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Thread: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

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    Default The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Info can be found here: Planning for "The Trainer's Estate"
    Questions should also be directed there. Pay close attention to the first 2 posts.

    Nothing too detailed is nessesary. I think it would be best if you put this in your stats and gave us a link here. Feel free to provide additional info.

    More threads will be made once we have a few people for each Hall. If we make this a sucsess, then we will be allowed a sub-forum system.

    This is how the Halls are currently populated. If you are not on this list, please choose from the least populated halls. You may RP once you get on the list. You may also be in more than one place at a time, but only 2, 3 at most. Nor are you confined to posting only in your wing.


    Kaiser Hosikawa,-


    Black Cat320,-

    Rayquaza Tamer100,-
    We Taste Pies...,-


    - means that I made a room for them. there might be errors.

    Contact me when you want your room made.
    If you wish to enter another person's room, you must post a knock in their thread.

    Character Outline/sign up

    (kanga reminded me) Age:
    (can't believe I forgot this)Gender:
    Prefered Hall Request(s):

    Here's mine (in progress):
    Name: Serenity Nijihana (cookie if you know what it means)
    Age: 16 1/2
    Gender: Female
    Her favorite outfit. She is almost 5 1/2 feet tall in her tennis shoes. Serenity's bust is rather(very) large. She weighs a consistant 140 pounds. She is also a lot stronger than she looks. On her ears, she wears tiny replicas of Erika's badge as earrings.
    Personality: She is shy at times, but very outgoing at others. She's never afraid to be herself, or show her emotions. There is however, a very long list of things that she does fear. -will add more later
    Prefered Hall Request(s):
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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    My sign-up:

    Name: Matt Clinton

    Appearance: Wears a black jacket with a red shirt underneath as well as khaki shorts. He has spiky brown hair, but he rarely combs it. Matt also has dark brown eyes and a pair of shades resting on top of his head.

    Personality: Matt is an enthusiastic trainer and loves Pokemon battles. In fact, he loves them so much that he is eager to challenge anyone to a battle. However, his parents vouched him to go to the Trainers' Estate, where they claimed that he needed to control his battling temptations.

    Hall Request: Entei

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Ethan "Ace" Acetrainerson

    Appearence: Very tall, black hair, pale/slightly tanned complexion. Simple clothing, usually shorts and T-shirt

    Personality: Keeps to himself mostly but loves to help people out when possible. Reads and writes a lot and talks is a conversation gets rolling

    Prefered Hall Request(s): Suicune or Moltres Hall, can work in cafeteria and/or office for extra money

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Casey

    Age: 17

    Appearence: Black shaggy hair, tall, a blue shirt with a white pokeball on the left chest. He wears baggy shorts and Blue converse high top sneakers. He also sometimes wears Denim jeans with an Orange Shirt and a Dark Blue jacket over it.

    Personality: Quiet to people he doesnt know, but loud and ecsentric to anyone he's comfortable around. Hes a great friend and an awesome battle partner! He loves making friends and spending time with his trusty partner Bayleef (Nicknamed Chichi)

    Prefered Hall Request(s): Celebi Room all the way! :D
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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    I'll post my sign up! btw, I'm away on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks so start without me if you want.

    Name: Calum
    Appearance: Around 5'2 ft in height, has short, brown, and messy hair. Wears blue denim jeans, a green t-shirt and a grey jacket over the t-shirt. He also wears a black and yellow hat.
    Personality: A kind and caring person, he'll always try and help someone if they need any help. If he gets angry, he can be very destructive and aggressive.
    Prefered Hall Request(s): Entei. (I wanted to change halls for some reason.

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Daniel

    Appearance: Neat black hair always combed to the side. About 5'9 and never wears pants, only shorts. The shirt and shorts are both black but he wears a white hat and white shoes.

    Personality: Very shy and quiet, however, he can always make a person feel good about themself. He also has a huge soft spot for pretty girls. He has tons of self-confidence and it is sometimes perceived as arrogance.

    Preferred hall request(s): Either Entei or Moltres, I like 'em both.
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Leo Walker

    Age:16 almost 17

    Appearence: Leo is a medium tall boy around 5 foot 6, often wearing black hat, ripped jeans and a black shirt. when in cities and at important occasions and thining black suit with shiny black shoes. Leos clothes often are the opposite of himself mainly consisting of dark clothes. his features are quite striking with pale skin and white hair with red eyes. his mother once told him that this made him albino but leo never believed her and just considered himself to be special. Leo also carrys a black bag strapped over his shoulder carrying what he calls his most essentials ie a laptop spare jeans some underwear rubber gloves and a couple of spare shirts, all the growing boy needs

    Personality:Cautious and unsure or new people or pokemon it often takes days for him to get close to knewly captured pokemon and new friends. Once Leo has found a friend and or pokemon he attaches to them strongly and will do anything to help and even sometimes save their lives even if it means ssacrificing his own health for them.

    Prefered Hall Request(s): one of the Grass halls Shaymin or celebi
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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: agri
    Age: 16
    Appearence: is a 5 foot 3 guy, wears a black shirt with a big red smile on it, and grey pants with red shoes. has black hair, and dark brown eyes.

    Personality: Pays little attention to his surroundings, and only cares about his very own pokemon, people think he's arrogant and cold. loves little pokemon the most.

