Zephyr walked down the corridor with his head down, headphones in. He caught the eyes of some of the other Moltres students looking at him, wondering what he was like, what made him tick. Then he knew he was just like them, fiery, passionate but... calm and controlled aswell.

Zephyr snapped out of his thinking pattern to find himself at his dorm. He put the key in the lock, then turned it.

The door creaked open and Zephyr walked inside, looking around. Zephyr threw his bag into the corner and took the lone poke ball off his belt, pressing the button in the middle, releasing his Sandshrew Blake. Blake dove for the bed, instantly claiming it as his own.

"Now... Blake that's my be-"

Blake stared at Zephyr blankly...

"Fiiine" Zephyr rolled his eyes and walked towards the door, closing it with a flick of the hand.