Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away
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Thread: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

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    Default Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    -You can gift any Pokemon in your stats, except your starter.
    -Do not Gift others whatever you've gotten in this Gift Station!
    -Berries will be gifted in bundles of three.
    -You may receive a total of five gifts; however, there is no limit on gifting.
    -You may give one gift to each person.
    -If you are given more than five gifts, you may choose which ones you want to receive.
    -TMs/Items may be gifted.
    -Daycare Passes/Park Passes may be purchased and gifted as well.
    -You cannot claim your gifts until the conclusion of the Gift Station.
    -You cannot delete the gifts from your stats until the conclusion of the Gift Station.
    -If you have a new gift, post it. Don't edit your previous post (don't make it hard for the person who manages the threads).

    Because of how late this has started it will be open until the 2nd of May (two weeks) Enjoy.
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    Default Re: Easter Give Away

    Gift Givers:

    8-Bit (1): Pansage to Trainer17,
    AceTrainer14 (42): Poliwrath to Kai-Mei, Arbok to Sec, Tangrowth to We Taste Pies..., Honchkrow to Monbrey, Venomoth to Derian, Primeape to ChainReaction01, Jumpluff to PokeViper, Ninjask to Black_Cat230, Shedinja to Flammenwerfer, Gliscor to Alaskapigeon, Gyarados to Fawkes., Salamence to Trainer17, Mothim to Bumblebee, Staraptor to Pidge, Ampharos to Buzzer, Drapion to MaverickKaiser, Crobat to Hide in Plain Sight, Nidoking to Synthesis, Togekiss to Ataro, Glaceon to MuddyMudkip, Mamoswine to Ebail, Metagross to HKim, Gengar to WinterVines, Skuntank to Roulette Dares, Chimecho to Stinky, Solrock to Scourge of Nemo, Wormadam-T to Neonsands, Charizard to Xpedential, Sandslash to Wrave, Samurott to Fierce Deity, Flygon to MagePigeon, Nidoqueen to The pokemaster, Cloyster to Evanfardreamer, Electrivire to Ryoku, Swampert to Opposumguy, Seaking to Fossil Fusion, Electrode to Eeveedude, Leafeon to Sgt.Pepper, Noctowl to Morru-Magnum, Walrein to Tyranitex, Torterra to Eternus Situs, Magmortar to Pman
    Alaskapigeon (23): Shiftry to Scourge of Nemo, Absol to Hide in Plain Sight, Marowak to Derian, Armaldo to Roulette Dares, Daycare Pass to We Taste Pies..., Masquerain to JokesterJesse, Victreebel to Siless, Archeops to WinterVines, Mantine to Xpedential, Pidgeot to PokeViper, Mightyena to Buoysel., Corsola to Magikchicken, Pelipper to MaverickKaiser, Pidove to Pidge, Daycare Pass to TheEvilDookie, Beautifly to LightningFast, Dustox to ChainReaction01, Pansage to Fierce Deity, Daycare Pass to Buzzer, Daycare Pass to Team Evolution, Umbreon to Smorgasboard, TM Sandstorm to Magepigeon, Daycare Pass to Eeveedude,
    AmericanTreeFrog (1): Riolu to Team Evolution
    Ash K. (3): Azumarill to Wrave, TM Flamethrower to Flammenwarfare, Iron Ball to AlaskaPigeon
    Ataro (1): Toxicroak to Team Evolution
    Black_Cat320: (4): Shelmet to Bumblebee, Leftovers to ChainReaction01, Woobat to Ebail, Tirtouga to Trainer17
    Brizer (6): Ralts to Scourge of Nemo, Ursaring to Fierce Deity, Crobat to Stinky, Dusknoir to iReign, Stoutland to Ataro, Shedinja to Near
    Bryce (28): Miltank to RouletteDares, Arcanine to OpposumGuy, Snorlax to Husnain, Blissey to Fierce Diety, Ludicolo to AlaskaPigeon, Golduck to Mubz, Hippodown to Metalbee, Sceptile to Siless, Feraligatr to Wrave, Garchomp to We Taste Pies, Machamp to PokeViper, Porygon-Z to Sec, Ambipom to Monbrey, Ursaring to smorsgasbored, Staraptor to Gliscorman, Lopunny to Neonsands, Togekiss to Turtwig A, Persian to Natorei, Zangoose to Flammenwarfare, Tauros to Team Evolution, Infernape to WinterVines, Ninetales to Badal, Swampert to Ebail, Charizard to Derian, Crobat to Ayotui14, Empoleon to evanfardreamer, Tangrowth to Buzzer, Eevee to Pidge
    Bumblebee (23): Alakazam to ChainReaction01, Snorlax to WinterVines, Gallade to Siless, Girafarig to Ataro, Tyranitar to FlammenWarfare, Magnezone to Xpedential, Clefable to eternus_situs, Walrein to Opposumguy, Butterfree to Fawkes, Grumpig to Smorgasbored, Karrablast to Shen, Mawile to Ebail, Roserade to Evanfardreamer, Cloyster to Shozuka, Donphan to Ryoku, Shuckle to Tyranitex, Spinda to Ash K., Umbreon to Silver Slasher, Leafeon to Cooldude500, Vaporeon to Magepigeon, Nidoqueen to Fossil Fusion, Nidoking to RouletteDares, Dunsparce to Wrave
    Buzzer (1): Daycare Pass to Gmandiddy
    ChainReaction01 (10): TM Bullet Seed to Siless, Escavalier to Ryoku, TM Substitute to Derian, Expert Belt to Black_Cat230, Leftovers to Alaskapigeon, Daycare Pass to Gmandiddy, Daycare Pass to WinterVines, TM Protect to Buzzer, Heracross to PokeViper, TM Dragon Pulse from Synthesis,
    cooldude500 (1): Gyarados to eternus_situs
    Derian (7): TM Bulk Up to ChainReaction01, TM Energy Ball to Siless, TM Stone Edge to Roulette Dares, TM Roar to Alaskapigeon, TM Rest to Scourge of Nemo, TM Flash Cannon to Pidge, TM Drain Punch to WinterVines
    Dust (3): Daycare Pass to Ash K., Swampert to Ryoku, Ambipom to Wrave
    Ebail (6): Treecko to Kai-Mei, Electivire to HikaruIzumi, Jolteon to Black_Cat230, Serperior to MuddyMudkip, Braviary to PokeViper, Treecko to Trainer17
    Eeveedude (5): Jumpluff to Silver Slasher, Emolga to Alaskapigeon, Stoutland to Trainer17, Cofagrigus to ragnarok0422, Piplup
    eternus_situs (2): Treecko to Fawkes., Minun to Buzzer
