Pokemon Attempted: Machop
Needed Characters: 5-10k
Actual Characters: 1422 (need a break)
Mike wake up early, brushed his teeth in bathroom, waiting for popcorn to be maked by his Mom, An Machop showed near his house, using a training doll as tree, he was training his Karate Chop.
Mike was interessed of it, but his stomach was stronger than his body, making Mike entering kitchen and asking Mom:
''Is it done, mom? I'm hungry!''
Mom answered:'' Not yet, if you're really hungry, go harvest Apples in our Garden.''
So Mike gone to the garden, harvested the apple, sit down in a chair, was eating apple and watching Machop's training.
Mike finally ended eating his Apple, hearing mom's scream:'' Mike, it's done! come now or it will be cold for us!"'
So Mike ran to his house hungry, sit down in armchair, eating popcorn with Mom and watching news called:
The secrets of Aron's.
Mike have heared the sceram:'' maachooop!!, maaachooop!!!!''
Hearing it, mike instantly taken his pokeball with his Pokemon and his bag with some Potions and Berries.
Mike seeing Pidgeot attacking Machop, called his Spheal and screamed:
''Spheal, use the blizzard!!!'', After Spheal used the move Blizzard, Pidgeot got frozen and were looking like a statue.
Mike said to Machop:''Are you alright?'' Machop was looking like he said:'' Maachop is alright''
Mike again said:'' Machop, you want to come and sleep a night with me?''
Machop again looked like answering yes, and came with him to bed,
Mike said:'' all right, good night.''