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    Default Dance of Swords [Story Deal WIP]

    There amongst the towering bamboo in the foot of Mount Wei-Ling lied a quaint village; where merchants trade for hours their trinkets and other sorts of oddities, where nobles—dignified as they are; socialized with the common men, and where there was without a doubt a rule of harmony above its citizens. This settlement was founded by a traveler, who was not only keen with his maps and compass but he was an adept warrior as well. This trait would have been passed on, generation after another, showing the clan’s undying resilience in combat. During the present day, the ruling powers that stood high in its royal courts were the ancient traveler’s kin—which was now considered a blue-blood line of Mienshao; who governed with such an austere wisdom that had lead to the settlement’s over-all longevity. The village, with its dust covered ivory walls and marble streets had been properly named a name that had been borrowed from the mountain that had overseen it for millennia.
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