WWC Entry.

Kill Larmond – By Hide in Plain Sight

I suppose that I should put some kind of warning here. This story is… incredibly violent (after all, it takes some inspiration from Kill Bill). There will be no attempt to sugarcoat anything. So if you aren’t up for reading a tale where brutal eviscerations with a spork are par for the course, please skip to the next entry.

It has been two months since I fled the ranger academy after punching out the head ranger, Charles Larmond. It has been a month and a half since I decided that I wanted nothing more than to prove that I could move on from everything that I had lost that fateful day. However, there is only one way I can close the book on this chapter of my life and turn the page.

I must kill Larmond.

Two weeks prior

For the last month, I had been training everyday with one goal in mind. Vengeance. I couldn’t let Larmond get away with what he had done to me. What he had done to Daphne. What I am sure he had done to all of my classmates.

I have been in constant contact with Mikey since the day I left and he has told me some disturbing things. Larmond has manipulated the situation to make me look like the ultimate villain. He has told all of the students that Daphne has been unable to leave her quarters because I had wounded her in a fight. My high marks were explained away by the fact that I had threatened her with more violence if she didn’t give them to me. And finally, and the thing that was most insulting to me, Larmond claimed that the broken nose and black eye that he had suffered when I hit him was from me punching him. But instead of the truth, he told the rest of the academy that he had been protecting Daphne’s honor when I hit him.

Like he could protect anyone’s honor. He doesn’t have a single atom of honor in his entire despicable body.

But enough about Larmond. This story is about me. Me and a very special friend.

*I wouldn’t call us friends. More of… allies with a common goal.*

Right. I forgot you could read minds. Do you mind if I get back to the flashback now?

*That is alright with me Walker.*

Bleeding psychic cats…

*I can still hear your thoughts.*

I know. I wanted you to hear.

*Ah. I understand. Please, go back to the story. We have a job to do.*


Anyways… sorry about that little interruption everyone. Like I was saying, I had been training for over a month. Now this wasn’t like, oh I’m going to run a mile and then do twenty pushups kind of training. This was running fifteen miles through the mountains and then lifting weights until the sun went down kind of training. I was driven by only one thing: I wanted to get even with Larmond. Everything that he had done to hurt me… he would feel all of that pain a hundred times over.

*That would be an impressive amount of pain. I like the sound of that.*

Damnit, you’re not even supposed to be in the story yet! You’re breaking the fourth wall.

*And by mentioning the fourth wall, you have made sure that it is no longer part of the narrative.*

You are way too smart for your own good.

*That is not my fault. It is how I was made.*

True. Now, I’m going back to the story… and if you would please not interrupt that would be fantastic.

I remember the night vividly. I had just finished yet another brutal training session and my shirtless chest was coated in sweat. Unfortunately, I had lost track of time and I had been unable to leave the mountains before the sun went down. I have never been fantastic with directions and I had almost no chance of getting back to my hotel room with only the light of the full moon to guide me.

I stumbled randomly over boulders and cracks in the rocky surface as I attempted to find some cover, somewhere I could spend the night without being exposed to the cold. Since I was fairly high up in the mountains, I would be at risk of freezing overnight. I could see my own breath as I hurried to pull on a pair of sweatpants and a fleece lined sweatshirt from my backpack. With the sun completely gone over the horizon, the air all around me was getting cold fast.

I picked up my pace, desperate to find somewhere to spend the night. The lack of vegetation in the area was going to be my downfall; without vegetation I couldn’t make a fire. And without a fire, I would freeze.

*You didn’t plan this whole thing very well, did you?*

Damnit, will you stop interrupting? And to answer your question, I am a fantastic planner of things… and nothing ever goes wrong ever.

*Oh yes. I am sorry. Even though I detect just a small hint of sarcasm in your tone, I will not press the issue. Please continue.*

Thank you. I was beginning to tire as I was desperately climbing through the rocky landscape. I had completely lost all track of time and I had absolutely no idea where I was. There was no chance of me finding the way off of the mountain until the morning until the very earliest. And I still hadn’t found anything that I could use to make a fire. Without kindling and other wood, the lighter in my back pocket would be completely useless.

