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    Exclamation Project N.U.K.E.M.

    BMG | PWN | PXR

    courtesy of Morru Magnum

    What does Project N.U.K.E.M. stand for?

    (K)Nowing Unnecessary Kool Extra Moves (-Pichu Boy-)
    Nefarious Users Kreate Extreme 'Mons (Stormy)
    Needlessly Unleashing Killing Engine Moves (Trilobyte)
    Never Underestimate Knowing Extra Moves (Eraizaa-kun)
    Needing Unlimited Knowledge Extinguishes Money (Eraizaa-kun)
    Noting Ur Kewl Extra Moves (Ash K.)
    Needlessly Updating Kewl Excess Moves (Ash K.)
    Now U're Killing Everyone Mister (Pidge)
    No U Kan't Evade Me (VolcanFlame/ChainReaction01)
    Nuking U're Kool Excellent Mons (Ice Kyurem)
    Now Under Knew Eliteranger Management (Fawkes.)
    Now URPG Kindles Enthusiastic Moms (Fierce Deity)
    No one Uses Krappy Extra Moves (Toxophilite)
    Never Using Known Extra Moves (Synthesis)
    Never-ending Upping Knowledge Even More (WinterVines)
    Noobs Unable 100K Extra Moves (Peaceful Giraffe)

    It's a fun list of who has the most moves taught on every species of Pokemon in the URPG. Admission into the list is done on a submission basis; however, the minimum number of moves on a Pokemon to be admitted is ten. If a Pokemon of yours has more moves taught than the Pokemon listed, feel free to fill out the following form and post in this thread.

    Nickname (not required):
    Link to Stats:
    Number of Moves Taught (minimum is 10):

    You can also post corrections, update on the ownership of a Pokemon, and submit for other trainers. Also, if you come up with what N.U.K.E.M. can stand for, post it. If it makes sense and doesn't seem too similar to any others, I'll put it along with the others. link to old thread

    If you have a Pokemon on this list, feel free to incorporate one of these icons with that Pokemon in your stats!

