Arrival in Sinnoh! Vs. Chimchar!

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Thread: Arrival in Sinnoh! Vs. Chimchar!

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    Default Arrival in Sinnoh! Vs. Chimchar!

    The large steam whistles on the large traveling vessel resounded loudly, their sound signaling that the people on-board were reaching their intended goal -- in this case, the lands of Sinnoh. On the deck, Keiji looked upward towards the large stacks, the noise being one of the few things that overpower the sweet rhythm coming from his headphones.

    Sighing to himself, he got up from his seat, picking up his duffel containing his traveling supplies. Looking at the Pokègear his dad got him before he left, he started towards the main deck where they would be disembarking from. His hand traveled to his hip pouch, making sure that his stalwart companion was still with him. The captain was very stern about not letting him let his Pokèmon loose on board, saying that the large iron creature would be a problem. Reluctantly he complied, but would release his ally Kinzo once he was able to. But for now, he'd wait for the ship to dock and begin his new adventure in a place far away from his home of Hoenn...

    Chapter 1: Breakdance Keiji Arrives -- The Beginning of the Sinnoh Adventure

    "Alright! Come on out Kinzo!" Keiji shouted after he had left the port, releasing the Aron from his Pokèball, freeing his longtime companion from it's resting place. Kinzo turned about, and with a cry of its name, tackled his partner to the ground. Normally, this would wind most people, but Keiji was used to this by now, and was able to roll with it well.

    "Okay, I'm guessing you're glad to be out of there too Kin!" Keiji said to his partner, picking himself up and checked over to make sure everything was okay.

    Pokègear... check!
    Pokèball Pouch... check!
    Duffel Bag with some supplies and a kickin' boombox... check!

    With a nod, Keiji picked everything up as he and Kinzo began their journey. They had heard about Professor Rowan back in Dewford town, and were off to begin their journey by possibly getting an 'official' starter as given out by the League. To match his personality, he thought one of them would be best. But Keiji wouldn't decide until then, and kept going down the path with Kinzo at his side, hoping they can have a meeting with the Professor of this region...


    "What do you *MEAN* it's escaped?"

    One of the assistants at Rowan's lab was lost in anger. One of the newer aides responsible for imprinting a Pokèball on a 'starting' Pokèmon had unintentionally... had an accident. In their duties, a particularly energetic Chimchar had slipped out of the containment that it was in before being imprinted with a Pokèball, and had escaped from the facility, returning to the wild. However, the newness of it's environment would surely disorient the fire monkey, and they needed to recover it before it potentially got hurt...

    **Meanwhile... again...**

    What's going on... where am I... scared... scared...!

    These thoughts were running through the Chimchar's head as it tried desperately to find a trace on how to return back to where it was from. However, the terrain was all the same... Chimchar was getting confused... it just wanted to find a safe place... anywhere that it wouldn't be frightened...

    The Chimchar continued it's frantic egress down the side of a path, trying it's best to keep out of the sight of any humans it may see, and making sure to stop any who might even potentially see it...

    **And with our hero...**

    Tapping the Pokègear, Keiji was trying to find to find out how much further it would be to the professor's lab. Kinzo was sitting patiently, chewing on a small treat that Keiji carried with him, making sure that his partner was ready to go. With a groan, Keiji just sighed and turned off the map function. He looked down at Kinzo, who had sat back up in anticipation, and began to pull his headphones back up when...


    Keiji paused, and dropped his headphones back down to his collar as he and Kinzo both looked around, making sure to see where the sound came from. After a few moments, he seemed to believe it was just a paranoid moment, but just as he began to let down his guard, a sudden shriek warned him of something as something hit him from behind, sending Keiji to the ground as it leapt away, landing deftly on the ground. Keiji looked up, and saw that it was a monkey typed Pokèmon, who was down on all fours, growling loudly at Keiji, baring its teeth. Starting to get up, the monkey launched itself at Keiji. Eyes wide open, he blinked for only a moment to see Kinzo Headbutt the monkey away, landing in front of his partner defiantly.

    "Ar! Ar-Aron!" Kinzo shouted, barking its name at the fire monkey as Keiji picked himself up, analyzing the Pokèmon in front of him...

    'Chimchar. The Chimp Pokèmon. It agilely scales sheer cliffs to live atop craggy mountains. Its fire is put out when it sleeps.'

    "Chimchar... one of the Sinnoh Pokèmon?" Keiji said out loud to no one in particular. "I didn't think they came wild... Kinzo! Time to breakthrough!"

    With that, Keiji shucked the duffel surrounding his boombox, and placed it down, raising his right arm into the air.

