DO NOT COUNT ANY LOGS IN THIS THREAD FOR WAGES PLZ. This is purely to put logs whenever Pe2k goes down.


~Gym Battle. Rustboro Gym~

AIM, 3v3, B/W Revolution, Sandstorm, No Terrain, Helds Off, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause

Board Game

[Leader] ayotui: Gliscor, Omastar, Cradily
[Challenger] λʇ¡ƜɒɭɒϽГϩ: Cloyster, Vaporeon, Kingdra

SLC got cocky in the beginning and tried to use a second Shell Smash. Probably the pivotal move.

ayotui: $2000 + defends Gym
λʇ¡ƜɒɭɒϽГϩ: $1000

Me: $1500

Current Salary: $1500