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Thread: Kai-Mei's room-Trainers' Estate: Shaymin Hall

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    Default Kai-Mei's room-Trainers' Estate: Shaymin Hall

    Your room, to decorate it as you please.
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    Default Re: Kai-Mei's room-Trainers' Estate: Shaymin Hall

    Mai walked happily into her room, delighted. A large tree grew in the center of the room, shooting up into the ceiling. A canopy of leaves wove its way across the ceiling, and bright sunlight streamed in through the windows across the room. A large bed with a matching green bedspread resided in the corner of the room, and knurled brown tree branches twisted their way along the walls to form a series of shelves, with dozens and dozens of books nestled within. On one end of the room, a massive plasma screen television dominated the wall, towering above nearly every single gaming console in existence. A mini fridge resided in the far corner, but she decided it would be a lot more fun to hang out with the other trainers. She noticed a balcony on one wall and tentatively pushed the door open, revealing a gorgeous view of a forest sprawled out in the window in front of her, silhouetted by mountains.

    Mai stepped back from the balcony... and almost stepped into the pool. Wait, pool? She tentatively tested the water with a toe. It was warm and calm, just the way she liked it. Mai grinned. She loved this room already.
    She tried unsuccessfully to hide her delight. It smelled fresh and flowery, like Shaymin. She noticed appreciatively the pair of bushes by the doors that were lined with Gracidea flowers. She fingered her belt idly, wishing that there were Pokemon there.

    "Well, I'm not going to get very far talking to myself, now, am I?" she asked herself before turning towards the door.

    "Goodbye, room," she said. "You're awesome."

    Then, Mai turned around to go exploring.


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