoubtedly knocked out Weedle and a path of charred grass in its wake.

    “Oh no, Weedle! I guess it was too strong for you after all,” Beebee said, returning it to its pokeball.

    “Well, bug pokemon are weak to fire after all. I really don’t know what you expected to happen.”

    Beebee laughed nervously. “I guess some things just don’t work outside of anime physics, huh?”

    “I guess not,” I replied. “Anyway, Skitty seems fine now. It seems to me as though she found her way into the picnic basket and ate some of Vulpix’s Occa berries. They taste sweet at first, but the aftertaste is pretty spicy. They also enhance fire type abilities, so Vulpix loves them!”

    “That explains the flamethrower then. I guess even though Skitty doesn’t know any fire type attacks, the berries were so potent that they made her breathe fire!”

    “Yep, but I think that one blast wore out the effects of the berry. But just to be sure, have some of this sweet Mago Berry, Skitty. It’ll help to negate the spicy effects.”

    Skitty sniffed the offered pink and yellow berry, and, finding its smell pleasing, began to happily gnaw on it.

    “I think she likes it! I think she likes you too, Kitsu. Have you been thinking about my offer?” Beebee asked.

    Vulpix’s ears perked up at this question, and even Skitty seemed to realize the magnitude of the situation as she paused in her eating to watch my reaction.

    “Well…I have to admit, that Skitty is pretty adorable.”

    Vulpix nodded her agreement and looked up at me with her wide “pretty-please-with-a-Cherubi-on-top” eyes.

    “Plus, I guess the Weedle is your pokemon anyway, Vulpix. Very well, I accept your offer.”

    Vulpix let out a squee of joy as she gave the young pokemon an affectionate lick on her ear.

    “Alright!” Beebee exclaimed, picking up Weedle’s pokeball. “I caught...a Weedle!”

    “Ahem, ‘caught’ might be a bit of a stretch,” I said. “But welcome to the family, Skitty.”

    Skitty let out a happy “nyeh” and jumped into my arms, finally settling down momentarily before her stomach demanded that she raid the picnic basket again for another sweet berry.


    The timer over the stove let out a ding to signify the poffins were done. That was Skitty’s cue to nyeh loudly as she wove around my feet, clamoring for her breakfast.

    “You are so lucky, Skitty. Out of all the places you could end up, a poffin shop filled with your favorite foods,” I said as I placed a bowl of the pink treats on the floor for her.

    Vulpix licked my fingers in thanks as I placed a similar bowl of Occa Jam covered poffins in front of her.

    Finally, I brought over my own breakfast and was about to sit on a Jigglypuff shaped cushion on the floor with my pokemon when the phone rang.

    “A phone call at 5 in the morning? Who does that?” I sighed, putting down my bowl to answer it.


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    Chapter 2 - It Just Stares Back

    “Do you have any idea what time it is?” I asked grumpily.

    “My apologies, miss, but I was doing some early morning training and saw this berry. Then I remembered that the most beautiful girl in Viridian City owned a poffin shop and just had to call!” an unfamiliar voice answered.

    “Uh, who is this?”

    “This is Brock the Pewter City gym leader, or Brockie if Ari prefers, although I’d be especially happy if she called me her boyfriend! But I’ll settle for anything as long as you get her on the phone right now!”

    It’s not that boys calling at odd hours was completely unheard of as far as my sister was concerned, but they usually sounded a bit less deranged, although for the most part every bit as desperate.

    “Well, I don’t think she’d like being woken up at this hour. I’ll be sure to give her your message at a more decent time of day though,” I said, hanging up.

    Vulpix, Skitty, and I finished our breakfasts and then went to water the berry garden and pick a basket of the more common berries to make poffins for the shop. Vulpix helped out by wandering amongst the spicy berry patches and sniffing out the ripest ones, while Skitty rolled in the tall grass around the garden, occasionally jumping to her feet with a startled "nyeh" to chase her tail when she realized it was following her.

    Once inside, I got to work. Since I was often away from home on my rare berry hunting journeys, Ari was the expert on making high quality specialty poffins, but I help out when I’m at the shop by making basic single-flavored ones for the casual buyers. Because I have Vulpix and Skitty for taste testing, my specialties are their favorite flavors; spicy and sweet. Our shop had a collection of great recipes for the other flavors too: bitter, sour, and dry.

    The batch of dry blue poffins I was working on had just started to thicken when Ari came down the stairs in her Jirachi pajamas yawning.

    “You’re up early,” she said. “Did this little guy wake you up again?” she asked, giving Skitty a little nudge with her toe.

    Skitty protested by grabbing the offending toe with her clawless paws and cuddling it into submission.

    “Yep,” I answered. “I’ve tried closing my door, and even locking Skitty in the kitchen, but she just makes such a racket using her tail to double slap the doors that it’s not worth it.”

    “Why don’t you just keep your pokemon in pokeballs like a normal person, Kitsu? I thought you hated getting up early.”

