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    My name is Ash K., and today was just another day for me. My Pokémon friends and partners and I were relaxing in a forest clearing and enjoying a nice lunch. Cinccino, a little white Pokémon with long tufts of hair on its head, around its neck, and as a tail, was obsessively cleaning everything around. Gardevoir, a Pokémon that looks like a human with a flowing white dress, blue hair that conceals one eye, blue, three-fingered hands, and a red spike through her chest, and Gallade, who looks like a human with puffy pants, blue hair covering one eye, a red spike on his head and one through his chest, and arms that reach out in both directions after the elbows with three fingers on one side, were making out on the edge of the forest. Lucario, a Pokémon with black legs and feet, red midsection and tail, black waist, silvery-blue torso with a silver spike, black shoulders, red arms with black hands and silver spikes on her wrists, a red head with a band of black wrapping around like a blindfold and another stripe of black coming over her head, red pupils, red ears with black insides, and two black sensors on each side, was lying down on the wet grass, barely aware of the auras of her surroundings. Dragonite, a large green dragon with tan scales on the front and bottom of his body and the underside of his tail, green legs and hands with three white talons on each, tiny purple wings with a green top, a green head that sticks out farther at the bottom with a mouth and tiny nostrils on it, dark colored eyes, white antennae, and a little green horn at the top, was exercising his wings by flying around the skies watching for danger. Alakazam, a yellow, humanoid Pokémon with a face that had triangular parts on each side and pointed ears on the top, was using Telekinesis to manipulating a lot of the surrounding objects.
    Lucario and I sensed a group of people approaching and Dragonite also saw them coming and landed. We all tensed and waited to see who they were and what they wanted. Soon three people emerged in the clearing, wearing shirts that had big red R’s on them. Each quickly sent out a Pokémon. A Honchkrow, Weavile, and Scrafty appeared. Lucario, Cinccino, Dragonite, and Alakazam quickly rushed by my side as we prepared to deal with the threat. It took a moment to realize that Gallade and Gardevoir were too engaged with each other to notice anything. Weavile rushed at them and unleashed a Night Slash on Gardevoir, swiping its claws rapidly. Gallade became completely enraged at this and got right next to Weavile, then started hitting it repeatedly with any part of his body he could in what I recognized as Close Combat. Weavile fell unconscious, but as Gallade faced his fallen opponent he missed seeing Honchkrow coming in from behind, glowing blue, using Brave Bird. The attack hit Gallade critically and Gallade fell to the ground, in serious trouble. Gardevoir put her hands together and began speaking quickly and quietly. She then fell and Gallade got up, seemingly in perfect health. Upon seeing what Gardevoir had done, he created a ring of sharp rocks around himself, then fired them off at Honchkrow, who was looping back around to strike again. Most of them hit Honchkrow and knocked it right out of the sky. I saw Scrafty sneaking towards them trying to finish them off, and told Lucario and Dragonite to intercept it. Both began running faster than the eye could see and struck Scrafty with the combined might of their ExtremeSpeeds. Scrafty’s right fist began glowing blue as it swung at Dragonite, but Lucario jumped up and hit Scrafty in the face with Hi Jump Kick, knocking it out.
    The three Team Rocket thugs quickly called back their Pokémon and fled, never having said a word. I could tell that Gardevoir was seriously injured after using Healing Wish however, and needed immediate medical attention. Gallade insisted on being the one to carry her and we all ran off, with Dragonite leading the way from the sky. About an hour later, we reached a Pokémon Center and Nurse Joy and her Blissey began examining Gardevoir. Lucario and I used our powers of aura to monitor how Gardevoir was doing. About an hour after we arrived, Lucario and I felt something strange occur with Gardevoir’s aura, and then it seemed to split in two. Lucario told Gallade of our findings, and he began to cry, fearing what could have possibly happened to cause this. Meanwhile, I went to check with Nurse Joy what had happened. Nurse Joy came out of Gardevoir’s room carrying a somewhat spherical object, about a foot long in one direction and eight inches in the other with brown spots on it. I immediately recognized it as a Pokémon egg and was filled with joy, finally understanding why Gardevoir’s aura had seemed to split. Nurse Joy also explained that Gardevoir was well on her way to recovering, and that she just needed a good night’s rest now. I walked as quickly as I could without risking dropping the egg I was now carry to explain what had happened to Gallade and the others.
    Gallade was overjoyed to find that not only was Gardevoir recovering, but also of their new unborn child. We all decided to stay with Gardevoir for the night. Cinccino kept cleaning everything in the room with her tufts of hair. Alakazam kept using Telekinesis on whatever she saw. Once her gaze drifted towards the egg, but Gallade shouted, “Don’t you even think about doing anything to this egg!” Alakazam went back to bending and unbending the spoons she held for a while after that, ashamed more of being told off than of what she was going to do. She enjoyed showing off with her amazing Psychic powers. Dragonite was taking a nap in one of the other beds in the room. Gallade was kneeling by Gardevoir’s bed, holding the egg carefully between them with his right hand over it, glowing red with a Fire Punch to keep the egg warm and whispering loving words to Gardevoir. Lucario was meditating, examining the auras of all life within a large radius. I was telling Professor Oak about Team Rocket’s appearance over a videophone, and we were both worried about what they might be planning. Often when Team Rocket members are defeated they return with reinforcements, and rumors of Team Rocket having some sort of legendary Pokémon were going around.
