{M} The Trials and Tribulations of Love [WWC]

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Thread: {M} The Trials and Tribulations of Love [WWC]

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    Default {M} The Trials and Tribulations of Love [WWC]

    Note: Just a trigger warning up at the top too, but there is death of humans and Pokemon and also the ongoing war.

    Once upon a time, there was a young woman of nineteen whose name was Fiona. She wasn't any ordinary young woman, however, living in a world of Pokemon. Well, okay, that's a bit of a lie. Fiona was ordinary in the sense that she didn't possess magical powers. She had a knack with medicine and treating people's wounds, but that wasn't really magic. That was science. No, Fiona was a princess, the daughter of the present king and queen of Snowmarble, a distant country that housed many Pokemon from around the world.

    And a beautiful princess she was too. Reddish orange hair that fell to the lower part of her back, stunning almond shaped hazel eyes, and olive skin described the princess well. Suffice it to say, she had every young man within the castle's walls and within the nearby town of Grayview vying for her attention. Fiona had her mother to thank when it came to her beauty. The women looked so much alike, they could be twins. The only difference was that only one man had won the queen's heart whereas Fiona was still trying to find her Prince Charming.

    "Good afternoon, princess," a gentleman said as he passed the beautifully dressed young woman. Her attire for the day consisted of a simple white silk dress and a lavender scarf that had been knitted from the finest yarn to be found in Snowmarble. A bag was slung over her shoulder, and she only gave the gentleman a casual wave as she passed by him, adding in a shy smile as well.

    She'd arrived at her destination, a small cottage not too far from Snowmarble Castle's neighboring town of Grayview. While she didn't really have to, Fiona loved to help people. It was a trait she shared with her own mother, who was right smack in the middle of all of the fighting, transporting injured soldiers from the battlefield to the first aid tents. She'd watched her mother so much as the queen mended wounds and other injuries sustained throughout this war or even amongst the townspeople in Grayview; it was only natural that Fiona picked up on things.

    "Princess Fiona, quickly! He's in here!" a brunette woman said as Fiona entered the house. Fiona followed the woman, stepping into a room where there was a young boy curled up under the sheets of his bed. There was a brunette man on the bed beside him, and a small girl ran up to her mother, who picked her up and held her tightly. "He's been in pain all morning, and we've done everything."

    Fiona nodded, brushing some of the stray strands of her hair out of her face and approached the bed, dropping her bag by the chair that the man had once been sitting in. He'd moved to allow the princess to take a seat, which she did. Her first act was to place a gentle hand on the boy's forehead, but as soon as her fingers came into contact with the boy's pale skin, she pulled away. "He's burning up," she said softly, slowly pulling the covers away from the boy's body. The only thing he wore was a pair of white briefs, which were soaked with sweat, as was much of the bed. She glanced up at the boy's parents, taking out a glass vial full of water and some herbs. The princess spoke as she crumbled up the herbs and dropped them into the water. "Has he been this warm all morning?"

    The mother nodded as Fiona started to shake the vial just a bit to mix the contents of it together. "He wasn't feeling well last night either, but he got much worse overnight."

    Fiona nodded again, and she helped the boy drink the contents of the vial. He coughed after drinking the liquid, and Fiona couldn't help but smile. "I'm sorry," the princess apologized. "It's not a particularly good tasting liquid when mixed with the horehound, but it'll help, I promise." Her attention went to the parents. "Horehound is used as a pain reliever, and it'll help with his fever too."

    The parents nodded as Fiona took a small bag of horehound out of her bag and handed it to the mother. She closed her bag and picked it up again, slinging it over her shoulder. "Just give some to him once an hour, and he should be fine by tomorrow. If not, just let me know, and I can come back to see what else I can do."

    And with that said, Fiona stepped out of the room and eventually out of the house. Her job was done for now.


    There was also a young man of twenty four whose name was George. Like Fiona, George also lived a life of royalty, except this young man's parents ruled a different country. The country neighboring Snowmarble was called Flameshore. Like many royal and upper class children in the lands of Snowmarble and Flameshore, George was a knight.

    Dirty blonde locks fell from George's head, and his eyes were a deep shade of blue. His skin was tanned from being outside so often, training with his fellow knights. His muscles could be seen through his clothing, no matter how loose it was, and it had every girl in the nearby city of Beachedge dying to touch his muscles. Each time George passed by a young woman, they were swooning over him. He was just that attractive, just that muscular.

    George stepped into a small bakery just off of the main road in Beachedge, a city not too far from Flameshore Castle. As soon as the young prince opened the door, the sweet smell hit him, and it brought a smile to his face. Cakes and cookies and other kinds of pastries were protected by glass cases. No children would be getting their hands covered in cake and icing today.

    "Good morning, Prince George!" the elderly owner of the shop said as the prince stepped into the store. There was another small family in the bakery as well, and they casually waved to the prince as the elderly woman's younger assistant helped the family. The assistant also gave George a casual wave once she had a brief second to do so.

    "Good morning," he replied, walking up to a glass case full of beautifully decorated brownies. He could feel his mouth watering at the sight of them. The smells, the sights... they were all so perfect, and George knew that they would taste just as wonderful as they looked.

    "Is there anything in particular you'd like?" the elderly woman asked. George jumped, his attention breaking away from the brownies that had been decorated with Vivillion of varying colors. The owner chuckled, giving George a pleasant smile. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

    "No, no, it's fine!" George quickly replied with a smile of his own. "I got caught up in my own thoughts. The brownies look beautiful, by the way. You've done a nice job, Clara." The woman blushed as George made his way over to a case full of cakes. He'd come here for one thing and one thing only... okay, maybe two things. Those brownies with the Vivillion looked good, and oh, what about the Pokemon shaped cookies? Oh, it all just looked so good! George brought his attention back to the cakes. Chocolate and vanilla, red velvet and strawberry... it was so hard to just choose one... and then George's face suddenly lit up. "How long would it take you to make a cake?"

    "That depends," Clara replied as her assistant went to the back of the store. "What kind of cake were you looking for?"