    Abomasnow (12): Nitro's Drapion
    Abra - NO RECORD
    Absol (18): Ebail's Absol
    Accelgor (15): Elamite's Accelgor
    Aegislash (12): CommBA's Masamune
    Aerodactyl (29): LS' Aerodactyl and Ebail's Aerodactyl
    Aggron (17): Neonsands's Bohaggron
    Aipom - NO RECORD
    Alakazam (41): We Taste Pies...'s Alakasam
    Alomomola - NO RECORD
    Altaria (23): Loyal Arcanine's Altaria
    Amaura - NO RECORD
    Ambipom (62): Ataro's Ambipom
    Amoonguss (10): Airik's Amoonguss
    Ampharos (10): Princess Crow's Lumos
    Anorith - NO RECORD
    Arbok - NO RECORD
    Arcanine (33): Maxie the Weavile's Artemis the Weavile
    Archen - NO RECORD
    Archeops (23): WinterVines' Trixy
    Aromatisse - NO RECORD
    Aron - NO RECORD
    Ariados (10): Elamite's Ariados
    Armaldo (13): Elamite's Armaldo
    Audino - NO RECORD
    Aurorus (10): Elamite's Au'll waurm us with my fur
    Avalugg - NO RECORD
    Axew - NO RECORD
    Azurill - NO RECORD
    Azumarill (11): Elamite's Azu Is Where Animals Go and Princess Crow's Bloody Zulu
    Bagon - NO RECORD
    Baltoy - NO RECORD
    Banette (12): Akinai's Wist
    Barbaracle - NO RECORD
    Barboach - NO RECORD
    Basculin (14): WinterVines' Koi
    Bastiodon - NO RECORD
    Bayleef - NO RECORD
    Beartic (19): derian's Beartic
    Beautifly (10): Elamite's B-E-A-utiful
    Beedrill (10): Elamite's Beedrill
    Beheeyem (12): Dog of Hellsing's Xen
    Bellossom - NO RECORD
    Bellsprout - NO RECORD
    Bergmite - NO RECORD
    Bibarel (23): Ataro's Bibarel
    Bidoof (15): Pidge's Emmadoof aka husnain 3.0
    Binacle - NO RECORD
    Bisharp (12): ChainReaction01's Koma
    Blastoise (14): DarknessRuler's Ak the Turtle
    Blaziken (45): ChainReaction01's Stresser
    Blissey (40): Loyal Arcanine's Blissey
    Blitzle - NO RECORD
    Boldore - NO RECORD
    Bonsly - NO RECORD
    Bouffalant (10): Ataro's Bouffalant
    Braixen - NO RECORD
    Braviary - NO RECORD
    Breloom (27): ChainReaction01's Joey
    Bronzong (35): Brizer's Dr. Steamy
    Bronzor - NO RECORD
    Budew - NO RECORD
    Buizel - NO RECORD
    Bulbasaur - NO RECORD
    Buneary - NO RECORD
    Bunnelby - NO RECORD
    Butterfree (12): Neighbourhood-Guest's Miranda
    Cacnea - NO RECORD
    Cacturne (13): Neonsands's Cacturne
    Camerupt (20): Monbrey's Camerupt
    Carbink - NO RECORD
    Carnivine - NO RECORD
    Carracosta (14): AmericanTreeFrog's Carracosta
    Carvanha - NO RECORD
    Castform (10): Feng's Overlord
    Chandelure (40): We Taste Pies...'s Kachina
    Chansey - NO RECORD
    Charizard (96): Monbrey's Charizard
    Charmander - NO RECORD
    Charmeleon - NO RECORD
    Chatot (14): Scourge of Nemo's Rachmaninoff
    Chesnaught - NO RECORD
    Chespin - NO RECORD
    Cincinno (21): Zolar's You. Will. Melt.
    Cherrim (10): The pokemaster's Leona
    Cherubi - NO RECORD
    Chikorita - NO RECORD
    Chimchar - NO RECORD
    Chimecho (17): Buoysel.'s Chimey
    Chinchou - NO RECORD
    Chingling - NO RECORD
    Clamperl - NO RECORD
    Clauncher - NO RECORD
    Clawitzer - NO RECORD
    Claydol (27): TheEvilDookie's Claydol
    Clefable (103): Ash K.'s Clefable
    Clefairy - NO RECORD
    Cleffa - NO RECORD
    Cloyster (19): Liquid Oshawott's Cloyster
    Cofagrigus (14): Elamite's Coco Puffs
    Combusken - NO RECORD
    Conkeldurr (15): WinterVines's Brin
    Corphish - NO RECORD
    Corsola - NO RECORD