    The next day we all set off on our journey again, wary of Team Rocket. Not too long after we set out, we were ambushed by a group of Team Rocket members, including their leader, Giovanni. Giovanni throws a Poké Ball and says, “Darkrai, Dark Void!” A large, black Pokémon with a red necklace and something white on its head appears and creates very dark spheres and hurls them at us. Alakazam attempted to use her Telekinesis to return one of them to Darkrai, but it collides with another one and they both dissipate. Gallade used Protect, but he wasn’t close enough to Gardevoir for it to help her and their egg too. Dragonite dodged several of them and then tried to use Safeguard, but Darkrai, seeing what he was planning, hit him with an Ice Beam, which knocked him out. Lucario and I both tried to use our auras to protect everyone, but Darkrai was too powerful for us to create large enough shields to encompass everyone and block the Dark Voids, as we found out when it hit Alakazam, so we just protected ourselves. Cinccino and Gardevoir were also put to sleep, and another Team Rocket member sent out a Honchkrow to use Haze. When it cleared, Alakazam, Cinccino, Dragonite, Gardevoir, and the egg were gone. Gallade wanted to run right after them, but I convinced him we needed reinforcements. So we went back to the Pokémon Center and I had Professor Oak send me all of my Pokémon, not caring one bit about the normal six Pokémon limit when my friends and partners were in trouble. We would have to fight through all of Team Rocket and we would need all the help we could get. Before we began our quest, a teenage girl came up to me and begged me to help get the wild Porygon and Cottonee she was looking after back from someone who stole them with the help of a Darkrai. I knew this was Team Rocket and promised I would help.
    And thus our epic quest began, my 65 remaining Pokémon and me against all of Team Rocket. Aggron and Arcanine were particularly sympathetic to Gallade’s rage, having been in love and separated before. Togekiss, Staraptor, Charizard, Salamence, Altaria, and Masquerian all set out to try and find them from the sky. Meanwhile Lucario and I used our powers of aura to try and get a vague idea what direction to go by searching for where groups of people were. We sensed a large group of people running in an approximately southerly direction, so we set out in that direction. Not too long later, we stopped along the path, because Lucario and I sensed an ambush. Lucario used Foresight, illuminating the area and revealing the ambush. The four Team Rocket members who had been planning the ambushed jumped out and each sent out a Pokémon. A Gengar, Chandelure, Froslass, and Spiritomb appeared from their Poké Balls. “Hydreigon, Weavile, Cacturne, Mismagius, you ready?” They all came to face their opponents. Hydreigon started by firing a beam of odd black matter at Froslass. Froslass went up a bit to avoid the Dark Pulse and created a sphere of light blue energy, out of which three beams appeared, each bending a bit and headed to Hydreigon. Hydreigon spewed fire from its puppet-like heads. The Flamethrower melted the icy energy of the Ice Beam and hit Froslass, knocking it down. Gengar and Spiritomb created blobs of gray that they hurled at Mismagius, who fainted.
    “Mismagius, return,” I said, recalling him to his Poké Ball. I mentally considered the number 64, the remaining Pokémon I had to battle Team Rocket with. Weavile rushed at Chandelure and started hitting it repeatedly with Beat Up. After several hits Chandelure fainted, but Weavile became engulfed in flames, burned by Chandelure’s Flame Body. Gengar created an orange sphere of energy and hurled the Focus Blast at Weavile. Cacturne jumped in front of Weavile with an ominous purple outline. Gengar’s Focus Blast hit Cacturne midair and he fainted. However, two purple spirals appeared from Cacturne’s eyes and flew straight at Gengar, who fainted instantly to the Destiny Bond.
    “Hydreigon, use Draco Meteor,” I suggested. Hydreigon agreed with my idea and gathered all of her Dragon-type energy. She then fired it into the sky and it split into a rain of red energy that fell in an approximate circle around Hydreigon. Several of them hit Spiritomb, who fell and retreated into the Odd Keystone. As soon as the battle ended, Espeon came over to Weavile and rang a bell, with a pure, soothing note. The Heal Bell cured Weavile of his burn. I recalled Cacturne to his Poké Ball and thanked him for his help.
    We continued on our epic quest, still very wary of the possibility of another Team Rocket ambush. This time the only warning we got was Salamence’s Roar. After that, Salamence flew down, pursuing a Honchkrow, Crobat, Drifblim, and Delibird. Salamence’s head became surrounded in pink light and she charged full-force at Honchkrow. Honchkrow blew Icy cold Wind at Salamence while Delibird summoned forth a Blizzard to strike Salamence. Salamence’s pink aura from Zen Headbutt faded and was replaced by a layer of ice. The frozen Salamence fell to the ground. Upon impact, the ice broken and Salamence was left collapsed on the ground.