    Fawkes. (11): Swoobat to Trainer17, Nidoking to PokeViper, Walrein to HikaruIzumi, Feraligatr to Ash K., Escavelier to Ayotui, Linoone to Buoysel., Ursaring to Opossumguy, Hypno to Eeveedude, Charizard to Chuck Norris, Donphan to eternus_situs, Kabutops to Gmandiddy
    Fierce Deity (7): Ninjask to Team Evolution, Shelmet to Trainer17, Bidoof to AceTrainer14, Shelmet to Alaskapigeon, Dratini to Magepigeon, Shelmet to Brizer, Larvitar to SuperT
    FlammenWarfare (4): Electivire to Turtwig A, Escavelier to Bumblebee, Dodrio to Scourge of Nemo, TM Dragon Pulse to Ash K.
    Fossil Fusion (1): Wailord to Husnain
    GliscorMan (3): Sunflora to Alaskapigeon, Cradily to Turtwig A, Macargo to Ayotui
    gmandiddy (8): Gardevoir to WinterVines, Hitmonchan to ChainReaction01, Roserade to Timpeni, Magmortar to MuddyMudkip, Infernape to Buzzer, Park Pass to Ataro, Park Pass to Fawkes, Bidoof to Synthesis
    HelloImKers (1): TM Rock Tomb to Pidge
    Hide in Plain Sight (4): Daycare Pass to Synthesis, Daycare Pass to Scourge of Nemo, Lucario to Alaskapigeon, Jolteon to AceTrainer
    HikaruIzumi (7): Drapion to Morru Magnum, Daycare Pass to Ebail, Eevee to Fawkes., Eevee to SLCalamity, Green Scarf to Synthesis, Spheal to Eeveedude, Purrloin to Gliscorman
    Husnain (8): Shellder to MuddyMudkip, Voltorb to PokeViper, Bellsprout to TheEvilDookie, Cherrim to Buoysel., Geodude to Team Evolution, Charmander to Pokemad, Roserade to Rohypnol, Squirtle to Fossil Fusion
    Joangaes (1): Eevee to SuperT,
    JokesterJesse (3): Swanna to Bouysell, Sceptile to FlammenWarFare, Dusknoir to Shozuka
    Legendary Master (4): Hydreigon to Pidge, Shedinja to Scourge of Nemo, Drapion to Kai-Mei, Zubat to Alaskapigeon
    LS the Door Mat (1): Bidoof to Husnain
    Magepigeon (2): Pidgey to Pidge, TM Stealth Rock to Alaskapigeon
    Magikchicken (1): Diglett to Dust
    Marshy (2): Mr.Mime to smorgasbord, Poliwrath to Xali
    MaverickKaiser (9) : Jolteon to Ataro, Slaking to Xpedential, Galvantula to Buzzer, Swoobat to Buzzer, TM X-Scissor to Fierce Deity, TM Brine to Synthesis, TM Grass Knot to Turtwig A, Deino to Nitro, Rotom-Frost to Bumblebee
    Morru Magnum (11): Shedinja to The pokemaster, Lum Berry x3 to Team Evolution, Hydreigon to ragnarok0422, Minun to Synthesis, Chinchou to HikaruIzumi, Dusknoir to Buoysel, Lum Berry x3 to Turtwig A, Lum Berry x3 to Eeveedude, Zubat to Edeneh, Togepi to MuddyMudkip, TM Drain Punch to Eternus_Situs,
    Mubz (2): Daycare Pass to Synthesis, Charmander to Silver Slasher
    MuddyMudkip (3): Yellow Scarf to Turtwig A, TM Substitute to MaverickKaiser, Yellow Scarf to Morru Magnum
    Near (3): Smeargle to Brizer, Cradily to TheEvilDookie, Chimchar to SheepSkinFuton
    Pidge (5): Rotom-W to Husnain, Breloom to The Jr Trainer, Hippowdon to SiberianTiger, Abomasnow to We Taste Pies..., Lotad to FlammenWarFare
    Pokemad (1): Eevee to Ryoku
    Pokeviper (1): Golbat to Pokemad
    ragnarok0422 (8): Yanmega to Trainer17, Heracross to MuddyMudkip, Sceptile to WinterVines, Gengar to Xpedential, Jumpluff to Morru Magnum, Magnezone to Team Evolution, Gyarados to Eeveedude, Nidoking to Ataro
    Rohypnol (1): Mr. Mime to Team Evolution
    Roulette Dares (2): Jynx to TheEvilDookie, Daycare Pass to Pman
    Shinies (2): Starmie to Fierce Deity, Togekiss to SuperT
    Siless (5): Ralts Voice Disk to Dog of Hellsing, Ralts Voice Disk to HKim, Ralts Voice Disk to Black_Cat230, Ralts Voice Disk to Timpeni, Ralts Voice Disk to Ragnarok,
    SLCalamity (1): Dratini to Volcanflame
    Smorgasboard (1): Eevee to AlaskaPigeon
    Stinky (29): Aerodactyl to Alaskapigeon, Alakazam to Ataro, Bronzong to Brizer, Claydol to Bumblebee, Emolga to Buzzer, Empoleon to MaverickKaiser, Gastrodon to WinterVines, Gorebyss to Pidge, Honchkrow to Magicchicken, Infernape to Husnain, Jolteon to Derian, Kingdra to Chainreaction, Ludicolo to Ebail, Lucario to Neonsands, Luvdisc to The Jr Trainer, Magnezone to Synthesis, Mamoswine to Monbrey, Politoed to Rohypnol, Probopass to Scourge of Nemo, Salamence to Siberian Tiger, Sawsbuck to Siless, Scizor to We Taste Pies, Starmie to Hide in Plain Sight, Togekiss to Team Evolution, Tropius to smorgasbored, Tyranitar to Volcanflame, Weavile to RouletteDares, Yanmega to Fierce Deity, Metagross to Xpedential
    Synthesis (7): Politoed to gmandiddy, Magneton to Buzzer, Ludicolo to Morru Magnum, Serperior to Dog of Hellsing, Tentacruel to Bumblebee, TM Dragon Pulse to ChainReaction01, TM Dragon Pulse to WinterVines
    Team Evolution (15): Umbreon to Tyranitex, Walrein to ChainReaction01, Forretress to PokeViper, Butterfree to Hide in Plain Sight, Salamence to Husnain, Dusknoir to Alaskapigeon, Floatzel to Buzzer, Bastiodon to Roulette Dares, Pelipper to Chase, Mismagius to Xpedential, Weezing to Fierce Deity, Eevee to Rohypnol, Eevee to The Jr Trainer, Eevee to 8-Bit, Pidgey to IReign,
    TheEvilDookie (1): Blitzle to MaverickKaiser
    Trainer17 (9): Mareep to Xpedential, Machamp to Tyranitex, Dusclops to Sec, Swampert to HelloImKers, Houndoom to Fawkes., Ursaring to Badalcristiano, Lucario to ragnarok0422, Archeops to Black_Cat230, Hydreigon to SLCalamity, Samurott to HikaruIzumi, Duskull to 8-Bit
    Turtwig A (10): Golbat to FlammenWarfare, Togepi to PokeViper, Emolga to Opossumguy, Forretress to The pokemaster, Golem to Silver Slasher, Blastoise to Shozuka, Cacturne to Ash K., Azumarill to Gmandiddy, Wingull to Scourge of Nemo, Luxray to Monbrey ;
    Tyranitex: (3) Venusaur to Bumblebee, Rocky Helmet to PokeViper, Bulbasaur to ChainReaction01
    We Taste Pies (2): Cacturne to WinterVines, Mismagius to Alaskapigeon
    WinterVines (1): Cloyster to Gmandiddy
    Xali (5): Skarmory to Legend Slayer, Tyranitar to SLCalamity, Electrode to Bulbaturtwig, TM Bulldoze to Buzzer, Staraptor to Near

