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Thread: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    This happend in a ST FFA

    Me: Vegeta: Now the whole universe is going to die!
    limeluner: Not if Goku can hold it
    limelunar: Goku: Its no use...I cant!
    limelunar: Were boned

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    DoIPutNameHere (3:48:40 AM): miltank uses thunder wave
    DoIPutNameHere (3:48:54 AM): porygon-z EXECUTES LUM BERRY.EXE
    DoIPutNameHere (3:49:03 AM): paralysis DELETED
    DoIPutNameHere (3:49:13 AM): intiate tri attack
    DoIPutNameHere (3:49:14 AM): 1
    DoIPutNameHere (3:49:15 AM): 2
    DoIPutNameHere (3:49:15 AM): 3
    DoIPutNameHere (3:49:32 AM): MIltank.pok status = KO
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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    [21:57] theblackmaeg: If there was a hermaphroditic Nidoran, what would it evolve into?
    [21:57] Senzura1: hmmmm
    [21:57] theblackmaeg: NidoGaga?
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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    [15:47] imsocorn: Abra uses Teleport
    [15:47] imsocorn: KO
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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    Upon me JUST starting a story deal...

    (limelunar) NO NEED FOR A SLUGMA
    [21:08] (limelunar) ^^
    [21:08] (limelunar) I GOT ONE
    [21:08] (magikchickenurpg) =X
    [21:08] (magikchickenurpg) Ooh
    [21:08] (magikchickenurpg) gratz
    [21:08] (limelunar) FOR JUST A GARCHOMP
    [21:09] (limelunar) I GOT
    [21:09] (magikchickenurpg) ... LOL
    [21:09] (magikchickenurpg) WUT
    [21:09] (limelunar) FOR FREE
    [21:09] (limelunar) xD
    [21:09] TheBlackMaeg: lolwut
    [21:09] (magikchickenurpg) ......
    [21:09] (magikchickenurpg) WUT
    [21:09] (magikchickenurpg) fail

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    (senzura1) I better get out of here before I start questioning the idea of love. I leave you with these parting words. This is what happens to you if you watch the End of Evangelion.

    LimeLunar: (9:39:52 PM) WHAT IS LOVE

    (9:39:59 PM) (annagorov) BABY DON'T HURT ME

    LimeLunar: (9:39:57 PM) BABY DON'T HURT ME

    LimeLunar: (9:39:57 PM) Ugh, beat me to it... D:

    (9:39:59 PM) (annagorov) ...

    (9:39:59 PM) (annagorov) NO MORE

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    (3:25:34 PM) imsocorn: Cro uses hypNOsis
    (3:25:44 PM) imsocorn: DOM
    (3:25:46 PM) Sexygreggles: ....................
    (3:25:47 PM) imsocorn: imsocorn rolled 1 1-sided die: 1
    (3:25:52 PM) Rainsecbow: xD
    (3:25:54 PM) Sexygreggles: ASSHOLE lol
    (3:25:58 PM) imsocorn: Did it fool you? =P
    (3:26:01 PM) Sexygreggles: YES!
    (3:26:03 PM) Rainsecbow: almost
    (3:26:05 PM) imsocorn: imsocorn rolled 1 60-sided die: 23
    (3:26:08 PM) Sexygreggles: yess!!!
    (3:26:10 PM) Rainsecbow: xP
    (3:26:11 PM) imsocorn: LOL
    (3:26:13 PM) Sexygreggles: FUCK YOU
    (3:26:16 PM) Sexygreggles: hahhaha
    (3:26:17 PM) Sexygreggles: stopppp
    (3:26:20 PM) imsocorn: WIIIINNNNNNEEERRRR
    (3:26:25 PM) imsocorn: imsocorn rolled 1 100-sided die: 63
    (3:26:26 PM) imsocorn: Misses
    (3:26:28 PM) Rainsecbow: :x
    (3:26:29 PM) imsocorn: Shadow ball KOs
    (3:26:31 PM) imsocorn: gg ^_^

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    I meant to say death scream, but I was listening to Dancing mad...

    [15:25] TheBlackMaeg: How to make a great evil laugh:
    [15:26] TheBlackMaeg: Step one: String together vowels, R's, G's, and H's.
    [15:26] TheBlackMaeg: Done.
    [15:26] cuckundu: that didnt sound like an evil laugh
    [15:26] cuckundu: that sounded like an explosive orgasm

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    iamnotyou11 4:52 pm
    (4:52:25 PM): swith to breloom F effect Spore @ Life orb
    (4:52:28 PM): Lmao Alonzo
    (4:52:30 PM): I'm resorting
    (4:52:32 PM): to effect spore hax
    (4:52:33 PM): x DDD
    sexygreggles 4:52 pm
    (4:52:52 PM): Earthquake isnt a contact move
    iamnotyou11 4:52 pm
    (4:52:55 PM): oh fuck
    (4:52:55 PM): .-.

    tigerintheark 8:02 pm
    (8:02:59 PM): Bellsprout uses Gallade 2
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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    (ultrapigtrilo) If I don't ask, I'll never get the possibility to ref.
    (evanfardreamer) zactly
    (evanfardreamer) would you like me to tell one of the refs you'd like to take a ref test?
    (evanfardreamer) i set up plenty of blind dates in middle school, i've got practice :P
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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    [14:34] TheBlackMaeg: /pesters to ref
    [14:34] MoreMallows4Mike: /denied
    [14:34] MoreMallows4Mike: /already reffing
    [14:34] MoreMallows4Mike: /soz
    [14:35] TheBlackMaeg: /thanks
    [14:35] TheBlackMaeg: /leaves

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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    [20:58] tigerintheark: Sorry thought I was Pidge for a moment

    EDIT: Post 42! WIN! Will edit quotes into this.

