Solid's room-Trainers' Estate: Entei Hall
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Thread: Solid's room-Trainers' Estate: Entei Hall

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    Default Solid's room-Trainers' Estate: Entei Hall

    This is your room. Decorate it as much as you like.
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    Default Re: Solid's room-Trainers' Estate: Entei Hall

    The walls of solids room are decorated with posters of rock and metal bands, along with movies he enjoyed, and games as well, so the actual paint color is impossible to tell. There is a black light at the far end of the room, above the desk that has Solids laptop and drawing notebook on it. To the right is a large book case that houses many, many CDs and books, ranging from Tool to Toilken, Lovecraft to Lynerd Skynerd from Bassnectar to Barker. His bed was to the right of the door when entering, and to the right of that was his dresser with most of his clothes. On top is his stereo and speakers.Solids dress shirts and jackets are located in the closet. Random memorabilia is scattered all across the room. There is a tv barely squeezed between the desk and the wall.
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