    Prefered Hall Request(s):Entei hall

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Karas Drakield

    Age: 17

    Appearance: about 6' tall, wears a black sweatshirt and black pants at all times (even in the summer), long black hair, red eyes, black shoes, has a katana on hand at all times.

    Personality: he loves Pokemon, rarely shows his any emotions, doesn't talk to other people very often, he talks to himself frequently, likes playing video games and watching anime, is very cautious, loves ghost types.

    preferred hall: moltres
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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Finch "Bullfinch" Gloren
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Hazel eyes, brown hair always tied back in a ponytail or held up with a bandanna; likes to wear comfortable clothes at all times and will sometimes forgot to put actual clothes on instead of just walking outside in PJs. She's about 5' 4", and wears either knee-high boots or sandals.
    Personality: Finch loves to read and write, and will often read aloud to her Pokemon. If she doesn't get along with someone, she doesn't hide it, and will not hesitate to start physical conflicts. She's a very kind and gentle person to those she likes, and volatile and angry to those she doesn't.
    Preferred Hall Request(s): Celebi
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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Derian
    Age: 18

    Appearence: Derian is somewhat short for his age, standing at close to five and a half feet tall. He blames this for heavy coffee consumption growing up, but it's more likely genetic. His eyes have changed over the years from blue to green, but have seemed to recently settled with green. His left pupil is larger then the other, but this doesn't seem to effect his vision, and is hardly noticeable. His hair is medium length, blond and curly. He most commonly wears blue jeans and black shirts, mostly because he can't find anything else that fits him. Occasionally he can be seen wearing different shirts though.

    Personality: He generally keeps light spirits, cracking jokes as much as he can. He believes the more jokes you make, the more likely one will be funny. He's mostly optimistic and encouraging, though at heart he has a more pessimistic view of the world.

    Prefered Hall Request(s): Suicune

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Ryan "Monbrey" Munro


    Just into the realm of young adulthood, Ryan stands reasonably tall at 6’ 2”, with bright blue eyes and light brown hair that always seems to find its way to lying flat and untangled. Slender, with a semi-athletic build, he is usually found wearing a pair of grease-covered jeans and a t-shirt featuring a favourite classic rock band of a decade past.

    While usually a nice and easily approachable person, Ryan is happy to put his skills and intelligence to good use is assisting others. A witty master of innuendo, Ryan is fun to be with if you don’t mind the conversation turning a little crude, and often uses these sometimes undesirable intellectual qualities when his flirtatious side emerges. However, Ryan is also easily provoked into a completely different attitude and nature, where his short temper does nothing to help the myriad of various societal idiosyncrasies and stereotypes that he considers annoying. Now, his intelligence brings about arrogance in his tone that suggests a serious disdain for stupidity. Catch him on a good day.

    Prefered Hall:
    I think my current URPG Position suggests the Entei or Moltres hall would be appropriate.

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Nate Noland

    Age: 17

    Appearance: A 6'0", brown pupiled, white shirted (always has a snappy quote), black jeaned, teen with a love for hoddies (usually with rolled-up sleeves.) Who rarely grooms his dark messy hair. Bags under his eyes due to late nights on his computer.

    Personality: An intelligent teen who likes to be with himself, doesn't really like to socialize, usually talks in few worded sentences and a person who wouldn't start conversations . Yet for what people think of him, he is actually a fairly polite good hearted person who isn't afraid to lending a helping hand when asked. But his whole personality can turn upside down if angered. Then he is an annoyed, talkative, violent, thoughtless hothead. Kinda like the hulk.

    Preferred Hall: One of the Grass ones. (Grass like the dojo you should challenge)

    P.S. Don't call him the hulk, that angers him.

    Challenge the grass dojo and realise the power of nature.

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Eric

    Age: 19

    Appearence: Stands at 5'7", with dark brown eyes, and very short black hair. Loves the color blue as he is usually only seen wearing a blue shirt or sweatshirt, and either blue jeans or blue jean shorts, though he has been known to wear black shirts from time to time.

    Personality: A generally kind and friendly person. He isn't very smart due to his laziness, but if he puts his mind to something he can be a true genius. Isn't the greatest Pokemon trainer but that doesn't stop him from caring about his Pokemon and battling at any chance he gets.

    Prefered Hall Request(s): Suicune

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    Default Re: The Trainers' Estate: Office: sign up and stuff

    Name: Evan

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Blonde hair that brushes the tops of his ears (and gets in his sky-blue eyes, much to his annoyance); usually wearing vibrantly colored shirts, khaki cargo shorts with bulging pockets full of what most people would call junk, and comfortable sneakers or skate shoes. A black messenger bag carries his schoolbooks and Pokemon supplies, and he rarely ventures anywhere without his trusted Arcanine, Legend.

    Personality: Generally relaxed, though can get enthusiastic if he really agrees with something; dependable and loyal to his friends, though it takes a long time for them to build up the trust needed. Slow to anger, but when it does occur, the embers of it burn for quite a while; is good at holding grudges when he has been wronged, though easily forgives slights if the slighter seems repentant.

    Preferred Hall: Moltres, who he has admired since he saw a picture in a children's book about the Legendary Birds.
    Evan F's Stats

    Long Live the Ghost Dojo!

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