    “Hydreigon, Chandelure, Eelektross, Gliscor, go get them!” I suggested to my Pokémon. They all rose to the challenge and confronted their Flying opponents. Hydreigon fired a beam of blobby dark colored matter at Drifblim, Chandelure spun rapidly and released a spray of fire towards Delibird, Eelektross became cloaked in a yellow light and then fired an electric bolt at Crobat, and Gliscor created a ring of stones around itself and started shooting them towards Honchkrow. Drifblim began moving incredible fast and agilely to avoid the Dark Pulse, hitting Hydreigon with Acrobatics. Delibird fired a storm of icy blue energy towards the Flamethrower, but it quickly overcame the Blizzard and knocked out Delibird. Crobat started flapping its four wings quicky and released a torrent of red wind to counter the Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt and Heat Wave collided and created an explosion, making Honchkrow unable to successfully avoid Gliscor’s Stone Edge, which took it out. Crobat and Drifblim snuck out of the thick smoke and both used Acrobatics, nimbly striking my watching Leavanny, who cried out in pain and doubled over. Masquerain appeared from the sky and used Defog, blowing a nice gust of wind at the thick smoke to clear it. Hydreigon shot up another Draco Meteor, which exploded in the air and hit both Crobat and Drifblim. Crobats falls from the sky, but Drifblim retaliates with a gust of blue energy. The Icy Wind hits Hydreigon and Gliscor, who was hovering nearby, preparing a Stone Edge. Both fall from the sky. Eelektross unleashes a full-force Thunder on Drifblim, zapping it right out of the sky.
    I recall my fallen friends Salamence, Leavanny, Hydreigon, and Gliscor, down to 59 Pokémon. We continue on our way for a while until we reach a forest with a lot of berry trees, so we decide to stop for a meal. While we’re eating the legendary birds of Kanto, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres fly in and surround us. Ditto, Machamp, and Roserade confront Moltres, while Cradily, Crobat, and Flygon face of against Articuno and Raichu, Pikachu, and Eelektross attempt to deal with Zapdos. Moltres creates a cyclone of wind, which sucks in all three of its opponents. Ditto Transforms into Moltres and flies out of the Hurricane. Roserade grabs a leaf that was also sucked into the Hurricane and begins to play a sweet melody. Moltres was lulled to sleep by Roserade’s GrassWhistle. The Hurricane dissipated and Roserade and Machamp crashed to the ground. Meanwhile, Articuno summoned forth a Blizzard to strike all three of its opponents. Crobat countered with the warm airflow of a Heat Wave, but Crobat was too far away from Cradily and Flygon to save them. Both fell unconscious to the ground. The Heat Wave fought through the Blizzard and burned the legendary Articuno. Articuno flash froze Crobat to extremely low temperatures with Sheer Cold in anger. The four Electric types fought viciously, with Pikachu and Raichu both launching full power Thunders at Zapdos, who countered with its own Thunder. Eelektross, realizing Electric moves wouldn’t work against the legendary bird of thunder, summoned forth a barrage of rocks to strike Zapdos from above. The Rock Slide slammed Zapdos to the ground and pinned it under heavy boulders. Pikachu, seeing Articuno triumphed over its opponents, hit it with a mighty Thunderbolt and knocked it from the sky. Moltres fell to the ground, unable to stay airborne while asleep. Machamp opened a huge crevice in the earth and dropped all three legendary birds into the Fissure.
    I took out three Poké Balls and shot three beams of red energy, returning Flygon, Cradily, and Crobat to have a well-deserved rest. My 56 remaining Pokémon and I continued on our way in search of Team Rocket’s base. Lucario and I both felt a large group of people and Pokémon in a nearby clearing, including a Darkrai. We both knew this must be the base of Team Rocket, but with the number of people and Pokémon there was still a massive fight to come. I telepathically contacted Togekiss, Staraptor, Charizard, Salamence, and Altaria and told them we would need them on the ground now. We all emerged in the clearing to find almost all of Team Rocket waiting for us, with Giovanni’s Darkrai ready for battle.
    “Espeon, Gallade, Aggron, Arcanine, prepare for battle,” I announced. Just as I expected, Darkrai sent out black spheres to try and encase all of them and put them to sleep. Espeon knew what I had planned and jumped in front of as many of them as it could. They were bounced back at Darkrai by Espeon’s special ability Magic Bounce. Giovanni ordered Darkrai to defend itself with Substitute. Darkrai was replaced by an illusionary copy and shifted itself away from the attack. The Substitute was unaffected by Dark Void, but Giovanni realized that it wouldn’t work while I still had Espeon fit for battle. Gallade ran up to the Substitute and hit it with a very angry Drain Punch, shattering it to millions of tiny pieces. Giovanni, realizing Darkrai was no match for my current team, called it back and sent out Mewtwo, Tornadus, and Thundurus.
    Gallade cried out, “Give back the partner of my soul, Gardevoir!” While verbally raging at Giovanni, Gallade also surrounded itself with extremely sharp stones and hurled them at Giovanni’s entourage of legendary Pokémon. Mewtwo’s eyes glowed purple, and a second later the stones halted midair, surrounded by purple light. Mewtwo flung them back at us. Aggron surrounded itself in a green force field, Protecting itself from the attack. Gallade skillfully deflected those targeted at it. Arcanine attempted to counter it with Close Combat, but there were too many for it to deflect because it was used to being on all four feet. Aggron cried out in alarm as Arcanine fell, and she surrounded herself in a brown light and charged full-force at Tornadus, taking it out with one enraged Head Smash. Thundurus gathered energy in its hands and hurled an orange sphere at Aggron. Unable to stand up to the Focus Blast, Aggron joined her fallen lover.