    [14:25] DrStubbsberg: The Pink One - Set aboard the S.S. Anne, Sailor Duncan has the responisbility of looking after spoilt pain-in-the-neck Anne, daughter of the ship's owner (thanks to being un-fit for duty because of his hand injury). Spotting a lone pink Shellos amongst a swarm of the blue variety, Anne demands that Duncan catches her, meaning he has to dive into the water to do so. After a decent length battle he manages to seperate the pink Shellos from the swarm and nearly knock it unconcious, throwing a pokeball at the last second.
    [14:25] DrStubbsberg: dammit, hang on a sec
    [14:25] Sandstorm263: ...ok
    [14:25] DrStubbsberg: meant to roll die

    [21:16] BlackXHawk69: i am not challengin ice dojo!
    [21:16] I know
    [21:16] this was the name of the chat
    [21:16] plus
    [21:16] I own Lavaridge not any gay dojo
    [21:16] :'p
    [21:16] BlackXHawk69: yeah
    [21:16] BlackXHawk69: gay dojo
    [21:16] BlackXHawk69: especially that dragon one
    [21:16] annagorov: Dojos are retarded
    [21:16] BlackXHawk69: how queer
    [21:17] MewAlcadiesMew: ... I'm right here you know...
    [21:17] and that owner
    [21:17] WHAT A FAG
    [21:17] oh
    [21:17] MewAlcadiesMew: >:(
    [21:17] BlackXHawk69: sorry thought you were afk

    [19:20] TigerintheArk: Wow I suck
    [19:20] TigerintheArk: TigerintheArk rolled 1 999-sided die: 478
    [19:20] TigerintheArk: gjdsjagbd
    [19:20] imperialpineaple: wat
    [19:20] TigerintheArk: That works
    [19:20] TigerintheArk: I guess
    [19:20] TigerintheArk: No freeze on Garchomp

    [22:23] MewAlcadiesMew: He's just CHICKEN
    [22:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) GUESS WHAT
    [22:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) I AM CHICKEN
    [22:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) READ IT IN MY NAME
    [22:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Now stop trying to use my name as an insult, 'cause it doesn't work.
    [22:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) xD
    [22:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) If you're trying to call me a coward, then call me a coward
    [22:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) lol
    [22:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) But calling me a chicken is just a statement of fact.
    [22:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) :3
    [22:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Or rather
    [22:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) --=>

    In a battle between me and Stormy with Anna reffing...
    [00:20] Stormy2229Storm: sleep powder
    [00:20] Stormy2229Storm: shit
    [00:21] MewAlcadiesMew: Can't Petal Dance is multi turn
    [00:21] Stormy2229Storm: thats what i noticed first
    [00:21] Stormy2229Storm: then I noticed I sent to you

    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) honestly, the Dojo Senseis could put together two teams
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Since there're 16 of us.
    [13:23] MewAlcadiesMew: 15, Badal doesn't count
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Just find moar, wergugy
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) ...
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) True
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) xD
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) I can't believe I forgot
    [13:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) I got used to just not considering him a dojo sensei.

    [16:04] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) With MY luck?
    [16:04] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) 20% chance to miss is like... "YOU LOSE"
    [16:04] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) lol
    [16:04] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Hence...
    [16:04] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) ICE BEAM MISSES
    [16:04] MewAlcadiesMew: (lol)
    [16:04] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) GG GARCHOMP JUST WIPED YOUR TEAM

    [20:22] MewAlcadiesMew: Duskull F Levitate, come forth from the deepest shadows of the realm
    [20:22] BlackXHawk69: lame
    [20:22] wrave91: Budew (F, Poison Point, Life Orb)
    [20:22] BlackXHawk69: you spelled cum wrong

    When talking about a TCG whose very name is unbearable to me, (there seem to be three major TCGs. It is not Pokemon and it is not Magic: The Gathering.)...
    [16:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) i had like the most boss deck
    [16:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) and then i grew up and got interested in girls

    EDIT QUOTE 10:
    [22:55] DoIPutNameHere: weedle uses bug bite on deoxys
    [22:55] DoIPutNameHere: space mutant destroyed

    EDIT QUOTE 11:
    [19:10] Arceusfan493: can you ref right now?
    [19:10] Arceusfan493: oh wait i forgot....

    EDIT QUOTE 12:
    [20:32] derianurpg: is pidge awesome?
    [20:32] derianurpg: is he?!!?
    [20:32] MewAlcadiesMew: mhm
    [20:32] derianurpg: yeah
    [20:32] derianurpg: he is
    [20:33] MewAlcadiesMew: Pidge = omnipotnent omniscient almighty one
    [20:33] derianurpg: Pidgey was in fact, based on him
    [20:33] derianurpg: which is why it doesn't resemble a pidgeon

    EDIT QUOTE 13:
    While Stormy was talking about Gold...
    [23:41] MewAlcadiesMew: Magnesium and Freligator?
    [23:42] Stormy2229Storm: Yeah
    [23:42] Stormy2229Storm: /six
    [23:42] Stormy2229Storm: years
    [23:42] MewAlcadiesMew: I think it is Meganium and Feraligatr
    [23:42] Stormy2229Storm: Close enough
    [23:44] Stormy2229Storm: Our neighborhood pronounced everything so wrong, and I spell it how we said it. "Zigagon" Magnesium, HoHo, Poochina, ect.

