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    Default Houndour's Howl!!

    Note:I am trying to catch a Caterpie.

    I was suddenly woken up by my alarm clock. Today was the day. The day I would get my starter Pokemon and a Pokedex. I got changed quickly and ran down the stairs. I skipped breakfast and ran to Professor Oak's Pokemon lab in Pallet Town. I looked at the table and saw 1 poke ball left.

    "Well, you finally showed up,"Professor Oak said."I'm afraid that Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle have been taken, but I have one more pokemon to offer to you. Well go on then, open it!"

    I walked up to the last poke ball and opened it. A blast of light appeared and a pokemon appeared."It's a Houndour, a Dark and Fire type pokemon,"Oak explained."Now grab your Pokedex and-"

    I was already out the door at that point. I had already got the Pokedex and was rushing to Viridian City. I saw other trainers who were training under Professor Oak but they didn't bother me. I reached Viridian City and saw a Pokemon and Trainer Cafe. I decide to go in with Houndour. I buy two Moo-Moo Milks and then we decide to get on with our adventure.

    I walk with Houndour out of Viridian City and along Route 2 peacefully, keeping to the paths and staying aware about wild pokemon in the tall grass. We suddenly stop outside an entrance to a forest. I checked on my map that I received from my mum to see where we were. It said that I was outside Viridian Forest, where lots of bug pokemon live. Houndour and I decide to head inside.

    Viridian Forest was massive. It was like a large maze of trees, swaying in the moonlight. I walked silently through the forest but then, I suddenly heard a noise in the bushes to my left. I came over with caution and then a...

    Caterpie jumped out! "Go Houndour!"I shouted. "Use Bite!"

    Houndour used Bite but Caterpie quickly dodged the attack and fought back using Bug Bite. "Now Houndour, fight back using Ember."I said.

    Houndour used Ember successfully and had burnt the Caterpie as well. Caterpie quickly used String Shot on Houndour."Houndour, use Leer!"

    Caterpie attacked first with Tackle and Houndour instead of using Leer, Houndour
    used Howl, a move that it suddenly learnt. Its attack was raised and its spirit was stronger."Now Houndour, finish it off using Bite," I exclaimed.

    Houndour quickly used Bite and Caterpie used Bug Bite. Caterpie was close to fainting so I threw a Poke Ball at it. The ball went from side to side and...

    To be graded...

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    Default Re: Houndour's Howl!!

    while im not a grader i can say with some certainty that this it too short a story i advice you to read the various examples of good stories and the guidelines that are posted


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