    Gift Receivers:

    8-Bit (2): Eevee from Team Evolution, Duskull from Trainer17
    AceTrainer14 (2): Bidoof from Fierce Deity, Jolteon from Hide in Plain Sight
    Alaskapigeon (16): Mismagius from We The Pichus..., Gliscor from AceTrainer14, Dusknoir from Team Evolution, Emolga from Eeveedude, Sunflora from GliscorMan, Leftovers from ChainReaction01, Shelmet from Fierce Deity, TM Roar from Derian, Swoobat from MaverickKaiser, Iron Ball from Ash K., Ludicolo from Bryce, Zubat from Legendary Master, Aerodactyl from Stinky, TM Stealth Rock from Magepigeon, Lucario from Hide in Plain Sight, Eevee from Smorgasboard
    Ash K. (5): Cacturne from Turtwig A, Feraligatr from Fawkes., Daycare Pass from Dust, TM Dragon Pulse from Flammenwarfare, Spinda from Bumblebee
    Ataro (7): Jolteon from MaverickKaiser, Togekiss from AceTrainer14, Girafarig from Bumblebee, Nidoking from ragnarok0422, Stoutland from Brizer, Park Pass from Gmandiddy, Alakazam from Stinky
    Ayotui (3): Escavalier from Fawkes, Macargo from Gliscorman, Crobat from Bryce
    Badalcristiano (1): Ursaring from Trainer17, Ninetales from Bryce
    Black_Cat230 (5): Ninjask from AceTrainer14, Jolteon from Ebail, Archeops from Trainer17, Expert Belt from ChainReaction01, Ralts Voice Disk from Siless,
    Brizer: (3) Smeargle from Near, Shelmet from Fierce Deity, Bronzong from Stinky
    Bumblebee (7): Mothim from AceTrainer14, Escavelier from FlammenWarfare, Tentacruel from Synthesis, Venusaur from Tyranitex, Shelmet from Black_Cat320, Claydol from Stinky, Rotom-Frost from MaverickKaiser
    Buoysel. (5): Mightyena from Alaskapigeon, Linoone from Fawkes., Cherrim from Husnain, Swanna from JokesterJesse, Dusknoir from Morru-Magnum
    Buzzer (11): Ampharos from AceTrainer14, Floatzel from Team Evolution, Daycare Pass from Alaskapigeon, Magneton from Synthesis, Infernape from gmandiddy, TM Protect from ChainReaction01, Minun from eternus_situs, Galvantula from MaverickKaiser, Emolga from Stinky, Tangrowth from Bryce, TM Bulldoze from Xali
    ChainReaction01 (9): Primeape from AceTrainer14, Walrein from Team Evolution, Alakazam from Bumblebee, Dustox from Alaskapigeon, Hitmonchan from gmandiddy, TM Bulk Up from Derian, Leftovers from Black_Cat320, Kingdra from Stinky, Bulbasaur from Tyranitex
    Chase (1): Pelipper from Team Evolution
    Chuck Norris (1): Charizard from Fawkes.
    Cooldude500 (1): Leafeon from Bumblebee
    Derian (5): Venomoth from AceTrainer14, Marowak from Alaskapigeon, TM Substitute from ChainReaction01, Charizard from Bryce, Jolteon from Stinky
    Dog of Hellsing (2): Serperior from Synthesis, Ralts Voice Disk from Siless,
    Dust (1): Diglett from Magikchicken
    Ebail (6): Mamoswine from AceTrainer14, Daycare Pass from HikaruIzumi, Woobat from Black_Cat320, Swampert from Bryce, Ludicolo from Stinky, Mawile from Bumblebee
    Edeneh (1): Zubat from Morru-Magnum
    Eeveedude (6): Gyarados from ragnarok0422, Hypno from Fawkes., Spheal from HikaruIzumi, Daycare Pass from Alaskapigeon, Electrode from AceTrainer, Lum Berry x3 from Morru-Magnum
    eternus_situs (5): Gyarados from cooldude500, Clefable from Bumblebee, Donphan from Fawkes, TM Drain Punch from Morru Magnum, Torterra from AceTrainer
    evanfardreamer (3): Cloyster from AceTrainer14, Empoleon from Bryce, Roserade from Bumblebee
    Fawkes. (6): Gyarados from AceTrainer14, Houndoom from Trainer17, Eevee from HikaruIzumi, Treecko from eternus_situs, Park Pass from Gmandiddy, Butterfree from Bumblebee
    Fierce Deity (8): Samurott from AceTrainer14, Weezing from Team Evolution, Pansage from Alaskapigeon, Ursaring from Brizer, Starmie from Shinies, X-Scissor from MaverickKaiser, Blissey from Bryce, Yanmega from Stinky
    FlammenWarfare (7): Golbat from Turtwig A, Shedinja from AceTrainer14, Tyrantiar from Bumblebee, TM Flamethrower from Ash K., Zangoose from Bryce, Lotad from Pidge, Sceptile from JokesterJesse
    Fossil Fusion (3): Squirtle from Husnain, Seaking from AceTrainer, Nidoqueen from Bumblebee
    Gliscorman (2): Staraptor from Bryce, Purrloin from HikaruIzumi
    Gmandiddy (6): Azumarill from Turtwig A, Politoed from Synthesis, Daycare Pass from ChainReaction01, Cloyster from WinterVines, Kabutops from Fawkes, Daycare Pass from Buzzer
    HelloImKers (1): Swampert from Trainer17
    Hide in Plain Sight (4): Crobat from AceTrainer14, Butterfree from Team Evolution, Absol from Alaskapigeon, Starmie from Stinky
    HikaruIzumi (5): Electivire from Ebail, Walrein from Fawkes., Piplup from Eeveedude, Samurott from Trainer17, Chinchou from Morru-Magnum
    HKim (2): Metagross from AceTrainer14, Ralts Voice Disk from Siless,
    Husnain (6): Rotom-W from Pidge, Salamence from Team Evolution, Wailord from Fossil Fusion, Bidoof from LS the Door Mat, Snorlax from Bryce, Infernape from Stinky
    iReign (2): Dusknoir from Brizer, Pidgey from Team Evolution
    JokesterJesse (1): Masquerain from Alaskapigeon
    Kai-Mei (3): Poliwrath from AceTrainer14, Treecko from Ebail, Drapion from Legendary Master,
    Legend Slayer (1): Skarmory from Xali
    LightningFast (1): Beautifly from Alaskapigeon
    MagePigeon (4): Flygon from AceTrainer14, TM Sandstorm from Alaskapigeon, Dratini from Fierce Deity, Vaporeon from Bumblebee
    Magikchicken (2): Corsola from Alaskapigeon, Honchkrow from Stinky
    MaverickKaiser (5): Drapion from AceTrainer14, Pelipper from Alaskapigeon, TM Substitute from MuddyMudkip, Blitzle from TheEvilDookie, Empoleon from Stinky
    Metalbee (1): Hippowdon from Bryce
    Monbrey (4): Luxray from Turtwig A, Honchkrow from AceTrainer14, Ambipom from Bryce, Mamoswine from Stinky