    EDIT QUOTE 14:
    [20:19] mewalcadiesmew: Hola! Would you like to show us how much better than BMG refs like BlackXHawk you are?
    [20:20] neoslayer93: haha
    [20:20] neoslayer93: nice way to ask me to ref
    [20:20] neoslayer93: that was pretty unique
    [20:21] neoslayer93: what did BH do
    [20:21] mewalcadiesmew: [20:21] neoslayer93: what did BH do
    You clearly haven't seen him reffing. He didn't even know moves redirect in a double battle...
    [20:22] neoslayer93: i actually never have seen him ref

    EDIT QUOTE 15:
    [20:30] Arceusfan493: his meebo is often evil

    EDIT QUOTE 16:
    [22:17] wrave91: I do pick up three attacks that are nice
    [22:17] MewAshMew: Megahorn
    [22:17] MewAshMew: Earth Power
    [22:17] MewAshMew: and something else
    [22:17] wrave91: Thrash
    [22:18] MewAshMew: Thrash is NICE? Thrash is junky
    [22:18] wrave91: Megahorn and Earth Power in particular
    [22:18] MewAshMew: (lol)

    EDIT QUOTE 17:
    [22:27] neoslayer93: has left the chat
    [22:28] MewAshMew: You said you needed to go? Or are you available to ref a DRAGON DOJO challenge? Allow me to show this challenger the true power of DRAGON!!!

    EDIT QUOTE 18:
    (Hariyama att+6)
    [18:59] digitaldevil1056: OHKO
    [18:59] MewAlcadiesMew: With?
    [18:59] digitaldevil1056: Bullet Punch
    [18:59] IF1994: no, i checked as well
    [18:59] IF1994: ttar ain't dead yet
    [18:59] MewAlcadiesMew: I checked, even with Att+6 it doesn;t KO
    [18:59] digitaldevil1056: uh
    [18:59] digitaldevil1056: lets see that again
    [19:00] digitaldevil1056: lol
    [19:00] digitaldevil1056: why the hell does

    EDIT QUOTE 19:
    [19:13] digitaldevil1056: btw
    [19:14] digitaldevil1056: CH
    [19:14] digitaldevil1056: is 12% chance on slash
    [19:14] MewAlcadiesMew: Crit is 12.5%
    [19:14] digitaldevil1056: round down
    [19:14] digitaldevil1056: Hariyama uses Bullet Punch
    [19:14] MewAlcadiesMew: ~facepalm~

    EDIT QUOTE 20:
    [19:25] MewAlcadiesMew: Stone Edge
    [19:26] digitaldevil1056: send when ready
    [19:29] MewAlcadiesMew: [19:25] MewAlcadiesMew: Stone Edge

    [19:29] digitaldevil1056: can she not get into chats
    [19:29] digitaldevil1056: or he
    [19:29] MewAlcadiesMew: Who?
    [19:29] digitaldevil1056: LOL
    [19:29] digitaldevil1056: wrong
    [19:29] digitaldevil1056: message
    [19:29] digitaldevil1056: but i didn't get that for some reason
    [19:30] digitaldevil1056: okay
    [19:30] MewAlcadiesMew: Meebo + unreliable internet = lucky this works at all

    EDIT QUOTE 21:
    [19:38] digitaldevil1056: Garchomp uses Outrage
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: and that my friends
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: is a KO
    [19:39] IF1994: lol, i didn't even send a move XD
    [19:39] mewalcadiesmew: most certainly is
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: you sent
    [19:39] IF1994: i didn't
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: FFFFFF
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: I SEE SWORDS DANCE TWICE
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: WHY AIM
    [19:39] digitaldevil1056: WHY

    EDIT QUOTE 22:
    Towards the end of a battle where I constantly D/C'd and the 5 quotes above this occured...
    [19:46] MewAlcadiesMew: Okay, that was the last time I will have internet trouble, I am home now
    [19:47] digitaldevil1056: ok
    [19:47] digitaldevil1056: and this is the last time i will be a shitty ref
    [19:47] digitaldevil1056: i hope

    EDIT QUOTE 23:
    [11:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (theomegamoon) I'm not really sure... to be honest, I'm out to get a balanced team right now, so I'll probably only end up trading it if it proves to be... not particularly useful.
    [11:24] mewalcadiesmew: :O Flygon is one of the not so good dragons. If you want a Ground/Dragon type I would seriously suggest Garchomp
    [11:24] mewalcadiesmew: Stats of Flygon: 80 100 80 80 80 100
    [11:25] mewalcadiesmew: Stats of Garchomp: 108 130 95 80 85 102
    [11:25] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (theomegamoon) I may consider getting one at some point, then.
    [11:26] mewalcadiesmew: (lol) Only reason Flygon would be wanted in my mind is if you want to use a double EQ in a double battle without hurting each other...

    EDIT QUOTE 24:
    [17:48] TigerintheArk: Phanpy is sent in
    [17:48] TigerintheArk: Moves?
    [17:48] Tamer Marco: oh god
    [17:48] Tamer Marco: must watch
    [17:50] TigerintheArk: Lucario uses Sword Dance

    EDIT QUOTE 25:
    [23:15] MewAlcadiesMew: Not HKim who is an inactive ref last I checked
    [23:15] kingrapter101: What the fuck?
    [23:15] cooldunsparce: okay.
    [23:15] kingrapter101: Pastebin to show stats?
    [23:15] mason878787: has left the chat
    [23:15] cooldunsparce: we did not know.
    [23:15] cooldunsparce: we will acknowledge.
    [23:16] hkimf: Something about the Head Ref not wanting to renew my license since the last time I reffed we were using GSC rules.
    [23:16] hkimf: I think that's just crazy talk.
    [23:16] hkimf: Can't be that different.
    [23:16] NukeThePlatypus: Who here wants to have a battle with GSC rules?
    [23:16] MewAlcadiesMew: LOL ~facepalm~

    EDIT QUOTE 26:
    [23:27] DoIPutNameHere: KO
    [23:27] NukeThePlatypus: GG
    [23:27] DoIPutNameHere: say gg after turn
    [23:27] DoIPutNameHere: lol

    EDIT QUOTE 27:
    [23:47] DoIPutNameHere: eevee is ready to help DAT BAT (crobat)
    [23:48] DoIPutNameHere: dratini uses extremespeed on garchomp
    [23:48] DoIPutNameHere: metagross uses ice punch on garchomp
    [23:48] thecincybengals: MAH COCK
    [23:48] DoIPutNameHere: crobat uses sludge bomb on garchomp
    [23:48] DoIPutNameHere: KO
    [23:48] cooldunsparce: DURHH
    [23:48] I smell a team
    Someone hates me. Or rather, 4 someones hate me.