    "Don't think you can get that in again! When people and pokèmon see my stylish moves they'll see our true strength!" Keiji shouted, snapping his fingers, a hip-hop tune pounding from the box as he continued. "With a resounding beat and sick style, Nezu and Kinzo are here, and we're On Stage!" Keiji finished, pointing at the Chimchar, who's anger began to give way to curiosity. Keiji looked on at this as it began to tap one of its feet to the rhythm, but then shook it off, getting into a battle stance, but keeping its eye on the source of the music nearby. Keiji saw that and kept that in mind as he started tapping his own foot in time to the music.

    "Let's start up Kinzo! Get some dirt in its eye with Mud-Slap!" Keiji commanded, Kinzo replying with a sharp bark as it rushed forward, spinning about briefly as it tore up some of the dirt with it's hind leg, and slapping the brought up debris at the fire monkey, taken by surprise by the sudden attack. The Chimchar shook it off quickly though as Kinzo began to follow it up with another Headbutt. Seeing this, it leaped out of the way into a back flip, firing an Ember attack back in response. The attack hit dead on, sending Kinzo back as it hit his weak spot. Keiji looked on, and pulled up data for both Chimchar and Aron on his Gear, analyzing it quickly as the Aron got back on it's feet.

    "Weak to fire attacks... that ain't good... Kinzo! Play defensively or we'll get wiped out here! Defend yourself until you find an opening... you know what you need to do!" Keiji shouted as his partner shook off the attack and barked in reply, initiating an Iron Defense as it watched the Chimchar, who in turn was watching the Aron in return.

    At once, the Chimchar ran forward, the flame on its tail flaring up greatly as it began to engulf it. Keiji looked on, confident in his partner as the monkey engulfed itself in a Flame Wheel, rushing towards the steel-typed Pokèmon. Keiji grinned a bit, knowing that his partner would be more than capable of handling their opponent.

    Just before the moment of impact, Kinzo, in his defensive, stance, simply rolled out of the way as the fiery creature spun past it, now no longer locked on target as it drug itself to a stop, its nails digging into a ground as it attempted to stop itself. After dragging for a bit, the Chimchar managed to stop itself as it turned around...

    ...only to see the Aron charging forward, it's foreleg glowing with silver energy as the Metal Claw impacted directly, sending Chimchar flying backwards, crashing into a tree behind it. Kinzo stood form, barking its name a few times in victory as it turned around, hearing something else from behind it. Keiji heard it too, the footsteps coming up fast as he turned around, and saw a few people in lab coats running up, breathing heavily as they did so. One of them caught his breath, and looked at the scene -- a Trainer and an Aron, a boombox bursting with hip-hop rhythm... and the missing Chimchar!

    "Did... did you fight this Pokèmon?" the person had asked as he pointed out the scene as Keiji just started to chuckle a bit. "Yeah... a little. Well, mostly Kinzo actually. It attacked for no reason, so we just knocked it out a little bit. The monkey should be alright," Keiji replied as Kinzo trotted up to its side.

    "Thank goodness... it looks a little roughed up, but we should be able to get it back to a hundred percent... one of the newbies forgot to play some music to calm down the Pokèmon... before they get imprinted with a starting ball they can be a bit wild but you helped..." the aide began before Keiji cut him off.

    "Wait -- so... this is technically a *wild* Chimchar?" Keiji asked as the aide nodded in response with a simple 'yes'. "So then... I'm gonna go ahead and catch this... I was coming to procure a Sinnoh type Pokèmon from Professor Rowan... this would be faster!" Keiji replied.

    "But... it was for... you were coming to get a starting Pokèmon and... and..."

    "And anyone who likes this music is definitely my type of comrade!" Keiji finished, thinking back as he saw the monkey beginning to get into the rhythm as he snapped twice, the volume on the boombox even louder. The noise would've driven most people insane but it was just the right level for Keiji. The sheer volume also began to have Chimchar get up, shaking itself from the attack as Keiji clapped his hands, the volume going down as Chimchar rose to its feet.

    "It's alright little guy. You don't need to be afraid. No one here will hurt you. But attacking others for no reason... not cool. But... I won't hold it against you. There's no reason to be freaked anymore... I promise..." Keiji began, pulling out a treat, hoping to win the fire monkey's trust.

    "No worries... I promise that you'll be safe with us. You won't have to be afraid... and you'll be able to listen to jamming tunes all the time," Keiji continued, the small monkey looking at Keiji and the group of lab folks, who were talking amongst themselves. The group of people who held it... or the person it had attacked for really no reason, who was now treating it with care and kindness...

    What will it choose?
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    Default Re: Arrival in Sinnoh! Vs. Chimchar!

    I'm sorry, but this story is too short for a Chimchar. As stated in this thread, a Chimchar is a Hard ranking Pokemon. This means your story should be somewhere around 20,000 to 30,000 characters in length. Right now, your story is only about 10,000 characters.

    I suggest reading the How to Write Stories thread for some help. You should also take a glance at pe2k's Story Board for a general idea on how stories should look. :)

    Also Chimchar is a Mart Pokemon, and you can buy him for $8,000. :)


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