    Spinda, realizing how fast our opponents were, came forward and used Trick Room. Gallade thanked it for its help and moved blinding fast, hitting Thundurus with a glowing blue fist. Thundurus was knocked back by the Ice Punch, but still managed to hurl another Focus Blast at Spinda. The little spotted panda was no match for the legendary genie. I recalled Spinda, Aggron, and Arcanine and thanked them for their help. Durant, Pikachu, and Metagross took up positions with Gallade to help combat the force of Giovanni’s legendary Pokémon. Espeon had snuck out of the fighting, knowing he needed to still be there when Darkrai returned. Mewtwo summoned forth a jet of fire. Durant dodged the Flamethrower and clamped Mewtwo firmly in her jaws. Mewtwo got very aggravated by the Crunch and hit Durant with a close range Flamethrower, instantly knocking out the poor ant. Metagross zoomed to Mewtwo with the power of Spinda’s Trick Room and struck Mewtwo with a fist surrounded by glowing yellow stars. Mewtwo healed with Recover, then launched a five-pointed star of fire at Metagross. Gallade, infuriated by the pain Mewtwo was inflicting on his friends and especially his girlfriend, Gardevoir, used Hypnosis to put the rampaging legendary to sleep. Mewtwo began mumbling in its sleep, and then unexpectedly sent an Ice Beam straight at Altaria, who was completely unprepared for an attack and fainted.
    Gallade raged, “It can use Sleep Talk?” Mewtwo began mumbling again and Gallade got right in front of it and surrounded itself with the green bubble of Protect. Without warning, Mewtwo spontaneously exploded. Gallade’s Protect shielded most of my team from the Selfdestruct, but Giovanni’s Thundurus wasn’t so lucky. Both legendaries were knocked out. Giovanni recalled Mewtwo and Thundurus and I recalled Durant, Metagross, and Altaria. Giovanni sent out Rhyperior, Persian, and Darkrai. Espeon, Meowth, Pikachu, and Gallade faced off against them. Rhyperior charged at Espeon with a Megahorn and its horn struck right in the middle of the gem on Espeon’s forehead, breaking it and knocking him out. Darkrai took this chance to use Dark Void. Jumpluff sent out a refreshing aroma to the now sleeping Gallade, Pikachu, and Meowth. When Meowth woke up with the help of Aromatherapy, he found Persian standing above him ready to strike. Meowth unleashed his Frustration and Persian zapped him in return. Xatu came to help against Darkrai. Gallade’s arms grew green energy extensions and he slashed Rhyperior with Leaf Blade. Rhyperior bit down on Gallade’s arm during his onslaught and he cried out in pain. Gallade took his other arm and spun it, surrounded by energy, in a Drain Punch right at Rhyperior’s bottom jaw. Rhyperior howled in pain and Gallade finished it off with a series of quick, ferocious hits from Close Combat.
    Meowth cried out, “I used to respect you and worship you as almost a deity Giovanni. But, after joining with Ash K., I have come to realize you’re nothing but a monster!” Meowth clapped quickly to stop Persian’s Thunderbolt, and then loosed his Frustration. Persian, after flinching from Fake Out, stumbled backwards to try and evade Meowth’s furious attacks. Once it recovered from Fake Out, Persian used Assist and hurled a Focus Blast at Meowth. Meowth cried out in pain and fell to his evolved form, something he had sworn never to allow.
    Meanwhile, Darkrai, seeing that Jumpluff was undoing its sleep, fired a blue beam at him. Jumpluff couldn’t stand up to the Ice Beam and fell, another victim of Giovanni’s Darkrai. I recalled Jumpluff and Meowth, realizing that almost a third of my team had already fallen, with only 47 left. Persian chased Xatu around by Thunderbolting it and forcing it to retreat, which allowed Darkrai to put Gallade, Pikachu, and Lucario, who had joined them, back to sleep. Slaking, feeling very lazy but knowing he had to help out somehow, moved in front of them and laid down, protecting them from Darkrai’s attacks. I called on Serperior to use Aromatherapy. The green snake slithered towards them, but before it could begin to unleash the soothing scent, it took an Ice Beam to the face. Another barrage of Ice Beams was fired at Slaking, which froze him, but didn’t get him to move out of the way.
    Blaziken, seeing Xatu’s peril, began Speed Boosting and chasing Persian. When she got close enough, she jumped up with one knee angled upwards, and it hit Persian right in the stomach. Persian fell to her powerful Hi Jump Kick. Xatu thanked Blaziken, and then together they went to confront Darkrai. They got there just in time to see Slaking fall to a Focus Blast. They suddenly smelled the soothing scent of Aromatherapy, which took Serperior’s last bit of strength and she collapsed. The soothing scent caused Lucario, Gallade, and Pikachu to jolt awake. I recalled Serperior and Slaking, again thanking them for their help.