    Cottonee - NO RECORD
    Cradily (21): Black Reaper's Cradily
    Cranidos - NO RECORD
    Crawdaunt (10): Airik's Stats
    Croagunk - NO RECORD
    Crobat (39): Ataro's Crobat
    Croconaw - NO RECORD
    Cryogonal - NO RECORD
    Crustle (12): Elamite's Everyday I'm Crustling
    Cubchoo - NO RECORD
    Cubone - NO RECORD
    Cyndaquil - NO RECORD
    Darmanitan (17): Fossil Fusion's Darmanitan and Monbrey's Darmanitan
    Darumaka - NO RECORD
    Dedenne (10): DarknessRuler's Raichu Reject
    Deerling - NO RECORD
    Deino - NO RECORD
    Delcatty - NO RECORD
    Delibird (25): CommBA's Tim Allen
    Delphox (15): Dog of Hellsing's Venus
    Dewgong - NO RECORD
    Dewott - NO RECORD
    Diglett - NO RECORD
    Diggersby - NO RECORD
    Dodrio - NO RECORD
    Doduo - NO RECORD
    Donphan (15): WinterVines's Donphan
    Doublade - NO RECORD
    Dragalge (10): KnittyDragon's Dragalge
    Dragonair - NO RECORD
    Dragonite (96): Roulette's Dragonite
    Drapion (17): WebMaster's Drapion
    Dratini - NO RECORD
    Drifblim (27): CommBA's Magical Hot-Air Balloon of Hopes and Dreams
    Drifloon - NO RECORD
    Drilbur - NO RECORD
    Drowzee - NO RECORD
    Druddigon (15): Bumblebee's Snapdragon
    Ducklett - NO RECORD
    Dugtrio (15): Marth's Neji Hyuga
    Dunsparce (18): Feng's Steve
    Duosion - NO RECORD
    Durant (18): WinterVines' Ashlee
    Dusclops (21): CommBA's Tanis
    Dusknoir (19): Webmaster's Dusknoir
    Duskull - NO RECORD
    Dustox - NO RECORD
    Dwebble - NO RECORD
    Eelektrik - NO RECORD
    Eelektross (28): Ash K.'s Raptor
    Eevee (10): Zolar's Veevee
    Electabuzz - NO RECORD
    Electivire (28): Synthesis's Poncho
    Electrike - NO RECORD
    Electrode (21): Team Evolution's Electrode
    Elekid - NO RECORD
    Elgyem - NO RECORD
    Ekans - NO RECORD
    Emboar (11): ChainReaction01's Emboar
    Emolga - NO RECORD
    Empoleon (31): MaverickKaiser's Penguins
    Escavalier - NO RECORD
    Espeon (36): WinterVines's Haji
    Espurr - NO RECORD
    Excadrill (16): WinterVines's Gray-kun
    Exeggcute - NO RECORD
    Exeggutor (26): Fossil Fusion's Exeggutor
    Exploud (23): Gliscorman's Amadeus
    Farfetch'd - NO RECORD
    Fearow - NO RECORD
    Feebas - NO RECORD
    Fennekin - NO RECORD
    Feraligatr (46): AmericanTreeFrog's ClawFear
    Ferroseed - NO RECORD
    Ferrothorn (14): Neonsands's Lord Ferroce and Nitro's Nidorina
    Finneon - NO RECORD
    Flaaffy - NO RECORD
    Flabebe - NO RECORD
    Flareon (15): BestyxD's Flareon
    Fletchling - NO RECORD
    Fletchinder - NO RECORD
    Floatzel (22): Bouy's Assan
    Floette - NO RECORD
    Florges - NO RECORD
    Flygon (17): Akinai's Jade
    Foongus - NO RECORD
    Forretress (15): Neonsands's Forty Cent
    Fraxure - NO RECORD
    Frillish - NO RECORD
    Froakie - NO RECORD
    Frogadier - NO RECORD
    Froslass (20): derian's The Grunt and volcanflame's Froslass
    Furfrou - NO RECORD
    Furret (10): Feng's Swipes
    Gabite - NO RECORD
    Gallade (103): ChainReaction01's Dual
    Galvantula (12): Synthesis' Galvant u like?
    Garbodor (10): Dog of Hellsing's Compost
    Garchomp (23): TheEvilDookie's Garchomp
    Gardevoir (59): Bumblebee's Mindbender
    Gastly - NO RECORD
    Gastrodon (30): WinterVines's Gastrodon
    Gengar (87): husnain's Gengar
    Geodude - NO RECORD
    Gible - NO RECORD
    Gigalith - NO RECORD
    Girafarig (27): Ataro's Girafarig