    "Well, my mother's birthday is tomorrow, and I wanted to get her a special cake," George replied. "She likes vanilla cake with chocolate icing, but I don't know... I want it to be special. She deserves it after everything she's been through with the war, you know?"

    Clara nodded as she stepped away for just a moment to grab a pen and notepad. She'd scribbled down vanilla cake with chocolate icing; George could see it written in her half print, half cursive handwriting. "Are there any Pokemon she likes?"

    "The cute ones. Fennekin, Jigglypuff, Teddiursa... Pokemon like that," George replied, his thoughts trailing off. "Maybe something cute and cheery though. Is there a Pokemon like that?"

    "Pichu, maybe," Clara replied. "Or Hoppip."

    "She likes Hoppip! My father gave her a Hoppip for one of her birthdays when I was younger. It's a Jumpluff now, but I think Hoppip would be more fitting, you know?" George said, suddenly getting excited. "Maybe we could make it strawberry icing?"

    "I'm a baker, George," Clara said with a smile as she scribbled Hoppip down on the notepad. From there, she hid it from the prince, though she kept writing. Whatever she was writing now, she didn't want George to see it, and he understood this as his eyes went right back to those beautifully decorated brownies. "I can make vanilla cake and chocolate icing work with Hoppip. I have an idea, don't worry." There was a rip as Clara tore the yellow sheet of paper she'd been writing on off of the notepad and stuffed it into the pocket of her pink flowery apron. "Come back tomorrow morning, and I'll have it ready, okay?"

    "Alright, thank you!" George said with a smile, tearing his eyes away from the brownies.

    "Would you like one?" Clara asked with a smile. "A brownie, I mean. You've been looking at them the whole time you've been here. I'll let you have one for free."

    Like any other rational human being, George could not resist free, so he only nodded. Clara chuckled as she put on a plastic glove and reached into the brownie case, picking out a brownie that had been decorated with yellow at the top and blue at the bottom. It reminded George of the sun rising over the ocean, and it was beautiful. He'd gone out to the beach front near Beachedge to see the sun rise on countless occasions, and it was amazing to see that Clara could catch that beauty on her canvas, the brownie. He took the brownie from her gloved hand with a smile.

    "Thank you," he said. "It looks wonderful. You're a talented woman."

    "Thank you," Clara replied, blushing a little. "I'll see you tomorrow morning, Prince George."

    George nodded as he stepped out of the bakery. He took a bite of the brownie as he stepped back out into the brisk, cool air of Beachedge. The brownie was just as he'd expected it to be: wonderful by appearance and wonderful by taste.


    About 1500 years ago, there were two brothers named Atticus and Seneca whose father once ruled over the land of Snowmarble. Atticus and Seneca were heirs to the throne of Snowshore, though the former was older than the latter, and he was therefore destined to ascend to the throne in the event anything happened to their father.

    Something did indeed happen to Atticus and Seneca's father. He was killed in a battle in a distant land now known as Johto. Atticus immediately took the throne, and it just as immediately caused a rift between the brothers that had been nearly inseparable in their childhood. Seneca wanted the throne, and he was willing to do anything it took to get it.


    Treason included.

    It took time, but he devised a plan to kill Atticus and rule over Snowshore. The best part about it was that it would all look like an accident. No one would ever know that Seneca had murdered his brother.

    But even the best plans fail.

    Seneca's did. He had everything laid out. The perfect meal, the perfect setting... everything. It was all so perfect, yet it wasn't. At dinner one evening, the lights suddenly went out, creating the intended diversion. Seneca switched on his night vision goggles and aimed his bow and arrow at Atticus' head. One shot was all that was needed to kill King Atticus.

    Or at least, one shot would have been needed to kill the king. There was one thing Seneca hadn't accounted for in his plans: whether or not his brother would bring his Pokemon to dinner with him. Normally he didn't. Normally Atticus' precious Pyroar would be napping at this time since she ate approximately an hour earlier than her human companions. But not tonight. No, tonight, Atticus and Pyroar had gone out for a walk, returning just in time for dinner.

    Pyroar ate in the kitchen adjacent to the dining room, so it wasn't hard for her to hear the commotion or for her to hear her master calling for her to come to him. As she rushed into the room, she blew flames out of her mouth, lighting the candles she could so easily see with her cat-like senses. The candles illuminated the room with their orange light, and while it wasn't much, it was enough. It was enough for the panic to cease, enough for everyone to see again, and enough for King Atticus to see who was responsible for the lights suddenly going out.

    "Seneca," he breathed as Pyroar moved to her master's side.

    The bow and arrow fell from Seneca's hands, clattering to the stone floor of the dining room. The younger man stood near the railing of the balcony that resided in the dining room, his wide hazel eyes fixated on Atticus. He didn't need to hear Atticus' words to know what was going to happen. He already knew.

    They didn't even wait until the following day. They'd gathered in the courtroom within an hour of the murder attempt on the king, Seneca in the center of the room, strapped to a chair. Atticus sat in the audience, unable to preside over the trial of his own brother, and watched as the judge, a high ranking member of the nobility in Snowmarble, banished Seneca from the kingdom.

    "Seneca, you have committed treason against the kingdom of Snowmarble. The jury finds you guilty and hereby banishes you from this kingdom," the judge said, his voice echoing through the courtroom. "You are to be out within the hour, and you will be under constant watch until you are out of the kingdom."

    Seneca went on to singlehandedly take over the weakened neighboring country of Flameshore and eventually make it a much more prominent force in the world following his exile from his homeland. News of this reached Atticus, but he brushed it off. He was older and wiser than his reckless younger brother. He had nothing to worry about.

    Except he did have something to worry about.

    It was a stormy day when troops from Flameshore invaded Snowmarble. Atticus led troops to fight and keep the enemy from getting too far into the land. It was too late, however. By the time Atticus and his troops arrived, Seneca and his troops had already destroyed one town and were about to destroy another. They fought, but Atticus was fighting a losing battle.