    Giovanni added an Entei, Raikou, and Suicune to his fighting force. All three began charging blindingly fast at Blaziken, who didn’t have time to react before falling to the triple ExtremeSpeed. Beautifly, Vespiquen, Breloom, and Houndoom came to join the fight. Entei cloaked itself in red light and ran straight through Beautifly, Vespiquen, and Breloom, then having its Flare Blitz absorbed by Houndoom. Entei suffered horribly from recoil, and Lucario took it out by creating an illusionary bone in her hands and whacking Entei repeatedly with Bone Rush. Houndoom loosed a massive pillar of fire at Raikou, but Suicune got in front of it and loosed a torrential blast of water. Suicune’s Hydro Pump completely nullified Houndoom’s Inferno and then struck the poor hellhound out of the battle. Recalling Blaziken, Beautifly, Vespiquen, Breloom, and Houndoom, I set my mental count to 40. Giovanni was too strong; I was beginning to doubt my ability to defeat him, not to mention the rest of Team Rocket assembled here. Pikachu unleashed a devastating Thunder on Suicune, who managed to stay upright but with sparks still jumping around it. Raikou created an orb of yellow energy and flung it at Pikachu. The Zap Cannon left Pikachu on one knee and paralyzed. Raikou then charged at Pikachu with blindingly fast speed. Pikachu fell to the might of the legendary’s ExtremeSpeed. Raikou cloaked itself in electricity in preparation to Thunderbolt Gyarados, but a tiny Nincada popped out under it and slammed it into the air with Dig. Suicune swamped the poor bug with a Hydro Pump, knocking it out. Raikou prepared another Thunderbolt for Gyarados, but a little orange warrior came up and clapped in front of it, making it flinch. Suicune attacked Mienfoo at blinding speed with ExtremeSpeed, leaving me down one more partner in the battle against evil.
    I warned Gyarados of Raikou’s multiple attempts to deep-fry it, and Gyarados slithered through the sky towards it, but wasn’t fast enough to avoid the next Thunderbolt. With Gyarados’ fall I knew something had to be done about Raikou and fast. “Lucario, Bone Rush that beast,” I suggested to my partner. Lucario created an illusionary bone in its hands and started whacking Raikou with it until the legendary beast fell. Gallade’s arms started glowing green and it slashed Suicune until the last of the legendary beasts fell to his Leaf Blade. Giovanni and I each recalled our fallen partners. “He can’t keep this up much longer, I hope,” I thought to myself. “He’s already used ten legendary Pokémon, how many more could he have?”
    Darkrai reappeared from the shadows and unleashed another Dark Void. Xatu came to the front of the battle and tried to intercept as many of the Dark Void bubbles as it could, knowing Magic Bounce would repel them at Darkrai. Darkrai sent out a wave of dark energy to block the Dark Void rebounds. Dark Pulse and Dark Void collided with an explosion. Some of the Dark Void bubbles that Xatu missed put Machamp, Gengar, Roserade, and Armaldo to sleep. Darkrai sent out an illusionary version of itself through all four of them and they all fell to the Dream Eater. By now, Gallade was infuriated to see how much this Darkrai had done to all of his friends, especially since it was the one who kidnapped Gardevoir and the egg. Gallade threw caution to the wind and came right up to Darkrai and started hitting it repeatedly with anything he could.
    Giovanni, realizing his Darkrai was almost ready to fall, quickly recalled the Pitch-Black Pokémon. Next up came Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Honchkrow, and Weavile. Scrafty, Chandelure, Eelektross, and Garchomp come to the ready to battle this next band of terrors. Honchkrow flies up and cloaks itself in blue light, extends its wings, and flies straight into Scrafty. My partner Scrafty fell to the powerful Brave Bird, but Honchkrow had some sparks on its body as recoil. Nidoking charged horn-first at Chandelure with its horn spinning like a drill, knocking out the poor chandelier with its Drill Run. Eelektross slithered through the air towards Nidoking and his tail became enveloped in water and he swung it at Nidoking, saying, “Don’t you dare hurt my friends you big bully!”
    Nidoking tried to duck under the Aqua Tail, but it hit his horn, leaving the eel poisoned. Eelektross howled with rage and started breathing fire on Nidoking. Nidoking started spinning his horn again and charged at Eelektross through the raging inferno of Eelektross’ Flamethrower. Nidoking’s Drill Run hit Eelektross hard and he fell from the sky. Going straight into his Flamethrower had hurt Nidoking quite a bit too and burned him, which occasionally cloaked him in flames for a few seconds before vanishing again. Garchomp sent out a shockwave in the ground. Nidoking fell to the mighty dragon’s Earthquake, but Nidoqueen used her tail to jump and get above Garchomp, then come down headfirst with her horn rotating rapidly. Garchomp only had time to look up and see her before her Horn Drill knocked him out. I recalled my fallen partners Scrafty, Chandelure, Eelektross, and Garchomp and was starting to get really worried. I was down to 29 Pokémon and I had no clue how many Giovanni still had. Medicham, Haxorus, and Tyranitar stepped forward to confront Giovanni’s current partners in crime. Medicham started out by raising his hand and running towards Nidoqueen to hit her with a super effective Psycho Cut. However, Giovanni’s Honchkrow became cloaked in blue light and intercepted the Psycho Cut with a Brave Bird, taking no damage from the Psychic-type move and knocking out the powerful opponent, my Medicham. Haxorus tried to take revenge on Honchkrow by charging at it blind with rage. Honchkrow waited until the last moment and then flew above where Haxorus was aiming for him, revealing Weavile standing behind it with a light blue-cloaked fist. Weavile sidestepped Haxorus’ Outrage and smashed it with Ice Punch. Haxorus collapsed, unconscious. Tyranitar was getting enraged at how all her companions were falling to the evils of Team Rocket. She summoned pointed rocks in two rings around her and fired them off at all of Giovanni’s current Pokémon. Honchkrow tried to fly above them, but was too slow and got hit, barely managing to land and heal with Roost to stay able to assist his dark master. Nidoqueen used Surf to create a pool of water under it and lift it up, and the water engulfed the Stone Edge, protecting her from it. Weavile used Agility to run extremely fast and avoid most of them, but still took a few on her way to Tyranitar. When she reached her target, she raised both hands and chopped Tyranitar hard in the stomach, leaving the dinosaur Pokémon unconscious from the double Brick Break.