    Morru Magnum (5): Ludicolo from Synthesis, Jumpluff from ragnarok0422, Drapion from HikaruIzumi, Yellow Scarf fro MuddyMudkip, Noctowl from AceTrainer
    Mubz (1): Golduck from Bryce
    MuddyMudkip (6): Glaceon from AceTrainer14, Serperior from Ebail, Heracross from ragnarok0422, Magmortar from gmandiddy, Shellder from Husnain, Togepi from Morru Magnum
    Natorei (1): Persian from Bryce
    Near (2): Shedinja from Brizer, Staraptor from Xali
    Neonsands (3): Wormadam-T from AceTrainer14, Lopunny from Bryce, Lucario from Stinky
    Nitro (1): Deino from MaverickKaiser
    Opossumguy (5): Emolga from Turtwig A, Ursaring from Fawkes, Arcanine from Bryce, Swampert from AceTrainer, Walrein from Bumblebee
    Pidge (8): Staraptor from AceTrainer14, Pidove from Alaskapigeon, Hydreigon from Legendary Master, TM Rock Tomb from HelloImKers, TM Flash Cannon from Derian, Eevee from Bryce, Pidgey from Magepigeon, Gorebyss from Stinky
    Pman (2): Daycare Pass from RouletteDares, Magmortar from AceTrainer
    Pokemad (2): Charmander from Husnain, Golbat from PokeViper
    PokeViper (10): Togepi from Turtwig A, Jumpluff from AceTrainer14, Forretress from Team Evolution, Pidgeot from Alaskapigeon, Braviary from Ebail, Nidoking from Fawkes., Heracross from ChainReaction01, Voltorb from Husnain, Rocky Helmet from Tyranitex, Machamp from Bryce,
    ragnarok0422 (4): Lucario from Trainer17, Hydreigon from Morru Magnum, Cofagrigus from Eeveedude, Ralts Voice Disk from Siless,
    Rohypnol (3): Eevee from Team Evolution, Roserade from Husnain, Politoed from Stinky
    Roulette Dares (7): Skuntank from AceTrainer14, Bastiodon from Team Evolution, Armaldo from Alaskapigeon, TM Stone Edge from Derian, Miltank from Bryce, Weavile from Stinky, Nidoking from Bumblebee
    Ryoku (5): Eevee from Pokemad, Escavalier from ChainReaction01, Swampert from Dust, Electrivire from AceTrainer, Cloyster from Bumblebee
    Scourge of Nemo (9): Wingull from Turtwig A, Solrock from AceTrainer14, Dodrio from FlammenWarfare, Shiftry from Alaskapigeon, Daycare Pass from Hide in Plain Sight, Ralts from Brizer, Shedinja from Legendary Master, TM Rest from Derian, Probopass from Stinky
    Sec (3): Arbok from AceTrainer14, Dusclops from Trainer17, Porygon-Z from Bryce
    Sgt.Pepper (1): Leafeon from AceTrainer
    Shen (1): Karrablast from Bumblebee
    Sheepskinfuton (1): Chimchar from Near
    Shozuka (2): Dusknoir from JokesterJesse, Cloyster from Bumblebee
    SiberianTiger (2): Hippowdon from Pidge, Salamence from Stinky
    Siless (5): Gallade from Bumblebee, Victreebel from Alaskapigeon, TM Bullet Seed from ChainReaction01, TM Energy Ball from Derian, Sceptile from Bryce,
    Silver Slasher (4): Golem from Turtwig A, Jumpluff from Eeveedude, Charmander from Mubz, Umbreon from Bumblebee
    SLCalamity (3): Eevee from HikaruIzumi, Hydreigon from Trainer17, Tyranitar from Xali
    Smorgasboard (5): Umbreon from AlaskaPigeon, Ursaring from Bryce, Mr.Mime from Marshy, Tropius from Stinky, Grumpig from Bumblebee
    Stinky (2): Chimecho from AceTrainer14, Crobat from Brizer
    SuperT (3): Togekiss from Shinies, Larvitar from Fierce Deity, Eevee from Joangaes
    Synthesis (8): Nidoking from AceTrainer14, Minun from Morru Magnum, Daycare Pass from mubz, Daycare Pass from Hide in Plain Sight, Green Scarf from HikaruIzumi, TM Brine from MaverickKaiser, Magnezone from Stinky, Bidoof from Gmandiddy
    Team Evolution (10): Ninjask from Fierce Deity, Mr. Mime from Rohypnol, Lum Berry x3 from Morru Magnum, Magnezone from ragnarok0422, Toxicroak from Ataro, Geodude from Husnain, Daycare Pass from AlaskaPigeon, Tauros from Bryce, Togekiss from Stinky, Riolu from AmericanTreeFrog
    TheEvilDookie (4): Daycare Pass from Alaskapigeon, Jynx from Roulette Dares, Bellsprout from Husnain, Cradily from Near
    The Jr Trainer (3): Breloom from Pidge, Eevee from Team Evolution, Luvdisc from Stinky
    The pokemaster (3): Forretress from Turtwig A, Nidoqueen from AceTrainer14, Shedinja from Morru Magnum
    Timpeni (2): Roserade from gmandiddy, Ralts Voice Disk from Siless
    Trainer17 (7): Salamence from AceTrainer14, Yanmega from ragnarok0422, Swoobat from Fawkes., Stoutland from Eeveedude, Shelmet from Fierce Deity, Tirtouga from Black_Cat320, Treecko from Ebail,
    Turtwig A (7): Electivire from FlammenWarfare, Yellow Scarf from MuddyMudkip, Cradily from Gliscorman, TM Grass Knot from MaverickKaiser, Togekiss from Bryce, Lum Berry x3 from Morru-Magnum, Electrode from Xali
    Tyranitex (4): Umbreon from Team Evolution, Machamp from Trainer17, Walrein from AceTrainer, Shuckle from Bumblebee
    Volcanflame (2): Dratini from SLCalamity, Tyranitar from Stinky
    We Taste Pies (5): Tangrowth from AceTrainer14, Daycare Pass from Alaskapigeon, Abomasnow from Pidge, Garchomp from Bryce, Scizor from Stinky
    WinterVines (11): Cacturne from We The Pichus..., Gengar from AceTrainer14, Snorlax from Bumblebee, Archeops from Alaskapigeon, Sceptile from ragnarok0422, Gardevoir from gmandiddy, Daycare Pass from ChainReaction01, TM Drain Punch from Derian, TM Dragon Pulse from Synthesis, Infernape from Bryce, Gastrodon from Stinky
    Wrave (4): Sandslash from AceTrainer14, Feraligatr from Bryce, Ambipom from Dust, Dunsparce from Bumblebee
    Xpedential (7): Slaking from MaverickKaiser, Charizard from AceTrainer14, Mismagius from Team Evolution, Mantine from Alaskapigeon, Gengar from ragnarok0422, Mareep from Trainer17, Magnezone from Bumblebee
    Xali (1): Poliwrath from Marshy
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    This is for Ataro who helped me out in many ways and I won't ever forget it. You said you wanted it and I will deliver.