    “I do, but don’t you think they’d get lonely? I mean, I know that they can see each other through the transparent half, but I wouldn’t like being cooped up in that itty bitty living space for so long.”

    “Your loss.” Ari shrugged as she made herself a pot of coffee.

    It was only after I had finished with all the berries I had picked that I remembered the message I was supposed to be passing on.

    “Hey Ari, this guy called for you at like five this morning. He said he was the Pewter City gym leader, Rockie or something. He sounded pretty crazy for you.”

    Ari choked on her coffee. “Brock? How did he even get this number?”

    “I take it the feelings aren’t mutual then, huh?”

    “Ugh, as if. I went to Pewter City’s gemstone festival last weekend for a girl’s night out. We were at this moonstone jewelry booth when all of a sudden this creepy guy appeared out of nowhere and asked us all to go out with him. He told us each that we were the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen and started floating in the middle of the air until some kid pulled him away by the ear. The weirdest thing was that he did all that with his eyes closed...”

    “That’s...interesting. Anyway, he said he found this berry around the gym training grounds and wanted you go to check it out.”

    “Yeah, more like so he can check me out. Why don’t you go instead?”

    “Whaaaat? But I just got home, sis!”

    “So? I thought you were going to contribute to the shop by bringing back rare berries. This is clearly your responsibility. Besides, that Brock guy might be a perv, but he’s definitely not a pedophile. A kid like you should be just fine.”

    “Kid? I’m 16, thank you very much. But you’re right, I’ll go. I need some adventure anyway.”

    “Cool, I’ll pack you some food and poffins for the road. It should only be a couple hours away on foot.”


    I collapsed onto a boulder, exhausted. A couple of hours, my ass. Vulpix and Skitty had long since returned themselves to their pokeballs to avoid having to walk.

    I closed my eyes and rested against the rock, but the next second I was drenched in a sticky blue sap. I looked up to see a Pikachu sitting in a branch above me, armed with a pile of squishy Oran berries and giggling. Upon closer inspection I saw that it had a few singed hairs on it's tail.

    "So you've come back to make fun of me for not being able to catch you last time, have you? Alright, let's show it what we've got, Skitty!" I pulled Skitty's pokeball from my satchel and gave it an underhand toss toward the base of the tree.

    Upon exiting, Skitty ran toward me and happily rubbed her head against my ankles.

    "Aww, you're so cute Skitty! I love you too!" I said, completely forgetting about the wild Pikachu.

    "Nyeh nyeh" she replied, curling up on my feet for a cat nap.

    She jumped up angrily in a second though when she became the new target for Pikachu's messy projectiles.

    "Ready to battle?" I asked, as the pink hairs on Skitty's tail fluffed out in preparation.

    "Alright, let's start off with assist!"

    Skitty's paw started gathering white light before releasing a flickering blueish flame toward Pikachu.

    "No Skitty!" I exclaimed as she started running toward it, attracted by the bright moving object.

    Pikachu rolled on the branch, laughing itself silly as Skitty pounced on it's own will-o-wisp attack, jumping back with a pained cry as she became burned.

    “It’s okay Skitty, use heal bell!”

    A blue aura encircled the hurt pokemon and radiated calming bell sounds. As the glow faded, so did the burns.

    Seeing that the battle wasn’t over yet, Pikachu’s face turned serious. The fur on its cheeks crackled with electricity as it prepared to release a thunderbolt.

    “Quick, use fake out, Skitty!”

    Skitty’s stubby paws could barely reach, but she balanced herself on her back legs and tail and brought her front paws together in a clap that sent a shock wave in Pikachu’s direction, startling it out of launching its attack, and causing it to fall out of the tree and into a patch of tall grass below.

    I seized the opportunity to throw a pokeball as the yellow mouse pokemon popped its head above the grass.

    Pikachu looked around in panic as the red and white ball drew nearer. It had been stunned from the fall, and it knew that its quick attack would be useless in the mess of thick grass. Just as the pokeball was about to hit, Pikachu ducked and back up with a foot wide rock to shield itself with.

    The pokeball opened up and engulfed the rock in a red light. Without even shaking, it dropped back to the ground. The electric pokemon I had hoped to capture ran off once again, its thunderbolt tail held high in defiance.

    I called Skitty back and then stared at the pokeball for a minute before finally picking it up and peering into the transparent top half.

    An craggy old rock stared back at me. I was about to put the ball away when I realized that its resident was literally staring back at me.

    I shrieked in surprise and dropped the pokeball. Hearing my panic, Vulpix released herself to come to my aid, claws out and teeth bared, ready for a fight.

    “It’s alright, Vulpix,” I said, patting her on the head. “I just accidentally caught this rock with eyes and it surprised me.”

    Vulpix retracted her claws and went up to cautiously sniff and peer into the offending pokeball. Upon closer inspection, I realized that although it definitely had eyes, the rock gave no indication that it was alive.

    “Do you think it’s a pokemon of some sort? I’ve only ever heard of pokemon and held items being contained within pokeballs before.”