    And then Seneca did what he wanted to do three years ago. Atticus took an arrow to the chest and another to the throat. The fighting ceased the moment Atticus' body touched the ground, his blood mixing in with the puddles created by the rain. Atticus' son, Cato, was at the battle, and he quickly took leadership of the Snowmarble troops upon his father's death. There was a new fighting spirit in the troops of Snowmarble when Cato took command, and they were able to successfully run the troops of Flameshore out of their land.

    With the death of Atticus at his own brother's hands, the age old war between Snowmarble and Flameshore had started.


    1500 years later, the war continued. Many kings and queens had ascended to the thrones of Snowmarble and Flameshore in the past 1500 years. Many lives had been lost in the war that had been started by Seneca all those years ago. Even today, there were lives lost in the battles, as evidenced by the numerous bodies laying on the ground. Pokemon had even joined in the fight to help their masters defend their territory.

    "Blastoise, Hydro Pump!" a man called out, pointing at the enemy forces, his armor rattling as he did so. The large blue turtle with two turrets poking out of his shell aimed and fired two powerful shots of water, knocking several people down and creating a bit of commotion amongst the enemy. "Nice work, Blastoise! Now use Surf and fill the trenches with water!"

    Blastoise complied again, this time shooting a steady stream of water into the nearby trenches until they were filled with water. Through the process of filling the trench, the men and women scrambled to get out before it was too late, abandoning their bows and arrows. Pokemon were released, and they attacked the enemy as their masters fled to safety.

    On one side of the battlefield were men and women wearing white armor with a gold trim, and on the opposite side stood men and women wearing black armor with a red trim. Towards the back were the archers and up front were the warriors, though various species of Pokemon were scattered around the battlefield, fighting alongside their masters.

    Beyond the fighting, several white tents had been set up. Women in white dresses scrambled around, carrying bandages and medicine. The wounded were brought here to be cleaned up, and the deceased had been lined up off to the side of the tents to be buried six feet under later. The strong smell of disinfectants filled the air around the tents. On the Snowmarble side of the battlefield, one woman in particular stood out, one who wore a white dress like her fellow nurses, but one who also wore a simple gold crown adorned with diamonds. A woman just like her resided on the Flameshore side of the battlefield, her dress also white but her crown adorned with rubies.

    Off to the side of the battlefield was an older gentleman and his Crobat fighting another gentleman and his Raichu. The men locked swords, dodging the attacks the bat and mouse dodged themselves. Gold crowns rested atop their heads, one with sparkling diamonds and the other with sparkling rubies. Diamonds were the jewel of choice for Snowmarble residents, and rubies were the jewel of choice for Flameshore residents.

    "You will not win, Matthias!" the man with a ruby crown shouted over the commotion. An explosion cut off any further words he was about to say. Everyone's attention went straight to the explosion as black smoke, screams, and Pokemon cries filled the air. One word escaped the man's mouth. "Shit."

    "I think I have won this battle, Frank," Matthias replied with a grin, not hesitating to take the opportunity to slash at his opponent's chest. The blade cut through the armor and drew blood, resulting in a gasp from Frank as his free hand flew to his chest to apply a bit of pressure to the new wound. His eyes went straight to Matthias, widening slightly.

    "Retreat!" he roared, quickly backing away from Matthias. "Retreat!"


    The princess of Snowmarble stood outside of the meeting room. Inside were the leaders of Snowmarble and Flameshore, including the king and queen of both countries. Fiona was trying to hear everything that was being said, the Fennekin she owned sitting not too far away from the entrance of the meeting room. She stood close to the door, breathing quietly in case someone was standing on the opposite side of the door and could hear her.

    "I don't think you should be eavesdropping on their meeting," a masculine voice suddenly said. Fiona gasped, spinning around, her hazel eyes widening, fixating on the dirty blonde young man before her. George had a bit of a smile on his face, and Fiona couldn't help but blush a little when she saw the Flameshore prince.

    "What are you doing here?" she asked as her Fennekin came to her side. She picked the small orange fox up, and she curled up in her master's arms, gazing at George and watching his every move.

    "I've just been wandering around Grayview. It's a nice town, really. Everyone here's rather nice," George said, moving to gaze at a portrait of a past Snowmarble king and queen. "I've never really understood why we've had to fight for so long. I hope that they can come to a consensus in there. It would be nice to no longer have to fight anymore."

    Fiona watched as he moved from painting to painting, looking at the past kings and queens of Snowmarble. As a child, Fiona constantly found herself here, looking at the portraits and wondering what her ancestors had been like. Had they been fierce fighters like her father or did they make others do all of the fighting while they stayed at the castle? Were they like George, wishing that the war would end?

    The sound of a Pokemon being released made the princess jump, and she felt her Fennekin leap out of her arms. The little fox walked up to the blue frog that had materialized from the Poke Ball George was putting back on his belt, sniffing the frog as she walked around it in circles.

    "Froakie, play nice now," George said, patting the frog's head before moving to stand next to Fiona to watch the two Pokemon. He turned his attention to the princess as he spoke. "He won't hurt your Fennekin, don't worry. Froakie's very nice, and he's very obediant too. Just out of curiosity, how did you get your Fennekin?"

    Fiona brought her attention George, and now that he was much closer to her, her face turned even redder. The pale yellow shirt he wore with a simple pair of black pants showed his muscular stature, and his dirty blonde hair was a bit of a mess today. It wasn't necessarily windswept, just messy. He nudged her, waving that they should follow as their Pokemon started to wander off, and the nudge also reminded her to reply to him.

    "It was a birthday present from my uncle. He's a breeder, and when the egg that had popped up hatched, he gave the Fennekin to me when the owner of the Pokemon responsible for the egg didn't want the Fennekin," Fiona replied, shyly hiding behind her reddish orange locks.

    "I see," George replied, nodding. He held his hand out for Fiona to shake, and the princess suddenly looked up at him. "I'm George, by the way, prince of Flameshore."

    Fiona took his hand nervously, giving it a gentle squeeze and shaking it. "My name's Fiona, princess of Snowmarble." She glanced at the Froakie and Fennekin, the latter of which was sniffing around a suit of armor. "How did you get your Froakie?"

