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    A man smirked as he read the message. Life was good these days, especially considering he found out secrets no one ever has done before. Now he had the power to take messages put on AIM from unsuspecting users, and also the ability to turn them into elements of the Pokémon world.

    He had one being to thank for it. One for allowing him to bend ‘reality’ to his will. That entity is always implemented into his converted messages, sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad. No one knows until it goes through with its plan.

    This man though, was as crazy as can be imagined. His appearance suggested no other alternative as well, his white hair burned from working with technology so often. It was also sticking up as if static electricity were acting on it with no end.

    In other ways though, this man was like no other of his kind. He was athletic, and believed in use of kinetic energy – actually provided by the scientist himself.

    Personality wise, this man was a humor machine. He didn’t like cracking jokes, but just his character would be enough to make one laugh. Hard. His personality though, made it impossible to not laugh.

    For one, the man was as disorganized as can be. His desk was cluttered with various creations in years past, and he could never find his inventions.

    Now though, things were different. The man was a total success, with his latest invention, the 'reality' bender, working exactly as planned. He has become famous and well known among colleagues, still giving a chuckle here and there.

    Anyway, there he was, thinking that his greatest achievement yet has been achieved. He only has to stare at the screen in front of him to see what'll happen in the chain of events that come. Soon enough though, he will regret what he has done.

    Deep, inside another dimension, something is forming. Its features were slowly being shaped, though most parts of the object are geometrical. Soon enough, it finishes forming. Its face is pink, and most of its body is pink. Its legs and tail are blue. The creatures stays suspended in air, but soon starts to move. It's actual a living entity! The creature, not thinking much about what happened, just moves around freely.

    However, it doesn't feel anything. No, this cannot be! Life must have emotion, right? Here this thing is though, acting without feelings. Come to think of it, this 'thing' looks like metal. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not. It could be a machine for all we know, or just something that machines are based on.

    The creature soon moves around, until it comes across a human. This human, a little boy, wears a red hat covering his hair in its entirety. The boy himself is very scrawny, and has average height.

    Soon enough he calls out. "Look mom," he shouts, "I found a Porygon!" The creature soon realizes that the boy is talking about it, and something happens. "I guess that's what I'll go by," it thinks. Wait, it thinks! Gears are turning in its brain, wherever that may be, so emotion must come next, right?

    Wrong. Porygon turns out to be a literal thinker, and no sense of emotion is shown. It's only making connections, slowly learning terms through experience. Maybe emotion might come soon. Maybe.

    Well anyway, this little boy is ecstatic. He soon says, in a slightly higher pitched voice "Mom, can I keep it? Huh huh?" This puzzles Porygon, nothing appears to be there. Soon enough though, a figure appears. The figure seems to be much like the species the little boy is of, but paler. Brown hair is on her head, tied up in a knot.

    The mother soon speaks. "Sure, but you must capture it first. Remember how to do that?"

    "Yes, mother," the boy speaks. This time his voice is slightly more monotone. It appears that to express different points, the boy uses a different style of speaking.

    Soon enough though, the boy sighs. "Something though mother. Things just haven't been the same since well, you know."

    "I know, but sorry. I just simply cannot come back to life." This intrigued Porygon. What is this 'life', and why does it seem to be something important? It cannot be though, its pronunciation is very short.

    The Porygon doesn't have time to think though, as its concentration is cut off from something hitting it. "Ow," the Porygon thinks as the spherical object comes in contact with it.

    Wait, pain! That must mean emotion is also here! Dang it, still nothing.

    Such an interesting tale, the Porygon, even though hit by the object, doesn't make any effort to escape. Soon enough, the object tightens, and any chance of escaping is made futile.

    The boy is jumping all around. "Wow, I caught it. I caught it!"

    The mother though, isn't as joyous. "Remember though, you were just lucky here. Not all captures are as simple as this. But still, congratulations. You're ready to start your Pokémon journey."

    Soon, she starts fading away. "Mother, what is happening! Mother, mother!" This time, the boy is very loud, and a sense of uncertainty is in his voice.

    "Sorry, but this is goodbye. Arceus only let me stay after death until you began your adventure, and now that you may begin it, I have to. Goodbye son, and best of luck on your adventure." Peacefully, the woman fades completely away.

    "Well, I should have saw this coming," the boy thought in his mind. He sighed, he was alone. No, he wasn't alone, he had Porygon here. With it in his grasp, he had someone to keep him company. Someone to let him get through all the hard times.

    Still though, things would've been different if the boy made the dash. If he went and tried to save his mother from the fire, if he was brave. Even today, the boy was angry at himself for being such a coward.

    Maybe this Porygon could get him back on track, maybe not. The boy's blood was full of those who never forgave their own self for something they could have done. On the other hand, they forgave everyone else quite easily.

    Now just noticing how awkward the situation had become, the boy finally broke the silence. "Well, I guess it's just you and me now."

    You? Me? What did this mean? Gah, why is something so hard to understand? The Porygon would probably be scratching its head right now if it had the ability to. This world was so confusing, but why? There had to be something that made it this way, it can't just be this way for nothing. Well maybe it could, but still.

    The boy was now confused. He had a Pokémon, but what to do now? Did he just leave for the journey? Without a care for direction? Did he just head for the nearest town? Did he go somewhere to capture other Pokémon? Oh, this was such a dilemma. His mother would have... no, he can't think of her now. Finally, he decides to progress north without much thought.

    Porygon doesn't understand much of what is going on, but the capsule it is contained in allows it see bits of what is happening outside. Porygon simply stares outside, not caring at all about anything, whether it would be interesting or not to something with emotion.

    The boy himself began his adventure with disinterest in the terrain. Soon though, he noticed all kinds of occurrences he never had even thought of. The Butterfree and Beautifly, for example, fluttered around. The Poochyena didn't roar often, but simply looked around and went looking for food. The whole sight just looked amazing to him. Right then and there he then swore "mother, I will be a great trainer, just for you. Porygon and I will be the best there ever was."

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