    “Pix, vulpix.” She nodded in agreement.

    “Well, it looks like a rock, so maybe we’ll find out more when we get to Pewter City. You want to walk the last mile there, or ride in your pokeball, Vulpix?”

    Vulpix responded by nuzzling my hand and then returning herself to her pokeball. I peered into the top to see her napping, curled up with her nose tucked beneath her orange tails.

    I took a second to gather a few of the un-thrown Oran berries from the tree before heading on.

    My mind began to wander as I continued the arduous trek toward the city of rocks, my satchel weighing down my shoulder and my sneakers leaving tired scuffs the dirt path.

    I really need a mount or something if I’m going to keep travelling this much. Maybe a Dragonite or a Pidgeot; it’s always more efficient to travel by air. Or a Rapidash. It’s like they’re just made for a rider. But Arcanine are big strong pokemon that won’t mind the extra weight too. Oh wait, I know, a-


    No, don’t be silly. A Shinx would be way too small.

    “I told you to try harder, Shinx! We’ll never win against Brock if you can’t even beat a measly little Sandshrew!”

    The angry voice finally snapped me out of my reverie. Just ahead of me was what must be the Pewter City training grounds. There was a shallow canyon with rope ladders hanging down the walls. Boulders were scattered haphazardly over the ground, which was covered with cracks and shards of rock from previous battles. A young trainer stood over a lion cub-like pokemon that was half blue and half black with a gold band on each of his front legs and yellow stars on its ears and tail.

    “Hey,” I called out, “could you tell me if this is the right way to the Pewter City Gym?”

    “Yeah, it is,” he said, climbing out of the canyon. “You’re going to challenge the gym leader?”

    “Nah, I’m not a trainer,” I replied. “It looks like you are though,” I added, indicating the Shinx. His blue and black fur was covered with a thick coating of dust and the yellow star on the end of its tail drooped tiredly.

    The boy called his pokemon back into his pokeball. “I want to be, but Brock is the first gym leader I’ve challenged, and my Shinx just can’t beat him. I’ll never make it to the Kanto League if I can’t even get one gym badge.”

    “Well, Shinx is an electric type and this gym specializes in rock and . Shinx is at a clear disadvantage since its electric attacks won’t do any damage at all to Brock’s pokemon.”

    “That doesn’t matter. I know that our courage will pull us through!”

    “Sure, but that doesn’t mean mean your pokemon won’t get beat up pretty badly.”

    “No, but you see, there’s no better team. Arm in arm we’ll win the fight. It’s always been our dream!”

    “I don’t think that’s how it works....”

    “But of course it is. I know it’s my destiny!”

    “...Sure. So what’s your name anyway?”

    “I’m Tom Ato, from Pallet Town!”

    “Alright, Tom Ato from Pallet Town, get this through your head. You can’t win against Brock’s by shocking them harder with electricity. It just doesn’t work like that outside of anime. Like, I know that my Vulpix here is strong, but I would never use a fire type like her to battle a water type pokemon.”

    Vulpix heard her name and came out of her pokeball to see what was going on.

    “Wow, what pokemon is that?” Tom asked, as he pulled out a Pokedex.

    “Um, I just said ‘Vulpix’ and ‘fire type’”

    The Pokedex echoed me, “Vulpix, a fire type pokemon.”

    “Wow, I never would have known that if my Pokedex didn’t tell me!” Tom exclaimed in amazement.

    I stared at him for a full minute, waiting for the punch line that I knew wasn’t coming. A Kricketot came all the way over from Sinnoh just so it could chirp to accent the awkwardness of the moment.

    Vulpix finally broke the silence by pulling the pokeball with the rock out from my satchel and rolling it toward Tom’s Pokedex with her nose.

    “Kabuto,” an electronic voice said, “the Ancient Pokémon. Though this Pokémon is now known to be extinct, it had a hard shell that protected its body and is believed to have been a powerful swimmer.”

    “Huh, so I guess this rock is a fossil then,” I mused.

    “Wow, an extinct pokemon? I have to catch one!” Tom jumped up excitedly and started to look under the surrounding boulders.”

    “You don’t even know what it looks like, Tom. My fossil is just a rock with eyes.”

    “My Pokedex has a picture. Here, take a look.” Tom handed it to me.

    “Eek, so creepy! Kill it, Vulpix!” I squealed, pointing at the fossil.

    Vulpix gave me a puzzled look before blowing an ember attack toward the rock, where it dissipated harmlessly.

    “Well, if you don’t want that fossil, I’ll take it. I’ve gotta catch ‘em all!” Tom interjected.

    “I don’t know...would you even be able to revive it?”

    “Of course, there’s a lab that specializes in ancient pokemon fossils in the city! Look, if you’re still hesitant, I’ll even trade you my Shinx for it. You were right, I really do need a pokemon with water type moves to win against Brock’s Onix, and Dexter says that Kabuto were good swimmers.”

    “A creepy rock for that cute little Shinx, huh? I accept!”