    "Same way as you got your Fennekin for the most part," George said with a shrug. "The only difference is that it didn't come from a breeder, but my own parents. It was still a birthday present though."

    Fiona nodded, and it left her wondering even more. Did all princes and princesses get their first Pokemon from family? Just how similar were Fiona and George? They were the children of the rulers of fighting lands, but that didn't stop them from having their similarities and differences like everyone else in the world.

    The doors to the meeting room suddenly flew open, and Fiona quickly broke away from George, backing away to the wall and bringing herself back to reality. Fennekin and Froakie jumped, though they didn't separate; they just watched as a man with graying brown hair in black armor and a red cape stormed out of the room followed by a woman with blonde hair in a simple pale pink dress.

    "Come, George, we're heading home," the man said, his voice so loud, it scared the two Pokemon and forced them to run to their masters. Fiona picked her Fennekin up, holding the little fox in her arms, and George returned Froakie to his Poke Ball. "These fools have no idea how to make a treaty!"

    George looked over at Fiona with a sheepish smile as the girl's parents came to her and as George's mother wrapped an arm around her son's shoulders to encourage him to keep walking, the young prince waved to the blushing Fiona as his mother led him out of the hall leading to the meeting room.

    The fight was still on.


    "Here, take this. It'll make you fall asleep, but by the time you wake up, the pain will be gone," Fiona said, her reddish orange hair tied up into a bun that was threatening to come loose and let her hair go cascading down her back. The injured man took the potion from the princess and drank it all, handing the empty vial to the princess. She watched as he slowly, but suddenly became drowzy. Soon enough, he'd drifted off to sleep, just as there was a quiet yipping from just outside of the tent. Fiona stepped outside and smiled as she saw her Fennekin jumping up and down excitedly. The princess kneeled down, scratching the orange fur behind her Pokemon's ears. "What's going on, Fenny? Did we win?"

    The Fennekin yipped again before running off. Fiona jumped up, chasing after her Pokemon. She was led to a small grassy area in the nearby forest. Despite being so far away from the battlefield, Fiona could still hear the screams and shouts of the warriors trying to defend their homelands.

    As much as Fiona loved Snowmarble and as much as she had pride for her country, she just could not stand the fighting. It was all so ridiculous, so silly. The fact that her own parents and King Frank and Queen Zoey of Flameshore couldn't agree on anything for a treaty just made matters worse. She just wanted someone to win this war, and there was a part of her that wanted it to be her own country of Snowmarble, though that was just personal bias, being the princess and all.

    "Good afternoon, princess," George said from behind her. The sound of metal clattering to the ground could be heard as Fiona spun around to see her dirty blonde prince. His black armor with the red trim was on the ground, and all he wore now was a simple black jumpsuit designed to be worn under the armor.

    "Froakie!" the small blue frog that belonged to George croaked, bouncing out from behind his master to chase after Fennekin. Fiona watched the two for a moment, smiling at just how playful they were being. It was nice to know that they didn't have to face the horrors of the war that their masters had to face.

    "I haven't let him evolve because I don't want him to have to fight," George murmured as he wrapped his arms around Fiona's waist, pulling the princess closer to him. She didn't hesitate to snuggle into his embrace, but her gaze never left the playing Pokemon. "Father says he'll be an excellent fighter, but I've grown so attached to Froakie since I've had him. I don't want him to become a tool of war like I was forced to become as soon as I was old enough."

    Fiona shook her head, suddenly turning to face George. "It's not fair. All of this started over a thousand years ago. We shouldn't have to fight anymore. We should just be able to live in peace and harmony."

    "I know, but unfortunately, our parents are too stubborn to realize this," George replied, a hint of anger in his voice. "Unfortunately, our parents want to see countless people be murdered and for what? Pride of their own country? It all sounds pretty ridiculous and unfair to me." There was a sudden rustling in the nearby bushes, and George's arms suddenly tightened around Fiona. Fennekin's head poked out of the leaves, and George eased up, a bit of a smile forming on his lips. "I'm sorry. I didn't want you to get hurt. I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

    "I've been asking myself that every day there's a battle," Fiona whispered, gazing into George's deep blue eyes. "Every time the troops go out to fight, every time I'm in those first aid tents, I keep asking myself if I'll lose my parents or Fenny or you, and I hate it. I hate all of the uncertainty." A hand reached up and rested on George's cheek. "I don't want to lose anyone I care about, especially you."

    George's smile only grew at Fiona's words, and he couldn't help but pull her closer to him. "My biggest fear is losing you, my darling Fiona." He gently placed his lips on hers, not hesitating to quickly deepen the kiss. The bushes rustled again, and George opened one eye to see if it was just their Pokemon playing around.

    When Fennekin and Froakie moved to stand in front of their masters, George broke away from Fiona almost instantly, grabbing his sword and standing alongside the Pokemon.

    "Stay behind me," he whispered to Fiona, glancing behind him. The princess nodded, backing away just a little, but there was more rustling from behind her. She jumped, spinning around to see men in black and white armor approaching them from beyond the trees and bushes of the forest. Leading the men in white armor was her father, and when she took a moment to look behind her, she could see that George's mother and father led the troops in black armor. When Fiona's gaze turned to her father's disappointed expression, she could see her mother standing beside him, worry evident in her watery eyes.

    "How dare you," a voice growled from behind her. King Frank quickly moved forward, grabbing his son's arm, and George fought him, grunting and groaning. Fiona spun around, her hands quickly moving to cover her mouth and her eyes full of tears as she watched George be led away by his parents. Two soldiers took the prince's armor and his Froakie, leaving Fiona and the Snowmarble troops alone in the forest.

    Fiona felt her mother's arm wrap around her shoulders as Fennekin leaped into her waiting arms. Even her Pokemon looked sad as her playmate was so forcefully taken from her. Even as her mother led her away from the clearing where she and George had just shared a kiss, her mind just couldn't stop jumping to the worst of conclusions: George's death.


    "But mother!" George pleaded, his eyes going from his mother to his father, the latter of whom looked as if he were about to snap. The man's face was as red as a tomato, and his lips formed a frown.