    EDIT QUOTE 28:
    [15:45] Monbrey: Lucario is switched for Tyranitar
    [15:45] Monbrey: Sandstream activates
    [15:45] Monbrey: Gallade uses Psycho Cut
    [15:46] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 8-sided die: 1
    [15:46] Monbrey: Crit!

    EDIT QUOTE 29:
    [21:56] mewalcadiesmew: Metang - Clear Body
    [21:56] BlackXHawk69: my salary is at 5k one more basic battle and i can buy a fucking starly FUCK YEAH
    [21:57] wrave91: Meowth (M, Pick Up)
    [21:57] BlackXHawk69: guys are sent moves
    [21:57] wrave91: Fake Out
    [21:57] mewalcadiesmew: Bullet Punch if it matters

    EDIT QUOTE 30:
    [22:09] mewalcadiesmew: gg... WHAT? METANG IS EVOLVING! ~Music that I am too lazy to type out~ Congradulations! Your Metang has evolved into Magikarp! MAGIKARP?!? NOOOO! ~Feeds it a Rare Candy~ What? Magikarp is evolving? ~More music~ Congradulations! Your Magikarp has evolved into a Mew! MEW?!? AWESOME! Mew used Transform on Metagross! It somehow became permanent. NO!!! MY MEW! D': Well, at least I got my Metagross...

    EDIT QUOTE 31:
    [23:59] sniperxpwnage: Unown S uses Hidden Power on Gengar
    [23:59] sniperxpwnage: redirected
    [23:59] sniperxpwnage: sniperxpwnage rolled 1 5-sided die: 3
    [23:59] sniperxpwnage: hits Unown S

    EDIT QUOTE 32:
    Unown S uses...
    [00:10] sniperxpwnage: Hidden Power
    [00:10] stunkylupus: thats not what i sent
    [00:10] sniperxpwnage: well

    EDIT QUOTE 33:
    [23:11] TheEvilDookie: Gallade B uses Fly on Gallade B. Fails.

    EDIT QUOTE 34:
    [21:39] derianurpg: I CHALLENGE YOUR DOJO
    [21:40] derianurpg: no, wait... nevermind
    [21:40] derianurpg: ignore that

    EDIT QUOTE 35:
    [15:41] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) we can all 3 gangrape it
    [15:41] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) though i don't know what a gan grape is

    EDIT QUOTE 36:
    [12:49] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Tyranitar switches to Salamence, Flygon intimidated
    [12:49] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) yesss
    [12:49] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Flygon uses Draco Meteor

    EDIT QUOTE 37:
    [21:44] thedinobot: Garchomp sent in
    [21:45] thedinobot: Infernape uses Stone Edge
    [21:45] thedinobot: thedinobot rolled 1 100-sided die: 83
    [21:45] imsocorn: -.-
    [21:45] thedinobot: misses :X
    [21:45] thedinobot: SS
    [21:45] thedinobot: moves

    EDIT QUOTE 38:
    [15:37] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (thunderkanol) Hooray, tornado.
    [15:37] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (thunderkanol) DOWN TO THE BASEMENT
    [15:37] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) damn
    [15:37] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) brb
    [15:38] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (thunderkanol) But I'm on a laptop, so I'm staying on.
    [15:38] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (thunderkanol) I'll update you if I die :P
    [15:39] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) :P

    EDIT QUOTE 39:
    [21:40] PiEaNdChIpS678: Alakazam uses Gengar on Shadow Ball
    [21:40] PiEaNdChIpS678: except other way around
    [21:40] PiEaNdChIpS678: wait
    [21:40] PiEaNdChIpS678: Psychic
    [21:40] PiEaNdChIpS678: on Gengar

    EDIT QUOTE 40:
    [21:51] husnainisme: jr are you really reffing a ffa
    [21:52] cooldunsparce: who is reffing
    [21:52] PiEaNdChIpS678: if you count what im doing as reffing
    [21:52] PiEaNdChIpS678: then yes

    EDIT QUOTE 41:
    [20:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) "The Evil Dookie uses Dice Roll. It's super effective! Magikchicken fainted."
    [20:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) MY ULTIMATE WEAKNESS >_<
    [20:57] MewAlcadiesMew: //roll-dice10-sides999
    [20:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: mewalcadiesmew rolled 10 999-sided dice: 644 686 429 914 487 104 663 542 178 413
    [20:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) I swear, my type combination (Insane/Magik User) must have a double-weakness to Dice Roll.
    [20:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Sorry, I have 100% resistance to irrelevance.
    [20:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Due to my ability: Single-Track Mind

    EDIT QUOTE 42 (WIN):
    [23:01] BMGfaggot: fuck you near
    [23:01] MewAlcadiesMew: ^
    [23:01] iamnotyou11: ^
    [23:01] sheepskinfuton: you wish
    [23:01] PiEaNdChIpS678: i do
    [23:01] PiEaNdChIpS678: every night
    [23:01] cjsox11: I love people that hate near
    [23:01] PiEaNdChIpS678: I FUCKING HATE NEAR
    [23:01] PiEaNdChIpS678: GOD THAT KID
    What do you know? Edit Quote 42 in post 42 is anti-near :P

    EDIT QUOTE 43:
    [17:39] imperialpineaple: shinies dont start with your lolgg shit again

    EDIT QUOTE 44:
    [18:27] imsocorn: Typhlosion in
    [18:27] imsocorn: moves
    [18:27] Arceusfan493: chomps health?
    [18:28] imsocorn: 88.33%
    [18:28] Arceusfan493: k
    [18:29] imsocorn: Chomp EQs
    [18:30] imsocorn: Ty uses smokescreen
    [18:30] imsocorn: imsocorn rolled 1 100-sided die: 92
    [18:30] imsocorn: misses
    [18:30] imsocorn: Ty 1.38%
    [18:30] imsocorn: Chomp 88.33%
    [18:30] Arceusfan493: *facepalm*
    [18:30] imsocorn: moves?
    [18:31] imsocorn: wtf...
    [18:31] Arceusfan493: ?

