This is not ready for grading as of yet. It will be when I post that it's finished. It'll hopefully be multi-chaptered.

Chapter 0

The darkness. It was all I could see. I could feel an intense pain all over my body, like a thousand knives all slicing through my skin at once. And then the heat struck me. And powerful wave of warmth swept through me as if I were being electrocuted. The final thing to hit me was the ferocious headache that was to come. It hit me like a bullet train, and came so fast. It was the most awful I had ever felt; like Death had killed me, bought me back to life then killed me once more. Then, a searing bright light. It stung, and I tried desperately to close my eyes, to shield them from the glare, but they were already shut tightly. I mustered up the strength to open my eyes. The light remained for a few seconds, and then began to fade away. And what I saw was horrible.

Everywhere I looked, there was only destruction. I turned around – the same, only (if it were possible), more so. I faced a different angle. Only the same eerily similar sights. It was awful. Flames, burning up in the starry night sky, proved to be one of the very few light sources around, other than a few small rays from the onlooking moon. They were kept alight by the excellent kindling that the monochrome buildings provided unwillingly. There was silence, maybe only broken by the painful crackling of the fire, and the occasional whizzing by of a shooting star or two. There was so much carnage. The crushed shells of so many vehicles; cars, bicycles, even the splintered body of a child’s skateboard. Blood painted the walls, coating the gray houses in a thick, crimson liquid. It was horrific, to say the least. The rubble which was impossible to navigate between the lumps of rock, as the concrete and mortar was piled high. Where there were few gaps, a spare limb could be seen amongst everything else. It wasn't unusual to see an extremely injured body raising a limp and frail hand, in one final, desperate plea for salvation from God.

Not even a glimmer of hope remained for these people. Nobody was coming to their rescue. Even if anyone had heard their mumbled voices above the roar of the flames, everyone was looking after their own backside. Charles Darwin was right. It was, quite literally, survival of the fittest. Even I, somehow miraculously uninjured, just stood in total awe, not helping anyone. Looking back now, I feel more than ashamed, just in the midst of it all, being generally useless. I was ashamed that I did the inhuman thing of deserting one of my own kind. But it wasn't just one.

It was hundreds.

It was only an ordinary cul-de-sac, a dead end road, if you'd excuse the pun. There was an extraordinary amount of chaos in just this small section of the world – it was impossible to imagine the amount of death and havoc in other parts of the world; London, Tokyo, New York City. Paris, Berlin, Madrid. It was a terrible thought, that's for sure. One not even worth thinking about, that's for sure. Just to think, many outstanding examples of architecture most probably didn't exist any more. The Eiffel Tower. The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Mount Rushmore. All just rocks and dust, the once beautiful structures all in ruin.

It was a dark day in the history of mankind, one that extremely few would live to tell the tale of. And even that was if humanity wasn't blinked out of existence. Nothing would be certain for the next few months. Things would be played as it went. It was a cold truth that it was fairly unlikely that things would end up completely fine and dandy. Many animals were wiped out in the incident; any meat or even any kind of foodstuff that remained was sure to be contaminated. It wouldn't be a surprise if mankind was forced to return to scavenging, like in the stone ages, or possibly cannibalism. Almost every power supply was down. There was no internet connection, phone lines, no television. No way of communicating. Everyone was all alone.

Now, I bet you're all wondering what happened to Earth? Why it is now a desolate wasteland, and how humanity is right on the brink of nothingness? Well, it's a complicated story, and I'm going to explain that quite soon, in the next chapter of this book. And yes, I do survive, which is why you're reading my words now. I'm not going to spoil the rest, as it makes for a damn good read. Well, I hope it does from your point of view. For me, it was (to put it quite simply) awful. Really, you shouldn't enjoy this. We've all been through so much suffering, and I hope this is the cure to ease your pain from what you've lived through.

My name is Brian McMillan, and this is the true story of how I saved the world.