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Thread: [WWC] The Stereotypical Evil Twin Sister (needs a grade)

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    Default [WWC] The Stereotypical Evil Twin Sister (needs a grade)

    Prologue – The Separation – Whyla

    We were a content family. My twin sister, my parents and I were in our faded bottle green family car. We were going home from shopping at the shopping mall. But first, let me enlighten you about my family. My mother’s name is Tereshkova Mawile. She was of Russian Mawile descent. My father’s name is Furion Mawile. He was of American Mawile descent. Because of their ancestry, my younger twin sister, Mawee Mawile, had a minor discoloration. I think the phenomenon was “Masuya” or “Pasuda” or something. My twin looked very identical, save for her discoloration. Her eyes were golden, while ours were black. Other than those, we were humanoid, we looked like we wear brown, loose-fitting garments but that was a part of our bodies. But what looked extraordinary to us were our mouths. See, our mouths extend beyond from the back of our head. That mouth resembles a Venus’ flytrap, except for that it was black on the exterior, and it has very pointed teeth. With that all, I could continue my account from here.

    “Mom, I’m hungry,” Mawee complained.

    “Don’t worry, honey. Home is very near,” my dad said to console her.

    “Mom, could you wake me up early? Maybe around 8:00 in the morning. I have a date with Blair. He set it very early,” I said it to mom as a little side note.

    “Let me see if I could. With your boyfriend like that, he misses you very quickly.”

    “Oh mom! You are looking at him with your romantic point of view. He just had an important schedule to do, but he doesn’t want to break a single date with me.” By the way, Blair was my Sableye boyfriend. But, more of him later on.

    “Here we are! Granite Subdivision,” my dad announced that we’re home. But suddenly…

    An hour later…

    “Mom! Dad! Don’t leave us! Please!” Mawee pleaded. A while ago, as we turned left, a truck hit our car. My younger sister and I were safe, but our parents got hit severely. Here I am, crying silently as Mawee was screaming at nothing. A moment later, grievous news struck us. Our parents didn’t make it. They left us all alone. Mawee cried the most terrible cry she did in her life. But I just sat in a nearby bench, pale and gloomy, brokenhearted over it. Then, I was near hysterics. Now, I was in hysterics.

    Chapter One – The Hysteric – Mawee

    Two years later…

    I was outside of our house, sipping a cup of sweet-smelling vanilla tea while sitting in our faded white three-seater lawn table-and chair set. I was waiting for Whyla’s psychologist, which I expect to come in a short while. While viewing our beautiful lawn full of verdant, green grass and vibrant, crimson roses, I emptied my tea. As expected, the doctor and his nurse arrived. The doctor’s name was Primo Primeape. He was very strong-looking with his well-developed, brown arms and legs and a husky body covered with light tan fur. His eyes stared unkindly, and with the summation of his overly manly characteristics, one would doubt if he was a legitimate doctor of psychology. Next to him was his nurse, Alicia Audino. In contrast to Doctor Primo, she looked like a nurse even if she was not. Her body looked humanoid and chubby and a large part of her body was pink. Her ears looks and works like a real stethoscope. Her eyes were similar to azure sapphires. I greeted and instructed them to follow me to Whyla’s room.

    Whyla’s room was similar to a mental health facility. The walls, the floor, and the ceiling were white and arranged tidily. The curtains were white and tied neatly. There was a simple, white bed with two fluffy pillows and a comfortable blanket, which was white. Whyla was in her bed. She looked pale while ranting and babbling to her white teddy bear she christened “Ursa”. The doctor held her tightly because she was acting frantically when she saw us.

    “Let go of me! What are you trying to do?” Whyla shouted in protest.

    “It’s okay. We are just checking you up,” Alicia comforted her.

    “No, you won’t do it! Let go of me!” she still struggled.

    Doctor Primo instructed Alicia to get the tranquilizer at his brown bag. The nurse came back with the medication and the syringe for injection. The doctor injected it to Whyla at her left shoulder. Afterwards, she fell limp because of the tranquilizer. Then, Alicia and Doctor Primo performed several check-ups including blood pressure, eye scan, mobility of her muscles, dental check-ups, and her body mass index.

    Back at the lawn, I prepared chamomile tea for us three while we discussed Whyla’s condition. “Is Whyla recovering?”

    “From the results, she is recovering slowly and surely. Around two to three weeks, she will be better,” the doctor replied.

    “Then, why did she go in frenzy when we entered her room?”

    “That is something from the trauma from the accident. I daresay that is normal for her conditions.”

    “How could I prevent that?”

    “I suggest that when you enter, bring an entertaining mood around you. Don’t be hasty and always reply in happiness.”

    “Doctor, I think we should go now. We still had appointments at Slateport city and the news said that the traffic would be heavy,” Alicia intervened.

    “Well, I think we should go now. We will return after a few weeks or so. Just call us when there will be an emergency, which I hope there would be none,” the doctor said, and they went off.

    Chapter Two – The Argument – Mawee

    Three weeks later…

    “Are you sure? Would it be all right?” Blair asked me. Blair was my boyfriend. He was a Sableye. He was a purple-colored humanoid Pokemon with eyes of diamonds, literally. He had sharp claws, but he doesn’t use it much. His abdomen had a single gem on both front and back of its body. Because he was shorter than me and he looks elfish with his ears, I sometimes call him “Elfie” affectionately.