    "But nothing, George," the queen replied. While Frank was visibly upset, Zoey's emotions were conveyed through her words. "She is the daughter of the enemy! For your sake as well as the kingdom's, I forbid you to see her again!"

    "Mother, she's nice and sweet! She would never hurt me!" George replied. "She wants this war to end just like I do!"

    "No!" Zoey shouted. "If you see her again, you'll be disowned! That's the end of the story."

    "And you won't be joining your mother and I the next time we travel to Snowmarble. We can't allow you to have any chance of contact with their princess, especially if she's trying to get you to conform to their filthy ways of ending the war with their ridiculous treaties," Frank angrily yelled, his voice booming throughout the room. George huffed, glaring at his parents as he stormed past them out of the library in their castle.

    There was a part of the young boy that just wanted to pack his things and leave. Him and Froakie, together. Out of everyone in the castle and the nearby city of Beachedge, Froakie was his best friend, his partner in crime, the only person in this ridiculous empire that he could truly trust.

    George stepped into his room, and when he saw the frown on his Pokemon's face, the prince knew exactly what he wanted to do...


    "Father, he won't hurt me," Fiona said softly. "He's more protective of me than anything else."

    "Fiona, my darling, it's a facade. He's playing games with you, using you to get to me," Matthias said softly, taking his daughter's hands into his own. They were seated on a plush white love seat, facing each other, and while the royal family of Flameshore had taken a more angry approach to the situation, Matthias was trying to be more gentle with his only daughter and the future heir to the Snowmarble throne. He brushed some of her reddish orange hair out of her face, a bit of a smile forming on his lips as he did so. "I don't want you to get hurt."

    "I won't. George cares about me, just as much as you and mother do, if not more," Fiona replied. "He won't hurt me. Please, just let me keep seeing him. I love him, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I'll even do it in sight of other people so that if something happens, I'll be protected!"

    Matthias shook his head again. "Fiona, I think it may be best that you stay away from George, for the safety of the kingdom..."

    At this, Fiona broke away from her father, stumbling up off of the love seat and backing away from him. "No!" she screamed. "If I have to stay away from him for the sake of the kingdom, then I don't want to be a part of it anymore! I don't want to stay away from someone I love for this stupid kingdom and this stupid war!" And with that, she stormed out of the room, tears streaming down her face from her hazel eyes.

    The castle's residents watched as the princess rushed down the halls and into her room, slamming the door behind her and collapsing to the floor as soon as she could. She curled up, her sobs making her body shake. Fennekin leaped off of the bed and walked over to her, nudging her master with her black nose. Fiona looked up when the Pokemon's wet nose touched her skin, and the sight of the orange fox made her smile just a little.

    "I'm sorry, Fenny," she sobbed, gently stroking the Fennekin's soft orange fur. The Pokemon purred, which made the princess' smile grow more. "All they care about is the kingdom and winning this stupid war. I just want to run away from it all."

    "Fennekin," the fox yipped in agreement.

    "Maybe we can leave..." Fiona mused, sitting up and wiping the tears away from her face. "Maybe we can leave. George can meet us at the place where we were caught last time. We can run away together, George and I. You could spend all the time you want with Froakie! How does that sound, Fenny?"

    "Fennekin!" the fox yipped again, now bouncing up and down in excitement. Fiona smiled. It was the perfect plan, and all she had to do was execute it. There would be no flaws in this plan at all. No one would catch her, and she would be free to leave, never to be seen again.


    "Princess Fiona!" a soldier called just as Fiona was about to leave the castle's gates. Fennekin was by her side, and as much as she wanted the orange fox to go into her Poke Ball, the Pokemon was stubborn and insisted upon being out of her ball. Fiona supposed that was a good thing; Fennekin would be able to protect her if anyone tried to hurt her.

    "Yes?" the princess replied, turning to face the soldier.

    "Where are you off to at this time of night? You should be in bed," the soldier replied.

    "A Taillow came to my window with a letter. One of the townspeople in Grayview needs my help, so I'm going to do what I can," Fiona replied. Her bag that was normally full of medical supplies was actually full of clothes and other personal possessions she just couldn't bear to leave behind. Some medical supplies remained, but the majority had been left in her room.

    The soldier nodded to her Fennekin, and Fiona glanced down at her. She'd forgotten that Fennekin never came with her whenever she went to offer her medicial expertise to the people in Grayview, and she was cursing herself for not insisting that Fennekin go into her Poke Ball. The soldier spoke, bringing her attention back to him. "Why is your Fennekin with you?"

    "Fenny wouldn't let me go alone," Fiona lied, the words leaving her mouth without hesitation. "She refused to let me out of my room until I said she could come. I think she just wants to come in case someone tries to hurt me. Fenny's very protective of me."

    The soldier nodded again, believing the lie she told. "Very well then. Be careful, princess."

    Fiona nodded, and as the soldier walked away to resume his patrolling duties, the princess left the castle gates and broke out into a run, her Fennekin by her side.


    A blue robin with a red head pecked on the window to George's room. In its black beak was a sealed envelope, and when George opened the window, he took the envelope from the bird. "Thank you, Fletchling. I'm sorry I don't have any treats for you. I wasn't expecting a letter from anyone."

    Since he'd been caught with the princess of Snowmarble, George and his Froakie had been locked in the former's room, only able to leave to receive breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even then, he was escorted out of the room by guards. His window was his only escape, but George lived on the castle's third floor. Jumping from his window would get him killed.

    He opened the letter, joining his Froakie on the bed, and skimmed over it, his blue eyes widening. "Fiona's run away," George breathed, the letter fluttering to the floor as he dropped it in shock. He turned to his frog Pokemon. "Froakie, we can be with her! All we have to do is get out of here!"

    "Froakie," the frog croaked sadly.

    "What's wrong, Froakie?" George asked as he jumped up and gathered his things, shoving them all into the first bag he could find. The frog leaped to the window, opening it with his blue hands, and looked down before stumbling backwards onto the floor.

    "Froakie," the frog croaked, this time nervously. George watched his Pokemon as he stumbled to get back up. The prince picked up his Pokemon and held him close.