“Damnit…” I said through shivers that racked my entire body. “This isn’t how I planned my epic revenge…” The thought of Larmond getting the last laugh gave me a boost of energy and I even felt a small bit of warmth return to my fingers and toes. “I’m coming for you Larmond…” I spoke bitterly, the hatred for the man that had ruined my life keeping me going. “And when I get to you… you are going to wish you had never been born. And anyone that gets in my way… they will wish you had never fucked with Jonathan James Walker.” I shouted the last part into the heavens as I began to run at full speed.

It was like I was being guided by some ethereal force. I ran and ran for as long as I could. All of my training had paid off and I was able to cover a good bit of ground, even as I had to leap over rocks and other impediments. And then I saw it. I saw an ominous purple light emanating from a cave opening.

Light likely meant fire. And even if there wasn’t a fire, it at least meant that someone was there. Someone that could help me. So I began to walk over to the source of the light. “Hello!” I called out. “Is anyone there!” Sadly, there was no answer.

*A test.*

A test of what exactly?

*Courage I suppose.*

You suppose?


You can be really vague at times.

*Psychic types are known for that…*

That annoyance?

*That was not the word I was looking for. The word I was looking for is… disposition I believe?*


*I apologize. It has been a long time since I have talked to a human.*

You never did tell me about that girl. All you gave me was a set of initials… AoK I believe.

*Ah yes, AoK… Yes… she was a young woman around your age… maybe a year or two older. She found me in a way similar to yourself.*

So she was stumbling randomly though the Snowpoint Mountains and happened to run into you hanging out in a cave.

*To make a long story short, that is correct. Anyways, I was moments away from killing her in cold blood… but then there was something about her… a glimmer in her aura… that made me hesitate. So instead I spoke to her.*

And what happened then?

*Her words were kind. I began to trust her. We became… we began to share a bond. I was worried she was going to attempt to tame me; that she would want to harness my power. But instead she just came to visit… like a … fri… what’s that word you humans use? She taught it to me, but it has been a long time since she visited…*

Friend. She was your friend. Just like I am your friend.

*Thank you Jonathan. Now, please continue with your story. I’m afraid we allowed you to get a little sidetracked from the main narrative. Since I am just a supporting character in this tale, my past is not as important as yours.*

And the poor fourth wall just got kicked in the face yet again. Right. I’m just going to continue with when I set foot in the cave.

*I do recall that you were quite scared of me at this point in time.*

No shit I was scared of you. The last time you had done anything that was public knowledge… you blew the shit out of a laboratory and killed everyone inside.

*In my defense, they were heartless in how they treated me.*

I never said that you were in the wrong over that thing. I just said that you don’t exactly have the best reputation.

*So my reputation precedes me then? I think that will make our job just a bit more fun.*

We’re not going to get to that if you don’t stop interrupting my flashback! Because we can’t just skip to that or we’ll completely lose the reader.

*Reader… What are you talking about Jonathan?*

I honestly don’t have a clue anymore. Mostly because you’ve completely thrown me off my train of thought.

*Once again, I apologize. I will not interrupt again.*

Thank you. Even though you promised me that earlier… ANYWAYS… back to the story. Where was I again?

*You were just entering my cave. All you could see was the ‘ominous purple aura’ that my power gives off when I am not bothering to restrain it.*

Right. Thanks. So back to my flashback. I crept slowly into the cave, attempting to at least see what the source of the chilling aura was. I could feel a sense of fear… that whatever was lurking in the cave was something that could break me in half without a second thought. That was how much power I could feel from the aura that now enveloped me.

I took another cautious step, and to my horror I crushed a small pebble under my right foot. The audible crunch had alerted the cave’s owner to my presence.

“I knew you were there before you stepped on that pebble” It took me a few moments to realize that the voice wasn’t audible and in fact I was hearing it in my mind. “I could feel your presence from nearly a mile away.” My fears were confirmed. I was dealing with something that had far more power than I could possibly comprehend.

“Who are you?!?” I shouted nervously.

