A Blizzard of a Battle (Ready for grade, Comments appreciated)
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Thread: A Blizzard of a Battle (Ready for grade, Comments appreciated)

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    A Blizzard of a Battle

    "Scyther! Use quick attack!" I yelled from under the warmth of my muffler. Scyther leapt across the glittering diamond-dust sea of snow towards our target; a Swinub. Even as I observed it, it prepared to defend itself, a white veil of snow flew up from around it. "Blizzard.." I murmured, before focusing my attention towards Scyther. Hmmm... Ice beats flying, so that would be a bit of trouble. Scyther's speed should make up for it, at least, that was what I had planned. "Scyther!”Cried Scyther as it prepared to finally strike. The corner of my eye gleamed and I grinned, this would go just fine.
    Wait, no... a gleam? No way! Realization came crashing down upon me as I tried to withdraw from the attack. "Scyther! It’s going to use..."
    Too late. Shards of ice sliced through the air, glistening in the afternoon sun. Scyther realized only too late what was happening. It was too late to stop now, though, and Scyther did the only thing it could, and that was to continue a quick attack against the full-force, point-blank barrage of hail, against which it was doubly weak.
    "...Ice shard..." I finished in a meek tone. Scyther weakly staggered back, cringing. "Scy...ther..." "Hold on Scyther! You can do it, Double team now!" Scyther straightened up in one last effort and executed the move.
    All around the Swinub, illusionary Scyther shimmered into existence, each one ready to strike. One-by-one they pirouetted and twirled towards the Swinub, attacking and feinting before its Ice shard effortlessly sliced their essence apart. The corner of my lips had begun curling up in smug self-satisfaction, however it was soon wiped away, just as the Scyther clones were. There was now a cloak, no that would be an understatement; there was a torrent of snow, ice, water and wind ripping through the air around Swinub. This was the real Blizzard. I looked around me; Hail. Under hail conditions, which move benefits an almost sure hit at a hundred percent accuracy?
    No prizes for guessing that.
    Only one thing left to do...


    As Scyther launched itself while performing a False swipe, it thought about its trainer. He was a good person; he loved his Pokémon and knew them well too. Scyther had many fond memories of him. To many people, his trainer came across as a happy-go-lucky person. Scyther knew otherwise. His trainer knew a lot of battle strategy and tactics, and he was always coming up with new and interesting plans. Scyther wondered what his trainer had thought of this time. Obviously, Swinub had the type advantage, so using False swipe was definitely crucial to the plan, but Scyther couldn't help but wonder if it would be enough.
    False swipe was performed, and Scyther attempted to somehow dodge the oncoming Blizzard...
    ...And suddenly felt a light-in-the-head feeling as a red light enveloped it with a warm glow. Evolving into Scizor?! Was that his trainer's plan? No, no, that wasn't possible without a Metal Coat, which it was sure its trainer didn't have, yet. It was only as it felt itself being pulled backwards, did Scyther realize it was being recalled into his pokeball. As it observed, his trainer threw another pokeball at the Swinub, this one black and white, with an upside down yellow 'U' motif. It was then that Scyther realized the Smeargle that had taken its place in battle. More importantly, though, was the effect of its move. The Ultraball twitched one last time before his trainer scooped it up. He smiled, "One sleeping Swinub. Good work, guys."

    Capture Targets: Swinub
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