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    Eh, dunno where I'm going with this tbh. I'll edit some time soonish.. maybe.


    In the midst of the forest all was silent, all was quiet. Thick vegetation stretched up and blocked the sunlight above, meaning it was always cool. But, things were not cool. This was a bad place. A very bad place.

    Mushrooms of all sorts grew out from the damp soil beneath. Most of the time they were still. Only when it was windy or if prey was insight would it move.

    There was a slight twitch of a mushroom, ending the silence. Gleaming red eyes shot out from the tangled bushes and a grey-covered bug tore forwards from the heart of the shadows. The mushrooms popped out of the ground and a red crab-like body accompanied it. It scuttled forwards, panic-stricken. The Nincada rushed after the startled Paras, its mouth was open revealing a jagged row of fangs. It pounced on the Paras, fangs gnashing but before it could sink its teeth in a loud buzzing sound filled the air and a red body darted by. Its paper thin wings were nigh invisible as it hunted down its prey. Two of its many hands clutched onto the Paras and Yanma took off.

    Nincada was knocked onto the ground forcefully. It made irritated squeeks before burrowing its way underneath the ground. It was not over yet. The Yanma skirted through the treetops with a big grin on his face. But, he should have been focusing on his prey because a sharp claw swung up and cut his wing, giving Paras enough leeway to slip from his grasp and onto a soft bed of leaves below.

    But, as soon as he landed on the tough leaves, theh began to cry. "Oddish, Oddish, Oddish!" they wailed and Paras fell backwards out of the way. He hopped backwards a little in shock only to bump into Nincada. "Cada!" he hissed.

    "Hey! You boys play nicely!" a Breloom overhead scowled as she smirked at the three playful Bug types.

    "Yes, Miss Loom," Yanma, Nincada and Paras droned simultaneously.

    "Now, get away from these newborn Oddish! They must learn to fertilise with this rich aluvial soil! she added, but the three had long since scurried off. "Boys will be boys," she muttered to the Oddish. "Oddish!" they chimed in agreement.

    "Ugh, I'm sooo bored," Yanma whined as he swerved underneath a low-hanging branch.

    "Stop whinging," Nincada smiled. "You're always bored." He laughed at the frowning Yanma.

    "Whatever," he shrugged. "What say you, Par?"

    "Eh, I dunno. I think my Mom wants me to go home for dinner soon. We're having shrubs again," Paras replied with a grimace.

    "Haha!" Yanma laughed. "I don't care what's for dinner. I want to do something new and exciting. You guys are so boring..."

    "Well," Nincada started, "what do you suggest then, Yan?"

    "Oh, I dunno... let's head into town! Unless... you are both too scared. Bok bok, chickens!" he jeered.

    "Oh, so you would go then!"

    "Yeah, I'll go if you guys go..."

    "Fine. What about you, Par?"

    "Well..." Paras trailed off.

    "Too bad," the other two laughed and started to drag Paras.

    The trio walked on through the forest. The forest was getting less and less dance as they travelled and doon they could see broad daylight. The trees tinned out and the ground grew more and more rocky. Soon the trees died out and they came into thick plains of grass.

    "I don't have a good feeling about this," Paras said.

    "Par, sometimes I wonder about you," Nincada grunted but stopped talking as his ears pricked. Deep human voices could be heard just ahead.

    "If only we could get some goddamn useful Pokemon," a trainer grumbled as he walked past the ducking trio with his Mudkip at his tail. The blue mudfish skipped along, blissfully ignorant to his master. "I can't believe we have already lost to Wattson twise. This is so stupid!" he said, kicking a rock into the distance. "We need some good Pokemon!"

    At this, Yanma gave his friends a grin. "Sounds fun. You guys in or not?"

    "You mean join him and help him battle this Wattson dude? Sure!" Nincada agreed.

    Paras looked his usual moody self. "I think I'll sit this one out. Maybe later," he said, turning back into the forest.

    "Just leave him," Yanma sneered. "He's never any fun."

    Nincada was looking as though he wa having some second thoughts. "Actually... sorry, man. But I gotta go," and he scuttled off after Paras.

    "Ugh," Yanma muttered. "Yo, trainer!" he squeeked at the trainer that was heading off.

    The trainer heard an odd buzzing noise and turnd around to see a Yanma hovering forwards. "Oh, cool. Yanma are Flying types. Everyone knows these can easily beat Electric Pokemon!" he cheered.

    "What a newb," Yanma buzzed.

    "Mudkip, use your powerful Water Gun attack!"

    Mudkip hopped forward and spat out a jet of water. Yanma easily swerved around the water attack. He began to make high-pitched buzzing sounds and Mudkip cringed in pain. His eardrums must have felt as though they were about to burst.

    "Use Mud Slap!"

    Yanma grinned and skirted forward, slamming his frail wings into the distracted Mudkip. It then spat out several speedy seeds at the stupid Mudkip.

    "Oh no, Mudkip! Try use your Take Down!"

    Mudkip shook the confusion off and charged forward. He rammed into the Yanma who took the opportunity to grab onto Mudkip and send high-pitched waves into his face. "Mud," it wailed, before falling over.

    "Get up, you lazy shit! Use your Growl attack!" the trainer complained as he saw loss in sight. "No, wait! Yanma, you are too good! Please stay with me and help my team to grow and improve. Please?" the trainer begged.

    "What a loser," Yanma smiled, "no chance," he smirked, zooming by the trainer and towards the town center.

    The ground was a dirty grey colour and dull buildings loomed up into the sky. Thick smoke billowed into the sky from factory chimneys. It was not a pleasant sight for a Pokemon. As Yanma passed by some of the thick smoke he coughed and began to feel faint. His head was dizzy and he let his eyes droop as he spiralled down to the ground.
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