    Glaceon (12): Eraizaa-Kun's Rita
    Glalie (12): Synthesis's Nick
    Glameow - NO RECORD
    Gliscor (30): Gliscorman's Gliscor
    Gloom - NO RECORD
    Gogoat - NO RECORD
    Golbat - NO RECORD
    Goldeen - NO RECORD
    Golduck (20): Neonsands's Golddigger
    Golem - NO RECORD
    Golett - NO RECORD
    Golurk (35): CommBA's Golly
    Goodra (12) - Triple-OG Sligga
    Goomy - NO RECORD
    Gorebyss (10): Dog of Hellsing's Whip
    Gothita - NO RECORD
    Gothitelle - NO RECORD
    Gothorita - NO RECORD
    Gourgeist (14) - Airik's Gourgeist
    Graveler - NO RECORD
    Granbull - NO RECORD
    Greninja (18) - Sky Lark's Greninja and Elysia's Broken and Princess Crow's Sponge
    Grimer - NO RECORD
    Grotle - NO RECORD
    Grovyle - NO RECORD
    Growlithe - NO RECORD
    Grumpig (10): Buoysel.'s Baneboo
    Gulpin - NO RECORD
    Gurdurr - NO RECORD
    Gyarados (22): Ataro's Gyarados and Gmandiddy's Phil the Hitman
    Happiny - NO RECORD
    Hariyama (16): ChainReaction01's Hoist
    Haunter - NO RECORD
    Hawlucha (20): CommBA's Killbane
    Haxorus (24): MaverickKaiser's GENOCIDE
    Heatmor - NO RECORD
    Heliolisk (12): Synthesis' Larry
    Helioptile - NO RECORD
    Heracross (17): Khajmer's Hornstriker
    Herdier - NO RECORD
    Hippopotas - NO RECORD
    Hippowdon (12): MaverickKaiser's Hippowdon
    Hitmonchan (15): Monbrey's Hitmonchan
    Hitmonlee - NO RECORD
    Hitmontop (10): DarknessRuler's Hatman
    Honchkrow (47): Roulette's Honchkrow
    Honedge - NO RECORD
    Hoothoot - NO RECORD
    Hoppip - NO RECORD
    Horsea - NO RECORD
    Houndoom (25): Bumblebee's Shadow
    Houndour - NO RECORD
    Huntail (12): Bumblebee's Aquanaught
    Hydreigon (26): Bumblebee's Skullcruncher
    Hypno (22): Fossil Fusion's Hypno
    Igglybuff - NO RECORD
    Illumise - NO RECORD
    Infernape (62): Monbrey's Infernape
    Inkay - NO RECORD
    Ivysaur - NO RECORD
    Jellicent (19): Roulette's Jellicent
    Jigglypuff - NO RECORD
    Jolteon (50): Near's Jolteon
    Joltik - NO RECORD
    Jumpluff (14): Ash K.'s Jumpluff
    Jynx (20): Fossil Fusion's Jynx
    Kabuto - NO RECORD
    Kabutops (23): Bumblebee's Sideways
    Kadabra - NO RECORD
    Kangaskhan (60): Ataro's Kangaskhan
    Karrablast - NO RECORD
    Kecleon (10): Jack of Clovers's Lavish
    Kingdra (29): Fierce Deity's Kingdra and ChainReaction01's Kingdra
    Kingler (14): IT's Royal Crab
    Kirlia - NO RECORD
    Klang - NO RECORD
    Klefki (13): Neonsands' Klefki West
    Klink - NO RECORD
    Klinklang (10): Axion's Klingklang
    Koffing - NO RECORD
    Krabby - NO RECORD
    Kricketot - NO RECORD
    Kricketune - NO RECORD
    Krokorok - NO RECORD
    Krookodile (30): WinterVines' Jed
    Lairon - NO RECORD
    Lampent - NO RECORD
    Lanturn (21): FrozenChaos' Fingette
    Lapras (35): Synthesis' La Prasse
    Larvesta - NO RECORD
    Larvitar - NO RECORD
    Leafeon (10): Princess Crow's Hanner
    Leavanny - NO RECORD
    Ledian (11): smorgasbord's Lady Friend
    Ledyba - NO RECORD
    Lickilicky (55): Ataro's Lickilicky
    Lickitung (22): Bumblebee's Lickitron
    Liepard (13): CommBA's Rogue and Elysia's Stelmaria
    Lileep - NO RECORD
    Lilligant (11): Airik's Lilligant
    Lillipup - NO RECORD
    Linoone (11): gun6's Watermelon
    Litleo - NO RECORD
    Litwick (10): Ebail's Litwick
    Lombre - NO RECORD
    Lopunny (38): Ataro's Lopunny
