New Rules Regarding Reffing FFAs
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Thread: New Rules Regarding Reffing FFAs

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    Default New Rules Regarding Reffing FFAs

    A few fellow staff members, as well as myself, have decided that FFAs have become too lucrative for both the participants and the ref. Additionally, a guideline should exist on what FFA rules are not acceptable. Therefore, please note the following changes.

    A ref may now only ref one Free For All every week. A new week starts when it becomes Sunday according to Greenwich Mean Time.

    Any FFA rule that involves one or more of these is explicitly forbidden, unless the rule is approved by staff members in advance.
    • using Pokemon you do not own
    • battlers using more than one Pokemon at once
    • greatly limiting the use of Substitute, Protect, and/or Detect
    • limiting the use of many moves in general; ex. all Pokemon are permanently affected by Taunt
    • increasing the damage of moves too greatly under common conditions
    • giving a player too great of an advantage or disadvantage in relation to fulfilling a certain condition or due to random chance
    • hidden stat boosts
    • capping stat boosts

    The reasoning of some of these limitations are either due to: a lack of effort to ref in relation to the amount paid, going against fundamental concepts of the URPG and/or FFAs, or complications in logistics.
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