    To Xpedential
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    Default Re: Easter Give Away

    iirc, you post here to give stuff away, so time for stuff to go away:

    Gifting Golbat to FlammenWarFare
    Gifting a Togepi to PokeViper
    Gifting an Emolga to Opossumguy
    Gifting my Forretress to The pokemonmaster, and you better be careful with it.
    Golem to Silver Slasher
    Muk to Eeveedude
    Cacturne to Ash K.

    First two have enough battles for evolution. Now time for returning!

    Azumarill with Waterfall and Surf going to Gmandiddy
    Wingull going to Scourge of Nemo
    Luxray going to Monbrey

    I've got few stuff to give away now sadly, but if you want something, ask me. I'm not the kind of person to turn something down.

    And items:

    Sun Stone
    Light Clay
    Light Clay

    IM me if you want those as well.
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    (20:56:57) Luxis: All y'all are a bunch of Silly heads.
    RIP Giruja. Why must you have been fake?

    (17:58:01) daytwon: why am i watchin ot turtwig
    (17:58:03) ±Dratini: daytwon was muted by Heather Star for 30 minutes! [Reason: inappropriate] [Channel: Trivia]

    [15:26] Synthesis: he ain't godkilled
    [15:27] Ebail: Zam was Syn
    [15:27] Synthesis: it was an agreed sacrifice to the gods

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    Default Re: Easter Give Away

    I'll try not to ditch TOO much stuff...

    For WinterVines...

    To Alaskapigeon...
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    Default Re: Easter Give Away

    As I'm leaving, here is the start of all the Pokemon I'm giving away :D People I care about will get sentimental messages later on :D

    Captured: Left Behind, Part 2
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Moves Known: Water Sport, Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun, DoubleSlap, Rain Dance, Body Slam, Amnesia, BubbleBeam, Mud Shot, Belly Drum, Wake-Up Slap, DynamicPunch, Submission, Hydro Pump, Mub Bomb, Mind Reader, Circle Throw
    Special Moves: TM Brick Break, TM Earthquake, TM Bulk Up, TM Ice Beam, HM Surf, HM Waterfall, HM Strength, MT Vacuum Wave
    Battles Participated: 44
    Battle Record: 26/17/0/0
    FFA Record: 3rd, Tied=1st
    - Going to Kai Mei

    Arbok (Arabella)
    Captured: Left Behind, Part 3
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Moves: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Wrap, Leer, Poison Sting, Bite, Glare, Screech, Acid, Crunch, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Acid Spray, Mud Bomb, Gastro Acid, Haze, Coil, Gunk Shot
    Special Moves: TM Poison Jab, MT Seed Bomb, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 17
    Battle Record: 7/10/0/0
    - Going to Sec

    Tangrowth (Vinnie)
    Captured: Left Behind, Part 4
    Ability: Leaf Guard
    Moves: Ingrain, Constrict, Sleep Powder, Absorb, Growth, PoisonPowder, Vine Whip, Bind, Mega Drain, Stun Spore, Knock Off, Ancientpower, Natural Gift, Slam, Tickle, Wring Out, Power Whip, Block
    Special Moves: TM Energy Ball, TM Focus Blast, TM Shock Wave, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 31
    Battle Record: 22/9/0/0
    - Going to WTP

    Honchkrow (Soprano)
    Captured: Haunted, Prologue
    Ability: Insomnia or Super Luck
    Moves: Peck, Astonish, Pursuit, Haze, Wing Attack, Night Shade, Assurance, Swagger, Taunt, Faint Attack, Nasty Plot, Mean Look, Foul Play, Tailwind, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Torment, Quash, Dark Pulse
    Special Moves: TM Shadow Ball, TM Psychic, TM Thunder Wave, MT Superpower, HM Fly
    Battles Participated: 22
    Battle Record: 12/10/0/0
    FFA Record: 6th
    - Going to Monbrey

    Venomoth (Venus)
    Captured: Haunted, Part 1
    Ability: Shield Eyes or Tinted Lens
    Moves: Silver Wind, Tackle, Disable, Foresight, Supersonic, Confusion, PoisonPowder, Leech Life, Stun Spore, Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Gust, Signal Beam, Zen Headbutt, Poison Fang, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance
    Special Moves: TM Sludge Bomb
    Battles Participated: 8
    Battle Record: 3/5/0/0
    - Going to Derian

    Primeape (PunchyPig)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: The Moral Highground Part 3
    Ability: Vital Spirit or Anger Point
    Moves: Covet, Fling, Scratch, Leer, Low Kick, Focus Energy, Fury Swipes, Karate Chop, Seismic Toss, Screech, Assurance, Swagger, Cross Chop, Thrash, Punishment, Close Combat, Final Gambit
    Special Moves: TM Bulk Up, TM Thunderbolt, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 27
    Battle Record: 20/7/0/0
    FFA Record: 8th
    - Going to Chainy

    Jumpluff (Pluffy)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: Traded Natu with BlackCat
    Ability: Chlorophyll and Leaf Guard
    Moves: Splash, Synthesis, Tail Whip, Tackle, PoisonPowder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Bullet Seed, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Acrobatics, Rage Powder, Cotton Spore, U-turn, Worry Seed, Giga Drain, Bounce, Memento
    Special Moves: TM Aerial Ace, TM Energy Ball, TM Sunny Day, TM Swords Dance
    Battles Participated: 11
    Battle Record: 6/5/0/0
    - Going to PokeViper

    Ninjask (GinjaNinja)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: Traded Machop with Monbrey
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Moves: Harden, Scratch, Leech Life, Sand-Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, False Swipe, Mud-Slap, Metal Claw, Dig, Bug Bite, Fury Cutter, Screech, Swords Dance, Slash, Agility, Baton Pass, X-Scissor
    Special Moves: TM Giga Drain, TM Aerial Ace, TM Silver Wind, TM Roost
    Battles Participated: 11
    Battle Record: 6/5/0/0
    - Going to BlackCat

    Shedinja (TheGhostGuard)
    Gender: Less
    Captured: A spirit inhabited Nincada's shell! :-o
    Ability: Wonder Guard
    Moves: Harden, Scratch, Leech Life, Sand-Attack, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, False Swipe, Mud-Slap, Metal Claw, Dig, Spite, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Grudge, Heal Block, Shadow Ball
    Special Moves: TM Giga Drain, TM Aerial Ace, TM Toxic
    Battles Participated: 1
    Battle Record: 0/1/0/0
    - Going to FlammenWarfare

    Gender: Male
    Captured: The Moral Highground Part 4
    Ability: Hyper Cutter or Sand Veil
    Moves: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Harden, Knock Off, Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Faint Attack, Acrobatics, Screech, Slash, Night Slash, Swords Dance, U-turn, X-Scissor, Guillotine
    Special Moves: TM Earthquake, TM Stone Edge, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 10
    Battle Record: 9/1/0/0
    FFA Record: 12th
    - Going to Alaska

    Gyarados (Sparkly Warrior)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: The Moral Highground Part 4
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Thrash, Splash, Tackle, Flail, Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, Twister, Ice Fang, Aqua Tail, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, Hyper Beam
    Special Moves: HM Surf, HM Waterfall, HM Strength
    Battle Record: 7
    Battles Participated: 0/7/0/0
    - Going to Fawkes

    Salamance (Soarer)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: Traded Horsea with Siless
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Rage, Bite, Leer, Headbutt, Focus Energy, Ember, Protect, DragonBreath, Zen Headbutt, Scary Face, Fly, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Double-Edge, Dragon Tail
    Special Moves: TM Dragon Pulse, TM Aerial Ace, TM Flamethrower, HM Strength
    Battle Record: 10
    Battles Participated: 6/4/0/0
    Old Battles: 0
    Going to Trainer17

