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Thread: Sorry if this is in the wrong place

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    Question Sorry if this is in the wrong place

    Um, hey. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place, but is there a way for me to join URPG?

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    Default Re: Sorry if this is in the wrong place

    Yes, this is the wrong place but that's fine. Next time you have a question, ask them in this thread: URPG General Chat/Questions/Suggestions

    But yes, there's a way you could join. First you post in this thread and choose your starter (as long as it's allowed according to the first post). After that you should start off by creating Trainer Stats in this board, then link your stats to the Trainer's Stats Guide so other URPGers could find your stats. After that you're pretty much set after you read the Rules of URPG.

    Any further assistance, just message me. Don't forget to create an AIM account if you hadn't done so already as that's the fastest way to meet people and look for battles. Enjoy the URPG!

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