    Lotad - NO RECORD
    Loudred - NO RECORD
    Lucario (42): MaverickKaiser's Susanoo
    Ludicolo (32): CommBA's Launchpad McQuack
    Lumineon - NO RECORD
    Lunatone (14): Haze's Emma's Tone is very obnoxious
    Luvdisc - NO RECORD
    Luxio - NO RECORD
    Luxray (10): Buzzer's Tesla
    Machamp (26): ChainReaction01's Jugg
    Machoke - NO RECORD
    Machop - NO RECORD
    Magby - NO RECORD
    Magcargo - NO RECORD
    Magmar - NO RECORD
    Magmortar (15): Monbrey's Magmortar
    Magnemite - NO RECORD
    Magneton - NO RECORD
    Magnezone (17): SLC's Magnezone
    Makuhita - NO RECORD
    Malamar (11): Prince Vultan's Malamar
    Mamoswine (26): WinterVines' Tracks
    Mandibuzz (13): Elysia's My Pants are Made of the Skulls of My Slain
    Manectric (15): Bumblebee's Hotshot
    Mankey - NO RECORD
    Mantine (14): Feng's Debbie Downer
    Mantyke - NO RECORD
    Maractus - NO RECORD
    Mareep - NO RECORD
    Marowak (16): Fossil Fusion's Marowak
    Marshtomp - NO RECORD
    Masquerain (11): Elamite's Masquerain
    Mawile (15) - Synthesis' Maul
    Medicham (22): ChainReaction01's Sasha
    Meditite - NO RECORD
    Meganium - NO RECORD
    Meowstic - NO RECORD
    Meowth - NO RECORD
    Metagross (41): Neon's MF Gross
    Metang - NO RECORD
    Mew - NO RECORD
    Mewtwo (10): ChainReaction01's Kohai
    Mienfoo - NO RECORD
    Mienshao (26): WinterVines' Koji
    Mightyena - NO RECORD
    Milotic (26): Bumblebee's Seaspray and Ebail's Milotic
    Miltank (42): Ataro's Miltank
    Mime Jr. - NO RECORD
    Minccino - NO RECORD
    Minun - NO RECORD
    Misdreavus - NO RECORD
    Mismagius (35): The pokemaster's Elixeress
    Monferno - NO RECORD
    Mothim (10): Neighborhood Guest's Ferdinand
    Mr. Mime (23): Synthesis' Predator
    Mudkip - NO RECORD
    Muk (14): Jack of Clovers's Slimer and Zolar's Muk
    Munchlax - NO RECORD
    Munna - NO RECORD
    Murkrow (31): Ash K.'s The Morrigan
    Musharna - NO RECORD
    Natu - NO RECORD
    Nidoking (56): Haze's Emma's King
    Nidoqueen (13): The pokemaster's Lizzie
    Nidoran (F) - NO RECORD
    Nidoran (M) - NO RECORD
    Nidorina - NO RECORD
    Nidorino - NO RECORD
    Nincada - NO RECORD
    Ninetails (23): iReign's Ninetails
    Ninjask (18): Eraizaa-Kun's Sheila
    Noctowl - NO RECORD
    Noibat - NO RECORD
    Noivern - NO RECORD
    Nosepass - NO RECORD
    Numel - NO RECORD
    Nuzleaf - NO RECORD
    Octillery (19): Loyal Arcanine's Davy Jones
    Oddish - NO RECORD
    Omanyte - NO RECORD
    Omastar - NO RECORD
    Onix - NO RECORD
    Oshawott - NO RECORD
    Pachirisu - NO RECORD
    Palpitoad - NO RECORD
    Pancham - NO RECORD
    Pangoro - NO RECORD
    Panpour - NO RECORD
    Pansage - NO RECORD
    Pansear - NO RECORD
    Paras - NO RECORD
    Parasect (10): Elamite's Parasect
    Patrat - NO RECORD
    Pawniard - NO RECORD
    Pelipper (12): Stormy's Wendy
    Persian (41): FireflyK's Persian
    Petilil - NO RECORD
    Phanpy - NO RECORD
    Phantump - NO RECORD
    Phione (13): Bumblebee's Safeguard
    Pichu - NO RECORD
    Pidgeot (13): Pidge's The Pidgeot
    Pidgeotto - NO RECORD
    Pidgey - NO RECORD
    Pidove - NO RECORD
    Pignite - NO RECORD
    Pikachu (11): Ash K.'s Pikachu
    Piloswine - NO RECORD
    Pineco - NO RECORD
    Pinsir (10): Elamite's Pinsir
    Piplup - NO RECORD
    Plusle - NO RECORD
    Politoed (26): Bumblebee's Slipstream
