Karas132's room-Trainer's Estate: Moltres Hall

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Thread: Karas132's room-Trainer's Estate: Moltres Hall

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    Default Karas132's room-Trainer's Estate: Moltres Hall

    This is the room of Karas132. Decorate it and RP in it as you please.
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    Default Re: Karas132's room-Trainer's Estate: Moltres Hall

    Description: The walls of Karas' room are dark red and the carpet is tan. in the northwest corner is a small bookshelf fill with books on Pokemon mythology and Stephen King novels. In the north east corner is a king sized bed with a steel frame, black sheets and a small nightstand next to it. In the south west corner is Karas' computer, which is rarely used. Karas' room is the closest to the stairs so he can get to the game room faster. Karas isn't in his room very often due to the game room.
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