    EDIT QUOTE 45:
    [11:42] Monbrey: Leech Seed saps, Charizard KO'd
    [11:42] Monbrey: Ampharos [77.86%]
    [11:42] Monbrey: Next?
    [11:43] Monbrey: Garchomp [100%] | Ampharos [77.86%]
    [11:43] Monbrey: Sandstorm, moves?
    [11:48] Monbrey: *yawn*
    [11:51] sexygreggles: sorry
    [11:51] sexygreggles: dinner
    [11:51] sexygreggles: Wait. what?
    [11:51] Monbrey: ahh k

    EDIT QUOTE 46:
    [12:04] Monbrey: Garchomp switches to Tyranitar [90.84%]
    [12:04] Monbrey: Venusaur uses Leech Seed
    [12:04] Monbrey: Monbrey rolled 1 100-sided die: 58
    [12:04] Monbrey: Hits
    [12:04] Monbrey: Sandstorm hurts Venusaur
    [12:04] Monbrey: Aaand
    [12:05] Monbrey: Tyranitar is [SLP-1]
    [12:06] Monbrey: Tyranitar [70%][SLP-2][SEED] | Venusaur [40.38%]
    [12:06] Monbrey: Sandstorm, moves?
    [12:06] MewAshMew: How did Leech Seed do 20.84% damage?
    [12:07] Monbrey: ....good question
    [12:07] Monbrey: That doesnt even make sense in accidental calculations.....

    EDIT QUOTE 47:
    [17:58] Alaskapigeon: Wanna ref?
    [17:58] MewAlcadiesMew: I want to, but I'm not a ref >.>
    [17:58] Alaskapigeon: xD
    [17:58] Alaskapigeon: sorry

    EDIT QUOTE 48:
    [21:31] zeferintrazish: can you ref?
    [21:32] MewAlcadiesMew: I can, but I'm not an official ref >.>
    [21:33] zeferintrazish: kk, nvm then

    EDIT QUOTE 49:
    [22:58] MewAlcadiesMew: (Magikarp Bazooka hurls Magikarp at them)
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) so thaaaat's why team rocket wanted to force magikarp to evolve
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) better ammo!

    EDIT QUOTE 50:
    [19:05] DoIPutNameHere: Garchomp 100%
    Espeon 88.02%

    [19:05] DoIPutNameHere: moves
    [19:06] DoIPutNameHere: espeon uses psybeam
    [19:06] DoIPutNameHere: DoIPutNameHere rolled 1 100-sided die: 96
    [19:06] DoIPutNameHere: miss
    [19:07] DoIPutNameHere: garchomp uses outrage
    [19:07] DoIPutNameHere: sand
    [19:07] DoIPutNameHere: Garchomp 12.57%
    Espeon 88.02% (out1)
    [19:07] DoIPutNameHere: moves
    [19:07] Arceusfan493: err
    [19:07] MewAshMew: I don't think Espeon used outrage
    [19:07] Arceusfan493: lol
    [19:07] DoIPutNameHere: oops lol
    [19:08] DoIPutNameHere: why not >:(

    EDIT QUOTE 51:
    [16:28] imsocorn: Speed tie
    [16:28] imsocorn: Dusk A 1
    [16:28] imsocorn: imsocorn rolled 1 100-sided die: 1
    [16:28] imsocorn: erm
    [16:28] imsocorn: imsocorn rolled 1 2-sided die: 1

    EDIT QUOTE 52:
    [00:20] zeferintrazish: note to self: when able to OHKO your opponent's mon, pay more attention to the battle and not youtube

    EDIT QUOTE 53:
    [19:17] Destruction269: Crobat 100% [359],
    Drapion 70.64% [289], attk2
    Mr. Mime 100% [279],
    Gardevoir A 75% [259], Sub
    Gallade -7.35% [259], Sub
    Gardevoir B 100% [259], spattk/spdef1
    Metagross A 75% [239], Sub
    Metagross B 100% [239], def2
    Clefable 100% [219], defs1
    Swampert 75% [219], Sub
    Blissey 100% [209], def1
    Snorlax C 100% [159],
    Snorlax B 100% [159],
    Snorlax E 100% [159],
    Snorlax A 100% [159],
    Snorlax D 100.00% [105], def/attk1 spd-

    EDIT QUOTE 54:
    [20:56] Destruction269: i have a dick worth 5 dollars
    [20:57] athletiking: typical
    [20:57] thecincybengals: dont flatter yourself
    [20:57] JesseJKJesse: 5dolalh make u holla shinies?
    [20:57] thecincybengals: xD
    [20:57] JesseJKJesse: lol jk

