The Death of a King

In the early morning mist, over a large and think forest, a calm was broken by Venusaur's painful shriek fallowed by a wolf's howl. Pidgey's scattered from the deafening shout and flew off into the Kanto sky. Groups of Pokemon woke from the Venusaur's scream: Breloom, Shroomish, Gloom, Vileplume, Slaking, Elekid, Electabuzz, Hitmonlee, Mankey, Primape, Bellsprout, Victreebell, etc. The community of Pokemon came quickly to where they heard the cry of the Venusaur. The sun could barely break through the low clouds and the thick mist, but its light penetrated enough for some visibility. The group mumbled to each other; whispers, wonders, fears, and questions loomed over the forest Pokemon.

They came upon a clearing with a massive oak tree standing on the perimeter with its large roots making a decent wall. The group stood on the roots and looked over them to find the fallen body of a Venusaur. Its bite wounds were semi-cauterized, but it still streaked blood down into a pool of thick, red ooze. The group gasped; a few Wigglytuffs turned away, some of the elder Pokemon covered the younger ones' eyes. The fear in the group grew as their questions were now exacerbated and more worrisome. A grass, stage-like Pokemon broke from the crowd and quickly strode over to view the scene for itself. The Sawsbuck was fallowed by a smaller, grass deer Pokemon, but as the Sawsbuck stood over the crowd he said,

“Anna, please. You do not need to see this scene, stay there.” The Deerling stopped and she waited with the group.

“Yes dad...” She replied sleepily, but nervously. The Sawsbuck studied the body from his view momentarily, then looked down in mourning. His large antlers carried a thick, green bush and the leaves rustled every time he moved his head. From the crowd a black, horned hound Pokemon broke through asking,

“What, what happened here? Eliot,” the Houndoom looked up at the Sawsbuck, “what happened, is everyone alright?” Eliot looked over at the Houndoom who looked concerned, but Eliot was glaring at him.

“No Charles, not everyone is alright,” Eliot fought back the tears building up in his eyes; he fought them with a stern look as he continued, “our King George the Venusaur... is dead.” The forest Pokemon gasped, some cried out, and others began to weep.

“H-how?...” Charles said out of shock. He was stunned by the news and stood there motionless. Eliot continued to glare at Charles as he said,

“Oh, I think you know how. In fact, I think you did it,” Charles's eyes widened as the Pokemon around him started to back away slowly, “I think you murdered our King!” The Pokemon around Charles back off quickly as more of them gasped in astonishment. Charles was completely stunned now; not only was his King dead, but he was being blamed. Words were whispered around him like 'betrayal, murderer, sinful, and blasphemer'. Charles slowly shook his head and said,

“I-... I would never, ever harm our King.”

“Oh I'm sure you did. He has bite marks, that are burned! I don't know too many other Pokemon around here who can deal that kind of injury to another.” Eliot retorted, furiously. He couldn't hold back to tears any longer; streaks of salty water fell from his green eyes as he spoke. “I knew we shouldn't have let you and your son join our community. Lee, Henry, make sure he does leave!” Eliot instructed. A mighty Slaking and a Hitmonlee put their hands on Charles ensuring he was going to escape. Charles looked at them and saw the judgment in their eyes. Eliot continued,

“Dark Pokemon always have some kind of twisted, or evil side to them. They curse us, lure us to our deaths, bring destruction, pain, and only want the worse of others, for evil fuels them- this I know now is fact! And of course fire Pokemon are always burning things, and if they aren't, they want to because that's their nature. King George the Venusaur was too kind and blind to see how much of a threat you really were and I warned him. As his adviser I warned him against you because I knew something like this was going to happen... I just wish he would have listened.” Eliot lowered his head again in mourning.

Charles looked around the forest Pokemon for support. He shook his head in disbelief, for not one of his friends gave him the supported look he was hoping for. Charles looked over at Anna; she looked at him with saddened eyes, and with hope. She hoped it wasn't true for she was his son's best friend. Anna was more afraid of angering her father, so she shut her eyes and looked away. Charles' last hope was gone. He looked back up at Eliot and pleaded,

“Please! I wouldn't ever do anything like that.”

“Dad!” yelled a small black and brown hound Pokemon running toward the scene from behind Charles. “Dad, what's going on?!” The Houndour got closer, but was caught off guard when Charles yelled back,

“Luke, run! Get out of here before they take you! They think I murdered King George and they are going to prosecute me now. Save yourself and leave, now!” Charles' eye were shut and tearing up. He didn't want to see Luke in such a scenario, but more so he didn't want Luke to see him like he was. Luke halted and looked at his dad being held.

“But... dad-”

“Go now!” Charles opened his tear-glazed eyes as he commanded Luke to leave.

“Don’t let that murderer's spawn get away!” Eliot chimed, directing the forest Pokemon to capture Luke. A Breloom and a Tangrowth started to lean in to grab Luke, but he was too fast for them. He leaped away from the group and dashed off into the woods.

“After him!” Eliot yelled, determined to catch Luke and punish him along with Charles.

Luke ran into the thick forest. He hastened quickly through the maze of vines, roots, trees, and bushes. He was small enough to squeeze through openings in the roots and vines, and was young and quick enough to make sharp turns, evading any pursuer on his trail. Luke continued escaping until his front right paw got caught on a small root and he tumbled through a thorny bush and crashed into a small grove inside of a tree.

Luke rubbed his eyes and realized it was the best hiding spot. A small cubby-like area inside of a tree stump and the only way in or out was through a thorn bush. Sounds of the forest community passed by Luke in his hidey-hole, but he remained calm and waited for the sounds to pass. Silence; it was finally quiet and Luke lied down to relax. He had a few cuts from the thorns and started to lick them.

He thought about the eventful morning; it was imprinted in his mind and his eyes started to ball up with tears. Luke put his head down in his crossed paws and started whimpering, attempting to cry quietly so he wouldn't be heard. Sun rays beamed in through the opening and warmed Luke's black fur; the silence of the forest was softly broken by the sounds of a now orphaned Houndour and he had no idea how to help his father, if he even could.