    Poliwag - NO RECORD
    Poliwhirl - NO RECORD
    Poliwrath (27): ChainReaction01's Poliwrath
    Ponyta - NO RECORD
    Poochyena - NO RECORD
    Porygon - NO RECORD
    Porygon2 (25): Roulette's Porygon2
    Porygon-Z (34): Ataro's Porygon-Z
    Primeape (25): Milotic Master1's Rocky
    Prinplup - NO RECORD
    Probopass - NO RECORD
    Psyduck - NO RECORD
    Pumpkaboo - NO RECORD
    Pupitar - NO RECORD
    Purrloin - NO RECORD
    Purugly - NO RECORD
    Pyroar - NO RECORD
    Quagsire (16): sheepskinfuton's BeeJay
    Quilava - NO RECORD
    Qwilfish (21): Bumblebee's Misfire
    Quilladin - NO RECORD
    Raichu (44): Buzzer's Thundera
    Ralts - NO RECORD
    Rampardos (10): Haze's Rampardos
    Rapidash - NO RECORD
    Raticate (13): GliscorMan's Raticate
    Rattata - NO RECORD
    Relicanth - NO RECORD
    Remoraid - NO RECORD
    Reuniclus (15): swiftgallade46's Reuniclus
    Rhydon - NO RECORD
    Rhyhorn - NO RECORD
    Rhyperior (31): Haze's Rhyperior
    Riolu - NO RECORD
    Roggenrola - NO RECORD
    Roselia - NO RECORD
    Roserade (18): Airik's Roserade
    Rotom (24): Monbrey's Rotom
    Rufflet - NO RECORD
    Sableye (29): CommBA's Loki
    Samurott (12): MaverickKaiser's Samurott
    Sandile - NO RECORD
    Sandshrew - NO RECORD
    Sandslash (20): Rpgraccoon's Sadie
    Salamence (31): Pidge's Salamence
    Sawk - NO RECORD
    Sawsbuck (12): The Pokemaster's Winter
    Scatterbug - NO RECORD
    Sceptile (37): Ataro's Sceptile
    Scizor (29): Ebail's Scizor
    Scolipede (17): Elamite's Holy Scoli
    Scrafty (26): ChainReaction01's Tank
    Scraggy - NO RECORD
    Scyther - NO RECORD
    Seadra - NO RECORD
    Seaking - NO RECORD
    Sealeo - NO RECORD
    Seedot - NO RECORD
    Seel - NO RECORD
    Seismitoad - NO RECORD
    Sentret - NO RECORD
    Serperior (31): Maxie the Weavile's Minerva
    Servine - NO RECORD
    Seviper - NO RECORD
    Sewaddle - NO RECORD
    Sharpedo (23): Roulette's Sharpedo
    Shedinja (12): mubz's Bumblebee and Nitro's Whimsicott
    Shelgon - NO RECORD
    Shellder - NO RECORD
    Shellos - NO RECORD
    Shelmet - NO RECORD
    Shieldon - NO RECORD
    Shiftry (21): Loyal Arcanine's Shiftry
    Shinx - NO RECORD
    Shroomish - NO RECORD
    Shuckle (12): Galleon's Shuckle
    Shuppet - NO RECORD
    Sigilyph (19): Ash K.'s Sigilyph
    Simipour - NO RECORD
    Simisage - NO RECORD
    Simisear - NO RECORD
    Skarmory (19): Ebail's Where's Da Bliss?! and Neonsands's Skarmmon
    Skiddo - NO RECORD
    Skiploom - NO RECORD
    Skitty (11): Roulette's Skeety
    Skrelp - NO RECORD
    Skorupi - NO RECORD
    Skuntank - NO RECORD
    Slakoth - NO RECORD
    Sliggoo - NO RECORD
    Slowbro (33): Bumblebee's Kickback
    Slowking (37): Monbrey's Slowking
    Slowpoke - NO RECORD
    Slugma - NO RECORD
    Slurpuff - NO RECORD
    Smoochum - NO RECORD
    Sneasel - NO RECORD
    Snivy - NO RECORD
    Snorlax (40): DarknessRuler's Snorlax
    Snorunt - NO RECORD
    Snover - NO RECORD
    Solosis - NO RECORD
    Solrock (11): Bumblebee's Sunstreaker
    Spearow - NO RECORD
    Spewpa - NO RECORD
    Spheal - NO RECORD
    Spiritomb (16): Lord Fedora's Swirly Thing
    Spinarak - NO RECORD
    Spinda (11): Ash K.'s Spinda
    Spoink - NO RECORD
    Spritzee - NO RECORD
    Squirtle - NO RECORD
    Stantler (16): Jack of Clovers's Doe
    Staraptor (16): ChainReaction01's Broadblade
    Staravia - NO RECORD
