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    Default Pokemon World Journeys RP

    Pokemon World Journeys

    Alright this is where we all rp together in order to fulfill our pokemon journey's together, as friends, rivals, and maybe even as enemies. This is a pokemon rp where you play a role in the pokemon world and you call the shots on what to do and where to go. Of course your actions will change the pokemon world, so the more helpful you are to the people and pokemon, the more respect you gain. However, if you do many mischievous and bad things, you will be seen as cruel to pokemon and trainers and you may even be a threat. As time goes on, an enemy so terrible will be revealed, and it's up to all trainers to stop the world's end... But there is no wrong answer in this RP... it's adventure! Now I will advise you that this RP is going to take a little work, so here is how you RP in here.


    -No Godmodding

    -All battling, Trading, Shopping, etc. will be done with the battle system here. Just because we are RPing doesn't mean we can ignore the actual game itself!

    -Please be sure to have AIM open when you RP just in case you come across a battle!!

    -Always have a profile below with your Trainer info, Pokemon info(You can make the moves and abilities private so that other's can't see if you'd like), and your location on the regional map so we know where you are during that time

    -Battles against NPCs other than the Gyms, Elite Four, and the Champion are done in here, meaning its an imaginative battle lol XD

    -No one liners, please write in paragraphs with detail...

    -Don't double post, if you need to edit your last post that's an option. Please be patient and wait for someone else to post.

    -Please re-read over your posts so you can prevent typos and minor errors in your post. It's not a bad thing, trust me =)

    -For battling, you must let your challenger know that you are ready by saying: **Commence Battle: 'Trainer'1 vs 'Trainer2'**
    If you both aren't on at the same time, try to set up a time when it would be good to battle, it's not that difficult. Also once you battle that person make sure the challenger posts the results of the battle in the next post

    -Have fun!

    ((You can drag the maps and avatars to your desktop so you can make your locations!))

    Avatars For Maps:

    You are allowed to make your own map avatars as well =3





    This it optional: For the map, make sure you post it under each of your posts, so you may wanna drag them into a new folder and edit the map with the map icons to display your location. The icons don't need to be directly on the routes in perfect alignment because you can be lost in the game too... Also have the location name under the map so we know where you are: City name, route name, cave, forest, etc.

    Character Layout:

    ((This game is based off of your trainer in Pokemon Ultra RPG, so whenever you catch new pokemon, please make note that you caught new pokemon in this RP as well. Another note is that you don't have to use all of your pokemon in the RP, but your team must be built from your stats. Your character can also look different in the RP and have a different age, gender, name, and appearance. Have fun!))






    Class: ((Good, Bad, Breeder, Starter Trainer, etc.))

    Starting Town:



    Brief Bio:


    Have fun!!
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    Default Re: Pokemon World Journeys RP

    Name: Jun

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Personality: Jun has a very cocky attitude, and hates waiting for people to catch up to him. He is very outgoing and tends to joke around with the fellow trainers around him. He doesn't enjoy losing battles and he certainly doesn't like losing to his rivaling friends. He is always trying to get ahead of everyone else no matter what the circumstance, however, whenever his friends are in need of help he will help them as best as he can and stop at nothing. He also has a strong dislike for people who try to hurt pokemon for their selfish intentions.

    Class: Rival Trainer

    Starting Town: Twinleaf Town


    Gender: N/A
    Ability: Natural Cure

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Intimidate



    Brief Bio: Jun has traveled around the southern areas of Sinnoh on the west side of Mt.Coronet. He was born and raised in Twinleaf Town and has stayed around the area ever since, battling trainers and getting stronger. His first pokemon that he caught was staryu due to a fishing accident at Sandgem. Professor Rowan helped him catch the staryu and he gave it to Jun, who cherished it till this very day. Many people know him as a very talented trainer in Twinleaf Town, but he has always wished to travel further than Jubilife City to fulfill his quest as a pokemon trainer. Now that he's one of the top trainers in Twinleaf Town, he figured that it was time to take a step into new grounds, and take on all of the gym leaders, the elite four, then finally, the pokemon champion so that he can be known as the strongest. He wants to travel the pokemon world...

    Other: N/A
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    Default Re: Pokemon World Journeys RP

    May I join?

    Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, white T-shirt, always wears his black jacket like a cape, blue jeans, black steel-toe boots

    Name: Aegis

    Gender: male

    Age: 17

    Personality: Aegis acts like he is emotionless but he really cares for stuff. Most of the time he has no facial expression and people tend to get angry at him when he shows no emotions during serious times. So he has to tell them how he's feeling. But he acts different when he is communicating with his Pokemon. He's always nice to people and Pokemon. He can also become childish when he's around his Pokemon and makes up fantasy adventures when he's alone with his Pokemon.

    Class: Starter trainer

    Starter Town: Floaroma Town


    Name: R (Riolu)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast

    Brief Bio: Aegis was a normal boy and had a normal life; having fun with his family, friends, and Pokemon. Until a tragic event happened that had burn in his memory and made him traumatized. Now he doesn't show emotion to people and acts really weird when he is with his Pokemon alone. He got a Trainer license 6 months ago but hasn't really made much progress. He mainly just goes around town and outside town, he makes up adventures with his Pokemon. He's not really right in the head after the incident. But once he meet a certain trainer, his life may change.

    Other: When he found Riolu outside town (right before he decided to get his license) he was surprised that the Riolu knows how to write. So he got him a white board (with 2 straps so he can carry it like a backpack) and some markers so he can write and communicate with him faster and easier.
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    Default Re: Pokemon World Journeys RP

    Approved!!! Anyways, you may start whenever you are ready!!

    Jun was in Twinleaf Town, smiling down at his new captured pokemon. It was a fierce battle with the pokemon, and he knew it would be a great addition to his team. He rubbed the bottom of his nose and smirked as he held the pokeball in his hand. "Tch, this pokemon could come in handy, right starmie?" The starmie hovered near him, it's gem was glowing a bright red color and it glimmered with victory. Jun then put the pokeball in his pocket and he then crossed his arms. The starmie then flipped around to where it's gem was facing the sky and Jun then sat on the star-fish pokemon and sighed. "Well, maybe it's time we should actually begin our journey to defeat the toughest trainers and become the pokemon champion. What do you say?" The starmie glimmered with it's gem, like always, but Jun could tell what it was feeling, the patterns made from the gem made it clear that it was excited. "Well, then, what are we waiting for, let's go home and gather some of our belongings for the journey... I'm sure mom will be alright with it, I hope..." He then got back on his feet and recalled his starmie into it's pokeball and put it in his pocket. He then snickered as he walked back to his home...

    Jun's Status:

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    Aegis is sitting in his kitchen, "listening" to his parents' lecture about starting his journey. He was just staring in space, thinking about what will happen on his next adventures that he and his Riolu were playing before his dad called him in the house. Next to him sitting on the kitchen chair, is his buddy R the Riolu. He was nervous about the journey that his trainer's dad was talking about. He was worried that he'll mess up and ruin everything for his trainer. The journey is real so he hopes that he'll do good. Although you can visibly see that he's shaking. Across the table, are Aegis' parents

    Aegis' dad began to speak, "Son, you need to start your journey now. It's been 6 months since you got your license. You need to get your head out of the cloud and... Are you listening to me?!"

    The yell from Aegis' father made Aegis literally jump up in surprise and responded to his father's question quickly, "Yes, father."

    His father sighed in disbelief, "Son, you have to grow up. You're 17 already and I'm seeing you playing with your Pokemon while screaming 'Surrender now, Malus Hostilis'." Aegis puts his head down from embarrassment. "I think this journey is what you need in order to grow up."

    Aegis puts his head up and faced his father, "I don't think I want to go on this journey anymore."

    "It's either this journey or releasing your Pokemon."

    Aegis looks at R. R grabbed the white board, pulled the cap off the marker, and started to write on the board. After he was finished, he showed it to Aegis and it says, "take the journey"

    Aegis simply sighed, faced his father and said, "Okay, I'll leave for sure."

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    Jun then needed to get back to his house in order to get his belongings for the journey. As he was walking, he noticed that he made it back to the main town area, where there was a small shopping area and a few houses from here and there. He then began to hear battling noices from a distance and saw that there were two young trainers battling. Jun then stopped in his tracks to see what the action. There was a bidoof battling a sentret, and they were both battling quite hard. They were both a good match for each other, but the sentret overcame the bidoof with a swift movement of quick attack. The bidoof was then recalled and the sentret then ran to the young trainer with happiness.