    "We won't go through the window, Froakie. I know you're scared of heights," George replied, patting his Pokemon's head. "We'll just go out the front door."

    Froakie croaked, sounding a bit more cheerful than he had the first two times he'd done so. The frog was still wary of his master's plan, but knowing that they wouldn't be taking the window out of George's room made him feel better. He leaped out of his master's arms and resumed his place on the bed.

    "Don't get too comfortable, Froakie," George said, closing the bag and slinging it over his shoulder. "We're leaving as soon as I give the signal."

    The frog nodded, giving another nervous croak to his master. George gave his Pokemon a reassuring smile. Though he wasn't willing to show it, he too was scared about what was about to happen. His plan held its risks, and if he was caught, Froakie would be gone. They both knew that, and that was what made Froakie so nervous.

    If George lost Froakie, his best friend would be forced to evolve into a Frogadier and eventually into a Greninja. Only fully evolved Pokemon could fight in the war between Flameshore and Snowmarble. The moment Froakie evolved into Greninja, he would be forced to fight like his master had been forced to.

    George promised Froakie that nothing would happen to him. George didn't break promises.

    He quietly opened the door to his room, sticking his head out of the crack he'd made to gaze at the two guards that were seated on the stone floor outside. They were sound asleep. George waved to his Froakie, waiting for the frog to exit the room before he did so himself. The door was quietly closed, and the prince picked up his frog, tiptoeing down the hall.

    Every step he made had to be quiet. One loud noise could bring all of the attention to him, and that was a risk he wasn't willing to take. Froakie would not be taken away from him. The Pokemon was his best friend, and they would not be separated. Never.

    It took time, but he'd finally made it to the front doors of the castle. All he'd have to do from here was open the door carefully so that it wouldn't creak loudly (an issue that had been around for years, but no one cared enough to fix it), and then he could just break out into a sprint and meet Fiona in the forest.

    Slowly, he pushed the door open with his hand. Froakie's black eyes widened as the door slowly opened. George held his breath. If this door creaked, it was all over. Froakie would be gone. Everything rode on this door not creaking...


    "Shit," George breathed. He shoved the door wide open, ignoring the loud creaking noise that was caused by doing so, and broke out into a run. He didn't even hesitate. He and Froakie had to get out and fast. The guards would be upon them in moments, and maybe he was imagining things, but George could've sworn he could hear the clanking armor of the guards quickly approaching.

    Out of the castle gates he went and onto the path that led to the neighboring city of Beachedge, George and his Froakie were off to meet Fiona. Soon enough, they would be together once more.


    Fiona stepped into the clearing with her Fennekin by her side. After leaving the boundaries of Grayview unseen, she'd released her Fennekin as protection. She set her bag down on the grass, taking in a deep breath as she sat down next to it. Fennekin curled up next to her, and Fiona glanced down at her Pokemon.

    "I hope he gets here soon," Fiona said, scratching the orange fur behind her Pokemon's ears. "I'm not sure how long it'll be before anyone finds out we're missing."

    "Fen Fennekin," the Pokemon lazily replied. Rustling from beyond the trees made Fennekin's ears perk up, and Fiona shifted slightly, one hand on the straps of her bag. If trouble lied beyond those trees, Fiona was ready to run and hide. Wherever she went, she trusted that Froakie would be able to use his sense of smell to find them.

    "There you are," a masculine voice growled as the white armored body stepped out from beyond the trees. Fiona jumped up as soon as she saw the white armor with the golden trim.

    "Please, just leave me be!" Fiona cried, her Fennekin stepping in front of her to defend her. The Pokemon had looked so sleepy just a moment ago, and now she was so willing to defend her master.

    "People in Grayview saw you leaving," the man replied, his armor clanking with each step he took to move closer to Fiona. "The guard that saw you leaving reported to your mother and father, who are worried sick about you. Come with me now."

    "No!" Fiona screamed, grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. "I'm not going back! All they care about is this stupid war and winning it! They don't care about me or my feelings!" She backed away with the intent to leave, glancing at her Fennekin. "Fenny, let's go. If he follows, use Flamethrower."

    Fennekin yipped and started to back away as Fiona started to walk off into the trees. She'd have to find a new meeting place for her and George. Anywhere but here in the clearing where they'd shared their kiss. He'd find her, she was sure of that. When the armored man did nothing to follow, Fennekin jogged to catch up to her trainer.

    "Thank you, Fenny," Fiona said once her Pokemon caught up to her. Fennekin yipped again in response.

    "Fiona!" a voice called that made the princess spin around to face the owner of said voice. The dirty blonde young man she'd fallen in love with stood before her, breathless yet just as attractive as he'd always been. Froakie leaped out of his arms when he saw Fennekin, and the two rejoiced as they saw each other again.

    "George!" the princess breathed, running up to him and throwing her arms around him with a smile. His arms wrapped around her, and he hugged her tight. It was so nice to have his arms around her again. It was so perfect, and she suddenly felt so much safer now than she ever had since she snuck out of the castle in Snowmarble.

    "We should go," George whispered, pulling away from Fiona, but keeping her at arm's length. Now that he had his princess back and Froakie was still by his side, he didn't want to let either of them out of his sight. Fiona nodded, and the humans and Pokemon were off into the depths of the forest.


    A day had passed since Fiona and George escaped their respective castles and met up in the forest where they'd shared a kiss during a battle between their countries. While the age old war was still on, there had been a shared agreement between King Matthius and Queen Elizabeth of Snowmarble and King Frank and Queen Zoey of Flameshore that all fighting was put on hold until their children were returned home safely.

    Troops had gone out into the forest where they'd first found Fiona and George kissing, and they'd spread out to cover the most ground. It was Fiona's screams that woke her boyfriend up, and by the time he'd scrambled out of his makeshift bed, men in black armor had her and their Pokemon.

    "Let her go, father," George said, his blue eyes falling to the leader of this small group of Flameshore troops. Blonde hair a mess, he reached down to pick up a nearby rock. "Let Fiona and our Pokemon go."