    EDIT QUOTE 55:
    [07:48] MewAlcadiesMew: ~Pokes Magikchicken to see if he still lives~
    [07:50] MewAlcadiesMew: M A G I K C H I C K E N , a r e y o u s t i l l a l i v e ?
    [07:50] MewAlcadiesMew: ~preforms CPR on Magikchicken~
    [07:51] MewAlcadiesMew: ~Steals Magikchicken's pokéballs~
    [07:53] MewAlcadiesMew: ~Has a battle against Magikchicken's pokémon for Dojo Master~
    [07:53] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) ~Refs~
    [07:54] MewAlcadiesMew: ~Weavile sits there, waiting for commands~ Breloom, DYNAMICPUNCH!
    [07:54] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: monbrey rolled 1 100-sided die: 68
    [07:54] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) fail
    [07:55] MewAlcadiesMew: Come on Breloom, you can't even hit a motionless target? ~Remembers that a Garchomp's Brick Break KO's a Weavile so DynamicPunch is unneeded~
    [07:56] MewAlcadiesMew: ~remembers Breloom is still in daycare~
    [07:56] * MewAlcadiesMew fail
    [07:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) ~Reports~
    [07:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) My Infernapes in Daycare atm
    [07:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) So no accepting challenges for a bit lol
    [07:57] MewAlcadiesMew: ~Realizes the Breloom he used was actually just a doll of a Breloom~
    [07:57] MewAlcadiesMew: lol
    [07:57] MewAlcadiesMew: I need to put a few of my Dojo pokémon in daycare
    [07:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) No wonder the punch missed

    EDIT QUOTE 56:
    [14:15] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) lawl I'm not going to fight pika
    [14:15] MewAlcadiesMew: WHY NOT?
    [14:16] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) is that a joke?
    [14:16] MewAlcadiesMew: It's not like its better than Raichu or anything... O wait...
    [14:16] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) well only offensively
    [14:16] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) it's very offensive
    [14:16] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) I'm offended by it
    [14:17] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) it makes a lot of racist jokes
    [14:17] MewAlcadiesMew: Pikachu, tell derian how you feel abut his "opinions"
    [14:17] MewAlcadiesMew: Pikachu: Pika Pika
    [14:18] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) oh THAT MOTHER FUCKER
    [14:18] MewAlcadiesMew: Pikachu: PIKA CHU!
    [14:18] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) you WHAT?
    [14:19] MewAlcadiesMew: Pikachu: Pi Pika Chu. Pika!
    [14:19] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) fucking racist
    [14:20] * MewAlcadiesMew watches as Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, and Quick Attack on derian.
    [14:20] MewAlcadiesMew: It's super effecive! derian fainted.

    EDIT QUOTE 57:
    [23:50] MewAlcadiesMew: Hi
    [23:51] MewAlcadiesMew: I've been wondering where you were Magik. The one time I saw you on you were away.
    [23:51] MewAlcadiesMew: OMG MAGIK IS AWAY AGAIN!!!
    [23:52] MewAlcadiesMew: What's that for? I see you turning on and off away status...
    [00:11] MewAlcadiesMew: Anyone here?
    [00:23] MewAlcadiesMew: Why is Magik always away when I am on? He wasn't when I first got on, then he went away, came back, and went away again without saying a word.
    [00:23] MewAlcadiesMew: I THINK HE'S AVOIDING ME!
    [00:26] MewAlcadiesMew: If anyone else has said anything in here then my Meebo just fails, but what else is new?

    EDIT QUOTE 58:
    [14:15] MewAlcadiesMew: Tyranitar hit first and used Fire Fang. Burn + Flinch. (Choice Scarf)
    [14:15] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) Too bad it missed
    [14:15] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) ooh the 5% comes back and bites it in the rear
    [14:15] MewAlcadiesMew: //roll-dice1-sides100
    [14:15] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: mewalcadiesmew rolled 1 100-sided die: 96
    [14:15] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) =P
    [14:15] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) I win
    [14:16] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) These rolls are just not going your way for this imaginary battle

    EDIT QUOTE 59:
    [18:17] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) So you know Husnain is in the reffing calc
    [18:17] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) It's funny
    [18:19] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) a tackle from a magikarp leaves him with -224.01% health =)
    [18:21] MewAlcadiesMew: Deoxys SpAtt+6's Psycho Boost does so much damage to a Husnain SpDef-6 that it just sets it back to 100.00%. :P
    [18:22] MewAlcadiesMew: Or it just doesn't like calculating it...
    [18:22] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) or perhaps it doesn't work
    [18:22] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) because Husnain is Dark type =P
    [18:22] MewAlcadiesMew: ~facepalm~ I forgot
    [18:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (walkertexrang) Haha

    EDIT QUOTE 60:
    [23:04] thecincybengals: if you fail the ref quiz
    [23:05] thecincybengals: then you shouldn't be a ref
    [23:05] thecincybengals: lol
    [23:05] theevildookie: lol
    [23:05] thecincybengals: it's so easy
    [23:05] PiEaNdChIpS678: didnt you fail it
    [23:05] PiEaNdChIpS678: ^_^;
    [23:05] thecincybengals: three times!
    [23:05] PiEaNdChIpS678: ^_^;

    EDIT QUOTE 61:
    [23:29] imsocorn: Its saliva can decompose anything. It wraps its long tongue around things to coat them with its sticky saliva.
    [23:29] PiEaNdChIpS678: females
    [23:29] MewAshMew: Lickilicky
    [23:29] imsocorn: ^
    [23:29] MewAshMew: Lickitung
    [23:29] husnainisme: lmao jr
    [23:29] kingrapter101: females
    [23:29] kingrapter101: lickilicky
    [23:29] kingrapter101: same thing really right

    EDIT QUOTE 62:
    [00:20] MewAlcadiesMew: Cradily [75%] Sub SP3 SpDef+2
    Vespiquen [75%] Sub Def/SpDef+5
    [00:21] MewAlcadiesMew: Vespiquen can heal easily. Cradily loses its def boost if it heals.
    [00:22] MewAlcadiesMew: Cradily has no crit move. Vespiquen has a crit move.
    [00:22] MewAlcadiesMew: And do you want to hear the most important part?
    [00:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (wrave91) ya

