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    Pokemon Attempted: Caterpie
    Needed Characters: 3-5k
    Actual Characters: none now.
    Martin walked into tall grass in a big forest, searching for a caterpie. Martin after 5 minutes gave up, but before he left searching for a Caterpie, a Caterpie appeared! Martin after he seen the Caterpie was stunned for a while, but he shortly thinked about pokemon food, after he showed his pokemon food (green gummi),
    caterpie fastly came to the gummi and eated it fastly.
    Martin asked Caterpie: '' looks like you like gummis, how about... apple?'' Caterpie looked like he answers ''yes'', so Martin gave his apple and Caterpie fastly eaten it, but a pidgey appeared and captured Caterpie, Martin quickly runned after Caterpie and punched Pidgey, but pidgey started to peck him , Martin picked up Caterpie and quickly ran away to his house, locking the door with key, and said to Caterpie: '' are you allright, Caterpie? I'm sure you want more gummis! I'll bring it , the gummis are in kitchen, wait here Caterpie or look at things if you want'', Martin gone to kitchen. Caterpie was watching all the tables, sofas , a TV and the computer, Caterpie crawled all the way to computer, because he was interessed of it.
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