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    Default The First of Many

    Pokemon Attempted: Nidoran(Male)
    Needed Characters: 5-10k
    Actual Characters: 3487 (This isn't gonna be accepted is it?)

    A ten year old boy ran out his front door more prepared than he had ever been. "Today is the day my adventure begins!" he announced. This boy was Logan Bacalzo beginning trainer. The day before he had chosen his first pokemon, a Gastly. He was ready to catch his first pokemon. He would look at the grass around him looking for any pokemon he wanted catch. He had been searching for hours, and he'd only seen the occasional Ratatta or Pidgey. He started to here a faint rustling coming from behind him. "What was that?" he asked confused. He quickly turned around; there was nothing in sight. He turned back around slowly his hand by his belt ready to send out his Gastly when he needed him. As he turned around he saw a male Nidoran rushing towards him. "Gastly, come on out!" shouted Logan as he he unclipped Gastly's pokeball and released him in a flash of white light, "Gastly, now use Shadow Ball!"

    "Gas!" replied Gastly in a dark tone. He blasted a dark ball of energy at the Nidoran nearly missing it. The attack singed the Poison Pin Pokemon's ear.

    "Nido!" roared the Nidoran in anger. It stopped in its track and its horn started to glow a light purple. It started to run again this time even faster. It jumped up at Gastly and knocked him back.

    "Now use Sucker Punch!" ordered Logan as Gastly phased underground while laughing mischievously. The Nidoran started to look around confused. Gastly stealthily appeared behind the Nidoran. He shot the Nidoran in the back with a blast of energy. The Nidoran glared back in anger. His horn started to glow again as he rushed towards Gastly again. "Gastly Shadow Ball again!" ordered Logan. Gastly fired another dark purple ball of energy at the Nidoran blasting it ten feet back. The Nidoran fell backwards and struggled to get back. Its paws glowed purple as it attempted to tackle Gastly. "Gastly Lick!" ordered Logan. Gastly avoided the Nidoran's attack and licked it across the face. The Nidoran froze in its tracks paralyzed. "Now Gastly one more attack! Night Shade!" shouted Logan. Gastly fired a black beam out of his eyes at the Nidoran. The Nidoran winced in pain barely moving. "Now time for a pokeball!" shouted Logan as he threw the classic red and white ball at the Nidoran pulling it inside. The ball shook three times and clicked signalling the capture was successful. Logan picked up the ball and pushed his fist up into the air celebrating his first capture. Hopefully the first of many. He rushed to a Pokemon Center and handed Nurse Joy his two pokeballs. He sat down on a chair and pulled out his pokegear. He began to mess around with the radio.

    "Logan, your pokemon are all healed and ready to go!" announced Nurse Joy as she placed a tray with two pokeballs in it on the counter.

    "Thanks!" replied Logan as he picked up the tray and walked out the door. "You guys want to come out?" asked Logan as he released Gastly and Nidoran out of their pokeballs. Nidoran looked at Gastly in a mix of envy and anger. "Now guys training time!" announced Logan. His two pokemon glanced each other with arrogant smiles. "Gastly Shadow Ball! Nidoran Poison Jab!" ordered Logan. The two attacked eachother with a barrage of different moves. They continued to fight for hours. The two collapsed exhausted on the ground. Logan returned the two to their pokeballs and went home. Tomorrow he would be leaving on his journey.

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    Default Re: The First of Many

    Sorry to say but you'll need to add in more meat to this story so it is at least 5,000 characters.

    When you get that many send it my way and I'll grade it for sure.


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