    EDIT QUOTE 63:
    [17:32] LSpl0x: primeape uses hyper beam on lanturn
    [17:32] LSpl0x: KO
    [17:32] LSpl0x: gg
    [17:32] LSpl0x: Drapion uses Explosion
    [17:32] jeffokakoor: gg
    [17:32] LSpl0x: on houndoom
    [17:32] husnainisme: has left the chat
    [17:32] JesseJKJesse: ur primape
    [17:32] LSpl0x: KO
    [17:32] LSpl0x: gg
    [17:32] jeffokakoor: gg
    [17:32] LSpl0x: metagross sucks cock
    [17:32] LSpl0x: KO
    [17:32] LSpl0x: gg
    [17:32] jeffokakoor: gg
    [17:33] ...
    [17:33] xD
    [17:33] LSpl0x: and husnain is a nigger
    [17:33] JesseJKJesse: Meta Kos Primape
    [17:33] LSpl0x: KO
    [17:33] jeffokakoor: gg
    [17:33] LSpl0x: gg
    [17:33] jeffokakoor: LMAO

    EDIT QUOTE 64:
    DISCLAIMER: If you are Pidge please don't read this. I STILL WORSHIP YOU BECAUSE OF THIS.

    EDIT QUOTE 65:
    This is from pe2k trades. Here is a link.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xalapeno
    I remember, back in the day. When you could trade a fully TMed Ditto for a non-TMed mew ):<
    EDIT QUOTE 66:
    [13:00] mewalcadiesmew: Has it really been 6 months since yesterday?
    [13:00] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Apparently so

    EDIT QUOTE 67:
    [00:33] LSpl0x: hus
    [00:33] LSpl0x: if you had a choice to fuck me or jeff
    [00:33] LSpl0x: what would you choose
    [00:33] husnainisme: you-1
    [00:33] husnainisme: husnainisme rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
    [00:33] husnainisme: ok
    [00:33] husnainisme: husnainisme rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
    [00:33] husnainisme: husnainisme rolled 1 2-sided die: 1
    [00:33] husnainisme: LOL
    [00:34] LSpl0x: gg
    [00:34] husnainisme: husnainisme rolled 1 2-sided die: 2
    [00:34] husnainisme: what do you think I am
    [00:34] husnainisme: GAY OR SOMETHING
    [00:34] LSpl0x: yes
    [00:34] husnainisme: oh
    [00:35] LSpl0x: not fully

    EDIT QUOTE 68:
    Shinies = ref
    [21:08] ShiniesRule14: shut u[
    [21:08] Canada fucking rules
    [21:08] Sweetiekido: everyplace is awesome except america cuz we is broke
    [21:08] ShiniesRule14: up
    [21:08] ShiniesRule14: shut up
    [21:09] Sweetiekido: its true...
    [21:09] lspl0x: shut up so shinies can share his experience in blowjobs
    [21:09] MewAlcadiesMew: Quiet time.
    [21:09] lspl0x: SHUT UP ASHK
    [21:09] Shut up LS
    [21:09] ShiniesRule14: SHUT
    [21:09] ShiniesRule14: has left the chat
    [21:09] lspl0x: lold
    [21:09] Monbrey: LOL
    [21:09] nyurghdude: lol
    [21:09] walkertexrang: lo
    [21:09] Fail
    [21:09] Sweetiekido: hahaha
    [21:09] Mikey94028: lol

    EDIT QUOTE 69:
    Note: Strikethrough means it wasn't there but it should have been
    [22:32] Destruction269: Metagross 100% [478][attk1][spd2][def2][mr1]
    Jolteon 100% [359]
    Sceptile 75% [678] [sub][attk2][spd2]
    Raichu 100% [598] [mr4][spattk2][spd2]
    [22:32] Destruction269: Moves
    [22:32] Destruction269: send to shinies sn
    [22:32] Destruction269: shiniesrule sn
    [22:33] nyurghdude: requesting more songs here
    [22:33] MewAlcadiesMew: Metagross 100% [478][attk1][spd2][def2][mr1]
    Jolteon 100% [359]
    Sceptile 75% [678] [sub][attk2][spd2]
    [22:33] facefisted9000: has left the chat
    [22:33] MewAlcadiesMew: oops
    [22:33] MewAlcadiesMew: Sceptile 75% [678] [sub][attk2][spd2]
    Raichu 100% [598] [mr4][spattk2][spd2]
    Metagross 100% [478][attk1][spd2][def2][mr1]
    Jolteon 100% [359]
    [22:34] imsocorn: wtf is this ._.
    [22:34] Destruction269: ffa
    [22:34] Destruction269: u missed it
    [22:34] MewAlcadiesMew: BMG>pe2k
    [22:34] imsocorn: no
    [22:34] imsocorn: I mean
    [22:35] imsocorn: Wtf is Ash. K doing with stats
    [22:35] Destruction269: lol
    [22:35] MewAlcadiesMew: I was putting the speeds right

    EDIT QUOTE 70:
    [18:16] mewalcadiesmew: You want an Evil Cookie to eat. We want an EvilDookie to ref. Deal?
    [18:16] TheEvilDookie: i already have evil cookies so nty
    [18:28] MewAlcadiesMew: These aren't just any Evil Cookies! They have been frozen by an Arcticuno, zapped by a Zapdos, cooked by a Moltres, Made Sacred by Ho-Oh, made aerodynamical by Lugia, protected by Celebi, magmarized by Groudon, soaked by Kyogre, locked by Rayquaza, doomed by Jirachi, made meteoric by Deoxys, can time travel thanks to Dialga, can teleport thanks to Palkia, dimentionalized by Giratina, cleaned by Phione, clensed by Manaphy, given a sweet aroma by Shaymin, judged the best by Arceus... All before being evil. And then they were completed by Darkrai's Dark Void.