“Come and see.” This answer sent chills down my spine. Deep down, I didn’t expect to live through this encounter. But as if I was being controlled, I continued to walk towards the source of the aura… the source of the voice… I turned a corner moments later, and I saw him.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at the white and purple feline in front of me… the one with the history that I knew so well… even if it was just from news clippings and hushed rumors. Meditating in front of me with his eyes closed was the legendary 150th Pokémon, Mewtwo. At this point, I realized that the odds of me living much longer were zero. There was no way Mewtwo was going to let me walk away from his hiding place.

“If I was going to kill you or harm you in any way, I would have struck you down before you even got within a quarter mile.” Even though Mewtwo’s voice was telling me that I wasn’t going to be harmed, it was still a chilling thing to hear. Nothing should have that kind of power. And yet, just a foot in front of me, was a being that was the closest thing on the planet to a God.

“I would not call myself a god.” At this point, I realized that Mewtwo could read my thoughts. I shouldn’t have really been surprised by that fact, but it was still disconcerting.

“Do not be nervous Jonathan. I do not wish to harm you.” Oh Arceus… Mewtwo knows my name… How is that possible?

Jonathan… I know everything about you… your hopes… your fears… your hate… you wear your emotions clearly on your sleeve. It was very easy to learn everything about you Mr. Walker.” I didn’t think that Mewtwo could possibly do anything to scare me more than he had when he told me he could read my thoughts… but I was wrong. I had been… and then I understood. He had been reading my brain like a book for nearly half an hour… as I crawled towards his cave. And then I realized… he had… no, he couldn’t have, could he?

“Yes. I placed subtle suggestions into your brains processes once you closed to within a reasonable distance. I saw something in you… the hate inside you… it reminded me so much of myself. And as I turned the pages… the pages of your mind… I realized… that you aren’t like most people. Your fury is righteous.” Well that’s the first time I’ve ever been called righteous before.

“Yes, yes, you may mock me for that, Mr. Bad Boy.” Mewtwo’s tone had instantly turned from chilling to playful and teasing. “But I sense good in you. You want to help Daphne and the rest of the students. You hate Larmond not for what he has done to you, but what he has done to your friends, your family, your lover.” Mewtwo was now speaking softly. It was almost as if he was whispering in my ear… well if someone that was speaking to you telepathically could whisper at least. And then… I heard the magic words… the words I wouldn’t have expected to hear in a million years. “I have not done good in a long time… And as much as I hate humanity for what they have done to me… I realize that there is some good in you as a species… I want to do what I can to help preserve that… and I can start by assisting you in exterminating this Larmond.” No. It couldn’t be. Mewtwo, the psychic terror… the one that could take out an entire secure military research facility with a tenth of his power… was willing to help me ensure that Larmond met the fate that he deserved.

“I never said I would help you for free.” Ah, now things are starting to make more sense. Mewtwo needs something from me.

“Okay. What are your terms?” I spoke out loud for the first time since I had entered Mewtwo’s cave.

“My terms are quite simple.” Mewtwo told me with a hint of a smile? I didn’t even know Mewtwo was capable of smiling… but I suppose he could do so because he was definitely grinning at me. “Your mind was not the only one I was probing as I approached.” It took me a moment to realize what this meant. He was also reading the minds of my faithful friends even though they were stashed inside of their Poké balls. “You are correct. I took the liberty of asking your friends a few questions about you… and the fact that you consider them your friends and you treat them as such… that’s the primary reason I didn’t break your mind like a twig.” I listened to Mewtwo’s explanation and I understood. He hated how most humans treated their Pokémon. And he was pleased with how I loved and cared for mine. “You understand Jonathan. You understand what I want. All I want from you is to continue to treat any Pokémon that you come across with compassion. You would have made a good Ranger, even if you yourself sometimes doubted that.” This remark caught me just a bit off guard. But nonetheless, I couldn’t accept Mewtwo’s terms fast enough.

“I accept.” I said without hesitation as I held out my hand. I didn’t expect Mewtwo to actually take it, so I was shocked when he opened up his purple – red eyes and placed a white paw inside my hand for just a moment.

“I have some work to do on your mind then.” Mewtwo stated after he pulled his paw away. “I am going to implant your mind with all the impulses and knowledge you will need to succeed in your mission.”