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Thread: Summer Gift Station!

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    Default Summer Gift Station!


    Banner by Roulette

    Time to do some spring cleaning on your stats and help out the less fortunate! The usual rules apply and are as follows:

    • You can gift any Pokemon in your stats except your starter.
    • Pokemon MUST NOT be removed from your stats until they are claimed after the Gift Station closes. This also means Pokemart purchases must be added to your stats for the duration of the Gift Station. A link to the Pokemart post is not sufficient.
    • Berries will be gifted in bundles of three.
    • You may receive a total of SEVEN gifts. If you are given more than seven gifts, you may choose which ones you want to receive.
    • You may only give one gift to each person, however there is no limit on the number of people you may give gifts to.
    • TMs and items may be gifted. These must also be added to your stats.

    Various passes can also be purchased and gifted:

    • Daycare Passes - $5,000 or $10,000. Allows the recipient to receive one or two Daycare moves free of charge.
    • Dream World Passes - $5,000 or $10,000. Allows the recipient to receive one or two Dream World Ability activations free of charge.
    • Park Passes - $5,000. Includes free Park entry, 3 Pokeballs and 2 Energy Powders.
    • Story Passes - $10,000. Allows the recipient to remove 25% from the character count for a story.

    Notes: If you want to change your gift to someone, please just make a new post instead of editing an old one. Editing makes it confusing for the updater if they have to wade through pages of gifts.

    Also, keep in mind that buying a Pokemon at the Mart, doing the basic battles with it, and then gifting it away while earning a profit (or close to one) is considered basic abuse by the staff, so please kindly refrain from doing so.

    Do not claim or use any gifts until this event is ended and closed. You have until the end of the 15th of August to gift. It'll be closed the morning of the 16th (Eastern Standard Time).
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    Gift Log

    Gift Receivers:

    Airik (7): Whimsicott from Mubz, Dragonite from Roulette (and Mubz), Jolteon from Pokemaster, Dusknoir from Morru, Escavalier from Princess Crow, Walrein from CommBA, Gyarados from gman
    Alaska (2): Gallade from Buoy, Kabutops from PigeonMasta
    America* (5): Kingdra from Haze, Unfeazant from Princess Crow, Typhlosion from Buoy, Bagon from Zolar, Lucario from Monbrey
    AmericanTreeFrog (3): Empoleon from Buoy, Daycare Pass (10k) from Chris, Aggron from Eraizaa
    Andarene (4): Squirtle from Monbrey, Staraptor from Nitro, Golem from CommBA, Electrode from Emma
    Arctic Penguin (1): Bulbasaur from ATF
    Ash K. (3): Claw Fossil from CommBA, Dream World Pass (5k) from MidnightGhost, Nincada from Joltik, Bee's Love <3
    Ataro (1): Daycare Pass (5k) from Mubz
    Bee (4): Girafarig from Buoy, Glossy Lens from Mubz, Houndoom from Ebail, Daycare Pass (5k) from Midnight Ghost
    Black_Cat (2): Espeon from Zolar, Ambipom from Nitro
    Black Reaper (3): Cranidos from Sormeki, Charmander from ATF, Ferrothorn from Bee
    Blazemaster (3): Pidgeot from Princess Crow, Lapras from Mubz, Charmander from Monbrey
    Bunnerz (2): Golbat from nocturnalDualBlade, Nidoqueen from Sormeki
    Buoy (3): Deino from Smiles, Zangoose from Morru, Igglybuff from Pokemaster
    Captain Dude (1): Sneasel from Ebail
    ccdefoe2000 (1): Eevee from Sormeki
    ChainReaction01 (3): Forretress from PokeViper, Espeon from Buoy, Slowbro from Winter
    Central African Republic* (aka pichu) (1): Slowking from Buoy
    CommBA (3): Chandelure from gman, TM Protect from Emma, Daycare Pass (5k) from Midnight Ghost
    Cooldude500 (1): Mismagius from gman
    Cow434 (4): Ninjask from Roulette, Jumpluff from Elamite, Lanturn from Nitro, Roserade from GliscorMan
    Ebail (1): Altaria from Morru
    Elamite (2): Shiftry from Monbrey, Beautifly from Nitro, Forretress from Mubz, Butterfree from Zolar
    Elite Twit (1): Crobat from gman
    Eraizaa (3): Hydreigon from Mubz, Story Pass from Midnight Ghost, Swampert from gman
    Fawkes (2): Octillery from Buoy, Exeggutor from SLC
    Fierce Deity (3): Tangrowth from Kers, Whimsicott from Nitro, Jumpluff from SLC
    Fossil Fusion (2): Daycare Pass (5k) from Mubz, Story Ticket from ATF
    Frozen Chaos (1): Eelektross from Nitro
    gazm0tr0n (3): Electivire from Monbrey, Walrein from Airik, Rhyperior from LS
    Gliscorman (1): Garchomp from Zolar
    gmandiddy (4): Ludicolo from CommBA, Kingdra from Mubz, Wailord from Bee, Swampert from Nitro
    Greece (4): Charizard from Joltik, Machamp from GliscorMan, Liepard from Morru, Nidoqueen from Black Reaper
    Haze (1): Scolipede from Roulette
    Hushie (1): Exeggcutor from Zolar
    Jesse (1): Skitty from Roulette
    Joltik (7): Park Pass from MidnightGhost, Togekiss from Zolar, Drapion from Morru, Serperior from GliscorMan, Abomasnow from Monbrey, Swoobat from Zak, Nidoking from SLC
    Jr (3): Machamp from Roulette, Daycare Pass (5k) from Midnight Ghost, Gallade from LS
    Kers the bear (6): Raichu from Roulette, Charizard from Nitro, Jolteon from FD, Lapras from SLC, Story Ticket from FC, Zoom Lens from Princess Crow
    LS (5): Azumarill from Zolar, Gliscor from Gokudera-kun, Ursaring from Kers, Mismagius from Nitro, Dragonite from Hus
    Luciole (2): Mareep from Smiles, Stoutland from GliscorMan
    MidnightGhost (10): Roserade from SLC, Ludicolo from Alaska, Armaldo from Ash, Carracosta from Fawkes, Raichu from Zolar, Hitmonlee from Mubz, Togekiss from PigeonMasta, Froslass from Eraizaa, Leftovers from CommBA, Nidoking from gman
    MintJelly (2): Tyranitar from Zolar, Ludicolo from Monbrey
    Monbrey (1): Thick Club from Nitro
    Morru Magnum (5): Camurupt from Joltik, Sharpedo from Airik, Ledyba from Pokemaster, Daycare Pass (10k) from Ebail, Daycare Pass (10k) from Elamite, Honchkrow from Buoy
    Most Duded (1): Fire Gem from Mintjelly
    Mubz (3): Slugma from Airik, Espeon from Gman, Swoobat from SLC
    Neonsands (2): Bisharp from Ebail, Park Pass from Taither
    Nitro (6): Parasect from Kers, Emolga from Zak, Life Orb from CommBA, Kingdra from FC, Weezing from FD, Blissey from gman
    nocturnalDualblade (3): Aipom from Ash, Infernape from Sormeki, Nidoqueen from Zolar
    PigeonMasta (6): Park Pass from MidnightGhost, Gengar from Alaska, Lucario from Zolar, Golem from Princess Crow, White Herb from Roulette, Digital Camera from Mubz
    PokeViper (2): Bronzong from Ebail, Gallade from Gman
    Princess Crow (5): Raichu from Alaska, Electivire from Roulette, Pachirisu from Airik, Nidoking from CommBA, Drapion from SLC
    Psychedelic Shroomish (3): Electrizer from Kers, Venusaur from SLC, Spheal from Princess Crow
    Roulette (4): Daycare Pass (5k) from MidnightGhost, Daycare Pass (10k) from Mubz, Daycare Pass (5k) from Princess Crow, Roserade from Kers
    Sheep (1): Lapras from Buoy
    SiberianTiger (1): Dragonite from ATF
    SLC (7): Daycare Pass from MidnightGhost, Jumpluff from Mubz, Infernape from Zolar, Kabutops from Psychedelic Shroomish, Espeon from Joltik, Alakazam from Buoy, Gliscor from FD
    Smiles (2): Whimsicott from Buoy, Dragonite from Taither
    Sormeki (4): Dream World Pass (10k) from YellowMagikarp, Daycare Pass (10k) from ccdefoe, Dream World Pass (5k) from Black Reaper, Machamp from Ash
    Soulmaster (1): Daycare Pass (10k) from Ash
    Taither (1): Mamoswine from Monbrey
    Takaki (1): Luxray from Joltik
    The pokemaster (4): Daycare Pass (10k) from Morru, Lilligant from Buoy, Shiftry from gman, Cherrim from Airik
    Typhlosion Explosion (1): Dratini from Sam
    VelloJello (4): Typhlosion from America*, Park Pass from GliscorMan, Togepi from Zolar, Luxray from Monbrey
    WebMaster (2): Complex Pokemon (Gameboard Tourney Prize) from Xali, TM Protect from Emma
    We Taste Pies... (1): Daycare Pass (5k) from Mubz
    WinterVines (4): Venonat from Opposumguy, Starmie from Buoy, Daycare Pass (10k) from Chris, Zoom Lens from Mubz
    Xali (2): Daycare Pass (10k) from Ebail, Yamask from Arctic Penguin
    YellowMagikarp (1): Expert Belt from Zolar
    Zolar (6): Park Pass from MidnightGhost, Daycare Pass (10k) from CommBA, Pidgeot from PokeViper, Snubble from Morru, Daycare Pass (5k) from GliscorMan, Torterra from SLC
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    Just one gift atm before going to work.