    I recalled three more of my Pokémon and wondered what I had left that could handle these nightmares of Giovanni who seemed much stronger than they should be. “Kingdra, Rhyperior, Gallade, deal with these devastating monsters of Giovanni please,” I said. They came forward to fight, Kingdra being levitated by Slowking’s Psychic in the absence of water. Rhyperior put her arms in front of her and started to form a massive rock between them through the holes in her palms. Rhyperior hurled the Rock Wrecker at Honchkrow and instantly knocked out the crow upon contact. Weavile and Nidoqueen both created a tidal wave and sunk Rhyperior with Surf while she was recharging. Kingdra got on top of the water and sprayed a massive amount of water at Nidoqueen. When the water cleared, both Rhyperior and Nidoqueen were down and out. Weavile created a massive amount of freezing air and sent it to Gallade and Kingdra. Kingdra became encased in ice, but Gallade engulfed both fists in fire to keep himself warm. When the Blizzard subsided, Gallade ended his Fire Punch and ran at Weavile, then spun his fist as he punched Weavile hard, knocking out the nightmare who had claimed so many of his friends with a mighty Drain Punch. Gallade then tried to break the ice encasing Kingdra, but she was already unable to continue.
    Giovanni recalled these Pokémon and sent out Golem, Crobat, and Sandslash. Gallade went back to wait with the majority of my remaining Pokémon, knowing he should make sure to stay fit to battle for the sake of his love. Some of my Pokémon realized all three of Giovanni’s current Pokémon were weak to Ice, so Lapras, Weavile, and Glaceon stepped forward to fight them. Lapras used Sheer Cold while Weavile and Glaceon used Icy Wind on their foes. Crobat countered the icy attack with a massive amount of hot air to counter their cold air. Heat Wave and the Ice moves collided and couldn’t get past each other, eventually just canceling each other out. Golem followed up by surrounding herself with multiple rows of very sharp rocks and hurling them at my friends and me. Glaceon used Hidden Power to stop the rocks from getting past the three of them, but didn’t have enough time or strength to create enough to also shield himself and his current fighting partners. Weavile tried to Brick Break them to protect himself, but there were just too many. Only Lapras managed to protect himself by launching a massive volume of water and sweeping the Hydro Pump back and forth to stop all the Stone Edges aimed at him.
    I recalled the fallen Glaceon and Weavile, thanking them for their help. Gyarados slithered through the air to float by Lapras. Octillery also came to join Lapras. Lapras created almost absolute zero air and sent it to his enemies. Crobat again countered with Heat Wave, and Giovanni was surprised to see my Pokémon trying the same thing again, until he saw Gyarados dancing while the hot and cold air collided. Once the attacks dissipated, Gyarados slithered quickly through the sky to Crobat and bit into it with light blue-cloaked fangs. When Gyarados let go of Crobat, the bat fell from the sky from the overwhelming power of the Ice Fang. Golem created holes above Gyarados and large boulders fell from them onto the sky serpent. Gyardos tried to escape them by slithering away, but one fell on his tail and he fell to the ground, tail pinned under the massive boulder. Gyarados cloaked his tail in water and used it to fling the boulder back at Giovanni’s Pokémon, but wasn’t fast enough to also escape the Rock Blast Golem fired at him.
    Octillery and Lapras used a double Hydro Pump, expelling a massive volume of water under extreme pressure at Golem and Sandslash. They both curled into balls and rolled at increasing speeds towards Octillery and Lapras. Despite their attempts to use Hydro Pump to stop Rollout, they were just deflected from the rolling Pokémon, despite that they were both weak to Water. Both rolled straight into their targets, Golem into Lapras and Sandslash into Octillery, sending both flying back. When they landed, they were clearly unable to continue. Golem and Sandslash continued rolling around and I wasn’t sure what to do about them. Charizard flew up a bit and slammed into the ground hard, making a shockwave. The Earthquake stopped Golem and Sandslash’s Rollout. Charizard began to gather particles of light, and then fired a powerful green beam at Golem. Golem couldn’t save herself from the SolarBeam, but she managed to cause a Rock Slide on Charizard in the instant before SolarBeam hit. Both were left unable to continue.
    Staraptor began to charge at Sandslash very quickly through the sky with Agility, planning to beat it up with Close Combat. Sandslash surrounded himself with rings of pointy rocks and hurled them at Staraptor. The bird was moving very quickly, but was just too close and couldn’t dodge the barrage of Stone Edge rocks and was knocked from the sky. I recalled Lapras, Octillery, Charizard, and Staraptor, thanking them for their help and become really worried for the safety of my stolen Pokémon. “What happens if Giovanni beats me?” I wondered, “Do the rest of my Pokémon join him and I lose all my partners forever?” As I wondered this my aura flared up from my rage and determination. Lucario shrouded herself in her aura as well, for we were connected mentally. She created a perfect blue sphere out of the energy of her aura and hurled it at Sandslash. Sandslash tried to intercept the Aura Sphere with his claws and slash it to bits, but it was too powerful and knocked out one more of Giovanni’s nightmares.