    “Don’t worry. She will be alright. I’m sure she already accepted this.” In the past, Blair and Whyla were the couple. But after the incident, they lost touch in each other. A year ago, our bond was formed. But when Whyla knew this, she went in frenzy. She had to be medicated again. But as time passed by, Whyla accepted our relationship.

    “Just don’t make her go wild. Promise?”

    “I promise,” I said before I enter Whyla’s room.

    “Go on, I believe you.”

    I entered Whyla’s room with a white teddy bear on my hands as a gift. I went nearer to Whyla and said, “Whyla, I brought you a bear. Look, it’s white. It’s your favorite color, isn’t?”

    “Um, thanks. Go on, you may leave now. I know you have something with Blair later.”

    “But, I thought you already accepted us?” I wondered in shock.

    “Is that what you think? I would never give someone that easily. He is not a teddy bear, if you don’t know.”

    “I know he’s your friend. Plus, he asked me to be his new friend. I never stole him from you.”

    “Haha excuses. The same old excuses. You must hear whatever you are saying. They are so pathetic. Your excuses are clichés that keep on ringing in my mind. Aren’t you fed up with your babblings?”

    “Whyla, I’m just telling the truth!”

    “The truth?! You think that’s the truth? That’s a lie and one of your excuses. In fact, you said that to me five weeks ago. You said it the exact way you said it to me then.”

    “Fine, I’ll let you think that.” Silence followed my dialogue.

    “Okay, let me think for a while. Just sit somewhere outside near the door. I’ll call you.” Whyla requested.

    “Sure, if that will make you calm down,” I followed and went outside.

    Chapter Three – The Switch – Whyla

    I took a bottle in a wooden drawer they put in my room last week. I poured half of it in a glass of orange juice. I mixed it thoroughly for this is my revenge against my twin sister. “Mawee, you can get inside now.”

    Mawee entered my room, looking nervous with my responses. “Now, what would you say?” she asked.

    “I’ll finally accept you two as a couple. But first, drink this as a sign of our peace agreement.” I held the juice and gave it to her. She took it and drank it.

    “Now, is it okay?” Mawee asked before she dropped on the floor.

    “Perfect. My plan is working well.” I put her in my bed while I got a case of contact lenses for me and for my sister. I wore the black pair of lenses so that I could act as Mawee, and I put the yellow ones to her. I left outside to see Blair.

    Outside, Blair was waiting impatiently outside. “So, how was it?”

    I used Fake Tears, a signature move of mine. “She was insane! She made horrible accusations and curses! I can’t believe it!”

    “It’s alright. Let her move on. Shall we go now?”

    “Okay. Her doctor will come soon.” After that, we left. I can’t believe he was fooled with that.

    Chapter Four – The Mistaken – Alicia

    The doctor and I reached Mawee’s home around noon. Mawee instructed us to enter inside and do all the check-ups without her because she was in a date with her boyfriend. We entered Whyla’s room and saw her sleeping peacefully. Waking her up was a terrible mistake, because she went wild saying, “Let me go! I’m not Whyla, I’m Mawee! I’m telling the truth!” We did not believe in her because Mawee reported that she tended to say lies all the time. I took her tranquilizer and shot it into her bloodstream. She went limp and we did all the check-ups. After the sessions, we discussed her condition.

    “That’s weird. Why would she say that she was Mawee?” Doctor Primo wondered.

    “Maybe it’s another mental disorder of hers,” I hypothesized.

    “Maybe. Just maybe. We will do more check-ups next time. Alright, we should leave.”

    “Yes, doctor.” I replied.

    Chapter Five – The Secret – Whyla

    Five weeks later…

    I was waiting outside Granite Subdivision for an important but well-kept secret package. Around ten minutes, Macky Makuhita came with the little vial of the liquid that makes Mawee insane. “Here you go! Now, the payment?” he said, giving the container. He was a jolly, plump yellow Pokemon that resembled a sumo wrestler.

    “Here’s the payment. Make sure nobody knows this negotiation. You know what it would risk.”

    “Sure, trust me. Oh well, I’m off!” He went back from where he came from.

    I held the vial full of the harmful medicine, the key for making Mawee helpless, just like me previously. I put the medicine in a syringe as I entered the room of Mawee. She was sleeping, with the aid of the tranquilizer she got shot a while ago. I injected it to her body and letting it flow through her brain. Little by little, the drug makes her insane as days had gone by. I left silently so as not to get caught.

    Final Chapter – The Remedy – Mawee

    A month passed by. I talked to weird characters on the wall. They said nonsense to me. Yet, they were my only company that understood me. Since the day Whyla made us switch places, I never left this room. I feel lonely, sullen, pale, and insane. “So Whyla, is that what you like? Fine, I surrender,” I talked to myself. I crept to get a knife on the wooden drawer on my room. “Goodbye, Whyla.” My final words as I slit my throat to the next chapter of my life.

    Pokemon: Mawile
    Target: 10-20k
    Characters: 10,771
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    Default Re: [WWC] The Stereotypical Evil Twin Sister (needs a grade)

    I'll go ahead and claim this. I'll try to have a grade ready for you by Monday at the latest. (:
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    Default Re: [WWC] The Stereotypical Evil Twin Sister (needs a grade)

    Once upon a time, a grade was here. This fun guy who went by WWC came along and erased it though. That meanie, WWC, deleting my hard work. :(

    > graded, posted, deleted, & PM'd to the author.

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