    "Hehe, nobody can stop us!"

    Jun was then disgusted by how the trainer thought he would be the strongest, in fact that bidoof was a struggle for the bidoof. Quickly Jun then sent out his staraptor, and it then tackled the Trainer and the sentret, making the sentret faint and the trianer fall backwards. Jun the slowly walked over to the young trainer and he then pointed at the young trainer who was now shaking with fear.

    "Hmph... You should be fined for saying such lies... Don't tell yourself such foolish lies if you know there is someone ahead of you..."

    The staraptor then flew back over to Jun and it the sat on his shoulder. Jun walked away and continued walking to his house on the outskirts of town, disgusted by the words of the trainer. Trainers like that made him angry, acting like they can beat anyone but they struggle with a weaker obstacle. Jun eventually made it back to his house and he walked through the door, seeing dumplings on the table. His mother then smiled at him and sighed.

    "Jun, I know you have always wanted to go on your journey, I think today is the day you leave and become a pokemon trainer... here is a gift from me and your father... your father ordered a specially made poketch..."

    Jun was glad that his mother was ok with him going on a long pokemon journey. She then wrapped it around his wrist and Jun quickly ran upstairs to start packing immediately. He was indeed hungry, but the journey seemed more important to him.

    Jun's Status:

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    "I need to go all the way to Sandgem Town just to get my Pokedex?! Are you serious?!" Aegis couldn't believe what his mother had told him about how to get his Pokedex. "Why couldn't the professor mail me the Pokedex instead?"

    "Because it too risky to be sent by mail. If it got lost, you can't get anther one." His mother answered

    "So does my trainer card but I still received it by mail." Aegis countered the statement.

    His mother thought about it for a second, "Hmm, you're right. I don't know why they do that. You still have to go to Sandgem Town to get your Pokedex. Here's your bag." His mother gave him a backpack full of clothes and supplies for the journey.

    Since it only had been a few minutes after the discussion he had with his parents, he got confused as to how his mom could have made his bag in just a short period of time. But he decided not to ask. He sighed and put his backpack on while R (who just came in the room) is ready to go with his whiteboard(which he is carrying it like a backpack) and his markers (which are taped on the back of the whiteboard.)

    "Honey, I know you don't really like to do this. But it's for your own good. And besides, you'll never know if you'll really like it or not. You may find something on your journey that you'll like and maybe you'll enjoy it." His mother tries to comfort him but she has no idea if it's working or not since Aegis isn't showing any emotion. But she got her answer.

    "Maybe you're right. I'll probably find something that I'll enjoy on my journey." His mother smiled at him.

    "That's my boy." His mother gave him a hug and Aegis hugged back. "If your brother was here, he would have been jumping up and down with joy."

    "Yeah, he probably would have" Aegis said in a slight sad tone. His mother knew she went a bit too far and hit his nerve even though, still, Aegis hardly expressed it. Aegis continued talking, "So, I guess this is goodbye."

    "Oh wait." His mother grabbed her purse and pulled out a Poketch. She handed the Poketch to Aegis. "This also came in the mail with your trainer card. Your dad and I decided to give it to you when you leave on your journey. Take good care of it and take care of yourself as well."

    Aegis, loss of his words, couldn't think of anything to say but, "Thanks mom." He put on the Poketch on his wrist and faced R saying, "Let's go, R." R merely nodded and followed Aegis outside.

    His mother, also at a loss of words, told her son, "Be careful and good luck."

    While walking, Aegis replied, "Will do." he waved his mom goodbye and then faced the road outside. "Well R, looks like our journey finally begins. And this time, it's for real." R simply nodded. Aegis then started to smile slowly "But that doesn't mean we still can't play, right?"

    Aegis' status:

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    Jun then packed away some of his clothes... a few short sleeved shirts, they all look the same, and one long shirt for winter occasion. He then neatly packed his journal in the side pocket of his bag. Once he made sure he didn't miss anything (As if there was anything to miss), he then wrapped the bag around his shoulder and it hung to the side of his waist. It was a brown color and it was a decent size for travel. He then rushed downstairs to eat the well prepared dumplings on the table and he began to eat hungrily, not even eating breakfast that morning. His mom was washing dishes and then sighed.