    We exchanged pokeballs and I called all my pokemon out to meet each other.

    Shinx was looking much better after its rest in its pokeball, but he was still pretty tired from battling with Sandshrew. Vulpix licked his forehead encouragingly and Skitty playfully batted at the star on his tail with the pink poof on her own.

    “Welcome to the team, Shinx. It look like you’re going to fit right in,” I said as I scratched the thick blue fur behind his ears.

    “Well, I’m off to Pewter City now. Take good care of Shinx! I can’t wait to see what kind of pokemon I’ll get from this fossil!” Tom said as he sped off toward the city.

    “But your Pokedex already told you it was a Kabuto....” I trailed off. “Well, let’s all take a break here and eat lunch before we keep going.”

    I got out some hot Tomato berries for Vulpix and a handful of sweet Pecha berries for Skitty. Then I turned to Shinx.

    “I usually only bring sweet and spicy berries for Vulpix and Skitty. You can try some, but I don’t think you’d like them very much. How about some of those Oran berries that Pikachu left? They have a hint of every flavor, but are more mild overall, so most pokemon like those. Plus, they have been known to restore energy.”

    Shinx took a nibble and then, liking the flavor, gulped down the rest of the round blue berry. The bumps and scratches started to fade from his body as the berry boosted his natural healing system.

    I was about to take a bite from the sandwich my sister had packed for me, but it was suddenly snatched out of my hands and replaced by a bouquet of flowers by a guy with dark skin and spiky brown hair kneeling in front of me. Upon closer inspection, his eyes appeared to be closed.

    Oh boy, I guess this is Brock then....


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    Chapter 3 - Literally

    “How lucky it was that I found you now! A pretty girl like you shouldn’t have to live off sandwiches. Come back to my place and I’ll make you the finest stew you’ve ever tasted!”

    “Um, thanks. You must be Brock, am I right?”

    “Wow, and you even know my name! My darling, we were meant for each other! Would you do me the honor of telling me yours?”

    “I’m Kitsu, Ari’s sister. She was...busy or something. So she sent me to get the berries you found.”

    “Two beautiful sisters? How am I supposed to choose just one?”

    “Somehow, I don’t think choosing will be the problem....”

    Brock hung his head in dejection. “I’ll never find true love.”

    “Aww,” I said, wrapping my arm around his shoulder. “Right now, you’re a gym leader and your brothers and sisters and pokemon all look up to you. That should be enough for the time being. You’re only 17 after all.”

    “Yeah.” He smiled. “I guess you’re right.”

    “Hey, let’s be friends though,” I suggested.

    “Friends, huh? Is it possible for a man and a woman to suppress all romantic feelings for each other and only perceive the other as a platonic companion?”

    “Um, yeah. I do it all the time actually.”

    “What a strange concept. Maybe I’ll give it a try, friend.”

    “Yay,” I said, relieved that I didn’t have to hear his lovestruck babbling all day. “So are we still on for stew?”

    “Of course! Super Chef Brock would never let a pretty girl like you go hungry!”

    I giggled as we started the trek back to his house. Brock’s enthusiasm was much more endearing when I didn’t have to worry about being smothered by it.

    “So do you have any hobbies outside of being a gym leader, Brock?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a pokemon breeder. I’ve studied pokemon health and happiness, as well as diet. That’s actually how I knew that the berry I found today was special.”

    “Wow, that’s awesome. Maybe you could have a look at all my pokemon when we get back to your place.”

    Brock grinned. “No need to wait, climb aboard the Onix Express,” he said, tossing a pokeball.

    The pokemon that came out looked like a string of boulders that must have been 30 feet high. The stony head perched on top of the pile let out a fierce roar and turned to receive its master’s command.

    “Hey Onix, this is my new friend, Kitsu.”

    I squeaked as the gigantic pokemon swiveled its head to give me a big toothless smile.

    “Don’t worry, this Onix is like a gentle giant outside of battle,” Brock said comfortingly.

    As I watched, Brock’s pokemon bent down so he could rub it behind the spike on its head. It closed its eyes and rumbled in satisfaction, much like my Vulpix did when I scratched her behind her ears.

    “Alright, take us back home, Onix,” Brock ordered. He climbed aboard and reached out a broad hand to help me up as I tentatively followed.

    “I have to admit, this is much nicer than travelling on foot. I was actually thinking just this morning about how nice it would be to have a pokemon like a Rapidash that I could ride from city to city.”

    “It’s possible to train pokemon to carry their trainer even if it’s not natural to them. Take Onix for example: Normally they move in a more side to side slithering motion, but I’ve trained mine to be less forceful with its tail so we won’t get shaken off.”

    “Wow, there’s more to this than I thought. Well, come on out Vulpix, Skitty, Shinx.”

    The five us easily fit on one of Onix’s boulders, with enough room leftover for Skitty to run in circles, chasing her tail.

    “Your pokemon all seem to be doing great,” Brock said. “But I recognize this Shinx. Didn’t it belong to that Tom kid?”