    Mothim (Manparts)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: Ace Trainerson and the War oft his World, Prologue
    Ability: Swarm
    Moves: Tackle, Protect, Bug Bite, Hidden Power (Flying), Confusion, Gust, PoisonPowder, Psybeam, Camouflage, Silver Wind, Air Slash, Psychic, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance
    Special Moves: TM Toxic
    Battles Participated: 7
    Battle Record: 5/2/0/0
    - Going to Bumblebee

    Gender: Female
    Caputred: Summer Gift Station 2010 (Black Cat320)
    Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor, Whirlwind, Aerial Ace, Take Down, Agility, Brave Bird, Close Combat, Final Gambit
    Special Moves: TM Toxic, TM Hidden Power (Steel), TM U-Turn, HM Fly
    Battles Participated: 43
    Battle Record: 32/11/0/0
    Old Battles: 0
    - Going to Pidge

    Ampharos (Aphrodite)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: PokeMart
    Ability: Static
    Moves: Fire Punch, Tackle, Growl, ThunderShock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Charge, ThunderPunch, Electro Ball, Cotton Guard, Discharge, Signal Beam, Light Screen, Power Gem, Thunder
    Special Moves: TM Brick Break, TM Hidden Power (Dark), HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 18
    Battle Record: 12/6/0/0
    - Going to Buzzer

    Drapion (Major Yu)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: PokeMart
    Ability: Sniper or Battle Armor
    Moves: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Bite, Poison Sting, Leer, Pin Missile, Acupressure, Knock Off, Scary Face, Toxic Spikes, Bug Bite, Poison Fang, Hone Claws, Venoshock, Crunch, Cross Poison
    Special Moves: TM X-Scissor, TM Earthquake, TM Swords Dance, TM Dark Pulse, TM Shadow Ball, MT Aqua Tail, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 30
    Battle Record: 22/8/0/0
    FFA Record: 8th, Forum FFA
    - Going to Mav

    Crobat (Dracula)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: The PokeMart
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Moves: Cross Poison, Screech, Leech Life, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Mean Look, Acrobatics, Poison Fang, Haze, Air Slash
    Special Moves: TM Taunt, TM U-Turn, TM X-Scissor, TM Roost, TM Giga Drain, MT Tailwind, MT Super Fang, BM Brave Bird, HM Fly
    Battles Participated: 18
    Battle Record: 11/6/1/0
    FFA Record: 9th
    - Going to Matt

    Nidoking (King William)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: The PokeMart
    Ability: Poison Point or Rivalary
    Moves: Leer, Peck, Tackle, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Horn Attack, Chip Away, Thrash, Helping Hand, Toxic Spikes, Flatter, Earth Power, Poison Jab, Captivate, Horn Drill, Mega Horn
    Special Moves: TM Ice Beam, TM Flamethrower, TM Brick Break, TM Earthquake, TM ThunderPunch, TM Swagger, BM Sucker Punch, HM Surf, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 21
    Battle Record: 14/7/0/0
    FFA Record: 13th
    - Going to Syn

    Togekiss (Princess)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: The PokeMart
    Ability: Hustle or Serene Grace
    Moves: Sky Attack, ExtremeSpeed, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Magical Leaf, Growl, Charm, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Follow Me, Bestow, Wish, AncientPower, Safeguard, Baton Pass, Double-Edge, Last Resort, After You
    Special Moves: TM Grass Knot, TM Focus Punch, TM Roost, TM Psychic, BM Extrasensory, SM Tri Attack, HM Fly
    Battles Participated: 28
    Battle Record:20/8/0/0
    FFA Record: 3rd, 5th, Forum FFA 2,
    - Going to Ataro

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    Default Re: Easter Give Away

    To husnain.

    We get along well and have many jokes together!


    To The Jr. Trainer, an amusing friend and cool person.


    Or actually, I'm gifting these Pokemon to two people I have known for a long time, are good friends, and that gifted or traded me very nice stuff before.
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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    Glaceon (Icabella)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: Traded Trapinch with Bumblebee
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Moves: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Growl, Icy Wind, Quick Attack, Bite, Baton Pass, Ice Shard, Focus Energy, Take Down, Ice Fang, Last Resort, Trump Card, Mirror Coat, Hail, Blizzard, Barrier
    Special Moves: TM Hidden Power (Psychic :D), TM Ice Beam, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 19
    Battle Record: 13/6/0/0
    Old Battles: 0
    - Going to MuddyMudkip

    Mamoswine (Jonah)
    Gender: Male
    Captured:Winter Gift Station 2010 (Brizer)
    Ability: Snow Cloak or Oblivious
    Moves: AncientPower, Peck, Horn Attack, Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Mud Sport, Powder Snow, Mud-Slap, Endure, Mud Bomb, Icy Wind, Hail, Ice Shard, Ice Fang, Take Down, Fury Attack, Double Hit, Earthquake, Mist, Blizzard, Amnesia, Scary Face
    Special Moves: TM Toxic, TM Avalanche, TM Stone Edge, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 6
    Battle Record: 5/1/0/0
    Old Battles: 10
    FFA Record: 11th
    - Going to Ebail

    Metagross (Mashy)
    Gender: Less
    Captured: Winter Gift Station 2010 (Synthesis)
    Ability: Clear Body
    Moves: Take Down, Magnet Rise, Metal Claw, Confusion, Scary Face, Pursuit, Bullet Punch, Psychic, Iron Defense, Agility, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Hammer Arm
    Special Moves: TM Grass Knot, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 6
    Battle Record: 3/3/0/0
    Old Battles: 17/5
    - Going to HKim

    Gengar (ChristmasPast)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: Winter Gift Station 2010 (Stinky)
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Hypnosis, Lick, Spite, Mean Look, Curse, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch, Shadow Punch, Payback, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Hex, Nightmare
    Special Moves: Thunderbolt, Explosion, Taunt, Sludge Bomb, Will-o-Wisp, HP Dragon, Substitute, Attract, Psych Up, Toxic, Protect, Energy Ball, Snatch, Focus Punch, Psychic, Torment, Counter, Ice Punch, Rest, Giga Drain, Focus Blast, Sleep Talk, Fire Punch, Skill Swap, Trick Room, TM Swagger, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 7
    Battle Record: 3/4/0/0
    Old Battles: 16
    FFA Record: 8th, 12th
    - Going to Winter

    Skuntank (Pee Pee Le Pu)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: Winter Gift Station 2010 (Ebail)
    Ability: Aftermath
    Moves: Scratch, Focus Energy, Poison Gas, Screech, Fury Swipes, SmokeScreen, Feint, Slash, Toxic, Acid Spray, Flamethrower, Night Slash, Memento, Explosion
    Special Moves: TM Poison Jab, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 0
    Battle Record: 0/0/0/0
    Old Battles: 9
    - Going to Roulette

    Chimecho (Elton)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: Meteor Valley
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Wrap, Growl, Astonish, Confusion, Uproar, Take Down, Entrainment, Yawn, Psywave, Double-Edge, Heal Bell, Safeguard, Extrasensory, Heal Pulse, Synchronoise, Healing Wish, Psychic
    Special Moves: TM Hidden Power (Fighting)
    Battles Participated: 7
    Battle Record: 4/3/0/0
    - Going to Stinky