    "You better take care of yourself while you travel, or else this'll be the last journey you'll ever take, you hear?"

    Jun sighed and then nodded saying "Mhm.." In agreement and finished up his plate. He then walked out of the door and waved at his mother a heart warming good bye. It was now his time to shine in this brand new adventure. Now... where to start... well he wanted to start by getting badges, but he didn't have a map at home, so his first stop will have to be Sandgem to get a little advice from Rowan. Jun then began to walk forward and began to tinker around on his poketch. He turned it on and the very first thing on there was a map. The unfortunate thing was that he had no idea what the dots and marks were, it was quite obvious though the chunky blocks were towns, but he had no idea which town was which.

    Man, this isn't as helpful as I thought it would be...

    He then was in the main part of town and walked up to a shop. He wanted to use the little money he had and boost Ambipom with the silk scarf on display. He bought it and wrapped it around his ambipom. The ambipom went back inside of the pokeball and he walked back out of the store and towards Route 201. He noticed that the grass was getting a little thicker, so he was defiantly close to the route. As he was walking he was getting kind of tired already, even after that short walk. The more he thought about traveling, the more it made him not want to go... it would take a long time to complete this quest... but he was going to be the best no matter what, so no matter what pain he goes through, he will overcome all challenges.

    Jun's Status:

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    As Aegis starts to leave town, he was checking out his Poketch to see what kind of apps it has at the moment. It has a clock, calculator, a map, and... "Ooh a map." He got distracted by the map app that he didn't bother checking the last app. He looks at the map and he sees were a bunch of lines and squares. "For living in a world with advanced technology, this watch seems outdated. Don't you think, R?" R can't really answer the question since he can't see the watch. But he just nodded his head because he didn't really care about the watch. Aegis, still trying to figure out how the map works, accidently stepped on a tail of a Bidoof. Aegis jumped up in surprise.

    Battle Start

    "Crap, first wild battle already? Great. R, you ready?"

    Feeling a bit nervous, R stepped up and does a battle stance.

    "Okay, let's go with...er." Aegis, not sure on what to use, Bidoof tackled R. He landed on his back.

    "Quick, get up!" Just as Aegis instructed, R gets up. "Okay, just pretend that's one of the Malus Hostilis guards." R, was getting a little more serious now. "Screech!" R inhaled and screeched as loud as he could. Aegis covered his ears but the noise still entered in his ear drums and received a minor headache. But the Bidoof had it the worst. It is running around all crazy and tries to cover its ears. After R was done, Aegis uncovered his ears and said, "Okay now let's... Hey! Where are you going?!" The Bidoof entered the tall grass and escaped.

    "Aww man. Well, I couldn't capture it anyways. But still, a longer battle would mean more experience, right?" R simply nodded. "Well since we have quite a walk before reaching Sandgem Town want to play?" R shouted 'Ri' in reply. "Well in order to take the jewel that's in the castle, we need to be ready for any battle we come across. Remember, there are booby traps set. Those Malus Hostilis likes to make things tough for us. but we will not give up!"

    "Ri!" R replied. R then gets his whiteboard out and starts writing on it, after he was finished, he showed it to Aegis

    "'Don't we need supplies for this journey before we can get to the castle?' Well of course. Off to the city we go!"

    Aegis and R started to run to Jubilife City to pick up supplies for the trip.

    Aegis' Status

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    Jun then walked through tall grass and he noticed that swellow and starly were flying above his head. They weren't going to bother him so there was no need to bother them. Jun sighed and looked at his poketch and clicked a button. He then saw the clock reveal itself and it was 11:39 AM. He had an early lunch that day so he felt great! As Jun continued to walk through the route, the trees began to get thicker the more he walked to Sandgem. It was still a ways, but he knew his way around this area very well so he knew he wasn't going to get lost.

    "I wonder what the Professor is up to right now. Probably giving weak trainers their first pokemon... tch, that was a long time ago..."

