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Thread: Come On! Nimue VS Heracross

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    Default Come On! Nimue VS Heracross

    "It's a very sunny day today," I think. Me and my Buneary, Nimue are heading to Azalea Town to challenge Bugsy, the Azalea Town Gym Leader. We arrive at the gym, only to find out that Bugsy would be out for a week. "Just my luck." I say. "Come on Nimue, lets look for pokemon in Ilex Forest!" "Bun!"

    We're in Ilex forest, looking for Bug Pokemon. "Come on, where is it?" I say. I'm very nervous, due to the fact that shiny Heracross live in Ilex Forest. "Nimue, as soon as you see a Purple Heracross, use your Bounce attack." "Bun!"

    I look around, seeing Paras and Oddish, but I'm only interested in the Heracross. " There, Nimue use Bounce!" Nimue jumps to action toward the Heracross. Bam! Bounce hits! "Dodge its Horn Attack!" Nimue dodges it. "Use Pound!" Nimue hits Heracross, tiring it out. "Alright, Pokeball go!" The Pokeball hits the Heracross and the Heracross goes in the ball. One shake. Then two...
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    Default Re: Come On! Nimue VS Heracross

    I'm sorry, but this story is far too short for a Heracross. As stated in this thread, a Heracross is a Complex rank Pokemon, and that means your story should be somewhere around 30,000 to 40,000 characters in length. Right now, your story is only about 900 characters.

    I suggest reading the How to Writer Stories thread for some help.

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