    Giovanni recalled his defeated Pokémon and sent out Snorlax, Scrafty, and Krookodile. My friends Politoed, Ninetales, and Starmie came forward to confront these current opponents. Scrafty started out by firing a beam made of black matter streaming in what looked like doodled fragments at Starmie. The starfish tried to send it back at Scrafty with Psychic, but its attempts did nothing to the Dark-type move and Dark Pulse hit Starmie and knocked it out. Politoed expelled a massive torrent of water at Krookodile and Ninetales began to gather particles of light. Snorlax stepped in front of the Hydro Pump, took a deep breath, seemed to grow a lot bigger, and took the Hydro Pump right in her stomach. It didn’t seem to do a thing to the massive panda. Behind Snorlax, Krookodile burrowed underground and Scrafty started dancing. Snorlax spit out large, very solid seeds at Politoed. Politoed tried to slap them back and forth to avoid getting hit by them, but as soon as he hit the first one, it exploded. The force of the explosion knocked him back and left him too exhausted to block the rest of them, which hit him, exploded, and knocked him out. Ninetales finished charging her SolarBeam and sent out a beam of light. Right after she fired it, Krookodile broke through the ground under her and sent her flying with Dig. Krookodile then surrounded himself with sharp stones. He fired them at the many-tailed fox, which fell from the sky. Krookodile then ran back to join his evil cohorts.
    I recalled three more of my partners in a search for justice, praying to Arceus for these three to be Giovanni’s last Pokémon, besides of course Darkrai who I knew was waiting in a Poké Ball to reappear when I was almost defeated. “Accelgor, Masquerain, Rotom-Fan, help me out here,” I said to my few remaining Pokémon. The three I had suggested came forward and faced off against Giovanni’s current Pokémon. Accelgor started out by zigzagging quickly, almost invisible with speed, toward her opponents. She then let out a high-pitched scream while circling them rapidly. Scrafty and Krookodile tried to block out the noise by covering their ears, but Snorlax barely noticed and spewed fire into the path of the circling Accelgor. Accelgor saw the Flamethrower before hitting it, but was going too fast to stop herself from hitting it. She took the Flamethrower and fell, instantly ceasing the Bug Buzz. Rotom-Fan shot out a bolt of electricity, but Krookodile stepped in front of it and seemed completely unaffected. Krookodile produced another ring of pointy rocks and shot them off at Rotom-Fan. The possessed appliance tried to blow a ghostly wind towards them to stop it, but the Ominous Wind only slowed them down. The Stone Edge struck Rotom-Fan, and some of the ones that missed Rotom-Fan headed for Masquerain. Masquerain tried to do a shaky dance to avoid them, but the path of her dance took her right in front of one that hit her. Both Rotom-Fan and Masquerain were unable to continue.
    After I recalled them, Honchkrow, Murkrow, Sableye, and Ditto came forward. Ditto was still in the form of Moltres. Ditto breathed a stream of fire from its beak at Krookodile. Krookodile sidestepped the Flamethrower and let Snorlax handle it. Snorlax took another deep breath, grew even larger, and took the Flamethrower directly in her stomach. She became cloaked in flames for a few seconds, and I knew she had gotten burned. My relief was short lived though, because she lay down on her back and started sleeping, curing all the damage from the various attacks and the burn. Scrafty and Krookodile came forward to protect her while she was vulnerable. Ditto created a Hurricane around all three of them, sending them spinning in the air in the force of it. Scrafted leaped from the Hurricane and her knee glowed yellow. She slammed into Ditto with her knee and knocked it out. When Ditto fell it turned back to its normal form. Hochkrow and Murkrow both became cloaked in blue light and flew at Scrafty from opposite sides. Scrafty pretended not to see them, and then jumped at the last moment. Honchkrow and Murkrow collided into each other with their powerful Brave Birds, leaving both barely conscious. Scrafty cloaked one fist in freezing blue light and the other in crackling yellow light and hit both of them, Murkrow with Ice Punch and Honchkrow with ThunderPunch. Both of them were out cold.
    Meanwhile, Sableye had been firing freezing air at Krookodile, who was attempting to run through it towards Sableye, but was getting slower with every step. Krookodile eventually slowed to the point where he was barely moving, and then he collapsed. Scrafty snuck up behind Sableye, but I yelled at Sableye to get his attention and get him to notice the approaching Scrafty. Sableye cloaked a fist in orange light and hit Scrafty hard with Rock Smash. Scrafty opened her mouth wide and took a big bite of Sableye. Her Crunch was just too much for the mischievous ghost.
    At this point I was almost down to the six Pokémon most people carry with them. Xatu tried to lauch a weak electric shock at Scrafty to paralyze her, but she dodged it and rammed headfirst into Xatu. I was amazed to see Xatu knocked out from just a simple Headbutt, and I realized Scrafty must have Moxie for her ability. She had already knocked out four Pokémon and Dragon Danced once, so it seemed she might be unstoppable at this point. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Snorlax woke up and Giovanni sent Darkrai back out.
