Childhood of a Lonely Ranger (W.I.P.) (w00t thread 100000)

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Thread: Childhood of a Lonely Ranger (W.I.P.) (w00t thread 100000)

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    Default Childhood of a Lonely Ranger (W.I.P.) (w00t thread 100000)

    "Oh god, I'll be late, I'll be late."

    The woman brushed down her black hair, entangled from flipping over and over in the bed that night. Her pudding bowl haircut demanded to be totally flat and neat for it to be called a pudding bowl haircut. Not only did the woman have to look neat, she had to look professional.

    Ditching her usual white top and tie, she grabbed her red ranger outfit with her stylus. She only wore this gear when she was going on runs or participating in important events- the latter which was today. She didn't really need the stylus, the gadget which calmed rampaging park Pokemon during runs. But everyone was probably going to bring it, so she would bring it too. Her black eyes stared back at her, and the look was frantic.

    "Okay. Where's my necklace?" Groping around her messy desk, she came in contact with something cool and metallic. Her necklace! She pulled it out, and sure enough, her Togekiss Momo was sleeping inside the Pokeball hanging from the plain necklace. She dashed out of the cabin which was her 'ranger log' and released her Pokemon.

    "Momo, I need you to bring me to Ranger Headquarters stat." The woman said. Her Pokemon yawned, before nodding stiffly. Jumping upon her Pokemon, she gripped onto Momo's red feathers with her fair fingers- they were stiffer and former than the white ones. With a swift kick, Momo was airborne.


    When the woman entered the automatic doors of the ranger headquarters, she noticed only a few rangers around. Buzz was chatting up Madison again- even wearing his ranger outfit, he was still covering his light brown hair with a beanie. I directed my eyes to the clock. Two twenty eight? No, it must be three twenty eight. Or was my clock fast again?

    That moment, the doors opened behind me. I turned my back- that was Ivy. She was quite easy to recognize, with her compass hanging from the necklace it was crafted to.

    "Um, Ivy, can you tell me the time?"

    "Timpeni! I never see you around here so early. It's two thirty sharp." Ivy said, a smile forming on her slightly tanned face.

    "Wait... I'm known for being late all the time?" Timpeni groaned. Her afternoon nap seemed to end at one or two but will always be extremely long if she had duties to attend to.

    "Well, you might as well sit down and breathe for a while. You seem pretty flustered."


    Timpeni sat on the chair next to where Buzz was chatting to Madison. A giggle ensued from Madison, and Timpeni was trying to keep to her code of never eavesdropping. But it wasn't working well.

    "Gah, why won't time go faster?" Timpeni groaned.


    "All rangers, please report to the Third Office Room now."

    Timpeni headed towards the door. As the other rangers barged in, chattering, Timpeni seemed to fade into the background as she laid her head low, entering the room. Is wasn't really like an office- well, now it wasn't. The office desk was pushed out. Now, it was just an empty room with cream white walls and a seriously itchy brown mat, filled with nervous rangers.

    "Welcome, rangers. You've done well this time, and I hope to see more soon. Keep up the good work."
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