    Starly - NO RECORD
    Starmie (36): Pidge's Starmie and Mubz's Patrick the Starmie
    Staryu - NO RECORD
    Steelix (13): Neonsands's A Tribe Called Steelix
    Stoutland - NO RECORD
    Stunfisk (16): WinterVines's Maggyo
    Stunky - NO RECORD
    Sudowoodo - NO RECORD
    Sunflora - NO RECORD
    Sunkern - NO RECORD
    Surskit - NO RECORD
    Swablu (17): BlueTowel's Fuzzyhat
    Swadloon - NO RECORD
    Swalot (13): Xali's Bigballz
    Swampert (41): Pidge's Swampert
    Swanna - NO RECORD
    Swellow (35): Alaskapigeon's Swellow
    Swoobat (19): Morru Magnum's Sanguini
    Swinub - NO RECORD
    Swirlix - NO RECORD
    Sylveon - NO RECORD
    Taillow - NO RECORD
    Talonflame (13) - Monbrey's Talonflame
    Tangela - NO RECORD
    Tangrowth (19): Xali's Mangrowth
    Tauros (24): Ataro's Tauros
    Teddiursa - NO RECORD
    Tentacool - NO RECORD
    Tentacruel (19): Team Evolution's Tentacruel
    Tepig - NO RECORD
    Throh (10): CommBA's Ernie
    Timburr - NO RECORD
    Tirtouga - NO RECORD
    Togekiss (56): Morru Magnum's Melisand
    Togepi - NO RECORD
    Togetic - NO RECORD
    Torchic - NO RECORD
    Torkoal - NO RECORD
    Torterra (19): TheEvilDookie's Torterra
    Totodile - NO RECORD
    Toxicroak (25): AmericanTreeFrog's Toxicroak
    Tranquil - NO RECORD
    Trapinch - NO RECORD
    Treecko - NO RECORD
    Trevenant (15): Dog of Hellsing's Trevenant
    Tropius (21): CommBA's Littlefoot
    Trubbish - NO RECORD
    Turtwig - NO RECORD
    Tympole - NO RECORD
    Tynamo - NO RECORD
    Typhlosion (12): MuddyMudkip's Kindle
    Tyranitar (32): Fierce Deity's Tyranitar
    Tyrantrum (11) - CommBA's Chomper
    Tyrogue - NO RECORD
    Tyrunt - NO RECORD
    Umbreon (45): EmBreon's Embreon?
    Unfezant - NO RECORD
    Ursaring (34): Ataro's Ursarang the Glass Cannon
    Vanillish - NO RECORD
    Vanillite - NO RECORD
    Vanilluxe - NO RECORD
    Vaporeon (15): TheEvilDookie's Vaporeon and Nitro's Golett
    Venipede - NO RECORD
    Venomoth (13): Dog of Hellsing's Flutter
    Venonat - NO RECORD
    Venusaur (24): Airik's Venusaur
    Vespiquen - NO RECORD
    Vibrava - NO RECORD
    Victreebel (10): Haze's Victreebel
    Vigoroth - NO RECORD
    Vileplume - NO RECORD
    Vivillon - NO RECORD
    Volbeat (10): Fierce Deity's Volbeat
    Volcarona (25): Bumblebee's Flamefeather
    Voltorb - NO RECORD
    Vullaby - NO RECORD
    Vulpix - NO RECORD
    Wailmer - NO RECORD
    Wailord - NO RECORD
    Walrein (19): Volcanflame's Arlene
    Wartortle - NO RECORD
    Watchog - NO RECORD
    Weavile (30): Loyal Arcanine's Elizabeth
    Weepinbell - NO RECORD
    Weezing (15): Subside's Weezing
    Whimsicott (30): WinterVines' Junko
    Whirlipede - NO RECORD
    Whiscash - NO RECORD
    Whismur - NO RECORD
    Wigglytuff - NO RECORD
    Wingulll - NO RECORD
    Woobat - NO RECORD
    Wooper - NO RECORD
    Wormadam (10): Airik's Wormadam
    Xatu (31): Buzzer's River Tam
    Yamask - NO RECORD
    Yanma - NO RECORD
    Yanmega (17): Haze's Yanmega
    Zangoose (12): Bumblebee's Zangoose
    Zebstrika (14): FrozenChaos' Zebstrika and Gliscorman's Brontregis
    Zigzagoon - NO RECORD
    Zoroark (18): Bumblebee's Mirage
    Zorua (11) - Akinai's Jester
    Zubat - NO RECORD
    Zweilous - NO RECORD
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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    FIRST POST because I can. ;D

