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    Default Trainers' Estate: Fire Wing: Central Hub

    Fire Central Hub/Courtyard

    The "Courtyard" greets visitors with extravagant artwork with mostly vibrant, hot colors lining the walls. Outside people can look up and see the building is painted brick-red, showing off the fiery spirit of its occupants. Small campfires circumfrance it, gaps only to the doors of the bathrooms, Halls, and the hallway leading to the stairs. Instead, those entrances/exits have pretend torches on the wall next to them. The fires are monitored heavily, and are blocked off from visitors (Certain Wing members can use a special key to reach the fires, allowing for maintenance and s'mores). Other than the fires, the Fire Wings' central hub is decorated with small model volcanoes ranging in quality from "science fair"-quality to realistic, which are often placed next to couches.

    Note: Make sure to play close attention to the Physical Layout shown on the first post of the planning thread.
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