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    Default Bambooze (WWC)

    When he was still a little Pancham, a species of panda-like Pokemon, his mother loved him much more than a normal child. Her mommy Pangoro would cuddle him and his white-and-black fur all over his face. She would squeeze his son's cute face and stare at his adorable black-ringed eyes and squeal with delight. Mommy Pangoro would muzzle his black ears. She loved her son; she looked like him, well they were mother and son.

    During sunny days, they would play tag around their space in the forest. It was a clearing at the centre of the forest where they lived. The Mommy Pangoro would laugh every time her son would trip due to his stubby, black feet and she would reach up her paw to Baby Pancham and he would reach out his own digit less paws.

    On rainy days, they stayed at their home. It was a large tree, which had a hollow space inside the certain parts of the trunk. The Pancham would just like to snooze over the wet rain, as the rain provided a cool tranquil surrounding to the forest.

    Even though the sweetness of the two were undeniable, the Mommy Pangoro was a little strict to her loved son. He may do whatever he wanted to do and she would support him through times, but the rule was simple: he should not eat or even taste bamboo. As an innocent child living in this world, the Baby Pancham wondered why but as a loving son, he followed his own Mommy Pangoro.

    As he grew up, his craving for intellect quite grew. He was considered smart by her Mommy Pangoro. No formal schooling was done, but Mommy Pangoro did her best to teach her Baby Pancham the knowledge that he needed in the world. Firstly, he was taught how to count numbers. He learned quickly, with the help of her mother and the fallen leaves on the ground that fall season. They moved to words the next season of winter. It was to his delight to know the Baby Pancham's name, Panga, which meant "love" in a language his Mommy Pangoro never mentioned. As spring sprung, he learned the things to eat. He was taught what to eat and not to digest. He soon learned to pick the best leaves and flowers that he should eat to become a healthy Pancham.

    In the subject of food, the discussion of the bamboo rose to the Pancham's mind, and the curious part of him got over. "Mommy, what is bamboo?" he asked her mother one night in spring.

    "Son, the thing you need to know that you should not eat it. It is dangerous," his mother replied.

    He was a little upset by the insufficiency of her answer. "But, why? How would you even know if I ate one?"

    "Just it is dangerous, that should you know. And don't ever dare to try it, I will know when you tried it," her mother said with an abrupt pause to signify the end of discussion. Mommy Pangoro tucked her son to sleep.

    As Baby Pancham laid down, he self-satisfied with what he knew. He then slowly drifted to the paradise of rest.


    A few years had passed, and the Baby Pancham was no longer worthy to be called Baby, as he became a larger version of himself. He became taller than he was years ago, and his body proportions adapted too. His Mommy Pangoro became older too; her once smooth black-and-white fur became a little shaggy and started to fade to a greyish hue. Still, the Pancham's love was still the same except that things had changed since his own maturity.

    As a bigger himself, he was now brave enough to venture outside his tree. He saw the mighty wonders of the simple forest he had yet to see then. Once, he saw a clear river in which he took a quick bath and he enjoyed the clean, cold waters. The other day he reached the top of a cliff nearby the forest. He was highly amazed by the exhilarating view of the whole forest. He enjoyed every new discovery he found and looked for more, as if the forest was ever-growing and ever-changing.

    One summer day, as he went back to the great cliff, he found another stranger that probably beieved in the greatness of the cliff's view. The stranger was notified of the new presence and turned around. The Pancham saw a reptilian Pokemon, with a hoodie-mask worn on his face, a body of yellow hue and a tummy of red scales. He seemed to wear some moult as clothing, but the Pancham was not really sure. "Yo, there. Love the view," the stranger said, probably an attempt for small talk.

    "Uh, yes. Very nice view," the Pancham replied.

    "Word, bro. Yo seem to like bamboo?" the stranger continued.

    "Huh? The bamboo? No, that's bad. I don't even know you." The Pancham was shocked with the abruptness of the topic change and the fact that the topic was controversial.

    "Gee, I forgot," the stranger said in a mock-ish tone, "the name's Scrafty. Yo?"

    "Mine is Pancham."

    "Nice name, yo. So, fancy some bamboo?" the Scrafty asked.

    "Uh, nope. They say that's dangerous."

    "Yo'r choice, bro." The Scrafty left the cliff.

    The Pancham thought about the incident while looking at the majestic view of the cliff. He then left after some time.


    Pancham saw the Scrafty by the river the next season of fall. "You again?"

    "Why not? Yo don't own the place, do yo?" the Scrafty replied in a tone of mild sarcasm.

