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    Default Electric Dreams (Work In Progress)

    Hello, this is a story to catch an electric type Pokemon. So, hope you enjoy reading this! Details are at the end of the post to avoid spoilers. Comments from non-graders are welcome.
    by MuddyMudkip

    "Matt, use Spark! Cordelia, Thunderbolt!" a boy, in his teens, commanded in a firm voice. He had light brown hair, some few tangled up in locks at his neck, and slightly tanned skin. His attire of choice this day/afternoon was a pair of blue jeans, and green-colored top along with a red vest. The teenager had a violet backpack, slung across one shoulder, as determined teal blue pupils of his eyes were set directly on the opponent, which was another male with two other Pokemon flying, in a partially stationary motion, in the air beside him.

    A blue-furred Pokemon, based most likely on a lion cub or kitten, leapt into the air, with blue electricity surging around him. He banged into a bat-like Pokemon that had a large mouth and four fangs, before it could respond. The electric Pokemon had a long black tail with a gold four-pointed star on the end, and his forelegs each had a gold ring around them. He had large, oval ears with gold, star-like symbols embedded on them. His eyes had gold pupils, and he had a pick-red nose. The bat had a small pair of eyes, and a short pair of legs--possessing a toe each. Its ears were small as well as being triangular in shape.

    A small, woolly, electric sheep followed suit, but this time, a yellow zig-zagging beam burst from her body, colliding with a colorful psychic-ish streak halfway through the air. Pretty soon, the lightning-like bolt found its way through, breaking the Psybeam apart, and creating a colorful aura in the area. The ray of yellow continued swiftly on its way, hitting a moth-like creature with a vague egg-shaped purple body directly.

    The Thunderbolt had come from a Mareep--an entity that is based on a sheep. She had cream-colored wool, a blue head and blue feet. Her horns and tail have a yellow and black striped pattern. An orange sphere that could be found at the end of the Mareep's tail acts a small lightbulb. She also had a curly tuft of hair on her head. The foe, on the other hand, had green wings that had red circles and streaks on them, making them appear tattered. It had a yellow antennae that resembled a kind of berry, and stylized compound eyes were resembled by its yellow eyes. The legs were stubby and red in coloration, while the rear had a jagged fringe.

    Meanwhile, the other masculine-wearing a silvery space-like suit with a capital G written in gold on the upper part, had ordered his Golbat to use a sonic of waves to counter the Shinx. Matt had attempted a Bite Attack, and with his mouth opened wide, he had charged at the bat... Only to get thrown back, and to the rocky, dirty ground, by a strong, piercing Super Sonic sound emitted in yellow floods (by the foe), reminding him of an event that happened/occurred only a month, or two, back.

    The sound waves had affected everyone--except the bat himself--as it drifted in the breeze throughout the wide, open clearing on the edge of Veilstone City. Even the Dustox was taken aback when she had been preparing a Gust Attack. The windy gust was originally to defend against the Mareep's incoming Power Gem attack. But even Cordelia had had her attack cut back. Fortunately, neither she nor the Dustox had been inflicted with Confusion. (This status ailment was a common effect on Pokemon who have been hit with Super Sonic streams.) On the other hand, Matt had remained quite unconscious/sub-conscious on the ground, most likely in a confused state.

    "Matt, are you okay?" the teenager, known as Nick, asked worriedly as he rushed over to check him up. Nick swore angrily under his breath when he discovered the wounds and bruises, thus shouting, "You will pay for this, you grunt. Coast, come and help us out by using Wing Attack! Cordelia, use Charge then follow up with another Bolt of Thunder!"

    The boy quickly threw a Greatball to the ground, releasing a flying and water-typed Pokemon with a flash of white light. The Wingull released was a small, white seagull-like Pokémon. His head appeared to consitute a considerable portion of his body, due to seemingly not possessing a neck. His eyes were thin, dark, and simplistic in form. There were two small, pointed and somewhat earlike extensions on his head. Coast's long, orange, hooked beak is tipped with black. The wings were long and thin in shape, outstretched with blue stripes.

    He then swiftly flew towards the Dustox with the wings glowing white with damage-dealing energy. Simultaneously, the Mareep leapt into the air as her tail beamed white. When the two Pokemon had landed their attacks directly, they pulled back a little and waited for commands as the Galactic Grunt muttered some things, which were unaudible to them. Golbat and Dustox had both been knocked backwards, almost falling to the ground... This was the last of what poor Matt saw and heard before conking out into a flashback. In his mind, it starts somehow-he must be dreaming...


    It was a starry but still dimly-lit evening. Other than the lights flickering in the small building a few miles from them, it was a dark night-for some people... The wind blew with great urgency, causing the leaves on the many trees to rustle and sway frantically. It was on this very night that a historical event would take place in the midst of a forest. No one would have expected that a research laboratory--a power plant, for that matter--would be located here. But that is just where it was.

    Here were the ferns and shrubs, and herbs and trees, hiding the base by night, even by sundown. And in the daytime, the place could be well camouflaged to passersby, unless they squinted real hard, or just knew exactly where to look. It was situated in just one side of the whole woods, in a fairly small clearing. But the area they had was big enough, apparently. It was where the huge, tall trees stood in groups of three;where the ferns and shrubs grew in groups of four or five;where the herbs, moss, and flowers scattered about in the whole area. It was where all these plants and wildlife sputtered about abundantly--a perfect place of wilderness...

    "You all know what to do," a man directed, with a contorted frown, a group of Grunts before him. The man was dressed in mostly black clothing--his pants and shirt were of that color, with a silver-colored vest-like suit on the top. The vest had two black stripes on both sides, and a golden capital "G" on the top-left. His face looked rogue and vehement, with a few scars; he also had partially spiky blue hair. "First Squad, charge in--forward, quickly! Second Squad, deploy, to the sides! Third Squad, you stay here with me. Now, go!"

    In an instant, seven entities, veiled in a mixture or dark and light--black and silver, respectively, began running at a speedy pace. The group split up into two, one with four organisms and the other with three.
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