    EDIT QUOTE 71:
    [19:16] Monbrey: Talk and lose 50%
    [19:16] Monbrey: ______________________
    [19:16] Monbrey: Infernape uses Mach Punch on Smeargle
    [19:16] iamnotyou11: Dick
    [19:17] Monbrey: Smeargle loses 50%
    [19:17] Monbrey: KO's
    [19:17] Monbrey: Near out
    [19:17] iamnotyou11: fuck you monbrey
    [19:17] gg
    [19:17] alaskapigeon1: gg
    [19:17] MiloticQueen: gg
    [19:17] iamnotyou11: has left the chat
    [19:17] Nyurghdude: pwned, gg

    EDIT QUOTE 72:
    [18:02] MewAlcadiesMew: Also, what happens when an active Dojo Sensei loses their Dojo? Do they get kicked or do we let them stay here?
    [18:02] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (neonsandsurpg) one of those
    [18:02] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) They get kicked =(
    [18:02] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) Sorry
    [18:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) But yeah...
    [18:03] MewAlcadiesMew: HiPS is out then :(
    [18:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) I need to houseclean otherwise we'll have a massive backlog of inactives
    [18:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) I dont mind Feng
    [18:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) o.O
    [18:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) ...
    [18:03] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (neonsandsurpg) Derian/Wrave/HiPS =(

    EDIT QUOTE 73:
    Right after this FFA..................
    [22:42] mewashmew: I can't believe I lost because I didn't have Earthquake..... And here I thought I wouldn't need it since I had Bone Rush :(
    [22:43] Monbrey: Never understimate my dice's ability the screw you over with accuracy
    [22:44] mewashmew: ^_^

    EDIT QUOTE 74:
    [18:46] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Salamence uses Outrage, KO's
    [18:46] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) gg
    [18:46] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) gg
    [18:46] mewalcadiesmew: g
    [18:46] mewalcadiesmew: gg
    [18:46] mewalcadiesmew: ggg
    [18:46] mewalcadiesmew: gggg
    [18:46] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) xD
    [18:46] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) thanks for reffin' monbrey
    [18:46] mewalcadiesmew: idk
    [18:47] mewalcadiesmew: Thanks Monbrey
    [18:47] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) gggg = good goddamn gay game?
    [18:47] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (magikchickenurpg) o.O
    [18:47] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) xD

    EDIT QUOTE 75:
    [19:41] alaskapigeon1: ive only been on URPG
    [19:41] alaskapigeon1: since april
    [19:41] alaskapigeon1: it made me ragequit real life
    [19:41] ...
    [19:41] ?
    [19:42] alaskapigeon1: do you ever see me offline when im not sleeping or eating or at school?
    [19:42] Dookie
    [19:42] alaskapigeon1: i quit real life
    [19:42] alaskapigeon1: *worth it*
    [19:42] alaskapigeon1: lol

    EDIT QUOTE 76:
    [09:09] mewalcadiesmew: It's almost Halloween....... :O
    [09:10] mewalcadiesmew: I for one know that on Halloween

    EDIT QUOTE 77:
    [17:42] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (thesyn4) Why do refs hate reffing?
    [17:42] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) xD

    EDIT QUOTE 78:
    [20:55] Monbrey: has joined the chat
    [20:55] Monbrey: NO FFA
    [20:55] Monbrey: GO HOME
    [20:56] Monbrey: has left the chat

    EDIT QUOTE 79:
    [22:55] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) lol highest sp atk pokemon is lucario?
    [22:55] mewalcadiesmew: I think so
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) wow
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Mine is Togekiss or Magmortar I think
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) mine is kiss
    [22:56] mewalcadiesmew: Magmortar is higher
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Jolteon
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) mine might be jynx
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) I forget what it has
    [22:56] mewalcadiesmew: Magmortar is still higher
    [22:56] mewalcadiesmew: Jolteon has 110
    [22:56] mewalcadiesmew: Magmortar 125
    [22:56] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) I dont remember bases lol
    [22:57] mewalcadiesmew: I try to
    [22:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) I'd be better at memorising URPG stats lol
    [22:57] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) xD
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) lol
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) I'm good with base stats
    [22:58] mewalcadiesmew: I know the stat formula by heart
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) nice
    [22:58] mewalcadiesmew: So I can easily convert between URPG and base
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (derianurpg) you don't have a girlfriend right?
    [22:58] mewalcadiesmew: lol
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) LOL
    [22:58] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (matt5skip) xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    EDIT QUOTE 80:
    [22:24] leman5693: BReloom uses Spore
    [22:25] leman5693: Dusknoir uses Sleep Talk
    [22:25] zeferintrazish: haha!
    [22:25] leman5693: leman5693 rolled 1 31-sided die: 21
    [22:25] mewalcadiesmew: lol
    [22:25] leman5693: Rest
    [22:25] leman5693: pwnt
    [22:25] mewalcadiesmew: lol
    [22:25] zeferintrazish: DAMN

    EDIT QUOTE 81:
    [18:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: ( Can we breed in URPG
    [18:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) We can
    [18:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (roulette16dares) xD
    [18:23] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) But our Pokemon cant
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: ( But, can I breed with my pokemon?
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (roulette16dares) not advised
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (roulette16dares) its frowned upon
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) Unless you have a Gardevoir I dont recommend it
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (roulette16dares) lol
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (roulette16dares) or a lickilicky
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (monbrey) *has a Gardevoir*
    [18:24] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: ( ewww
    [18:25] [Dojo Sensei's Tea Room]: (roulette16dares) but its in your basement, right?
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    Default Re: The Unofficial URPG Quote Compilation

    (10:05) cooldunsparce: Today I admitted I was gay, ya me

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    ojajrrj 11:25 pm
    (11:25:24 PM): Yes.
    (11:25:26 PM): That's right.
    (11:25:28 PM): I have a penis.


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    [22:33] iamnotyou11: what's a good argument as to why american pie should be allowed to be watched in class, if the teacher promised we could watch a movie, and that we would vote on movie's people bring in
    [22:33] Zoa: ALL ARE COCKS
    [22:33] iamnotyou11: what
    [22:34] Zoa: all are cocks
    [22:34] iamnotyou11: wtf does that mean

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