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    I always wanted to write a sequel to "Demons of the Forest." This thread will be for that. And for trying to get No 100000.

    (edit) You know what? I'll just stick with 99999. Timpeni, you can have it if you want.
    As for me...

    I'm the strongest!

    Okay, story. I'll just start writing a little here to kick it off.

    Let's see...

    Tales from the Sengoku, Part II
    Demons of the Mansion

    It was said that the little house on the edge of the woods was haunted.

    One of the servants who worked in the daimyo's castle swore up and down that she had once seen ghostly flames dancing through a window. When she gathered up the courage to knock on the door and ask if everything was all right, she had only seen the two demon-tamer brothers sitting at a table with a strange yet nondescript woman, eating lunch. When asked, they said that she was a colleague in the same profession who had come to visit. Saburo, the younger brother, had sounded somewhat on edge, and the servant thought that some of the furniture had been violently moved in the past few seconds, but she had no reason to stay.

    After that incident, the reputation stuck.

    Ichiro, the older brother, quietly reminded the nine-tailed fox demon that she had to keep her children from throwing fireballs around, and life went on.
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