    "No," Frank replied, suddenly tightening his grip around the princess. Fennekin and Froakie struggled in the arms of the soldiers that were holding them hostage, careful not to let their throats touch the knives held near them. "Come home with us now, George."

    "Never," George replied, his right hand turning white from how tightly he held the rock. "Let them go and leave us alone."

    "Not until you come home with us!" Frank roared, his face suddenly turning red. One hand moved up to hold a blade to Fiona's throat, and the girl suddenly stopped struggling. Her breaths became shaky, and her hazel eyes, which were focused on George, filled with tears.

    "I suggest you leave her alone as well," another voice said from behind George. Tress rustled as white armored troops stepped out from beyond the them, led by King Matthius and his wife. George glanced back to see the Snowmarble troops gathering behind him, readying their weapons.

    "Please don't attack," George pleaded, his grip on the rock suddenly loosening and his eyes filling with tears. "Please don't hurt her. I'll do anything, just don't hurt her or our Pokemon."

    "We won't hurt her, Prince George," Matthias said quietly to the blonde young man. "If you're the one to make my daughter happy, then so be it." George nodded as the Snowmarble king's attention went to Frank. "My daughter taught me something yesterday. This war should've ended ages ago. Countless lives have been lost, and it's not fair to keep sacrificing more and more to keep this fight going. Our children are happy together, and we shouldn't keep them apart any longer. We shouldn't have to force them apart."

    "This war will end with a clear winner!" Frank roared, the edge of the blade touching Fiona's throat. The princess held her breath. One wrong move here, and it was all over.

    "Father, please," George begged, falling to his knees as the rock fell from his hands and back into the grass. "Please don't hurt her, and please don't take Froakie." At this point, the tears fell from his eyes. "Fiona and Froakie mean everything to me, so please don't hurt them."

    "Shut up!" Frank roared. He threw the blade he held at George, and it sliced the boy's black long sleeve shirt, creating a wound that spilled blood. "Don't tell me what to do, you brat!"

    "Father," George breathed, his hand rising to cover the newly formed wound and apply a bit of pressure. He felt a bit of sudden relief knowing that the blade that was once held to his girlfriend's throat was now next to him. All he'd have to do was move his injured arm just a little, and he'd be able to grab the hilt of the blade.

    "Kill the frog," Frank snapped, his attention turning to the black armored soldier that held Froakie hostage.

    "No!" George screamed, grabbing the blade next to him and scrambling to his feet. He ran towards the soldier that held his precious Pokemon. He had to save Froakie. He had to protect Froakie. He'd promised Froakie that nothing would happen to him, that everything would be alright, that everything would resolve itself and that he would be able to play with Fennekin as much as he wanted to.

    "Froakie," the frog croaked just before the soldier sliced the frog's throat open. He dropped the frog as soon as the act was done, and George froze as soon as the blood began to pour from his Pokemon's throat, the blade falling from his hands.

    Froakie was gone. He'd broken his promise. He'd failed Froakie, his best friend. No matter what he did now, he couldn't replace his Pokemon, his best friend, the only person in George's life that actually understood him.

    But he could avenge him.

    George picked up the blade, his eyes fixated on the lifeless body of his Pokemon. "Froakie, this is for you. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you, but I'll be damned if I can't avenge you." He ran towards the soldier that killed his Froakie, swinging the blade he held at his head and slicing it off. His next target was the man that held Fennekin, but when the small fox warmed the man's armor with her flames to the point where it was unbearable, Fennekin was freed, and she went to join the Snowmarble troops.

    George's attention went to his father, who still held Fiona hostage. Frank pointed at the Snowmarble troops and shouted. "Attack! Leave no one alive, human or Pokemon!"

    And the fight began, but George and Frank's attention was focused on each other with Fiona in the middle. Without hesitation, George ran forward and pulled Fiona free from his father's gasp, pushing her out of harm's way. She didn't go too far though, and she was forced to run to the Snowmarble side to protect herself, though the running didn't have to last for long.

    There was a shout that echoed through the air. All fighting ceased, and all eyes fell on the body of King Frank of Flameshore. He was dead.

    "How dare you!" Zoey shrieked, grabbing onto George. The young man elbowed his mother and turned to face the doubled over woman, blade pointed at her.

    "How dare you kill my best friend. How dare you try to take away Fiona from me," George snarled. "How dare you try to take away the only things I care about in life!"

    "This girl is filth," Zoey groaned, struggling a bit to straighten herself. "She's Snowmarble filth. You've been taught better, you brat." She stepped away from her son, snatching a blade from one of her soldiers in the process. The blade was held to Queen Elizabeth's throat. "I suggest you come home with us so that we can deal with this accordingly, George." Zoey nodded to the Fennekin. "Grab that filthy fox too."

    A Flameshore soldier grabbed Fennekin, who struggled to get free. Unlike his fellow soldier, he held Fennekin by the scruff of her neck, and the Pokemon struggled, spitting out small flames. Fiona's eyes were moving from her mother, her father who was just restrained by Flameshore troops, and her Fennekin. Her worst fears were coming true before her very eyes.

    "Are you coming or not?" Zoey asked, the blade gently pressing into Elizabeth's throat.

    "Fiona, I'm sorry," George said softly, glancing over at the princess. He was about to continue when he felt a familiar, gentle hand on his shoulder. Fiona was by his side, and despite all of the madness, it brought a little bit of a smile to George's face to know that he still had the support of someone he loved very much.

    "Let me say something first," Fiona said softly. George nodded, stepping back just a little to let his girlfriend have the spotlight. Fiona's gaze fell upon her mother and father. "I'm sorry things had to happen this way. I didn't want anyone to get hurt, especially not you two. I'm so, so sorry, and I promise that I'll make this war end, just as you two wanted to."

    Matthias nodded, and Elizabeth smiled, unable to mimic the actions of her beloved husband. George stepped forward, gently placing an arm around the princess' shoulders. "I'm not coming with you, I'm sorry."

    "Fine," Zoey replied. Elizabeth's throat was sliced open, and the Snowmarble queen let out a gurgling scream. Fiona's eyes closed, and her body tensed as George pulled her closer to him.