    “Yeah, but I traded it for a Kabuto. Incidentally, so that he would be able to win a badge from your gym with its water attacks.”

    “Woah, wait, you traded an extremely rare and valuable ancient pokemon for just a Shinx?”

    “Well, this Shinx was much cuter,” I offered. “Plus, if I didn’t, he would have just gotten beaten up again by your Onix, and I didn’t want that happening.”

    Brock shook his head. “You’re a strange girl, Kitsu. But I guess you must be doing something right. Even though you just got this Shinx it already likes you and Vulpix and Skitty a lot. Usually newly caught Shinx will be a bit aggressive and territorial, but yours is so relaxed.”

    I looked down to see Shinx purring as it lay stretched out across my lap. “I guess I was so used to Vulpix and Skitty doing that that I didn’t even realize how significant it was.”

    Onix pulled up to a large rectangular building made entirely of blocks of grey stone. Above the entrance was an arch which had a half pokeball shape carved into it, the symbol of an official pokemon gym.

    “Thanks Onix,” Brock said. He gave his pokemon a pat before returning it to its pokeball.

    Once we entered the gym, we were swarmed by a flock of children.

    “You’re home Brock!”

    “This pokemon is so cute, what is it?”

    “We’re hungry, I want cheeseburgers!”

    “Brock, this button fell off of my doll’s dress”

    “Who’s that girl with the purple hair?”

    “Tommy pushed me and I scraped my knee and it hurts really bad”

    The kids were all clamoring for attention, tugging on Brock’s clothes, crowding around my pokemon, and peering shyly at the stranger in their midst.

    "Calm down, guys. I'd like you all to meet my new friend, Kitsu. Kitsu, these are all my little brothers and sisters."

    “Hi guys,” I said, wary of their numbers.

    Brock got to work straightaway, donning an apron and bandaging knees and sewing buttons in between stirring the stew.

    “It smells delicious, Brock. Do you need any help?” I asked.

    “Nah, you just relax, I really enjoy cooking. How about you show your pokemon to my siblings? I don’t let them watch official gym battles because I don’t want the trainers to get distracted, so they hardly ever get to see any new pokemon.”

    “Sure Brock.” I turned to the kids. “These are my pokemon, Vulpix, Skitty, and Shinx,” I said, indicating them all in turn. “All of them are big on cuddles, and-”

    Before I could finish my sentence, the sounds of excited children filled the air as they all crowded around my overwhelmed pokemon, vying for a chance to pet them and play with their tails.

    I heard the crackling sounds of sparks coming from Shinx. Vulpix barrelled out of the crowd carrying Skitty by the scruff of her neck just in time. The crowd of Brock’s siblings was zapped by an explosion of bright blue light causing them to all fall over, paralyzed by the thunder wave.

    “Now guys, you know better than to crowd around pokemon like that, even if they are trained,” Brock reprimanded. “Go apologize to Kitsu’s pokemon, and let this serve as a lesson.”

    “Yes Brock,” they chanted in unison. “Sorry Vulpix and Skitty and Shinx.”

    Shinx gave a wave of his tail to accept their apology and began to smooth out his rumpled fur with a tongue bath in the center of the group of sparking children.

    Vulpix and Skitty went to play outside, staying well away, wary of the bright shocks of electricity that had rendered the mob still unable to move.

    “Wow, I didn’t know Shinx was that strong,” I said.

    “Yeah, that Tom kid had him training against ground types for quite a while. Never really won, but it sure built up Shinx’s strength and endurance. If you noticed, your Shinx is about half a foot taller than the rest of its species.”

    “Huh, I never would have known that wasn’t normal. I guess I’ve still got a lot to learn besides what kind of berries each pokemon likes to eat.”

    “Speaking of eating, the stew’s done!”

    A gleeful chorus of hungry “yay”s broke out behind me as Brock’s little brothers and sisters rushed forward, snapped out of their paralysis by the prospect of food.

    “Wait!” Brock said, jumping in front of the stampede. “What did I teach you?”

    “Beautiful ladies first,” they grumbled, reluctantly forming a line behind me.

    “You’re quite the leader, Brock,” I laughed. “It must be hard to get all your siblings to listen to you. I know that growing up I pretty much never did what Ari asked.”

    The stew was as delicious as Brock had promised it would be, and soon there was just an empty pot and a pile of dirty dishes.

    “Ready to go see the berries, Kitsu?”

    “Yep, let’s do this!”

    We walked outside to look for Vulpix and Skitty and found them playing in a small clearing scattered with a few trees. When we got to them, Shinx ran over to join their game of tag. The bright yellow star on his tail seemed to have a distracting effect on Skitty. As Shinx ran toward her, she stopped chasing her own tail in favor of his.

    Shinx played along, waving his star and running in the opposite direction. What he didn’t realize though was that the opposite direction was straight toward me.

    As we collided, we all fell into a tangle, the contents of my satchel flying everywhere. I heard the familiar sound of a pokeball opening up in a tree, followed by the ding and cluck that followed a successful capture.