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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!



    Midnight Ghost:

    Smores (or whatever the hell your name is now):


    KantoMasta (er.. PigeonMasta):





    Last Update



    Will update with more later.
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    Ok first thing's first.

    To @Princess Crow;

    To @Airik; (from Mubz)
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!


    Hope it serves you well in your gym :D

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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    To Gmandiddy

    You might recognise this :P

    To Airik

    Use it well, it kicks ass :)

    To Roulette

    Revenge for that crappy UG roll

    To Smorgasbord

    Dem bugs :P

    To SLC

    Use it for hax and i will bite your ear off

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    Airik 7:42 pm
    i just hope that when puberty hits he grows out of pokemon

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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    Well, I guess it's nice that I returned in time to give stuff away. :D

    I'll give more stuff after, but for now...

    To @WinterVines
    From grading my stories, being the first ranger to take me through the National Park, and teaching me quite a bit, you were always a great mentor. That being said, I feel I owe it to you. You get...

    You might recognize it.

    Will give more later.
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    @Midnight Ghost; becauseyou seem interested in whether or not 3 guys work

    Tarka (♀)
    Trade w/ SLC for omastar
    swift swim
    Ice Fang, SonicBoom, Growl, Water Sport, Quick Attack, Water Gun, Pursuit, Swift, Aqua Jet, Crunch, Agility, Whirlpool, Razor Wind, Aqua Tail
    Extra moves
    HM surf, HM waterfall

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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!




    Will probably gift more later, will edit this post so they're on first page but also make a new post announcing it.
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    For @Ash K.;

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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    One 5k Park Pass for you!
    30K - 5K = 25K

    @Ash K.;
    One DW Pass for you!
    25K - 5K = 20K

    One DC Pass for you!
    20K - 5K = 15K

    One Park Pass for you!
    15K - 5K = 10K
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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    @Ash K.;


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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!

    I don't know what we call him anymore but his username is Elamite

    Dusknoir the Beautifly
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Undecided
    Ability: Swarm
    Level-Up Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden, Absorb, Gust, Bug Bite, Stun Spore, Morning Sun, Mega Drain, Whirlwind, Attract, Silver Wind, Giga Drain, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance
    TMs/HMs: N/A
    BMs/MTs/SMs: N/A
    Battles: 10
    FFAs: 0
    Contests: 0
    Festivals: 0
    Ribbons: N/A
    Attributes: Luster 0/255 ; Cool 0/255 ; Beauty 0/255 ; Cute 0/255 ; Smart 0/255 ; Tough 0/255
    Obtained: The Zorua Death Game: Round II
    Up For Trade: Yes

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    [18:11] Nitro: hello
    [18:12] [Ranger Alliance]: (webdragoon1337) knew there was another cool guy in here

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    Default Re: Summer Gift Station!


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