Dianne's room is near the end of Celebi hall; Manaphy hall and the walkway to the central hub are just outside of Dianne's door, allowing for easy passage to and from her room. The outside of her door is identical to all of the others, except for a small note hanging from her doorknob. The note says simply, 'Knock first!'

Inside the room, the individuality of Dianne's room becomes clear. Due to the borderline location, the decor has been altered from that of the other rooms. Instead of being a dense forest, this room seems more like a streamside haven.

Dianne's bed is shaped like a mangrove tree, its branches weaving together to create a leafy canopy. There is a large, pale green sofa against one wall, and on the opposite wall, the forested scene fades into that of a riverbank. A glass tank lines the entire wall, big enough to house several good-sized Pokemon.

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