    “What creepy pokemon did I catch this time?” I groaned.

    Brock and my pokemon helped to gather all my belongings while I climbed the tree in search of my pokeball.

    “What is it with my pokeballs an inanimate objects? A pine cone, really?” I yelled in frustration.

    “Uh, I don’t think that’s a pine cone, Kitsu. See, I have a Forretress, and he found a girl Forretress, and me being the breeder I am...well, you know. They live in this clearing now.”

    “Oh,” I said, taking a better look at the pokeball. Without all those leaves blocking the light, I realized that what I had mistaken for a pine cone was a blue-green pokemon with red eyes.

    “It’s called a Pineco. They’re bug type pokemon that hang on tree branches most of the time.”

    “Well, it’s pretty cute for a bug type,” I said, calling it out.

    Pineco started glowing upon hearing my comment. Literally.

    I heard Brock yell, “watch out!” but it was too late. Pineco had exploded with happiness. Also quite literally.

    The blast knocked me back again, though this time my satchel remained safe. I lay on the ground, wiping soot off my glasses. Shinx stood over me and helped to lick my face clean.

    Brock offered his hand to help me up.

    “Thanks guys,” I said, taking Brock’s hand. “That was a pretty strong attack”

    Pineco, who had just regained consciousness from its last explosion, began to light up again at my compliment.

    “Nooooooo!” Brock yelled, diving for the pokeball. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, fair damsel in distress!”

    He reached it just in time, containing the attack inside the pokeball. We watched as the sphere glowed bright white with the energy. A thoroughly exhausted but smiling Pineco was sleeping in its pokeball.

    “Whew, that was close. Thanks Brock!”

    “It was nothing,” he said, saluting. “Resident knight in shining armor at your service!”

    “I guess chivalry isn’t so dead after all, is it?” I laughed.

    “I’d catch an exploding Pineco for you. I’d throw my hand on a Scyther’s blade for you. I’d jump in front of a stampeding Taurus for you. I would even get blasted off for you, baby,” Brock said, regaining a fleck of the crazy lovestruck look I had seen in his eyes when we first met.

    “Ooookay, that’s enough chivalry for one day,” I said. “How about those berries now?”

    “Of course,” he said, snapping back to reality. “They’re right over-”

    “Hey Brock! I’ve come back for a rematch!” an annoyingly familiar voice yelled.

    We turned to see Tom from Pallet Town tumbling into the clearing.

    “This time I’m going to win, thanks to Kitsu.” He opened his hand to reveal a five inch wide shelled pokemon with six wiggling legs and glowing red eyes.

    “Tom, that’s just a baby Kabuto, and it looks like it’s just been revived from a fossil. There’s no way it’s ready for a gym battle yet,” Brock said.

    “Of course it is! I believe in my pokemon and I know that’s all we need to win,” Tom retorted.

    I was suddenly overcome with a bad bout of coughs, one of them sounding suspiciously like “Shinx”.

    Brock sighed. “Well, it’s my duty as a gym leader to battle any registered trainer who challenges me. I’ll have my brother Salvador take you to the berries.”

    Salvador turned out to be a miniature 13 year old version of Brock. His skin was a shade lighter and his hair an inch of two longer, but they shared the same ability of perceiving their environment without ever having to open their eyes.

    I made a mental note to myself. I really had to figure out how they did it sometime.

    “Hey Salvador,” I started.

    “My dear, you are the most beautiful girl that has ever graced this gym with her presence,” he breathed, taking my hand.

    “Oh my Arceus...”


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    Default Re: Kitsu + Co. on their Berry Cute Adventures

    Chapter 4 - Too Much Smog

    “ every guy at this gym crazy?” I asked in exasperation.

    Salvador fell over laughing. “I’m just messing with you, Kitsu. We all know how Brock tends to get a bit out of hand when he’s around pretty girls, and sometimes we like to have a bit of fun”

    “That’s a relief.” I sighed. “So, the berries?”

    As he lead on, we talked about our pokemon. Salvador had an Eevee which he wanted to evolve into an Umbreon.

    “But Brock says that the reason it hasn’t yet is because this Eevee really wants to be an Espeon. He told me that Eevee need to be super happy to evolve into an Umbreon or Espeon, and since it doesn’t want to become a dark type, it will never be happy enough to evolve into an Umbreon,” Salvador explained.

    “Wow, your brother’s really a talented breeder, isn’t he?”

    “Yep! You’ve seen how healthy and happy that Pineco he raised is, haven’t you? I’m kind of jealous actually. I’ve always wanted to catch one of the Pineco in that clearing, but Brock never let me. He said he didn’t want me to split up their family”

    “He never said anything like that to me after I caught this Pineco.”

    “Well, that’s probably just because you’re a pretty girl, Kitsu.” He pouted.

    All thoughts of the Pineco were wiped from my mind as I saw the small blue tree growing out from a crack in the rock surrounding the training grounds.