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    So apparently my Hippowdon has 12 Ems, 2 more than Juniors so I'll put it up here. Pokemon(Owned)
    7th mon

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Whoa. Take it easy bro. Fawkes ain't passed my Skarm yet.

    Neonsands' Skarmory (19): Skarmmon

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Now Under Knew Eliteranger Management

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Now URPG Kindles Enthusiastic Moms

    If that's too inappropriate switch Moms for Moves :<

    "lets get chesnaughty" Nitro 12:52 am
    nuts in my mouf

    Hannah Warder 7:50 pm
    fd is a beautiful chocolate man

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Bumbles and my Gardevoirs are tied >;|
    From the PE2K URPG section.
    Yes I am a ref & yes, I made Soviet Bidoof

    Questions/Comments/Concerns --> Imperialpineaple on aim.

    SumerianRevenant 7:06 pm
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    And always get complaints either way
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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Got that NUKEM Grumpig, yo.

    Pokémon: Grumpig.
    Nickname (not required): Baneboo.
    Link to Stats: Link here.
    Number of Moves Taught (minimum is 10): [10] Toxic, Calm Mind, Reflect, Light Screen, Attract, Swagger, Taunt, Torment, Skill Swap and Grass Knot.

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    No one Uses Krappy Extra Moves

    haha :P


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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Never Using Known Extra Moves


    No U Kan't Evade My Moves (VolcanFlame)

    wtf is NUKEMM?!

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Quote Originally Posted by Xali View Post
    Bumbles and my Gardevoirs are tied >;|
    Need a link to it, brah.

    Quote Originally Posted by Synthesis View Post
    Never Using Known Extra Moves


    No U Kan't Evade My Moves (VolcanFlame)

    wtf is NUKEMM?!
    Noted. Changed to No U Kan't Evade Me.
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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Pokemon: Stunfisk
    Nickname: The Infamous Cursed Wanderer That Rules in the Bloodstained Sepulcher and is Reaching for Forbidden Time
    Link to stats: <- btw could you change my 6 other NUKEMs to this too
    EMs: 16

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II


    but my Breloom is supreme overlord now.

    Number of EMs: 23
    Nickname: Juan Carlos Santana III

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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Quote Originally Posted by ChainReaction01 View Post
    Need a link to it, brah.
    Wut da, its in my siggy ):<

    Message Board - Pokemon
    From the PE2K URPG section.
    Yes I am a ref & yes, I made Soviet Bidoof

    Questions/Comments/Concerns --> Imperialpineaple on aim.

    SumerianRevenant 7:06 pm
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    I have done it both ways, multiple times
    And always get complaints either way
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    Default Re: Project N.U.K.E.M. II

    Taking over Reuniclus record. Winter's Ren

    Also updating:
    Excadrill has 14 EMs
    Gastrodon has 21 EMs
    ChainReaction 6:09 pm
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