    Solrock (Nikkou)
    Gender: Less
    Captured: Meteor Valley
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: Tackle, Harden, Confusion, Rock Throw, Fire Spin, Rock Polish, Psywave, Embargo, Cosmic Power, Heal Block, Rock Slide, SolarBeam, Explosion, Wonder Room
    Special Moves: TM Stone Edge
    Battles Participated: 3
    Battle Record: 1/2/0/0
    - Going to Scourge

    Wormadam (Thighs of Steel) - Trash Cloak
    Gender: Female
    Captured: Ace Trainerson and the War oft his World, Prologue
    Ability: Shed Skin
    Moves: Tackle, Protect, Hidden Power (Fighting), Bug Bite, Confusion, Mirror Shot, Metal Sound, Psybeam, Captivate, Flail, Attract, Psychic, Iron Head
    Special Moves: TM Toxic
    Battles Participated: 8
    Battle Record: 1/7/0/0
    - Going to Neon

    Charizard (Blackgold)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: PokeMart
    Ability: Blaze
    Moves: Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Scratch, Growl, Ember, Leer, Metal Claw, SmokeScreen, Rage, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Flame Burst, Slash, Wing Attack, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Inferno, Heat Wave, Flare Blitz
    Special Moves: TM Seismic Toss, TM Swords Dance, TM Earthquake, TM Brick Break, HM Fly, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 30
    Battle Record: 18/11/1/0
    - Going to XPenditial

    Sandslash (Shrewed)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: Traded Seel with BlackCat
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, Poison Sting, Rapid Spin, Swift, Fury Swipes, Rollout, Crush Claw, Fury Cutter, Sand Tomb, Slash, Gyro Ball, Sandstorm
    Special Moves: TM Earthquake, TM Poison Jab, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 7
    Battle Record: 4/3/0/0
    Old Battles: 0
    - Going to Wrave

    Samurott (Colourful)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport, Focus Energy, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, Water Pulse, Revenge, Aqua Jet, Encore, Aqua Tail, Retaliate, Swords Dance, Hydro Pump
    Special Moves: HM Surf, HM Waterfall
    Battles Participated: 10
    Battle Record: 9/1/0/0
    - Going to Fierce Deity

    Flygon (High-Fly)
    Gender: Male
    Captured: PokeMart
    Ability: Levitate
    Moves: SonicBoom, Bite, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb, Crunch, Supersonic, DragonBreath, Dig, Screech, Dragon Claw, Sandstorm, Hyper Beam, Earth Power, Dragon Tail, Earthquake, Feint, Fissure
    Special Moves: TM Flamethrower, TM Dragon Pulse, TM Stone Edge, MT Draco Meteor, HM Fly, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 32
    Battle Record: 22/10/0/0
    FFA Record: 2- 1 2nd! :D 2nd: Was third out :P
    - Maeg going to

    Nidoqueen (Lizzie the Second)
    Gender: Female
    Captured: Traded Starly with Ebail
    Ability: Poison Point or Rivalry
    Moves: Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip, Tackle, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Swipes, Bite, Chip Away, Body Slam, Helping Hand, Toxic Spikes, Flatter, Crunch, Earth Power, Captivate, Poison Fang, Superpower
    Special Moves: TM Sludge Bomb, TM Ice Beam, TM Thunderbolt, TM Dragon Pulse, TM Fire Punch, TM Swagger, TM Stone Egde, HM Surf, HM Strength
    Battles Participated: 10
    Battle Record: 9/1/0/0
    Old Battles :0
    - Going to PokeMaster

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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    To Turtwig A:

    To Bee:

    To Scourge (because we couldn't decide on what I wanted):

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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    To Tyranitex:

    Name: Umbreon
    Gender Female
    Ability: Synchronize
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs:(Substitute TM)(Hidden Power {Grass} TM)(Taunt TM)
    Battles: 9
    Obtained: Pokemart

    To Chain:

    Name: Walrein (Fast Food)
    Gender Male
    Ability: Thick Fat
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)
    Obtained: Pokemart

    To Pokeviper:

    Name: Forretress
    Gender Male
    Ability: Sturdy
    Obtained: Trade with Shen

    To HiPs:

    Name: Butterfree
    Gender Female
    Ability: Compund Eyes
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: ---
    Obtained: Pokemart

    To Husnain:

    Name: Salamence
    Gender Male
    Ability: Intimidate
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Aerial Ace TM)
    Obtained: Trade from Volcan

    To Alaskapigeon:

    Name: Dusknoir
    Gender Female
    Ability: Pressure
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Psychic TM)
    Obtained: Trade

    To Buzzer:

    Name: Floatzel (Katera)
    Gender Female
    Ability: Torrent
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)(Waterfall HM)
    Battles: 7
    Obtained: Trade

    To Roulette Dares:

    Name: Bastiodon
    Gender Female
    Ability: Sturdy
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: ---
    Obtained: Pokemart

    To Chase:

    Name: Pelipper
    Gender Male
    Ability: Keen Eye
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Surf HM)
    Obtained: Gift from Leman.

    To Xpendential:

    Name: Mismagius
    Gender Female
    Ability: Levitate
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: ---
    Obtained: Trade with Shen

    To Fierce Deity:

    Name: Weezing
    Gender Male
    Ability: Levitate
    TMs/HMs/BMs/MTs: (Will-o-Wisp TM)(Flamethrower TM)(Thunderbolt TM)(Shadowball TM)(Pain Split MT)(Psywave BM)
    Obtained: Trade w Marshy for Cradily

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    (3:56:16 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (sniperxpwnage) although it's also worth consideration of how we're seemingly pinpointing all the blame towards TE when supposedly, a staff of ours is at fault
    (3:56:47 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (imsocorn) Its important that we deal with TE
    (4:02:00 PM) [URPG Leaders]: (hkimf) Yes, permanently ban TE.

    good, you guys know how to pinpoint the error

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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    To Chain Reaction ;]

    To Winter Vines ;]

    To my Black Ops informant, Siless

    To Ataro cause you wanted one

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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    Nickname: Me
    Species: Ninjask
    Ability: Speed Boost
    Obtained: Trade [We Taste Pies... - Honchkrow]
    Battles: 000
    TMs/HMs: Aerial Ace, Protect, Substitute
    Value: $25,500

    Going to TE cause he's a cool guy. I'll edit with more later.


    I met you this year and somehow you managed to get a Scizor from me in return for a Milotic. You're a really cool and funny and smart guy and it's fun talking to you. I don't feel like fucking typing a lot so I'll just end this with this period ----> .
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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    Yea that TE is a pretty cool guy so I'd like to donate this to him!