    Jun then remembered his time at the beach, struggling to catch staryu because it was too far out, but Rowan helped draw the staryu in with his pokemon so that he could catch the staryu. Good memories to hold onto... Jun shook his head and continued walking through the grassy route. He then noticed that a strange man with a red scarf, a shirt with ripped sleeves, a red cloth covering his mouth, and black pants and ninja-like shoes. He seemed to be battling a wild ledyba. Jun then slowly kept his distance from the battle, but wanted to watch the battle a little. The golbat thrusted one of it's wings into the ledyba's gut and the wing went straight through the ledyba... The ledyba was done for and it fell over... it was... dead...

    Whoa who is this guy... did he just... kill that ledyba? WHAT A JERK

    Jun couldn't stand people harming pokemon like that. I mean battling was one thing to were they can't battle anymore, but just killing pokemon in the wild like that was just unbelievable. Jun then quickly ran up towards him and thrusted his arms out.

    "What are you doing!? You can't treat pokemon that way!!"

    The man then acted as if he wasn't there, but he slowly turned his head and glared at Jun. His iris color was red it seemed, and he didn't look like someone to mess around with. The man then quickly thrust his arm out...

    "Take care of him..."

    The golbat then fluttered at Jun quickly and slashed it's wing through the air, causing a quick ripple of distortion in the air. The air then cut through Jun... and it hurt him from the inside. It was incredibly painful even though it looked as if Jun was untouched. Jun grabbed his stomach and grit his teeth together in pain. He fell to his knees...

    "That's just a small portion of my power...boy..."

    The man then walked away as if nothing happened. The golbat was following right behind him. Jun was in serious pain, but it wasn't painful enough for him to stop walking. He stood up and shook the pain off and then looked around trying to see where he went, but he was gone...

    Jun's Status:

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    When Aegis and R entered Jubilife City, Aegis returned to his emotionless state. R was a bit disappointed that playtime has to wait, but he learned to deal with it. When they finally reached the Pokemart, Aegis and R started looking around the mart. There were a lot of items that are really useful for there journey. Aegis is amazed by the items saying, “Wow, these items sure can be useful for our journey.” R nodded in reply. “I mean, there’s Revive and Protein and X-Attack…” Aegis immediately stopped when he saw the price tag on the items. “$9,000! Are you kidding me!” Even R’s eyes bulged wide. Although he didn’t quite understand the currency, the number that he saw was pretty huge. While both sighed, Aegis and R left the Pokemart.

    “Gee, that was sure expensive.” R simply nodded to that comment. “The city must be filled with rich people.” Aegis sighed.

    “Should we just ignore getting supplies for now?”

    R got out his marker and his whiteboard and wrote, “What about berries?” R shoed what he wrote to Aegis.

    Aegis simply facepalmed saying, “Derp. Of course. Berries are always a good alternative when low on money.” Again, R nodded to that reply. “We should look around the city and find berries.” Aegis and R started looking around the city for berries. Moments later, Aegis collected an armful of berries. R also collected quite a few and put them on Aegis’ arms. “This should last us about a month of travel. Don’t you think, R?” R simply replied with a “Ri” in response.

    Suddenly, a nearby bush started rattling. The noise caught Aegis and R’s attention. Both Aegis and R began having weird imaginations of what was behind the bush. In Aegis’ mind, a Sharpedo with a jetpack will come out and eat both of them alive, with Aegis and R screaming for help. In R’s mind, a Lugia comes out of the bushes and uses Aeroblast on the both of them.

    But what really came out was a Pachirisu who looks like it got lost. Pachirisu looks around and sees Aegis with an armful of berries. Pachirisu began doing the puppy face at Aegis. Aegis feels bad for the Pachiritsu “Aww. Aer you hungry little girl? Do you want some berries?” Pachirisu became happy. Right after Aegis went down to his knees, A Delibird came out the bushes and tackled Aegis in the face. Aegis dropped all the berries and was covering his face, trying to recover. Delibird then started grabbing all the berries. R tries to stop Delibird from grabbing the berries but Delibird attack R with Confusion. R was knocked out immediately. Aegis then recovered from the tackle and saw Delibird holding the last berry. Aegis tried to catch the Delibird but it simply dodged his grip and made Aegis fall down . Delibird and Pachirisu ran away. But as they ran away, 3 berries fell off from the bag that Delibird was holding. Aegis stood up and sighed. Then he picked up the berries that were left on the ground. It was a Leppa berry and 2 Oran berries. “It’s just isn’t our day, is it? … R?” Aegis found R knocked out on the ground. “R, are you alright?!” Aegis ran up and picked R up. “(sigh) This isn’t really our day.” Aegis then started walking to the Pokémon Center to heal R.