    "Well not that point but--"

    "Decided for bamboo?" the Scrafty cut off the Pancham.

    "I said no. That is evil."

    "Yo word, bro. But here's one stick if yo wanna," the Scrafty said anyways. He took a stick of bamboo from his moult-like clothing. He then left the riverplace and went to his left. But before he left, he said, "Yo, if yo are interested for more bamboo, go to the south of the clearing. There are lotsa bamboo sticks there to fill yo."

    The Pancham thought if ever he would meet the shady character and promptly tossed the stick of bamboo to the river. The stick of bamboo rode the moderate flow of the river like an innocent thing of randomness.


    Spring returned after the mighty blow of the winter, and the Pancham grew even more. Particularly, his curiosity of what a bamboo stick could do intensified, as he thought of it during the last season. His mind convinced him to try, but his inner thoughts countered with his belief.

    Finally, at one day in the middle of spring did he try to go get one. He followed the shady Scrafty's direction and went south from the clearing. After a few minutes, he saw a little clearing full of those bamboo sticks. Being in the season of spring, the bamboos were still a fresh green and little. He nervously walked to the bamboo garden, each step felt like rock-lifting. He picked one stick and looked at it. With inevident nervousness, he bited and swallowed the bamboo stick and he quite fretted as if he ate something poisonous. He waited for a moment, with nervous beads of sweat chilled by the spring wind. Until he noticed that nothing happened.

    He was not persuaded. He tried again, with the same nervousness just lessened a bit. Still no effect. He took another one and gulped it. No significant response. He repeated the process until he unintentionally drained all the resources of bamboo in that particular place. In his breath he concluded, "Nothing..."

    "Well, well, well? What do I get to see?" A familiar voice showed up.

    The Pancham looked in the direction of the voice and saw the shady Scrafty, with a mischievous grin like he had purloined a treasure artifact from somewhere. "You! What would happen?" the Pancham asked, in a increasing tone of anger and confusion mixed together.

    "Nothing much, yo. Just wait and see. Oh there it is!" the shady character of Scrafty said, the mischievous grin still there.

    That is where Pancham realized. His small body glowed in a white light. First, it flickered. Then in a slow and steady beat the brightness shined in the body of the Pancham. Gradually, he was ultimately covered in the white light. While the white light conquered his body, it started to enlarge. It grew, and grew, and finally grew. Once it didn't grow no more, the light burst around, and the Scrafty blocked his eyes with his hoodie to shield his eyes.

    There, the Pancham was a different self. He still loked like a panda, but a black cape protuded on his back. His once innocent eyes grew darker, and his eyes and the rings around it shaped into a sinister stare. The Pancham, after recovering from shock, went to a nearby puddle of water and saw his reflection. His face now looked like his mother's.

    "I am gonna answer yo answer, bro. Yo just evolved, and yo are now a Pangoro!" the Scrafty said in glee as he went closer to the Pancham, now a Pangoro, and patted his large back.

    "Leave me alone!" the new Pangoro shouted in anger and in tears, and ran to the direction of his loved mom.


    "Son!" the Mommy Pangoro was able to say after he saw his son running to their tree-home. She ran to his son, a new outward appearance of himself, and tears went welling on her own eyes.

    "Mom, I don't know what happened, but--" the Son Pangoro said before getting interrupted.

    "Did you just ate those bamboo?!" the Mommy Pangoro said in a tone of when a mother scolds his child.

    "Yes, because this Scrafty talked to me and forced me to do this," the Son Pangoro said, trying to muster his voice amidst the sadness of tears.

    "Son, haven't I told you not to talk to strangers?"

    "Yes, mom, I'm sorry!" the Son Pangoro, now conquered by tears, collapsed in the grass on the ground.

    "Yes, son, but I am sorry too." The Mommy Pangoro calmed down.

    "But, why? I'm the one who did a sin," the Son Pangoro was wondering at his mom.

    "You see son, I said you should not eat bamboo. But because bamboo is what you needed to evolve, and I have always loved you as a Pancham. I am also afraid that you would change if you evolved. Please do understand me, son."

    "What? Then bamboos are really safe?"

    "Yes, son. Will you forgive your own mother?" the Mommy Pangoro said, tears starting to well up in her eyes.

    "I do, mom. I forgive you." the Son Pangoro said.

    The two Pangoro hugged themselves like a son who lost her mother and saw her after a long time. The Son Pangoro wondered if who was that Scrafty, the one that changed his life starting now.

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    Default Re: Bambooze (WWC)

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    Default Re: Bambooze (WWC)

    Graded, deleted, in the process of sending. Good luck with the WWC!


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