    "I'm sorry, Fiona," George whispered as the girl sobbed into his shirt. "I'm so sorry. I didn't want any of this to happen."

    Zoey stepped over to Matthias, the blade of her sword ready to slice the Snowmarble king's head off. "One last chance, George. Are you coming with us?"


    And Matthias' head hit the ground as well, his body joining it soon after. George's grip on the blade loosened until he was barely holding it. Flameshore had won the war. It was all over... or so George thought. His eyes widened when his mother held the blade to the struggling Fennekin's throat, and he let go of Fiona, stepping away from the princess.

    "Mother, it's over. You've won," George said softly, his grip slowly tightening on the blade in his hands again.

    "Please don't hurt Fenny," Fiona sobbed. "Please. She hasn't done anything."

    "Shut up, Snowmarble filth!" Zoey screamed, her blade suddenly pointed at Fiona. The princess flinched, moving to hide behind George. Bravery had never really been her strong suit. She had her moments, but this was not one of them. The blade went back to Fennekin's throat.

    "Fenny, I love you," Fiona whispered just as Zoey sliced open Fennekin's throat. The fox fell to the ground, and Fiona collapsed to her knees. The tears fell freely from her eyes as she curled up into a ball, sobbing. All she had left in this hellish world was George, and she couldn't bear to watch to see what would happen to him.

    George ran forward and sliced his mother's head off, head and body joining each other on the ground. The blade fell from his hand, landing on the bloody grass. What was once a beautiful sight was now a bloodbath. George focused his attention on the troops, stepping far enough back so that he could see all of them. "Go to your homes. The war's over. No one has won."

    The Flameshore troops hesitated for a moment, but they obliged. George was their rightful leader. He was the one destined to take the throne once Frank and Zoey had died, and with their deaths, he was now known as King George of Flameshore. The troops had to obey him now, despite his treason and the fact that he'd murdered his own parents.

    Snowmarble troops, however, had their eyes fixated on Fiona. The young girl was still curled up into a ball, crying her poor eyes out. George glanced down at her, and a weak smile appeared on his face. He looked back at the Snowmarble troops. "I know I'm not your leader, but your queen is in no condition to give orders. I promise you all that I will return her to Snowmarble Castle when she's ready, but I think it may be best that you all return home as well. Queen Fiona would agree with me, I think."

    The Snowmarble troops looked at each other, and after a moment of unspoken contemplation, they moved. They too were headed home. As they moved amongst the deceased, George sat down next to Fiona, who sat up and curled up in his arms. The crying hadn't stopped, but the fighting had.


    "Do you, Fiona of Snowmarble, take George of Flameshore to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

    "I do."

    "Do you, George of Flameshore, take Fiona of Snowmarble to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?"

    "I do."

    It was the wedding of a lifetime. The castle of Snowmarble had been beautifully decorated in honor of the wedding, and the nearby town of Grayview had been just as beautifully decorated. Everyone in attendance wore their best suits and dresses, and it was glorious. A pale, cerulean blue and a fierce, firey red had been chosen as the specific colors for the wedding, and just about every decoration had been given those colors. Even the bouquet that Fiona carried with her had beautiful pale, cerulean blue and fierce, firey red flowers. The cake had figurines of Fiona and George with their late Pokemon by their sides; the vanilla cake had four tiers to it, each one getting smaller than the one before it, with two layers decorated in a bright orange with a darker orange frosting border and two layers decorated in a bright blue with a white frosting border.

    It was perfect.

    "Then I now pronounce you man and wife." The wedding official turned to George, nodding to the young man. "You may kiss the bride."

    And that George did, pulling Fiona as close as he could to him. She wrapped his arms around his neck, a smile forming on her lips as they broke away from each other. All of the fighting, all of the arguing... it was all over. They'd ended it, and now they could spend the rest of their lives in a blissful happiness.

    The past year had been a whirlwind of chaos and emotions. From ending the war to the funerals to the engagement of Queen Fiona of Snowmarble and King George of Flameshore to the wedding planning to finalizing constitutions and establishing official matters so that the lands of Flameshore and Snowmarble could be united under one name... it was a mess, a big chaotic mess. The good thing was it all worked out in the end. Fiona was able to wear the beautiful white dress she'd picked out and have her reddish orange hair beautifully curled at the ends, and George was able to wear the black tuxedo with the orange and blue striped tie he'd picked out. Even though their best friends, their Pokemon, were gone, they still played a role in their wedding.

    The best part of it all though? Their marriage officially joined the lands of Flameshore and Snowmarble under one name: Snowshore. All of the paperwork had been done, but they'd agreed that nothing would become official until they said "I do" on their wedding day. At any rate, no more innocent lives would be taken. No more fighting would happen between the countries. There would be no more deaths, human or Pokemon, caused by the age old war that had finally come to an end last year. Snowmarble and Flameshore were united now under the name of Snowshore, and Fiona and George's marriage represented that unity at the highest level.

    All was well.

    Pokemon: Fennekin and Froakie {2 Hard, total CC 40-60k}
    Character Count: 56409
    Author's Note: It's finally done. And I have time to spare, yay. This is the Fennekin & Froakie story I've been talking about for so long, & hopefully it's enough for them. (Or at least the Froakie 'cause gym, but I really kinda want Fenny. <3) I slapped an M rating in the title just for safety purposes. If it's not actually M, then ah well. Better to be safe than sorry, yeah? Rated for the deaths of humans & Pokemon, & also the whole war thing (trigger warning there, by the way). Also, this is my WWC entry, hurray! :D Title probably sucks too, but it's the best I've got.
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    >last available story left unclaimed
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    also, I feel obligated because Greninja

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    Graded and deleted for WWC.

    This grade was a little rushed (and by rushed I mean Felly said "DO THIS IN TWO HOURS HAAHA"), and I apologize to both Hannah and Felly for it. However, I really wanted to get this done before I started school again (tomorrow); if anything doesn't make sense/felt rushed/literally doesn't make sense because grammar what grammar, I'll be happy to clarify.

    Also, hey, I totes posted the actual grade at 9:30, which means I did do this in two hours, so ha.


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