    Aegis’ Status

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    Jun walked through the grassy route with the thoughts of what had just happened. He couldn't believe that trainers like him existed in the pokemon world, but he vowed never to be like them, EVER. As Jun continued to walk he saw many pokemon like shinx and krickitot, they were all friendly pokemon however, so none of them were prone to attack. Jun continued to walk towards the east and noticed that there was a clearing up ahead. The trees were scarce around this area and he began to see houses up ahead. There was a sign that read "Sandgem Town" a few feet away and Jun knew that he had made it.

    Well I'm finally here, time to go see Professor Rowan today. He must be studying in his lab like always...

    Jun then trudged through the main part of town, it was clearly larger than the entire size of Twinleaf Town so it was a little easier to get lost. As he continued to walk he saw the small laboratory quite soon sitting on the flat land. Behind it was a large estate that Jun always wondered about. Who lived in there... maybe the founder of the pokemart? It really wasn't that much of importance to Jun. Jun walked up to the laboratory and knocked on the wooden door that stood in front of him.

    "Hello!! This is Jun!! Anyone there!?"

    The door slowly opened, and his assistant opened the door for Jun to walk in. He had brown curly hair and he wore lensless glasses. He was a very nice person and he loved pokemon and pokemon trainers.

    "Oh, hello Jun, please come in... the professor should be arriving shortly, would you like something to drink, does tea sound good?"

    Jun nodded and the professor went to the kitchen room. Jun then sat at a table in the kitchen waiting for tea to be done. Jun then looked up a the assistant and sighed really anxious to talk to the professor about a getting a starter pokemon. Not only that but he wanted to inform him about the trainer he met on route 201. He then began to feel the pain back in his stomach and put his hand where it hurt. He then raised his head towards the Professor's assistant.

    "So where is the professor right now... I really needed to speak with him...?"

    The professor stood over by where the tea was being made and simply replied...

    "Well, he is currently doing field work up north on route 202. He said he was going to stop in Jubilife City to pick up something for an upcoming trainer. That trainer is currently on his way down from Floroama Town."

    Jun then put his hands behind his head and leaned a little backwards in the chair...

    "Well, whoever he is, he is no match for me..."

    Jun's Status:

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    Not too late to join?


    Name: Coniferous 'Con' Shrub

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Personality: Con doesn't really care too much for people who are traitors. But if something bad is happening he doesn't see it as his problem. Rather than lazy, Con simply gets tired easily and doesn't bother if it's too much hassel. First impressions are everything for Con, if someone appears to be disrespectful, then that image will stick in Con's head and likewise if someone seems cool. He doesn't really like people who are "too nice" though.
    In battles Con usually uses more strategic ways of winning than repetitive attacking and finding ways out of a tricky situation.
    Con is often seen smoking cigarettes and gambling.
    Con occasionally captures pokemon for certain people for money. He has once caught a Pikachu for Giovanni of which he was paid generously but he blew it all on gambling.

    Class: Neutral Trainer/Gambler

    Starting Town: Vermillion City, Kanto



    Brief Bio: At a young age Con was a budding pokemon trainer, wanting to collect all the gym badges in every region. After receiving his first pokemon a Charmander from Bill in Cerulean, Con was ready to start his pokemon journey. After defeating many trainers he decided to take on his first gym leader challenge. Con lost horribly to Misty's Starmie and decided that getting the gym badges weren't for him. Almost 10 years later, Con is comfortable with his Charmeleon and now captures pokemon for people for money and gambles in Vermillion unaware of what lies ahead of him...

    Other: Coniferious is named after the type of tree Conifer which are tall strong trees reflecting his appearance. His shortened name Con also refers to his gambling habits.