    “So this is it,” I thought. “The final battle has arrived.” All six of my remaining Pokémon, Lucario, Gallade, Togekiss, Clefable, Raichu, and Slowking, stepped forward to fight in this final battle of good versus evil. Darkrai sent out small spheres of darkness at all six of my Pokémon. Lucario sensed where it would be and dodged it with Detect and Gallade surrounded himself with the green bubble of Protect, but the other four took the Dark Void and fell asleep. Darkrai sent out illusionary copies of itself in all directions and drained the life out of all of my sleeping Pokémon with Dream Eater.
    I recalled them and found myself for the first time in this long battle having less Pokémon than my opponent. It was just the Pokémon who were with me when Team Rocket came and stole my other four Pokémon. Gallade, Lucario, and I were filled with rage at the ease with which Giovanni was defeating us and we knew it was now or never. Snorlax cloaked a fist in the fiery red of Fire Punch and came charging at Lucario. Lucario waited until Snorlax was close enough, then jumped up and hit Snorlax in the face with her knee. Lucario’s Hi Jump Kick knocked Snorlax over and she fell asleep to heal herself.
    Darkrai floated over to hover above Snorlax and protect her. Scrafty also raced over to stand with her evil companions. Gallade extended his arms like swords and did a little dance while Lucario make devious plans about what to do next. Lucario launched an orb of energy made from her aura at the place where the three Pokémon were. Scrafty ran through it headfirst with Zen Headbutt, minimizing the damage by using a Psychic-type move and kept charging at us. Lucario countered by sending blobby black energy at Scrafty. The Dark Pulse caused Scrafty to flinch, and Gallade took that opportunity to spin his fist and slam it into Scrafty. Taking the Drain Punch left Scrafty barely standing. Lucario sent a small tornado at Scrafty from her paws and knocked her out, evening up the battle.
    While we were focused on Scrafty, Snorlax had woken up and she took a third deep breath and grew even more. Darkrai had been making evil plans about how to finish this. Darkrai created an orb of energy between its hands and hurled it at Lucario. Lucario created an illusionary bone in her hands and used it to knock the Focus Blast back at Darkrai, then ran at the Pitch Black Pokémon.
    While Lucario was following the Focus Blast towards Darkrai with Bone Rush still in hand, she noticed the Focus Blast suddenly stop moving, became surrounded by a light blue outline, then reverse directions and hit her before she could respond. She struggled to stand, and started to fall. She then became surrounded by a light blue outline and was lifted back to her feet. Gallade fired a wave of pink light at her and the light blue outline vanished. She was left standing perfectly fit without assistance from Gallade’s Psychic, thanks to Heal Pulse.
    Gallade and Lucario came to stand side by side and march towards their opponents, Snorlax and Darkrai. Snorlax gained a light blue outline and floated to be right above Lucario. In an instant the outline disappeared, Snorlax started to fall, and Lucario moved blindingly fast out from under Snorlax, striking Darkrai before Snorlax hit the ground. Darkrai was knocked back slightly from the ExtremeSpeed and Snorlax fell with a very loud thud.
    Snorlax got up and fired a gray orb at Gallade. Gallade didn’t have a chance to dodge it but struck back with a spiraling punch. Snorlax fell forward onto Gallade and hit very hard with Body Slam. Lucario became enraged and jumped up to Snorlax’s face and hit her hard with her knee.
    Snorlax budged slightly, but then fell back on Gallade. We could hear muffled shouts from Gallade who was apparently trying to repeatedly Drain Punch Snorlax to stay conscious. Lucario flexed her arms and grew slightly, then Hi Jump Kicked Snorlax in the face again and knocked her off Gallade. Lucario sent a wave of pink light towards Gallade, relieving all his pains from the massive deadweight of Snorlax that was just crushing him.
    Gallade thanked Lucario and together started beating up Snorlax with quick blows from anything they could hit her with. The double Close Combat left Snorlax knocked down, and Lucario sent a mini tornado at her before she could Rest off the damage. The Vacuum Wave finally put an end to the nightmarish Snorlax, leaving Giovanni with only his Darkrai.
    Lucario surrounded herself with her aura, poured some of it into an orb between her hands, and fired it at Darkrai. The Aura Sphere became surrounded by a light blue outline and switched directions. When it almost hit Lucario, the light blue outline became thicker and it switched directions again. Darkrai and Gallade continued to fight over the Aura Sphere, trying to push it towards their opponent.
    Meanwhile, I gathered my aura and launched my own orb of aura energy at Darkrai. Darkrai was too busy focusing on its battle of wills with Gallade and fell to my Aura Sphere, leaving Giovanni finally out of Pokémon. Gallade used Imprison and trapped Giovanni in a small prison-like structure. I gathered up all the legendary Pokémon he used and released them. Then, together, Gallade, Lucario, and I went over to a set of cages where Team Rocket had been holding many Pokémon. We released all of them, finding among them our friends Gardevoir with the egg, Alakazam, Dragonite, and Cinccino, as well as the Porygon and Cottonee that teenage girl had said had been kidnapped, along with many other Pokémon who went off as soon as we released them. Porygon and Cottonee seemed too traumatized to go anywhere, so I offered them to come along with us.
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