    Name: Mr. Mime
    Gender: Female
    Extra Moves: Hidden Power[Dragon](TM) - Energy Ball(TM) - Hypnosis(BM) - Confuse Ray(BM)
    Ability: Soundproof/Filter
    Obtained: Received at the 2009 Spring Gift Station


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    Default Re: Ultra RPG Easter, Stupid Give Away

    I'll be periodically adding more gifts. In the meantime, here's a few to a couple people who are very important to me. I WASN'T GONNA DO THE LONG SPEECH THING, BUT NOW I FEEL OBLIGATED TO. I'm also going to use quotes for everything, since that's apparently a signature of mine or something. So, to start:

    "I came here looking for a Great Perhaps, for real friends and a more-than-minor life.."
    -Looking For Alaska

    ....And I found them. The last year has been both the happiest (and most stressful) year of my life. I've had so much fun making friends, learning how not to suck at everything, and screwing around (literally and figuratively). It's April, which is a weird time for new year speeches, but it IS pretty close to the one year anniversary of BMG and my one year URPG anniversary, so I guess that justifies it. I love you all so much (not counting Dodo and LS) and wish the best for all of us over the course of the next year. Here's to making more wonderful memories. ;D

    To Scourge:

    "Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." –A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

    Scourge, you've probably been the most influential person to me in my entire life. You've taught me so much about myself and the world and probably saved my ass more than a few times. Now, I know you hate cheesy shit, so I'll cut the crap and just say: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    To HiPS:

    A good friend will bail you out of jail and lecture you about how you messed up. A great friend will be sitting right next to you laughing about it saying "Shit, we really fucked up!"
    -Unknown Author

    My god, HiPS. I barely know what to say. XD How do I describe someone that doubles as my best friend and an older brother? Not only that, someone who gave me back my faith in people again. I've only known you for about five months, but it feels like so much longer than that, and I hope that we keep hanging out, cause otherwise my life will be severely lacking in...er...what's a good word for it.....Mischief? XD Anyways, here's your Pokemon. Take good care of her.


    It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes. –The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    If you're wondering what that's supposed to mean, it's 'cause I knew you wouldn't want anything over emotional, and it's pretty sound advice. But yeah, you've been a completely awesome friend and I hope that you'll find all the happiness that you deserve (which is a lot).


    “I say if you're going to take a chance on something, you just go full balls to the wall.”
    -Toby Keith

    Roulette, you were my first newbie, and the one that has turned out to suck the least so far. On a serious note, you're hilarious and I feel like you're my kid brother (even though you're older than me, I know). You're just a pretty awesome person, so here's this Pokemon. (It's Toby Keith approved, btw)


    Jack: You have to manage these people, Lemon. It's your show. You have the tools, now get out there and build the house, add on the pool and throw yourself into the deep end.
    Liz: What if I can't swim?
    Jack: Then I'll do what my father did when I was two - lure you to the edge of the pool with a puppy and push you in.
    Liz: Yikes.
    —30 Rock


    WTP, you have no idea how nice it is to find someone relatively stable amidst all the chaotic insanity of URPG life. It's also been having you wonderful as a mentor and you've taught me so many things in such a short amount of time. I couldn't really think of any of my Pokemon you would want that you don't all ready have, so here's a Daycare Pass.


    Jokester Jesse:

    A lot of bad bitches on the pole dancin', Gucci bag just to put the coke cans in.
    -Nicki Minaj (She scares the shit out of me, btw)

    Love you, babe. ;D


    "Have I lied to you? [pause] I mean, in this room?"

    Siless, you're a little bit odd, a little bit quirky, but overall, a pretty cool guy. I spent this last Thanksgiving and Easter with you and a few other URPGers, and for the first time, actually felt sentimental on a holiday. Since you're a grass gym leader, I thought you might appreciate this:


    There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you. ~Author Unknown

    Winter, you always have been and always will be my sister. We share everything but blood and you've always watched out for me and kept me safe, both from other people and myself. You've acted as my moral compass when I couldn't find the way myself, and you've made me feel better when I only wanted to feel nothing at all. Nothing I could give you could express how much I love you, but here's something.


    Cuz if at first you don't succeed, won't hurt to smoke some weed.

    Thanks for the weed, broham.
    (It's an inside joke for anyone who's getting worried xD)


    Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

    I met you when I was in Monterrey (proving once again, that the ocean gives me awesome luck) and right after the earthquake in Japan (proving once again, that the ocean gives Japan awful luck). Since then, you've become my apprentice in er....What was it we do again? XD I'm not sure what the hell it is we talk about. Pretty much everything. You're also one of my favorite newbies (other than Roulette and that weed guy). So here's a Pokemon, kiddo, and a wish that you'll hang out on the URPG for a long, long time.


    Learn as much by writing as by reading.
    -Lord Acton

    You seem like a cool little guy, and you've got some good writing skills. Good luck with your Grading Test and your future in the URPG. ;D


    What good is that goodness if it does not return good even to those who cause evil?

    Magik, I just have to say, thank you for making me Dark Dojo Sensei. That was inadvertently life changing. XD Anyways, I wish you success on your quest to find goodness in everyone (though I think it's unlikely) and present you with this Pokemon. Sadly, it's not a Seaking.


    When you are wrestling for possession of a sword, the man with the handle always wins.
    -Snow Crash

    I'm giving you this, so that when the ninjas attack, we have a chance in hell. *gives katana and revolver* This too:


    Sometimes you lose a battle. But mischief always wins the war.
    -Looking for Alaska



    Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
    -Dave Attell

    I feel like at some point, that quote will become reality. In the meantime, try not to kill/block anyone. I'm kidding. Kind of. XD (Seriously though, if you get any dead bodies, you should let me known. I need those.) But yeah, you seem pretty cool TED. So here's a daycare pass.



    Hope is the best possession. None are completely wretched but those who are without hope; and few are reduced so low as that.
    -William Hazlitt

    Lightning, you were one of my first friends on the URPG, and you're still my friend now. You've gone through some tough times recently, but I know you're a smart, strong person and you're going to be all right. I'm giving you this Pokemon as a sort of symbolic thing. Because as tough as what you're going through is, you're going to come out and be better off for it. <3


    When authorities warn you of the sinfulness of sex, there is an important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with the authorities.
    -Matt Groening

    Chainy, I'm going to go ahead and say, I am so, so, so glad I perverted you because you are SO MUCH FUN. Also, you're a very loyal, loving person and I'm honored to have you as a friend.

    Fierce Deity:

    Goodness consists not in the outward things we do, but in the inward thing we are. To be is the great thing.
    -Edwin Hubbell Chapin

    FD, I met you when we were both going through some weird relation ship crap (still not sure what happened XD) and we ended up having some religious discussions and stuff. You always seem a little bit worried like you're not good enough, but I want to tell you you're one of the sweetest people I know and you never have to worry about not being good. You're a wonderful friend and it's a pleasure to know you.


    Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.
    -Will Rogers

    Buzzer, you've made more people cry than Old Yeller and Titanic combined. You make Monbrey look like a loving, accepting person. Michael Vick wouldn't let you near his dog. I could do this all night, but I think I should stop now, before I start offending people XD Buzz, when you came to the URPG, I thought you were kind of boring. That was a mistake. You've turned out to be hilarious and also kind (but only when no one is looking). I'm glad you've stuck around so long and like a lot of the refs, you're loaded, so instead of giving you a Pokemon, I'll give you a daycare pass.

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    Right so here's some crap from me to people

    First up is a gift for Kai-Mei

    Next up a gift for Hikaruizumi

    For Black_Cat320

    And my last gift for right now is for MuddyMudkip

    3DS FC: 1134-7255-2841
    Stats or something

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