kanga's room-Trainer's Estate: Shaymin Hall
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Thread: kanga's room-Trainer's Estate: Shaymin Hall

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    Default kanga's room-Trainer's Estate: Shaymin Hall

    This kanga's room. Decorate it and RP in it to your hearts content.
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    Default Re: kanga's room-Trainer's Estate: Shaymin Hall

    Ah so this is my room. I suppose it is nice enought although i might need to do some decorating of my own. *swish*swish*nail*nail*hammer*staplegun* and im done. Hmm thats looking better lemme just check the checklist now then.
    1.Single oak bed with black and green sheets *tick*
    2.Bug pokemon posters on the walls Heracross,Scizor,Foretress *tick*
    3.Shaggy Purple rug on floor *tick*
    3.Computer desk in far left corner *tick*
    4.New laptop and notes on bug pokemon laying on desk *tick*
    5.Far right corner area for my pokemon. Small tree, grass, flowers *tick*
    6.bottom right corner of room TV with a DVD and CD rack *tick*
    7.Me *tick*

    Now that i have that all out of the way lets get down to business.
    Leo jumps on the bed and imediatly starts to snore.


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