Trainers' Estate: Grass Wing- Boys' Bathroom
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Thread: Trainers' Estate: Grass Wing- Boys' Bathroom

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    Default Trainers' Estate: Grass Wing- Boys' Bathroom

    These bathrooms are nothing less than spectacular. They have both the hotsprings of Japan and the Baths of Rome. Each of the magnificent bathrooms have one giant one of each. The enormus baths are made of white marble. Next to them are cabinets filled with every kind of soap imaginable. Aside from the open baths, there are also small, private ones available.
    The spring in each bathroom is designed to appear natural, despite being manmade. Elegant pillars are stacked around the spring in a circular pattern. A Vaporeon statue is set to shoot out water into the hot spring in a water gun style. A small, closed off area is set near the spring with sinks, toilets and changing rooms.
    Each of the four wings has 2 of these availiable. One for the girls, another for boys. They are entered via their respective central hub.
    -Kaiser Hosikawa

    Note: People are perfectly welcome to use bathrooms that are not of their wing, as long as they are invited by a member of that wing.
    And pokemon of any gender are allowed in the bathrooms, so long as they behave themselves.
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    Sennyo sped though the corridor, the hub and when staright into a cubical. he didnt even bother to check who was around, he did not have the time. when you have to go, you have to go.
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