    I ran up to the tree to see two knobby green berries sitting atop a plume of yellow leaves. The fruit consisted of a round base with round spikes topped with protruding finger-like appendages covered with little pockmarks.

    “Is that...a Salac berry?” I asked in awe. “I’ve only seen these in books before.”

    “I take it it’s worth something to you?” Salvador asked.

    “Yeah, these berries are really rare. I’ve heard that this rich old lady down the street has these imported all the way from Hoenn for her pokemon. I guess the only reason these berries are still here is because rock pokemon generally steer away from berries with sweet elements.”

    “Well, if that’s the case, you should take those two berries with you. They’d only be wasted here.”

    “Really? Thanks Salvador!” I exclaimed, hugging him. “Hey, my pokemon should see this. It might be the first and only time they’ll get a chance to. Come on out guys!” I tossed my four pokeballs high in the air.

    “You too, Eevee,” Salvador said, following suit.

    “This is a Salac berry tree,” I explained.

    Pineco most likely knew nothing about the rarity of the berries in front of him, but he began to light up from the excited tones of our voices.

    “Oh no, don’t explode now, Pineco!” I yelled.

    “I can take care of this,” Salvador said, quickly stepping in front of me. He pulled out a squirt bottle from his cargo pants pocket and quelled Pineco’s attack with a few spritzes of water.

    Pineco abruptly stopped glowing. He looked around, blinking in confusion as I called him back to his pokeball.

    “The spray bottle is a technique that I learned while helping Brock train his Geodude. The light mist doesn’t have enough water to hurt even rock pokemon, but it prevents them from being able to use moves like explode or self destruct. It’s supposed to imitate the damp ability that some water pokemon have.”

    “Hey, you’re pretty good with pokemon too, Salvador,” I said, ruffling his spiky hair.

    His Eevee jumped into his arms to lick his face in agreement.

    Salvador ran his fingers through the off-white collar of fur around Eevee’s neck. He sighed. “If I were really good with pokemon, I would do what’s best for my Eevee. I know it wants to become an Espeon, but I just can’t stop thinking about how cool it would be to have an Umbreon with all its awesome dark type moves. It makes me feel so bad every time I see Eevee staring at the photo of Espeon in my trainer book.”

    “Well, why don’t you just let her evolve into an Espeon then? They’re great psychic type pokemon and super cute too! I’d love to have one.”

    “I would, but it’s not that simple. As long as she stays with me, Eevee won’t ever be able to evolve at all because she knows that either she or I will be unhappy with the outcome.”

    Eevee whimpered sadly and nuzzled her trainer’s hand to comfort him.

    “Hey, it’s not your fault, Salvador. I know that you must be a great trainer, otherwise Eevee wouldn’t feel so close to you. Neither of you can help how you feel about Eevee’s evolutions, and there’s nothing you can do to change it.”

    “I guess you’re right,” Salvador said. “Hey, let’s head back to the city. You can get a room at the Pokemon Center for the night.”

    “That sounds good,” I said. “We could let our pokemon hang out together on the way back. I’ll just get Skitty back into her pokeball to be safe. She tends to get distracted by food or shiny objects and sometimes she runs off.”

    Vulpix and Shinx each rubbed their cheeks on one side of Eevee’s in a sign of friendship. Soon they began to play a game of tag and tumbled around us as if they had been playing together all their lives.

    “Your Eevee’s really full of energy,” I said. “Do you guys make your own pokemon food?”

    “Well, I have to confess that’s actually your sister’s doing. Brock was trying to impress her so he bought a truckload of poffins. All our pokemon love them, so they’ve been eating them ever since.”

    “I should have known.” I laughed. “I know Brock’s an awesome chef, but I haven’t met anyone else who can match my family’s recipes.”

    We were nearing the gym just as the sky began to turn orange with the sunset.

    “Hey, Kitsu, I know this is a bit random, but do you think we could have a pokemon battle before you go? I never get to battle anyone other than my siblings.”

    “Of course,” I replied. “Which one of my pokemon would you like to battle?”

    “Could I battle your Shinx? Most trainers don’t use electric types when they come around Brock’s gym.”

    “You up for our first battle together, Shinx?” I asked.

    Shinx growled in preparation, his eyes turning serious for the battle.

    Eevee seemed less certain about battling her new friend. She looked between Shinx and her trainer, reluctant to step up to the battleground.

    “Hey, Eevee. Just because you and Shinx are friends doesn’t mean you should go easy on each other. And hey, no matter who wins, you get to be happy about it,” I said.

    Shinx nodded in agreement, lowering his shoulders and digging his paws into the worn grass covered ground.

    Eevee looked to Salvador for reassurance, and, getting it, let out a cute growl toward Shinx in response and tried her best to look fierce, puffing out the light fur around her neck.

    “You can start off the battle, Salvador”

    “Alright then, Eevee, start with a tackle!”

    Eevee began to barrel toward Shinx with her ears tucked back and her head down.

    “Use scary face, and then dodge, Shinx!”

