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    Default Legend Defender

    BMG | PWN | PXR

    courtesy of EmBreon

    One person holds the title: Legend Defender (LD). It is your job to beat him/her in a battle, and take that title away from him. Then you will be the new Legend Defender.

    • The LD chooses any Legendary Pokemon (one not already taken). This legend can't be used in any LD title battles. If the LD loses, the challenger becomes the new LD, and chooses a Legendary Pokemon.
    • Challengers that lose must wait one week to challenge again. If the LD loses, they can't challenge until the next week.
    • Earnings are the same as a Gym Battle. Like a gym, the current LD shouldn't deny challenges unless they provide a good reason.
    • Every match, regardless of win or loss, must have its log linked in this thread.
    • If the LD successfully defends 10 battles in a row from at least 5 unique battlers, they have then secured the legend they were defending for the next six months. Loss of the LD title after this point will not result in loss of the legend.
    • If the LD successfully defends 15 battles in a row from at least 8 unique battlers, they receive the title of Legend Defender Champion and can select a permanent Legendary, thus stepping down from the LD position.
    • The 10 free EMs on the temporary legendary are lost.
    • The new LD will be rolled from the pool of challengers against the LD Champion.
    • The LD Champion will be ineligible to compete until a new LD reaches a 10 win streak.
    • If an LD Champion reaches a subsequent 10 win streak, they may add 5 free EMs to their permanent legend, or can choose to continue to 15 and replace their permanent legendary.

    Battle Rules
    • 4 VS. 4+
    • DPP Revolution or BW Revolution
    • Items Optional
    • Sleep, Freeze, OHKO, Accuracy, Evasion and Legend Clauses On
    • Gameboy, Mega, Item and Species Clauses Optional
    • Starting Weather and Terrain Optional

    The challenger may change any of the optional clauses, or the battle size

    LD battles pay 3,000 to the winner and 1,500 to the loser. Refs are paid based on the amount of Pokemon used.

    Current LD Champion: Synthesis
    Legend: TBC

    Current LD: Lovecraft
    Legend: Giratina
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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    Apparently I get a semi perm legend or something? That's what I gathered from ST and Ataro, so I'll take Latios since I know some of you desperately want a Celebi.

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    First in line for new LD plz =p

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    Why does he get a semi-perm one exactly?

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    Pidge he won like 14 or something LD battles and has had it since January. :x

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    Just saying, I will roll randomly between the next 10 applicants that say they want to be LD in this thread. ST included.

    And yes, you need to have three mons or more.
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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    hi I'd like to be LD

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    I'd like to be LD of this hurr thang.

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    I will be the Defender of LEGENDS!!!

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    I don't want to be Legend Defender, and by that, I mean I do want to be Legend Defender.

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    gibe me legend stinky or i report u...


    lindsey is my waifu

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    If I could possibly become that, it would be great. I am not sure if there is a requirement or whatnot, but my name is here just in case =)

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    I wanna be LD. Yes first 10.

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    Quote Originally Posted by Trilobyte View Post
    I'll throw my name into the LD hat, only because the thought of Near having a legend is a dark prophecy towards the end of the internet.
    I love you too. <3

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    Default Re: Legend Defender

    I want to be LD. :D

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