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    Default Re: Pokemon World Journeys RP

    OOC: NOPE! =D Anyone can join and leave at any time =3

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    The white chrome body of the SS Anne seemed to glimmer in the sun. The bay of Vermillion was peaceful, well not including the ruckus of the ship, the sound of the bikers quarelling and the noise of the gym in the western part of the city and the loud bangs made by the machokes building the dojo in the North. Well not peaceful for any traveller or tourist but for Coniferous Shrub, it was perfect. Con was relaxing on a bench facing the boat, his arms rested on a suitcase full of coins which he'd just then won and his hand curled round a single red and white colored pokeball.

    "This is the life eh?" Con murmured, "I got a suitcase of cash, and any moment we'll be off on that boat to wherever it leads, just another halfhour of relaxing with my best friend"

    "Thats the guy! Get him!" Con turned round to see 3 bikers charging towards him, one of which lost to him in a poker game just moments before. He seemed to be the leader of the three and wore a dumb red headband.

    "Gotta go" Con picked up his feet and ran in the opposite direction, quickly popping his pokeball inside his suitcase on the spur of the moment.

    "Hey! Get back here," said the Headband Biker.

    Con raced towards the East of the city were the most amount of noise was being made due to the amount of people training and battling in Route 11 to try and loose them. The bikers were a bit slower than Con so Con decided to try and fool them by going in Digletts cave. It was dark and cold inside the cave, perfect conditions for ground type pokemon. Con ran inside and hid behind the first corner draggin behind . There was a stalagmite next to him which was stuck awkwardly between a column of boulders... "I think he went in here boss"

    "Damn" thought Con, his fingers fumbling to open the case in the dark, "there's no time for a pokemon now I'll have to use my initiative"

    Con rapidly searched his surroundings to find any sort of stick, ornament or weapon he could use to fend off the bikers and use a suprise attack as his advantage but all he had was his suitcase, maybe if they didn't spot him he could sneak out and get onto the SS Anne. The bikers stumbled through the dark crashing into everything and anything. Suddenly Cons eyes fell onto the stalagmite, using all his power Con thrust the suitcase at a weak part in the stalagmite point and it shattered making the boulders collapse onto the three unsuspecting bikers and knocking them to the ground.

    "Rollout, it's super effective!" Con hooted and he quickly left the cave.

    Just as he exited he noticed that he couldn't hear any noise oddly enough despite the usual ruckus of the trainers on Route 11. Intrigued of what might be going on, Con clipped his pokemon out of his suitcase and continued to walk armed with the pokemon in his hand. His suspicions were true apart from there was a single trainer not much older than he was looking down on his pokemon doing something. Well, it wasn't a pokemon that Con had ever seen before. It looked like a large ekans with a black body with weird yellow hexagons on it.

    "Hey you!" Con called out but the man didn't turn round.

    As Con stepped onto the grass, the trainer instantly looked up from what he was doing as if he was doing something suspicious and Con stopped in his tracks. The pokemon also turned it's head dropping something out of it's mouth, eyes locked onto him. Con thought he could see the trainer mutter something but before he could think, the pokemon came charging words towards him. The dust from the pokemon charging got in Con's eyes and just as he let his guard down the pokemon locked it's tail into Con's side.

    "Aaarghh!" Con fell to the ground in an intense pain, the pokemon didn't leave much of a gash but he could feel his body slowly becoming numb and weak. The trainer strode across and approached Con, the man had a stone faced expression on his face and a cap on low so that his eyes couldn't be seen. The man let out a stifled laugh.

    "Seviper return," he said, his voice soft yet gravelly, "lets leave this worthless guy to rot. Enjoy Poison Jab".

    Just as the man turned his back, Con pressed the button on the middle of his pokeball, "Go Charmeleon, attack him with your flamethrower attack don't let him... get away!"

    The crimson fire lizard pokemon appeared proud with it's two claws extended. Charmeleon dashed forwards in a zigzag formation, gasped in a breath and let out a beam of fire out of his mouth. The man whom would've been scorched alive jumped backwards out of the blast. His emotionless expression suddenly filled with desperation and he fled out of the battlefield. Con just had enough energy to send Charmeleon back into his pokeball and then he fell back onto the grass face flat on the ground and blacked out.

    Con's Status
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