    Shinx pulled off what must have been the most adorable attack of all time with his chubby lion cub face. Nevertheless, it succeeded in slowing Eevee enough for him to scamper out of the way.

    “Hey, that’s pretty good Kitsu. Eevee, try a bite attack!”

    Eevee landed a bite on Shinx’s tail, causing him to roar in surprise.

    “Well, that was alright, but let’s show them the power of your thunder fang, Shinx!”

    Shinx’s mouth sparked with electricity as it bit Eevee on the shoulder, channeling electricity through its fangs.

    Eevee squealed and thrashed as the power of the attack coursed through her body.

    “I didn’t want to have to use this so early in the battle, but it looks like it’s now or never,” Salvador said. “Use dig, Eevee!”

    “Dig? I didn’t know Eevee learned that move.”

    Eevee had escaped from Shinx to burrow in the hard packed dirt, now nowhere to be seen.

    “Nope, they don’t normally, but we’ve been battling so many ground type pokemon that Eevee just picked it up somehow.”

    I could tell that Shinx had been thrown by this unexpected strategy. He kept glancing nervously in different directions, regarding the entire ground below him as his opponent.

    “Well, as long as we can’t go on the offensive, let’s use charge, Shinx.”

    Shinx warily drew in electricity from the surrounding air, causing it to crackle loudly as it boosted his electric power.

    “Time to come out, Eevee!”

    “Alright Shinx, now use discharge once you see her.”

    Eevee came up from right under Shinx, hitting it with her super effective ground type move. Shinx was hurt, but retaliated with his own charged up electric attack.

    When the sparks stopped flying, we saw that both Eevee and Shinx were panting tiredly.

    “Hey Salvador, how about we call this a draw?”

    “Sounds good,” he said. “I don’t want to wear out my little Eevee too much.”

    “Hey, here’s some poffins to build up your strength, Shinx. You too, Eevee,” I said as I pulled out a handful of the speckled oval shaped treats.

    We went to sit with our pokemon and brush the dirt out of their fur as they ate.

    “Your Eevee was awesome, Salvador. That surprise dig attack really got us.”

    “Shinx was really great too. I can’t believe that was your first time battling together!”

    “Aww, look at that!” I exclaimed.

    Our pokemon were down to the last poffin. I could tell that they both wanted it, but Shinx, being the gentleman, nudged it toward his new friend with his paw.

    Eevee dipped her head to hide the blush that was lighting up her brown fur. She nibbled half of the poffin and then shyly offered the rest to Shinx.

    “Such a sweet beginning to a lifetime of true love!” a voice burst out, causing Eevee and Shinx to turn away, embarrassed.

    We saw Brock rushing over from the gym.

    “Hey Brock,” I said. “I was just about to head over to the Pokemon Center for the night.”

    “Alas, another chapter ends in my own sad, loveless life,” Brock sighed. “Don’t worry, Eevee. Time and distance may part you from your lover, but at least we’ll have each other to commiserate with.”

    Salvador’s eyes lit up with an idea. “Maybe you won’t have to. Hey, what do you think about trading pokemon, Kitsu? My Eevee for your Pineco.”

    “A trade?” Brock and I asked in unison.

    “Well, for one thing, I think I’d be better at training Pineco to not explode and such, no offense,” Salvador said.

    “You’re right about that,” I agreed. “And then he wouldn’t really be separated from his family either. He could visit them whenever he wanted to.”

    “I gotcha. And it would be good for my Eevee too,” Salvador added, gazing at his pokemon. “I love her a lot, but I think she would be much happier if she were free to evolve into an Espeon with you. Plus, she already loves your cooking, not to mention Shinx. What do you think, Eevee?”

    “You too, Pineco. How would you like to stay here and live with Salvador?”

    Eevee had begun to trot toward me, but stopped abruptly when it saw Pineco start to glow yet again. Salvador quickly took care of it with his squirt bottle.

    “Well, we know exactly how Pineco feels about this anyway.” Brock laughed.

    “Here’s Eevee’s pokeball. Please take good care of her,” Salvador said.

    “Thanks Salvador, I will. Here’s Pineco’s pokeball. I know you’ll be a great trainer for him.”

    “Thanks Kitsu. I hope we meet up again someday. I’ll miss you, Eevee. And I can’t wait to see the awesome Espeon you’ll become,” he said, blinking back tears.

    Eevee’s warm brown eyes shone with emotion as she gave his fingers one last lick before jumping into my arms. She snuggled into place, comfortable in my hold, but watched her former trainer until he was out of her line of sight.

    “Bye Salvador! Bye Brock!” I called.

    “Goodbye Kitsu!”

    “Even though it didn’t work out between us, I’ll never forget the friendship we share!” Brock added.

    As we parted, I could have sworn I heard sad music playing in the background and saw some inexplicable flashes of what appeared to be a montage of Eevee and Salvador’s life together plastered across the sky.

    Man, when you can watch pokemon battles in the atmosphere, you know its time to cut down on air pollution.


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