I was a good gardener back in my days. So I wanted to plant a cherry bush when I was 10. That wasn't a simple cherry seed, to be exact. I'll tell the story to explain.

Back then I was a wee little meatball searching for cherries to plant. Then around the neighbour hood, I was stopped by a giant cherry tree the size of a tree at White Forest...so juicy like a Oran Berry...So I picked up a cherry that was pink and fresh to plant. Then it popped out and ran away...RAN AWAY?! Well that's no oridinary cherry...

I didn't know about this strange cherry or it's species by that time, since it can say "Cheribi", I called her that. I stumbled across a Great Ball, so I had to catch it. So I threw my Great Ball and the Cheribi went inside...bump...bump..bump.....CLICK! I actullay caught a POKEMON instead! So instead of keeping it, I gave it to my friend who was a Pokemon Trainer as a present instead.

So that's the story of me chasing a weird Pokemon at the age of 10! What a sight. So that's the end of my story.